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July 17 2017 at 3:51 AM

Bennie Broughton  (Login bbrought)
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Response to People should stop colorizing photos

I love well done colourized pictures. They blow new life into old pictures from an era where it is impossible to go back with a modern camera. When marked as colourized (and face it, it is virtually always obvious when a picture is colourized - especially in cases where the original black-and-white picture is well known) then I fail to see how it can really deceive anyone.

I don't see how the discussion about beautiful black and white pictures is relevant - a colourized picture does not delete the original black and white picture. You can still look at the black and white picture anytime you want if you prefer that version more. Now you just have another option - you can look at the black and white picture or the colourized version.

By now I think most people understand the limitations. Just like I understand a colour profile of any aircraft is only as accurate as the artist's interpretation, I also know the same is true for a colourized photograph. In fact, there is little difference between colour profiles of old aircraft that don't exist anymore and colourized photographs.

Look at this guy's work for example (66misos). Unfortunately, he has been a photobucket victim, but the picture at the very top post on the board works and it is representative of the rest of his work:

Each picture took a lot of research and (to me) was about as interesting as following an online build. As I said, we all understand the final result is no more accurate than a colour profile (which he also makes), but I absolutely love the result. And you can always go back to the black-and-white picture if you want to see where it started from. His works in progress are here - or rather were there before Photobucket's actions:

Honestly, I don't want people like that to stop. I have a big collection of colourized photographs and as I said, I like the life they blow into old, well known black and white photographs. I know the limitations, but I love the results as much as I love virtually any type of art.

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