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May 2 2011 at 2:41 PM
Chris Wintter 
from IP address

Me: Hello everyone, I'm Chris Wintter, The Mystical Magician. I want to include a bunny in my magic show so I recently advertised in The Times Picayune for a bunny, and I had 1 bunny respond to my ad. I'd like to interview him now, would that be OK?
I bring out my Rabbit Puppet
ME: Well hello, Why don't we start our interview with you telling everyone your name.
Wacky: Hi everyone, I'm Wacky Rabbit.
Me: I'm sorry to interview you in front of such a large audience, but I figure it would be OK since you are applying for a job as a magicians assistant.
Wacky: Oh that's OK, I'm actually use to being in front of a larger group of people.
Wacky: Yea, It actually started when I was young. I was the oldest bunny in my family.
Me: How many brothers and sisters do you have?
Wacky: 132----A PAUSE----and counting
Me: Gee, I can't even imagine that.
Wacky: Yea, with me being the oldest, my Mom and Dad wanted me to bunny sit all the time.
Me: That must have been hard?
Wacky: Yea, it was a hare raising experience.
Me: I know I couldn't do that.
Wacky: That is why I hopped away from home as soon as I was old enough.
Me: I guess so.
Wacky: That is when I got my first job.
Me: What was your first job.
Wacky: Working at a dog track. It was a horrible job.
Me: What did you do there?
Wacky: I was the bunny that all those dogs chased.
Me: I had no idea they used a real bunny.
Wacky: Me either.
Me: How long did you have that job?
Wacky: I quit after the first race.
Me: Well I guess so. What did you do next?
Wacky: I got a job working for a magician.
Me: How long did you work for him?
Wacky: 3 years.
Me: Why did you quit working for him?
Wacky: I didn't quit, I got fired.
Me: Why?
Wacky: I got too big for his hat.
Me: I'm sorry to hear that.
Wacky: Oh that's OK, he wasn't very good anyway.
Me: I wonder if I know him, what is his name?
Wacky: David Copperfield
Me: WOW! What did you do after that?
Wacky: Well I got a job interview with some ventriloquist guy in Vegas.
Me: Did you get a job with him?
Wacky: No, but I think he had something against rabbits though.
Me: Why do you say that?
Wacky: Because the star of his show is a tortoise.
Me: Oh you mean Winston, and the ventriloquist guy was Terry Fator.
Wacky: Yea, that's the guys name.
Me: What did you do after that?
Wacky: I got a part time job this past Easter.
Me: Doing what?
Wacky: Helping the Easter bunny.
Me; How did that go?
Wacky: Not to good.
Me: Why?
Wacky: Well the first house I get to, I go down the chimney and I get dirty. Then I'm looking all over the house for the Easter Tree. Next, I almost get eaten alive by their dog. Then when I finally hopped up the chimney, there is no sleigh.
Me: I think you got Easter mixed up with Christmas.
Wacky: Maybe so.
Me: What did the Easter bunny tell you?
Wacky: He fired me on the spot.
Me: And I guess that brings us to today?
Wacky: Yea.
Me: Well how do you think you can help me and my magic show?
Wacky: I learned several magic tricks when I worked for that Copperfield guy.
Me: Great! Did you bring them today?
Wacky: I sure did. Would you like me to do them now?
Me: How about it everyone? Would you like to see Wacky do some magic?

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