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If Puppets Could Talk

April 29 2009 at 6:51 PM

from IP address

Well you know the old expression "If Walls Could Talk"...That would be the same for me but I've been in so many walls lately that they'd all have a broken story to tell, but my puppets have been with me through it all.

I'm back, I do believe. It has been a while, but I am back. After a rotator cuff injury which put the kaibosh on all stage preformances (magic, vent, and educational science) I suffered much more. It's been a long few months for me. I slowly healed (sans surgery) from my injury, but then fell into other troubles. My fiancee and I have seperated, putting a hold (neither of us are sure if it's temporary or perm) on our wedding...Which means no Honeymoon to Cali, and no visit to Axtell. Something we were both looking forward to. My church, whome I had done so much for has shunned me due to my "magic" business crashed (a huge part of that being because it was funded through the money I made from doing shows, which, thanks to my injury which...well...y'know...) My van nearly exploded on me...And due to all this I couldn't spend the money I had originally set aside for my new Axtell puppets so that I could finish writing my show that a local tourist fun park was interested in.

Things were looking down on me, and to be honest, still are. But one thing has always given me some joy...Entertaining. I dont care if it's for one child, or a bum on the street, or a couple hundred people...Entertaining has always made me smile. My puppets, as I've said, have been through all of this with me. Some of my cloth puppets and foam puppets did not make the journey. Some, sadly, passed...They could no longer handle the stress of constant moving...But my Axtell, he has held strong. My wonderful Chester, The Corny Crow, has been strong through all of this, and his big eyes and wide grin have always warmed my heart.

Puppets are not just objects...props for shows. Most of us know this. Some of us do not. Some believe a puppet is a thing...just a piece of equipment...A puppet is an extension of yourself. Jim Henson had mentioned many times how each of his characters was a different part of him, just amplified. I feel this is true...A puppet, on its own, is just a lifeless piece of cloth and latex....its when you add YOU to him or her that it BECOMES....A puppet, once given life, will always have life. Once that character becomes real, once you've given birth to it, you cannot take that away. That puppet will always be more than a puppet...It will be a friend, a part of you. It will hold memories and feelings...And so, when I look at my puppet, when I look at Chester most of all, even though times are hard I remember the great memories he holds.

Anyway, peace be with you all!


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Tony Borders

Best wishes!

April 29 2009, 10:24 PM 

When it rains, it pours. I pray that's true for the blessings for you soon to replace the downpour of troubles. You've got a good head on your shoulders (or whatever you use to support it at the moment). Remember that you can always tell the theme park about your program before actually building it. Once you get the contract you can order the puppets to fit it. I once told a county library system that I could do their Australian theme if I had at least 5 libraries schedule it. They asked for a flier so I asked Steve for a picture of the kangaroo and told them about my Down Under show, which was under done, but I was overjoyed at the response. I booked more than needed, ordered the kangaroo, and she is a big hit now at my "Hoppy Birthday" parties.


April 30 2009, 8:22 AM 

Thanks for your kind words, Tony. Things slowly are turning for me. In these most troubled times I find God in the oddest places.

I've already spoken with this place, and they are interested (I can't really call it a theme park myself, as I'm used to Disney, Universal, Sea World, having lived in Orlando for so long...This is just a smaller themed tourist fun park heh) I've also spoken with a local zoo who are also interested. Since these are smaller places, I'm approaching them not for big money, heck what we've talked about wont be much at all, but they're close, and I do it more for the children, so I just want to make sure I have the disposable income first. I know these puppets pay for themselves before long...But when you're having to pawn your stuff and sell your magic just to make ends meet, every penny counts right now...But it's fine. I know soon things will turn around for me, and when they do I've a list of puppets I'll be getting from Axtell, plus a custome puppet I've been designing for about 2 years now that I can't WAIT to order from Steve! All things in due time as they say!

Best Wishes,


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