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Weird thing I have noticed

November 30 2009 at 10:03 AM
Neale Bacon 
from IP address

This seems to happen mostly at birthdays, but I always seem to get one kid who right at the start of my show (I usually open with the MDB) says "I saw your mouth move" but then it's never mentioned again for the rest of the show, and they get right into it with the characters.

Is the the equivalent of "I know how you did that" for magicians?

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Tony Borders

good question

November 30 2009, 12:32 PM 

Sometimes when a child says that they saw your mouth move they really mean, "I saw your tongue move." If I hear it I have a routine I slip into.

child: I saw your lips move!
Vent: That's right. If you watch closely you can see my tongue move when he (the puppet) is talking.
Figure: What? Are you sticking your tongue out at me.
Vent: No. Every time you say something, I'm talking. That's called...
F: That's called rude!
Vent: It's called ventriloquism. I am a ventriloquist.
F: I don't get it.
Vent: You see, my hand is inside of your head.
F: Are you a brain surgeon?
Vent: And my fingers are here in your nose.
F: That's disgusting.
V: My thumb is in your mouth.
F: You should suck your own thumb.
V: Anyway, that is how you work.
F: I don't work. I'm retired.
V: If you sing a song then they will see my tongue move.
F: Are you serious?
V: Yes.
F: I have to see this!
V: Okay, you sing a song and they will watch my tongue.
F: Cool! (sing any song and have the figure keep sticking his face in front of yours as he tries to watch your tongue. This blocks the kids' view and is funny.)
V: Let the kids' see!
F: They don't want to watch you! They want to watch me!
V: Well, that's true. Now where were we? (go back into the skit)

Chris Wintter

Weird thing

December 1 2009, 6:31 PM 

I am really just a beginner when it comes to ventriloquism, but so far I have not had this happen to me yet. But if it happens in the future I'm going to just treat it the same way I act when I have a kid say; "I know how you did that trick." I just go on and completely ignore that kid. Lets face it-the goofy looking puppets we use, are of course not real, and we do not try to swear that they are, so anyone with any sense must know we are talking for the puppet. Same thing with magic. One can buy many cheap versions of some really good magic tricks at a dollar store, and of course learn the secret.
It is annoying though, and somewhat distracting. As far as the ventriloquism goes, I have seen many great professional ventriloquists move their lips sometimes as well.


Steve Petra

weirder and weirder

December 1 2009, 9:21 PM 

I was using a puppet with a rod arm and a kid yelled out "There's a stick in his arm". Then, 3 other kids joined her. The puppet then noticed the stick and started screaming so I had to tell dopey puppet that he was in fact... a PUPPET! He continued to protest so I showed him the sign "PetraPuppets". The audience and the puppet decided it was best to keep the stick in his arm so he could continue to grab my nose and pull my beard.

Good thing they didn't see my lips move... that day!

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