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My IPOD and prozac moments

September 26 2007 at 1:48 PM
Ron Crowley 
from IP address

Does anyone else use their vent figure in one hand and one's IPOD in the other? Seems to be impressive until occasionally two things happen. First hitting the six o'clock button doesn't produce music or secondly, the stop, forward (to the next cut) also doesn't occur. Now I'm sure the mistakes would be reduced if I could see the machine. Also is there anyway to keep the IPOD light on so one can see in dim light what song is next? Yes I shall peruse my IPOD manual again. Now I know this forum has some ace vent/techies so I'd like some ideas on how to reduce the "technical difficulties" Finally, a Canadian moment. Have any other Canucks been delaying an equipment purchase because our loonie is now par with the Yankee dollar? Frustrating, since we always had to pay more in Canada for equipment because our loonie was about 40 cents lower than the US dollar. Now they're the same and yet our retail prices in Canada(i.e.- photo backdrop screens) are 30 to 40 dollars higher. So I guess one would be well advised to buy in the States, pay the 30 dollar UPS charges and hope it's less than if one bought in Canada. Thanks, Ron

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Wireless I-Pod

September 29 2007, 7:35 PM 

My Shure headworn mic broke after several years of use...and it was well-worth it

Only the mic itself's a shure dynamic headworn mic which I love to use and the sound quality is very nice...I did not realize til yesterday that a CONDENSER mic is better

Yesterday, I bought a new mic...a Shure WH30 Condenser Headworn Mic and the reviews say that this is better than my old dynamic mic because this new one is a condenser mic

FYI, the new mics now are Mini XLR conectors so I had to buy a new set...not just a new mic because my old set has PL plug connectors. Mic set meaning TRANSMITTER (Body pack) AND RECEIVER included aside from the mic itself...

... and because the connector on my old mic set is PL, I tought of using it for my I-Pod making it wireless

This can be placed on the magic table during a magic show...

...or control intro music, songs... etc during a vent act

Ron Crowley

Point of clarification,please

September 30 2007, 2:23 AM 

Thanks, Wanlu. I have a wireless system for my I Pod, plus another one for my wireless mike. I wonder,however, if you ever find difficulty in the show with ensuring one properly presses the six o'clock position part of the IPOD? It's funny I can sit at my kitchen table and flawlessly move my vent songs from one to another, yet this is not the case when one is thinking, standing, talking(for two!),moving and intoning the astronaut prayer,"Oh (insert deity) please don't let me (insert word i.e.- mess) up! Also Wanlu, do you feel you're now okay for next year's Vent Haven conference? In other words did you receive the letter you needed? Ron


Next Convention

September 30 2007, 7:43 AM 

I did receive an email from Mr Wade through the help of Mr Steve Axtell...the email stated that Mr Wade is on tour and that he will email me when he's not busy anymore with the tour

I was hoping I can receive the inviation as soon as possible so I can process stuff as early as NOW

I really thought I was ahead of everyone, planning just a few weeks after the convention... but recently in WorldVents, Ive seen fellow vents booking flights and hotels for next year's convention already

As for the I-Pod, I never had the cahnce to control it on my assistan takes care of the music for the act...but he needed to run the controls everytime he needs to play or pause a that the I-Pod is wireless...his job is a lot easier

axtell vent characters in mexico

November 23 2007, 9:02 AM 

this is sydney kislevitz in ajijic mexico
we have 6,000 american seniors living here, retired artists who would appreciate your work, we have 4 orphanges - english spanish is spoken... my axtell puppets the frog, the diva, the turtle, the old man and LuLu the alligator perform broadway and opera for adult audiendes....we could appreciate a really good sound tech and access to equipment mentioned in your letter, which cannot be bought in the village here... if there is any possibility of a theater group travel to mexico please let me know... we can share life changing experiences, it is beautiful and fun, no crime in Ajijic, sweet people, caring families, many church missions.....RE: PUPPET TRAVEL - i do have head problems with the diva, the neck does not stay inside body for the high notes, ... also American airlines took her head apart to look for careful when you travel...would love to hear from vent artists who work with adult audiences... reach me in ajijic at area code 011-52+376-766-4442 or by e mail / see our theater arts dept. at www.usa thinking // we are linked to international music school / please forward this letter to all interested people...greetings and love from sydney...



sound advice

November 25 2007, 7:28 PM 

Do you like the ipod as a controller? Are you aware of the foot pause pedal control mp3 player that Steve Jones makes? Check out there is a link on the left to that system.

Also there is the mp3 Tech system. Anyone have this? It's state of the art & made for stage performers with lots of features.

I'm curious what you like the best?


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