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Snowman Puppet ideas

September 30 2008 at 9:26 AM
Tony Borders 
from IP address

Hello, gang. I would love to get some ideas for the new Axtell Snowman. 'Tis the season. Here are a couple of quick thoughts:
Use the MDB to draw a picture of Frosty. When you put the magic hat on his head he comes to life. Then bring out the puppet.
Sing Frosty.
Appearing broomstick magic trick (with appearing pole or broom).
Create snow using that snow powder.
Snowflakes in China magic trick.

Put sunglasses on the snowman and he's one cool dude.

Cold hands, warm heart.

Snowmen are like California. Made up of a lot of individual flakes.

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Tony Borders


October 1 2008, 9:26 AM 

You keep brushing the shoulders of the snowman.

S: What are you doing?
V: I think you have dandruff.
S: Those are snowflakes!

S: Do most snowmen have carrots for a nose?
V: Yes, I think so.
S; Did you know that carrots are good for your eyes?
V: I think lumps of coal work better.

Tony Borders

Replies requested

October 11 2008, 9:54 PM 

Any ideas for the snowman out there? C'mon! Don't give me the cold shoulder! (Which is what the cannibal received from his wife when he came home late for dinner.) That wouldn't be cool! Don't flake out on me! I appreciate all the humor... most of the humor... some of the humor... a few of the jokes that you guys have sent!

Thanks in advance.

Steve Scott

Snowman ideas. Random thoughts.

October 13 2008, 5:58 AM 

Sometimes wonderful things don't last forever. The anticipation of snow. The joy of making snowmen. They melt and are gone but it will snow again. Three snowballs to make a snowman - is it a stretch to allude to the Trinity? Life is like a snowman. You are created, here for a while, then gone.Snowmen make people happy. Make people happy while you are in this world. You can watch a snowman age - it is born , grows to full size, then changes shape as it becomes old and finally dies away.

Do snowmen like dogs?

Do snowmen like squirrels or deer that might eat their carrot nose?

Why do snowmen have scarves and hats when they need to stay cold?

Do snowmen have ears?

Where does one get coal these days to make a snowman mouth?

Do snowmen have pipes because cigars get soggy?

Tony Borders


October 13 2008, 6:48 AM 

Great ideas. I appreciate all of the thought that went into this. I especially liked the question:
Why do snowmen have scarves and hats when they need to stay cold?

I had forgotten about the concept lesson possibilities of a snowman. (Life is short, make someone happy...) I used to do the Professor's Nightmare rope trick and talk about the 3 different size snowballs used in making a snowman. Although they were different in size they were equal in importance, just like people.


Steve Axtell

White Christmas

November 1 2008, 8:43 PM 

Have the snowman sing "I'm Dreaming of a white Christmas"....and other Christmas songs. There are hundreds of Christmas karaoke tracks out there and some are even free!

Here's one...



Steve Axtell

Snowman Puppet Pics

November 1 2008, 9:07 PM 


Steve Axtell

Idea from Pupcrit

November 2 2008, 7:38 AM 

Suggestion from Mathieu René :

Wouldn't it be awesome if somehow, the snowman could physically grow?
Exchangeable lower body parts replaced in view (like a ballet of big
snowballs, re-assembling under the head). Powerful rare-earth magnets could
hold him up very strongly at the middle points.

Steve's reply....

Yeah... this one has a beach ball inside so it could inflate while it was "packed with snow" and it can "melt" at the end of a routine.

Another 3 ball approach could be used, I like it. The balls could each be rolled on stage to music and stacked with the final head (the puppet part) put on as it springs to life....held together by the magnets. Good idea!



Steve Axtell

Don't lose your head!

November 2 2008, 8:46 AM 

(a reply from Brett Robets) Mathieu's idea was almost exactly what we did at Six Flags over Texas. Except it was a mascot style costume. I stayed in the largest ball. Then, when the second one was in place, I would squeeze my body into that. Then when the head was on, I would push my own head through. When the hat was put on, I would pop out arms, step up and dance around. I never got to rehearse this show, so the first time I stepped up the head flew off into the audience. My head slipped into the middle section, so it just looked like Frosty lost his head. I'm sure lots of kids needed therapy after that.

Keep up the fantastic work!
Brett Brett Roberts The Comedian for Kids

Montana Santa

Re: Don't lose your head!

November 2 2008, 11:15 AM 

Frosty keeps his money in a snowbank
his favorite cereal is frosted flakes
A vampire bit him and got frostbite
How does Frosty travel? By icicle

Okay, did my share

N Jay


November 2 2008, 12:21 PM 

Sing I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus, and fosty took a peek too

Frosty play Baseball with Snow Balls

Frosty makes Spigetti and Snow Balls

The snowmen don't use Cannon Balls to fight they use snow balls they are more fun

Frosty plays in Cold Hand Luke

Well now you have mine hope you found these warm ideas



Re: Frosty

November 2 2008, 1:58 PM 

Tis' the season, my friends, when magic is in the air. The weather has changed, the feeling of a new day dawning fills the air as we reach the end of an old year and enter into a new. This time of year, especially the closer we get the the holidays, feels so magical. It is for this reason I would always step up my magic shows, and I would add something to it that really made the season feel special.

