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Disappearing People

June 25 2016 at 3:37 PM
Chris Wintter 
from IP address

Gee, I'm kind of alarmed! Are all of the people that use to share ideas and posts being abducted by aliens, or something?

I understand that a lot of people might be following Facebook, but this forum is so cool because it is different to me, then the Facebook site.

I can honestly say, I do not follow this as I once did, which was almost daily, because there are so few posts now.

Axtell Puppet owners are a unique group. Thanks to this web site, I am now a ventriloquist.

Hopefully, some old timer posters will read this post and post as well. Maybe, as I will, they too will start to visit this site daily, and share what they are doing.

Taco, my Hands Free Toucan Puppet and I have been pretty busy doing Day Camp and Day Care shows. I get a lot of repeat shows from year to year. I'll introduce a
different puppet, and a 4 or 5 year old kid will ask me; "Where is Taco?"

I'm getting my 1990 Mazda Miata restored right now and I'm unsure how much this is going to cost exactly. Once, I find that out, I'm going to buy the Ringo hand's free lite puppet, and a full sized Ringo, and an extra empty hat. I truly think that my Ringo/WACKY WABBIT routine will be a routine as strong as the Taco routine I have developed over the last 8 years.


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I'm still here

June 26 2016, 5:00 PM 

Hi Chris
I am still here. I visit this site daily. Well, at least just about daily.
I too love this site. This site has been so super helpful for me since I have been working with Axtell's Puppets.
I keep checking hoping to see a new post here or there.

I do not do Face Book either. I do not have it as one of my to go places. My husband checks his Face Book once in a blue moon.
And he post stuff for our Church on their site. But we just do not use it much for ourselves.

I am still doing Children Messages at our Church with my special friends.
I have grown in size through out the years. No not puppet family. Ha Well me...up and down. Ha

Anyway...I still love showing and entertaining with my Axtell puppets to those who ask me to do my thing.
You can go back through the Power Users and see my updated crew of puppets if ever you would want to take a peek.

Suzie Hemmer USA Ha

I think it is under that any rate you can find me and my puppets sitting on a stair way smiling with wide open eyes at the camera. These guys of mine just do not blink...LOL

I ordered a brand new customized Leopond to be built by Axtell last April. Ax and his crew are still working on my Cat.
This puppet is an idea I had off of the real hybrid animal. The cat in real time can be seen on the Net. Just have to look up Leopond.

I am excited and anxious for it to come alive in my hands.

I also plan to post it here on this forum when He arrives to share with everyone to see what a fantastic job Ax and His Crew did building it. Of course I have not seen it yet. But they have never ever disappointed me yet on the wonderful customized puppets that they have built for me.

So good to hear from you Chris.
Keep on visiting the forum. I am here. I am certain there are others here as well.

I have friends that do not like the idea that I am not on Face Book, but sorry I am just old school. It is hard for me to go and change from something that I feel so comfortable with.

I thank Ax for keeping this site alive for people like me.

Happy trails with all your new adventures and Axtell Puppets.



My family of puppets Power User

June 26 2016, 5:06 PM 

Updated picture.
Page 3 then July 24, 2014.
Suzie Hemmer (USA)

I am proud to be an Axtell Power User

Chris Wintter

My Family

July 9 2016, 7:41 PM 

I reluctantly reduced my Axtell Puppet family. Having Taco my hands free vent Toucan puppet makes me have a little trouble wanting to use other puppets. He is so unique and I have is routine down so well. It is also weird because I track what I do at every show. Anyway, I'll think to myself when I go back to a school or day care from one year to the next, I better bring another puppet. Right off the bat kids will ask; "Where is Taco?"
I sold my Jazzman, which was really hard to do living so close to New Orleans. I'd rather have someone else to use him then just sit around.
I also sold my vulture. I could not think of a routine for him longer then 5 minutes.
I will be buying Ringo though. Rabbits are already a big part of my show, and I have a great routine for him.
Oh well keep me posted.

Chris Wintter

On a non puppet subject

July 10 2016, 8:34 AM 

I'm still waiting for my Miata's restoration to be finished. The guy I have doing it works by himself , and he also takes in mechanical work as well.
He did send me a teaser last week showing me a portion of my paint job. He is a perfectionist, which is what I want. He has had my car now for 10 weeks. He told me all he has left to paint is the rear bumper, and then he has to put everything back together. He believes in taking off as much as possible to paint the car as opposed to masking.
Once I find out the cost of this I will work on acquiring Rodney. I want the hands free lite Rodney, plus an extra full body Rodney, and a hat to complete the routine I have planned.
Oh by the way my rabbit will be called Wacky Wabbit.

I have also been selling as much non used magic as possible in order to pay for both of these projects. I have also heard that I to inherit a small amount of money as well.
God really does take care of me.

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Rick Cina

Re: Disappearing People

July 11 2016, 11:37 PM 

I look at this site about twice a month now. It used to be daily during the 2010-2012 era, but the low-activity has driven me away too. I have 50+ Axtell products, including 45 puppets, bird arms, Hands-Free Lite, Drawing Board...

Some recent videos featuring Axtell puppets:

I did see your Jazzman for sale on there a few months ago, Chris. I don't use human puppets (other than Louie and the Crybaby), so I didn't bite.

