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Airbrush advice, recommendations?

April 4 2012 at 3:15 AM
Chris  (Login ChrisXR8)
HyperScale Forums
from IP address

Hi Everyone,

I am after a recommendation. I have used Badger airbrushes exclusively since I got my first one - a badger 100 (looks like a 350).

I used a 175 for a while, then a 200, but over the last few years I have been using 150s. I am using 2 150s at the moment and am having a devil of a time with them so I am considering changing brands. Some of the Iwata ones look really good, as well as some of the Paasche ones. Not a huge fan of the Testors one.

I like dual action, internal mix airbrushes. Not a fan of gavity feed (sorry I guess I want everything!)

I am looking for advice on which Iwata or Paasche is like a (perfectly working) 150 in function and performance.

all assistance and feedback is welcomed.
Thanks in advance,

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Justin in Lubbock
(Login MrDrummy)
HyperScale Forums

Ever thought about sending in your 150s for service?

April 4 2012, 4:17 AM 

I'm in the same spot you are-been using two 150's since I started, and both are a little finicky. I've heard badger will take them and fix them up for a small fee.

Edit: it's free-see link below.


Maybe that's an option?

Either way, good luck! Learning a new airbrush is tough. I bought the Badger Renegade Velocity awhile back and am still trying to figure it out.

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(Login ChrisXR8)
HyperScale Forums

Thanks Justin, but I'm in Australia, so

April 4 2012, 6:02 AM 

I'm not sure how that all works. I know they do servicing for customers in the States and sending them back to the istributor in Australia seems to be a terribly long process last time someone I know did it.

I would be happy to send them into Badger for a full service.

I will ring them and see if they will do an O/S customer repair.

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Li Choo
(Login an-dy)
HyperScale Forums

Airbrush advise servicing and alternatives

April 4 2012, 7:16 AM 

Hi Chris,
Should the cost and convenience of servicing your airbrush prove prohibitive, then try this Australian site. They are based in Canberra and provide after sales service of their branded airbrushes.



I said "Dart Gun", not a....
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Neil Howard
(Login NeilHoward)
HyperScale Forums

Badger service

April 4 2012, 7:38 AM 

I'm not quite so far away in the UK but I send mine to Badger for service in the USA. All they charge is return postage. Turnaround in a couple of weeks.

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(Login floch1)
HyperScale Forums

Please consider the Harder & Steenbeck Infinity! See below:

April 4 2012, 9:13 AM 

Air Brush Thoughts!

Since I started building Plastic models 8 years ago (I've been building other types of models since I was 6 back in 1937), I have tried and used a number of Airbrushes. My first airbrush for plastic models was an Aztec 480 (the metal one). This worked very nicely for acrylics, enamels, Alclad , and other metalizers. However, I needed to have two of them, one to recycle to Testors for replacement every several months, and a back up to use while the other was being recycled! I thought that the Aztec was very easy to use and clean, and the nozzles very durable.

Next I tried an Iwata Eclipse. The one I had was a piece of junk as the very soft nozzles were frequently distorting and failing. I spent more on replacement nozzles than I did for the brush its self. I even once sent it back to Iwata, where they replaced the nozzle, only to have it fail again after a couple of spray sessions.

Next I tried two Badger 100s. One with the fine needle, and one with the medium needle. These were hard to control (for me) and difficult to clean.

Then I sprung for the Harder & Steenbeck Infinity. The best hobby tool investment I ever made. I use the top to side feed attachment with the glass jars. I clip 1/8" off the bottom of the feed tube so that "settling" metal flakes to not get sprayed. Having several glass jars, I can change colors quickly while spraying.

I have the following noz/needles -- 0.15, 0.20, 0.40, and the 0.60. I use the 0.20 for most Alclad work, and the 0.15 for fine work and shading. I use the 0.40 for Alclad over large areas when I think that will be a good idea. I also use the 0.40 for enamels and acrylics. I use the 0.60 for thickish primers. The noz/needles are polished stainless steel and very durable. It is the easiest brush I have tried for cleaning. I clean with acetone.

It is very easy to control even for a clutz handed old geezer like me. The dual action and and flow control button is a great feature.

I love this brush, and it has served me well for 4 years now!

[linked image]

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