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I've gone up in both the B-17 and B24...

March 19 2017 at 8:36 PM

Ron Cline  (Login roncline)
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Response to Warbird flights

I did the B-17 one day, and the B24 the next day. Both flights were well worth the money.

In the B-17 you're free to roam the aircraft (after takeoff) from the waist area to the nose compartment, and on the B-24 you can go from the tail turret (you can't climb into it, but you can look thru it from the access door) up to the nose compartment (and you can't get into the nose turret either). The B-17 has the better viewing experience in the nose compartment, due to the large nose bubble, while the B-24's view from the nose is limited by the turret; the view thru the bombardier's window is downward.

The B-24 has the better experience in the waist section due to it's open waist windows. Neither plane allows access to the ball turret. The B-17 has the open hatch in the radio compartment roof.

The B-17's bomb bay is a shorter crossing than the B-24's. The crossing of the B-24's bomb bay is also somewhat tighter, so if you're a big guy...

Expect to do some crawling to get into either nose compartment. The B-17 is a bit easier; it's a short crawl under the cockpit. The B-24 is a longer, tighter crawl under the cockpit; on the way you'll pass the nose gear which isn't divided from the rest of the interior by any walls.

Some people wear earplugs during the flights; I didn't as wanted to experience that wonderful, glorious radial engine music uninhibited. They aren't really that loud. The B-25 is said to be extremely loud inside, so that one may be earplug worthy; hopefully I'll find out firsthand someday.

As already mentioned by Charlie D. the B-24 is the rarer of the two, so flight opportunities in one are also rarer. Whichever plane you choose, soak up every bit of the experience. It will give you even more respect for the guys that went to war in them.

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