Tony, you wanted some Frosty ideas, and though I've never used a snowman puppet before, this would be a great way, I think, to introduce frosty:

The Magic Snow.

Now many people will do a snowstorm in china, or some insta-snow or something along those lines, which is fine. Infact, I would use snowstorm to end this trick usually. But what I would do is introduce to everyone "The last Snowball of 2007" (or whatever year just ended last year is was the '06 but yeah) Anyway, I would open up a cooler (in which I had some dry ice sitting in a shallow pan of water, with a wire rack of it and a styrofoam ball with flocking on it) Anyway, I would open up the cooler, letting the fog spill out, and reach in and introduce the snowball. I would tell a story behind it ("This was the last snowball of 2007. now I know what you're thinking: e're in Florida, it doesnt snow! That's what makes this snowball even more special, it was the ONLY snowball of 2007) Now of course you can't use that line if you're up north but you can say something like "Instead of kissing my sweetie, I ran outside a couple seconds before the new year and made up this snowball" Anyway I would go on ("I've kept this in my freezer all year, just waiting for this time. See, people don't know this, but snowballs are magical things. Think about it, each and every snowflake is different, just like everyone in this room. A snowball, like earch, is made up of a whole bunch of special and individual flakes. This makes every snowball special and unique. And with all of that specialness it also makes it just a little bit magical!) Then what I do is set it back into the cooler, and grab a large flourard (usually a winter themed one) Then I reach in and bring the snowball back out, setting in on a glass stand I have (looks like ice, but hey, you could use anything really) Anyway, you can see what's coming, Tony. Yeah, you guessed it, I do a Zombie snowball to some nice music. After this I kind lead into a snowstorm in china routine, but here's what I was thinking:

If you have something similar to a blamo box (or anyway, really, to produce frosty) you can take the snowball and place it into the box, maybe pop in a hat and a carrot, then produce frosty....

Anyway, that's my thoughts, Tony. I figured since you do magic (and I'm sure there are some other people here that do) you could get some use out of this effect. It's been a good effect for me for years now (except I end in the snowstorm) And I figure, why not share it with someone who's gonna have fun with it! if you have any questions, email me!


Tony Borders

Thanks for sharing!

November 2 2008, 8:39 PM 

Nice story approach! Are you familiar with Bill Cosby's "Snowball in July" routine? I think it is on his album, "To my brother Russell, whom I slept with."

In January he gets hit in the face by a slush ball thrown by Junior Barnes, who proceeds to laugh like a maniac. Revenge is a dish that is best served cold, so Bill Cosby puts a slush ball in the freezer and decides to wait until July for his revenge... Great story.

I do some magic and have considered the Astro Ball, which I believe looks like a snowball and acts like a Zombie. Is that what you mean, or did you make your own?




November 2 2008, 10:05 PM 

I think I may have heard him say that on one of his stand-ups. He did that routine in stand-up, right? (Oi, I must be the only 25 y/o that remembers Bill Cosby stand-up...not to even MENTION you Robin Williams)

Actually I just made my own. I came up with the idea when I was trying to do a snowman making itself (using zombie gimmicks and an IT setup) but that was too much. My first one was (as nasty as it sounds) a styro ball rolled in glue and coconut. Then I just got a styro ball and some fake snow and that worked. I just made my own zombie gimmick, without the big ol' black thing at the end. Oi, my magi instincts say "This is not a magician forum don't reveal"'s common knowledge. Tony, I used a coat hanger, cut it to the right size, fashioned a zombie gimmic from it without the cork, then placed a shoelace over it that matched the color of the foulard. Since the end is pointy it can VERY easily be stuck right into the styro ball. (Oi, now the magicians in black coats will come and snatch my wand)

If you need anymore info on it all, lemme know! Like I say, I've used this many times with nothing but great reactions, and I think it'll work well for you!



Steve Axtell

More info

November 3 2008, 11:15 AM 

Sure! More info.... thanks for sharing. Ax




November 3 2008, 11:29 AM 

Heh, now Steve wants more info too! Drat, I wish we had had this topic like 6 months ago I could've just made up a whole bunch of setups complete with the puppet production and let Steve hand them out to whomever he wants! It's a lot of typing here, but for anyone that does want more details on making up the zombie gimmick, and just getting the whole thing ready, sent me an eMail at



Steve Axtell

From Amy

November 4 2008, 10:29 AM 

Coooooooooool puppet!

Puppeteer: Frosty, you look white as a ghost. Let me take your temperature.
Frosty: No
P. Do you want me to call your Dad?
Frosty: No. refuses makes a big scene.
P: Now don't go having a meltdown on me.
F: continues to put up a fight
P: I wll just have to call your Dad; oh Popsicle your son ...
F: Ok ok
P: puts a thermometer in his mouth takes it out You're freeeeeeeeeeeeezing
F: duh!
P.You mean that is normal?
F. uh yeah
makes a sign to the audience that the puppeteer is crazy
P: You mean all you guys are heatless I mean heartless and cold blooded?
F;We are just heatless.


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