I find it a little interesting that you, Chris, own a Miata too. I've owned my '96 M-Edition since July, 2004, and just had it restored (mechanically) in 2014/2015 by an individual tinkerer mechanic. It took him 5 months. [linked image]

Chris Wintter

Glad to hear from you

July 12 2016, 5:43 PM 

Hey Rick, I'm glad to hear from you. I will check out your videos right after I write this.

I love this site. Hopefully we can get people interested in coming back to the site and start posting their going ons.

One thing I find interesting is how many Axtell items/puppets you own. The following questions are questions that I'd like for any member that has a lot of puppets to answer. Do you actually use most of these items/puppets? As far as your puppets go, do you have routines for all of them? Do you have a favorite puppet that you use at almost every show? Do you have names for each puppet?

For me, of course, my Hands Free Vent Toucan Puppet, Taco, is not only my favorite, but also the puppet I use the most. I also have a Hands on Toucan Puppet who is of course also Taco.

I have an alligator Puppet, Rene, the Raabeet. I have him wearing rabbit ears and he tries to pass himself off as a rabbit. I have him with a cajun accent.

I also have a Hang on Monster Puppet, IGOR that I will use around Halloween. I have a lot of fun and success with my Halloween shows. I am going to start doing my Halloween show even outside of Halloween. It amazes me how much kids enjoy scary movies. Hey, what am I saying, I love them too! I have not used Igor in these shows, but I will start doing that. I do magic tricks like the Lopsided Cyclops, The Mismate Monster, The Haunted Bottles, and Gremlins in a Box.

Very Funny Videos Rick, Thanks for sharing them.

I understand that the pieces of my car are now all painted. PIECES, you ask? The guy I have painting my car likes to take off as much as possible, and mask very little. He said if I'd like to pick it up, I can, just bring a BIG, BIG, BOX. HaHa!
As you know these cars are a whole lot of fun to drive. I'm 65 and when I'm out driving it with the top down, I feel like I'm 35.

Hope to hear from you Guys and Girls.

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Rick Cina

Re: Disappearing People

July 12 2016, 9:26 PM 

I do character education lessons in front of ~300 kids a week for an entire school district. I use about 25 puppets a school year, never more than one time a year for each puppet. Except for about 7 or 8 kids' favorites (Axtells: Big Bear, Dinostar, Dragon, Bongo Gorilla, Lion, Hippo...) that are used every year, most get used every other year. Although most puppets get used for character education routines every other year or once a year, when they are used, the lesson/routines are done again and again (12-15 times) in ~25 classrooms. The classrooms combine for time purposes, so most of the time I'm performing in front of 2 classrooms (50 kids) at once. The first 15 minutes are the verbal character education lesson, the last ~7 minutes are the puppet routine I've written to go along with the lesson.

Here is an example of a classroom performance with the character education lesson "Being Trustworthy":

Yes, all my puppets (I have over 60 altogether, including ones I've made) have names, voices, and personalities that seem to carry over from routine to routine. I also do about 3 to 4 shows a year, mostly for fund-raising events. Those may draw 100-150 kids at a time.

Would really like to see Taco in action. I have the Hands-Free Lite, but have yet to use it in a show. Just haven't found the right routine for it yet. I'm using a custom-body Dodo (Axtell's Vern) with as the puppet.

I saw my first Miata in 1990 - when they first came out. I was 19 at the time. I said then that I wanted to get one someday. I bought one in 2004, and, 12 years later, it's still on the road.

Chris Wintter

One of his routines

July 13 2016, 6:55 PM 

WOW! I love your videos. Thanks for posting.

I'm hoping we can get this site booming again.

Same goes for you Suzie. Thank

I also want to say that if anyone sees something I do that interests them, feel free to use it.

This is a routine I did with my Hands on Taco after carrying my Hands Free Taco offstage

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Customers are growing but migrating to FB

December 17 2016, 9:53 AM 

We are gaining more and more customers all the time but they seem to be hanging out on our FB Page

I'll post a promo for this group there too.

I'll love seeing your recent posts here gaining momentum! Rick over 50!!! Wow!


Chris Wintter

Customer forum

December 28 2016, 4:19 PM 

I can't explain why, because I do not know why, but I love the customer forum better
then the Facebook site. Of course, I'm in Facebook daily. I have a The Mystical Magician
Facebook page and I neglect it for some weird reason.
I'll give your Facebook site another try.


I come here daily

December 29 2016, 1:27 AM 

I do not do face book
I come here daily in hopes that there will be a new posting.
I am of the old school
I love the information that is on this site.
Time and time again it has been so helpful
One day I may look here and find it has gone away.
I know I will be sad if and when that should happen.



Re: Disappearing People

May 24 2017, 1:37 PM 

I've recently found this site and don't think about leaving it though I'm following also the Facebook page



Facebook Migration

June 20 2017, 5:43 PM 

I miss the big activity we used to have here too, but there's only so much time in the day for social media, so I've had to dedicate most of my time to the 4 Facebook Pages we run. If a question pops up here, or a discussion is building some interest please email me at and I will come in and give some answers or help if needed. I'm here today because someone told me there were some spam and inappropriate postings. Network54 that hosts this archive is slowly degrading as fewer and fewer people use this type of forum now, so it's getting less secure and stable... it may eventually go away so read all you can it's FULL of TREASURE... then join us on the Axtell Fan Club on Facebook.


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