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Wanna be a magic peeple.

January 16 2008 at 3:09 PM
Ron Crowley 
from IP address

I have added magic to my story telling act and my first gig using alacazam is on the 30th of this month for an after school daycare group on a school stage.. I made a friend at Vent Haven last summer..the patient John Hopper a magician from Tennessee. So give I'll give him a hiatus from my 101 magic questions. I'd like to put them on this forum and I'm sure the responses will be helpful to magician newbies
First, on a school gym stage how can kids seated on the gym floor see if a duck pan is full or empty? I understand the vent end of the show exit with music etc. but do you talk after your biggie finale magic trick. How do you keep eager kids from coming up on the stage after the show before you have a chance to hide some of your gimmicks? I am using a portable stage curtain rig. Should I perform back of the main school curtain area so that I can close the main curtain when I finish? Do I immediately go down on the gym floor and talk to the kids so they don't come up on the stage. As a vent I effect a dress down casual persona...does a magician have to wear more mysterious gear? Folks, sorry for all the questions but this is a whole different type of entertainment for me. Merci in advance.

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Steve Axtell

Magic & Puppets

January 16 2008, 3:23 PM 

Ron, that's no problem as it relates to Axtell Magic and those who use our puppets that also want to add magic to their shows. It's a great topic and I've written 5 articles on the subject of combining Magic with Puppets...and there are some radio interviews for Magic Broadcast also... these are archived at


Ron Crowley

Great info!

January 16 2008, 7:05 PM 

Thanks Steve. I especially enjoyed the article by Tom Ladshaw. Last summer, among other things, Tom emceed the Thursday night show and demonstrated a kind way with nervous vents. Plus he had the most incredible tour guide gig on Saturday afternoon. As you know many of the most vent figures of history are stored in the Vent Haven museum at Fort Mitchell Kentucky where Vent Haven is held every summer. When I was there Tom was able to demonstrate vent with some of the most famous figures in international show business.Again, Steve, thanks. I've had a great vent-day. This afternoon I chatted with Feebie at the world famous Morrissey Magic in Toronto who gave me a great idea for my magic funnel. Then this evening a blitzkrieg of ideas from Steve. It's been a splice! Ron


Non-Axtell magic, but fun-especially for the little kids (5-8), I would say.

March 16 2008, 6:18 PM 

This is a fun trick I made up using just some basic magic principles. I call it "The Mysterious Ladder". Steps and Materials are below.

Materials: Small step ladder (you know, has only 2 steps, but with space in between.) Big bed sheet, and a small object (If I did shows [only a kid here!] I would use a box of Crayola Crayons. You Can use any Crayon, but if you look at the magic words below, there is a pun involved! Once the trick is done, have a contest to see who can be loudest, then give the crayons to the winner of your little competion!)

1. Show the kids the ladder and maybe, if your on the floor, let them feel it. Knock on the ladder and floor showing that there are no trap doors.

2. Show them the sheet, fliping it. It is very imporatant that you go crazy fliping it. (See Next Step.)

3. Drop the sheet behind something, or off stage. This looks like an accident, because you were winging it around wildly.

4. As you pick up the sheet, pick up the crayons, keeping them hidden behind the sheet. (You should have the crayons already behind the object your sheet drops from.)

5. With the crayons unseen to the kids. Standing ehind your ladder, drape the sheet over the ladder. As you pull down, (you should be standing behind the ladder becasue if you don't the trick won't work,) nonchalantly, put the crayons on the ladder step.

6. Walk infront of the ladder, stand near it, and say "AbraCrayola" lift the sheet up, and, as if by magic, you have crayons.

Let me know what you think! Tell me if you like it, tell me if you don't! Tell me if you come up with ideas to make this trick better!

Ventriloqually Yours,

Ron Crowley

Did I say that?

March 17 2008, 5:04 AM 

Oh well, at the time it was a relevant question I posed. A few shoes later(at least one a week).
My concerns now are scripting especially bridging(some folks call them arcs)to connect illusions and vent.My exodus or hegira to the deep south has to be delayed until I get some bookish commitments completed.ron0

Montana's Santa

kids and magic

April 2 2008, 10:30 AM 

Ron, the best thing is to coordinate with the teachers to make sure no one comes up on stage until your show is through.

If your pan is set right you can lift it up and tilt it so the children on the floor can see it.

BEFORE I do the final trick, I announce I'll be willing to talk with the children after the show... but only after I get my items organized... that helps keep them under control as well.

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