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Big Mouth Puppet Ideas

August 26 2001 at 9:06 PM
Steve Axtell 
from IP address

So what do you do with your Big Mouth puppet? Share ideas.

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Need mouth MC ideas

August 26 2001, 9:20 PM 

I would like ideas for the big mouth as I am mc'ing a show the evening of the 29th.

Any very short routines, one liners or just ideas (and I'll go with 'em) are much appreciated...Mouthwash toothbrush/toothpaste


Steve Petruzzella


August 27 2001, 4:44 PM 

I have two. One serves as part of a talking digestive system in my "gutsy" show about the organs of the body called It's Alive!
The other I have inside of a black box. It's a ridiclulous boastful character named the Amazing Kwanavee.


Big Mouth in Gutsy show

August 28 2001, 6:03 AM 

Steve, your gutsy puppets are all very funny and well made. I'm proud that you've chosen to use our puppet in your digestive track set up, especially on the front end of things! Ax

Steve Axtell

Ideas for MC routine with Big Mouth

August 28 2001, 6:47 AM 

After acknowleging your first act with a round of applause, pull out an index card and begin reading something like "our next act comes from Minnethoda and...Minethoda? I mean Minnesoda! I need to get a new mouth.

If you do the distant voice have the mouth start yelling at you from a little box. Hey dummy over here!

If you don't have a delivery man bring you a package from back stage and walk off. Whats this? Open it and pull out your "new mouth" special delivery.

The mouth starts talking to you. I'm here for ya you're having trouble talking are you? Well I am the smmmmooth mouth you need - let me do the talking for you. I'll handle everything...just shut up and stay out of it.

Thank him for coming and ask him if he would read the card for you to introduce the next act. Have him stare at you..."say what?" Read the card.

Have him look at the card and then up to you and back again. Read the card? Your audience will be laughing because he doesnt have eyes.


After some more joking around, get some sunglasses and put them into the little holders on the sides of the big mouth puppet. (small elastic)

THen have him read and introduce the act.

To make it funnier and more of an illusion continue to mispronounce words in your dialog. It will strengthen the situation and keep the illusion of the mouth being the smooth talker and you the one who can't talk.

You can continue with the big mouth between acts and build his costume out. Add a hanger (around your wrist) and put a shirt on him, etc.....each time bringin him out a little more complete.

Hope it helps.



August 28 2001, 9:40 PM 


Yeah it did help. The bit with bringing it on stage is great. Better than just pulling it out from behind me...

Appreciate it..


Steve Petruzzella

thanks a mouthful

August 31 2001, 4:46 PM 

Thank you Steve, for your "BIG MOUTH" and your kind comments.

Tony Borders


April 24 2009, 11:48 AM 

I went to page 15 and dug up the first chain in the forum. It still applies! Folks, spend a rainy day going back over the topics from years past. You'll find some helpful tips!



Don't Have One But...

April 29 2009, 7:07 PM 

A poor man's skeleton? Just the teeth...err...mouth.

A singer always comes to mind. "Mr. Sandman" would be a good song. "Mr. Sandman I'm all alone, aint got no BODY to call my own" Ew...8 Heads in a Duffle Bag reference...But still applies.

Depending on what you want to do to it, and I'm not sure if this would effect the latex or paint job, but with a science entertainment company I work for we have a non-toxic (smells like)alcohol based black light liquid. Dries fast and clear. Paint the whole thing, or just the teeth, and turn of the lights, shine a black light, and have him floating all over the stage talking to people in the audience.

Of course (and this goes without saying) a dental routin.

But that's just me

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