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Hasegawa 1/48 Zero - anything to be wary of?

July 15 2017 at 5:26 PM
Roger Cockburn  (Login Hon.JohnByng)
HyperScale Forums
from IP address

Ordered my first Zero, a Type 21, Junyo airwing. Any tweaks needed for the Hasegawa kit?

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John S
(Login johnsnz)
HyperScale Forums

Nice kit..

July 15 2017, 5:50 PM 

I built one earlier this year...

Nice straightforward build... I'd recommend getting a mask set for the canopy. Oh and read all the 'advice' on the correct colour...

Have fun...

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Pip Moss
(Login pnmoss)
HyperScale Forums

The only thing I changed on the one I built was an Ultracast seat,

July 15 2017, 5:50 PM 

which is a much better rendition than the kit item. You can get it with or without harness (the harness version has a single shoulder strap and a pair of lap straps). IMHO it's a pretty fine kit and doesn't need much beyond that in the way of aftermarket, although you may want to go with different decals (as I did), especially if the kit ones feature Hasegawa's patented off-white whites.

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(Login type99)
HyperScale Forums

Builds very well out of the box!

July 15 2017, 7:14 PM 

I agree that a mask set is a nice thing to have for a Zero (or any kit IMHO) the only fit issue I had was smoothing out the underside wing to fuselage join, otherwise it was a smooth build.

The cockpit has a very respectable level of detail but I would either sand the seat down to something much closer to scale thickness and then open up the lightening holes with a pin vise drill as I did or buy one of the nicer aftermarket seats.

This is the only improvement that is easily noticed in the cockpit area without craning necks and using flashlights. I added some other details in mine but the seat is the money shot.

I used kit decals on mine, which where of the "Ivory" variety dating from the mid 90s. They didnt appear nearly as off white once on the model.

Despite appearing thinner on the sheet vs tamiya decals they seemed thicker on the model and didnt lay down well with micro sol/set. Mr mark softer and hot water is how I handle hasegawa decals now.

I have not used more recent hasegawa decals but do have some and they are definitely white now. I cant comment on how well they lay down but I will find out in a few months when I finish up a 1/72 hasegawa model 21.

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Chris Cowx
(Login crcowx)
HyperScale Forums

Good kit

July 15 2017, 7:56 PM 

I am currently in the midst of a slow Type 21 and a Type 32 build. I would suggest that what everyone here says about the seat and cockpit detail is correct. Add in some brake lines and wiring on the engine and you are in pretty good shape. I would also use an aftermarket gunsight and maybe an instrument panel if you are wanting to go to town.

Overall, it is a good kit, but it is 20+ years old. Detail is not up to current top of the line, but it is close and very acceptable.

Construction issue to keep in mind are few, but there are a couple:

-The rear fuselage and lower wing join could do with a little tab of plastic to give it some strength and to line it up easily.
-The insert at the front of the lower wing that includes the oil cooler intake is a bit fussy to get in place. If you mess it up there will be some ugly and difficult seams to remove in the wheel wells. Just take some care and perhaps some little shims of plastic to help secure and line it up.
-Hollow out the exhaust, perhaps after you glue them to the underside of the cowling. You might even want to scribe a line around them once installed so that a wash will make it look like they are poked through a hole, rather than glued to the outside.
-The decals are ok, but they definitely need Mr. Mark softener. Better yet replace them with something aftermarket!

Good luck and post pictures, if you can these days!


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Roger Cockburn
(Login Hon.JohnByng)
HyperScale Forums


July 16 2017, 5:27 AM 

Thanks for the help guys! I am looking forward to it. I have a few Kates in the stash but this will be my first Japanese build. I will definitely get the seat and mask and when I get the kit I will look it over to see if I want to add anything else.

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(Login finargil)
HyperScale Forums

True, a PE seat would be a great improvement (n/t)

July 18 2017, 4:38 AM 

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