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List all the Axtell puppet characters you own.

August 26 2001 at 8:46 PM
Steve Axtell 
from IP address

Start your list with the first puppet you began using and end it with the most current one.

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Daniel Jay Robison

My Axtell Puppets

August 27 2001, 11:52 AM 

I started many years ago with an Axtell Dodo Bird (I'm on my 2nd one now) a regular in my show. After that I bought my son a Dinostar hoping that he would show interest in ventriloquism (he didn't). Next I purchased the Magic Drawing Board. Then at a convention I bought W.T. (Wild Thing) who is another one of my frequent performers. Last, I bought the Big Mouth, my son told me if I would by it he would help me write a routine for it, 2 years later I'm still waiting for the routine LOL. I would love to own 1 of every one of Steve's creations. They're awesome!!

Ryan & Stephanie Cline

Our Babies

August 30 2001, 1:58 PM 

We are still relatively new to the axtell puppets but love all of them. We Own the Big Bear, Gator the Great, Awesome Possum,& Coo-Koo cockatoo. We hope to add a few more to our collection soon.

Jayce from POP (Puppets of Power)

My collection, small but growing larger everyday

September 3 2001, 1:08 PM 

Vern and the bird arm
and last but not least, the crowd favorite, Benny Bird, renamed Albie, The Half-albtross Half Peacock Singing wonder!

Tony Borders

Not enough!

March 27 2002, 8:55 AM 

I have owned:
The Flamingo (which looks good even without a bird arm)
The cockatoo
The Awesome Opossum (who would make a great pack rat coming from inside a back pack with props)
Wild Thing (Loves to offer a birthday kiss at parties, plays Snow White at libraries, etc.)
The Lion (Heat has melted a hole in the latex on his mouth. Any remedies?)
The Bear (I use him twice in every show!)
The skunk (Adults love this once. The only skunk who doesn't smell! She has a cold!)
Next on the list is the baby!


Good answer!

March 29 2002, 9:30 AM 

Tony, can you email us a picture with you and all of them?



Axtell Puppets

October 3 2006, 9:16 AM 

I have Gonzo the Orangutan and Troy the Pelican

Dan Montgomery

My Axtell Characters Currently

October 7 2006, 3:07 PM 

I first got Pedro Parrot (who goes by the name "Crackers")
Then I got the Opposum. He is in every kid's crusade we conduct and the adults really like him. He is probably going to start complaining to me for overworking him.
I also have the All-American Bird. I am still devolping his character but he does make appearances in our programs.
I also have the big Gorrila. I started using him this year with a new program where I do the multiplying bannanas with him. Kid's really love it!

Of course there are several other characters that we would love to aquire in the future. I am convinced that Ax puppets are the best around!

Have a Great Day,

Dan Montgomery

Tony Borders

My puppets

October 12 2006, 10:26 PM 

I have several shows, so I don't use all of these in one show, but I have:
Two dodos
A martian
A bear
3 skunks
3 Lions (different sizes)
Wrinkles dog
Little grandpa
Singing Sam
Girl 1
Girl 2
Baby kangaroo
Baby puppet
Goofy Guy
Wooden boy figure
Bald actor
Silly Wierd


One...But it'll grow...

October 15 2006, 6:51 AM 

I have just got my very first puppet, Willie the Kid, and I love Him...
I am planning to get a grandma later this year!

Jack x

Tom Rogers

My Characters

December 12 2006, 12:33 PM 

I currently have six Axtell creations. They are ...

Vern the Bird
Eagle (I call him "Sam")
Gator the Great (I call him "Al")
Markie the Talking Marker Board
Bulldog (I call him "Butch")

I'll add some more soon.


Re: Axtell Puppets

December 20 2006, 5:07 AM 

Also have Latex Vern and both Magic Drawing and Special F/X Drawing Boards...


Re: My puppets

January 10 2007, 9:07 AM 


you have lots of puppets How do you maintain them?


Re: Axtell Puppets

January 10 2007, 9:12 AM 

Traded my new Vern with a Bulldog

As of today...I have

Max the Bulldog
Gonzo the Orangutan
Troy the Pelican

and I plan to get a Cockatoo soon

Axtell puppets rule!!!

Julian Franklin

My List of Axtell's stuff...

March 3 2008, 6:58 PM 

I have...

Magic Drawing Board (3 large, 1 small)
Awesome Possum (3, all named "Petey" but they wear different outfits available from Build-a-Bear Workshop. Beware: the outifts are CHEAP and almost as addictive as Axtell puppets, and they fit the possum to a "T")
Buzzard named "Beauregard"
Female Hippo in a pink bikini named "Claudia"
Rodney Rabbit, named "Jack" in my shows
Tucker the Turtle, named "Chester Drawers" in my shows
Dusty the Dragon with smoke option, named Meihoo in my shows

I also have "Off the meter", and 2 bird arm illusions.

--Julian Franklin <---My puppets have their own web site if you want to see them.


I own

March 3 2008, 7:05 PM 

I have a DoDo....

Montana's Santa

I have...

March 3 2008, 9:48 PM 

A great desire to have several Axtell figures... but all I've been able to afford so far is a large drawing board.

Dal Sanders

I own several Axtell creations

March 3 2008, 9:55 PM 

I am a magician...not a ventriloquist or even a "puppet guy". However, I do own several of Steve's creations. I use different puppets in different shows. Some of them have been in shows so long that I have had to buy replacements over the years. They include:

Grampa Floyd (2)
Big Mouth (2)
Vern The Bird Pro (2)
Baby Dinostar (2)
Talking Magic Drawing Board (4)
Twinkle Toes the Ostrich
Peanut the Elephant
Baby Chimp
Bug Off Buzzard
Man Eating Plant
Pedro Parrot
Small Book Puppet (2)
...and coming this summer, Bumbles the Bee.

My non Axtell characters include
a bookworm puppet, a Santa Clause puppet and Iris the Camera puppet.

As I said, most of my Kids Shows are magic but I occasionally use one or two puppets in a show.

Professor Bumblewitz (Alan Horne)

Puppets that I own

March 4 2008, 12:39 AM 

I have a Dodo that I have had now for about 15 years and use in every show.
other figures include Arm illusion.
Magic drawing board
Special FX board
Old Storyteller
Leonardo Lion
Bongo Gorilla
Off the Meter
plus several Amazing Apes.


Puppets and stuff...

March 4 2008, 7:57 PM 

My Axtell Family

Gonzo the Orangutan
Cooku the Cockatoo
Andy the Rooster
Amorsolo the Turtle
Alfalfa the Seal
Baby Bryan (Cry Baby)
Big Baby
Special FX DB

Nicolo (Poyner)
Don Dom (Payes)

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