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Starter Puppets.

December 11 2014 at 2:02 AM
from IP address

Hi all Hey Ax just wondering have you got any new starter puppets coming out & if what or whom they be ? Thanks in advance wink.gif

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justin ball

i was thinking the same thing

December 31 2014, 10:14 AM 

I suggested some starter puppets a while ago. It was in july, so I hope there are going to be more soon


Starter Puppets

January 1 2015, 3:59 PM 

Happy New Year! Everyone.

I was curious, so I thought I would ask.

I have read where you guys are interested in the arrival of new starter puppets.

I have not seen anywhere, where Ax has said what sort of new starter puppets he may have in the future.

Just curious. Sounds like there is an interest in starter puppets.

What starter puppets would you all like to see?

Are you looking for a type of animal, a people, a thing?

We all have such a wide range of entertainment. I was wondering what you all are primarily looking for?

I have two starter puppets at the moment in my family of puppets.

My hands are not fully functional all the time due to being badly burnt as a toddler.

I have found that the starter puppets are stiffer for me to operate.

Although I like the two that I do own, I prefer the latex puppets.

Easier for me. My hands don't wear out as quickly.

I am kind of hoping if and when Ax comes up with some additional starter puppets that He will consider using the latex.

That would be awesome if He would be able to do that.

Maybe, it doesn't matter to you what sort of starter puppet they build, animal, people, or thing.

You would just like to see something that would fit the pocket-book a little better.

I am anxious to see what Ax comes up with in the future for His line of starter puppets.

Actually I am always anxious to see what Axtell builds.

I spend hours looking at the puppets, dreaming of what I can do next. wink.gif



New Stuff

January 9 2015, 9:44 PM 

We have a whole slew of new amazing stuff we will introduce in a few weeks at KAX Conference! Hope you can make it!

We won't be adding any starter puppets this year, but who knows what next year holds. Well I do, and it's amazing!


Starter Puppets

January 10 2015, 3:41 AM 

Thanks Ax for the heads up.

I know some of these puppeteers were really waiting anxiously to see what you might do with the starter puppets.

Ax. This is just a question. Sort of for the puppeteers that are looking for starter puppets.

Do you by any chance customize starter puppets? Or is this the style of puppet that has to be mass-produced to keep the price down, and be able to call it a starter puppet?

I hate to say that one of my wishes will not come true again this year.

I can not come to KAX.

But. In the mean time I will sit here and bite my nails waiting anxiously for the showing of the new products Axtell has in store for us to make our shows / skits have that Ax-tra Special touch. wink.gif

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