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Axtell Leggy Diva

July 24 2009 at 3:10 PM
Margaret Davis 
from IP address

Do any of you own the Axtell "Leggy" Diva? I saw her at the ConVENTion briefly and then she was SOLD. I came home and ordered one online to take advantage of the 20% discount. They come without clothes and as far as I can tell Axtell does not sell clothes for her. The rule of thumb is 4T, but she has a molded sitting lower body and will need a low-cut type of top. I was wondering if anyone had purchased one and how they dressed her? Thanks in advance. Margaret

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N Jay

Clothing Dealers

July 25 2009, 5:47 PM 

There were a few clothes dealers at the convention look at your program they were dealer room A Merchant's Hall, opposite Chaucer's Restaurant. At this time can't remember her name, but......go to any good will store or thrift store and they could save you a hill of dollars....If you want to dress them in costume go to a costume store and they can fit your vent figure if you want to spend the dollars... good luck

Ventriloquially Yours
N Jay
Remember Not Person Is So Tall That
They Can Not Stoop To Help Any Child

Tony Borders


July 25 2009, 6:07 PM 

Target stores often have some nice girls' outfits. I would also assume that two tank tops would look nice. One white and a little higher on the chest and the other a different color and a little lower. Many wear that style.

Margaret Davis

Axtell Diva

July 26 2009, 5:09 AM 


Thanks, Maybe my question wasn't clear. I'd know how/where to get clothes for her (if she was a regular vent figure). But I was wondering if anyone else have the "leggy" Diva, she is molded latex sitting, so regular size 4T clothes probably wont fit correctly. Take a look at the photo's, Patick Wan and Terry Fator use this figure. I'm thinking they had to have an outfit made for her and probably sew on to her??

But, I appreciate you trying to help.


N Jay

Costume Companies or Thrift Stores

July 26 2009, 9:13 AM 

I would Imagine that the likes of Terry Fator would have someone taylor make those clothes. I know the Vent Figure you refer to...It might do you good to go to your local large size costume outfit store and ask if they can fit her, I have found one in my area. I have a Detweiler whom I brought in to have a suit made for a festive party. You can do the same for any Axtell Figure as well. Or go to AX's link page and scroll down, there might be something there that can help. Thrift stores, if they are good will sell you outfits reasonable and even taylor them to fit. Good Luck


Steve Axtell

Clothes for Leggy

July 26 2009, 9:23 PM 

When you order the Diva with the legs... we include the dress. We made the dress Terry Fator's Vickki wears too.


Margaret Davis

Leggy Diva

July 27 2009, 4:25 AM 


Thanks! Clothes come with Diva, which is a relief! On the website it says the Diva comes without clothes (must be for the older version of Diva). I cannot wait to get her, I appreciate it so much!

p.s. Gary did an awesome job manning the booth and talking to customers at the ConVENTion, he was BUSY! People were standing in line to talk to him about the products. I walked away and when I came back the DIVA was gone sad.gif

So I came home and ordered her. I appreciate all the help you are to us out here! And also how approachable you are via email, which is fantastic.


N Jay

Diva's naked

July 27 2009, 1:16 PM 

I wholehaeartedly agree with the fact that Gary did a wonderful job...But he's no AX I am also glad that AX got into this message to let you know that he supplys the gown/dress the Diva comes with. Makes your lifew so much easier.

Ventriloquially Yours
Remember No Perso Stands So Tall As
Not To Be Able To Stoop For Any Child


Steve Axtell

No legs = no clothes

July 27 2009, 10:58 PM 

The leggy body requires custom clothing, so it's included in the price. Nothing would ever fit it, but the Diva without legs can wear regular kids clothes. Ax

Budi HaHa

What kind of glue to attach the dress

October 11 2011, 11:03 PM 

Dear all,

I just bought a second hand Leggy Diva, which come with the red dress.
But unfortunatelly the dress is loose from the glue in some spots at the bare shoulder area.

What kind of glue should I use? It seem like Axtell use a clear glue such as hot melted glue or UHU (brand). I'm sure it is not a yellow contact cement. Or should I use rubber cement?

And I don't want to ruin her beautifull latex shoulder and her dress too.

Thanks in advance!


Budi HaHa

Tony Borders


October 12 2011, 6:27 AM 

You can do a search on this forum for "glue" and it should come up. In the past, glue has been mentioned that comes from a shoe repair store. "Shoe Goo?" Because it is flexible.


Steve Axtell

Solvent based Contact Cement

October 12 2011, 7:40 AM 

Use a solvent based Contact Cement such as "Barge Cement" that is used at shoe repair stores. You can get it at the hardware store but I'm not sure about indonesia. The solvent will attack and grab the latex well. Nothing water based will work. I've not tried shoe goo with latex but it might work.

Budi HaHa


October 12 2011, 9:18 AM 

Thanks Tony & Steve!

I tried with The All Purpose Adhesive UHU ( made in Germany.
It is a fast, permanent, transparent and adjustable glue, as stated on the packaging, and it is come in a tube. So very easy to use and it worked for now.

I will use her next Sunday at a comedy club.


Budi HaHa
Bandung - Indonesia



November 9 2015, 5:27 AM 

so I just ordered my Diva and I'm confused about some of the selections. Like "no bare shoulders" does that mean the top half won't be latex or is that just the dress style? Also I see someone mentioned something about dress being unglued. So I won't be able to change her outfits? I couldn't really find any details (maybe I didn't know where to look) so if anyone could please describe the differences with selections, that would be awesome. I saw a photo of a diva with only latex hands, rest looked like a normal puppet with stuffed pocket boobs so I am concerned and hoping my Diva turns out as I expected.


Leggy diva

December 1 2015, 9:37 AM 

Hi I just received my leggy diva and it didn't come with a dress?


Leggy Diva

December 3 2015, 4:36 PM 

Looks like on the intro script about the Diva states comes undressed.
Not sure if you had your puppet customized or just order a stock order.
But it does say comes undressed on the web.



Diva Dressed or Not

January 12 2016, 6:36 AM 

We do offer a special made custom Diva Dress free when you order both the bare latex shoulders and the latex legs. We do this because those options require special "grown up" wardrobe fashions that would not be satisfied with buying little girl clothing at a store.

For other clothing options, our own Theresa has a puppet clothing store. You can ask her for custom clothes and she can help you. Here is her website.

She makes a Diva pants suit that I don't see on the website right now. I'll ask her to show it here. Ax

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