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I need some help

August 30 2011 at 8:52 AM
3ric Starr 
from IP address

Hey Everyone, I will be working on a project and I need some help. The project will be for kids and teach them biblical principals. It will be a combo of puppets and a live character.

Which one is your Favorite? It will be where it will take place.





Also let me know what puppet characters you think would fit into our favorite setting.
Thank you all, God Bless

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Steve Axtell

Target Market

August 30 2011, 10:02 AM 

This is a great list of questions for your target market. Also ask kids what excites them the most.

Tony Borders


August 30 2011, 11:29 AM 

I think it depends on whether you are a ventriloquist or if the liver person will interact with behind the stage puppets. For behind the stage, a treehouse makes a lot of sense. For ventriloquism the pet shop seems ideal. You can then use the pets behind or in front. A zoo would also work.

Check out the term "scenic muslin" 20 x 10 on ebay and you can find some cool painted backdrops. Leave off the 20 x 10 for even more.

3ric Starr

More Info

August 30 2011, 12:56 PM 


Ax, you have a good point, Im going to ask some kids and see what they think! Thank you!

Tony, I wil check it out thank you!

Everyone let me give you some more info on the project. It will be a live person Interacting with Stage puppets and the kids as well. I first came up with the idea about 5 years ago and my very first concept for it was a treehouse in a backyard and have different animals as treehouse friends.

Iv been picking up this project over the years thinking about it adding things here and there and thats when my Jim Henson side has gotten the better of me lol and iv been thinking of different settings for this project.

So any Advise anything at all would really help. Tell me what you really think of it!

Thank you all, God Bless

Tony Borders


August 30 2011, 1:35 PM 

Are you considering the Axtell talking tree as the base?

Ultimate set:
Axtell talking tree down low.
Cheeky monkey with remote control up higher. (His mouth movements are larger than the amazing apes if you have a large audience.) For TV or a small audience I'd recommend the chimpanzee.
Hollow limb with a hole for the Axtell squirrel puppet.
Tree club house for people puppets.
Nearby cave for the Axtell bear, fox, wolf, or etc. to come from.

Tony Borders


August 30 2011, 1:39 PM 

Their website is down right now, but when you get a chance check out It is a church in Wichita, Kansas that has a treehouse puppet stage they made. It's really amazing. Dan Kubish is the children's pastor. Tell him I told you about it. They have other sets as well. The train is amazing.

Tony Borders


August 30 2011, 7:55 PM 

You can see the treehouse by going to the website listed above and clicking on KidzWorld. Then click on Adventure Avenue and it will run a little slide show. One of the pics has the treehouse on the left and a house on the right. Right click on the photo to save it.

3ric Starr


August 30 2011, 8:33 PM 

Tony WOW!!

The Church you referred looks really amazing. and the ideas you gave are great!

I would love to have an Ax tree for sure but at my church, the church where i would like to do this project, we do not have our own building. the stage would have to be put up and taken down when we done. so i am trying to find a way to get a tree for sure i think it will be fun!

The puppets I have thought about threw out the years for the treehouse concept have been, a squirrel, a skunk, a turtle, an owl, a raccoon, a rabbit and a bear, but im not so sure.

Well thank you tony for ur response!

Tony Borders

Backyard Buddies

August 31 2011, 7:30 AM 

The portable part is a real stickler. Generally, for portable, you create a scene rather than an actual stage, BUT it can be done. Muslin is great for making a scene. Or you can use large sheets of laminated styrofoam from hardware supply stores, such as Home Depot. You'll find them in insulation. They are good if you are going to be in the same place.

Another option, from sign shops, is gator board. It is sturdy and very light weight. Essentially it is a plastic cardboard. You can paint on it.

I know someone that has a barn puppet stage made from gator board. Axtell has supplied a farmyard of animals for Donut Man videos in the past. And they are all available as well. There's nothing like a farm for "growing kids".

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