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Sale Price for Models

July 16 2017 at 8:42 AM
Rodney J. Williams  (Login f2g1d)
HyperScale Forums
from IP address

A fellow modeler wanted to know what is a good sale price for a "OOB" model that rates a 8 and/or 9 on a scale of 1-to-10" then he ask about a sale price for a model that he added some resin parts in the cockpit?

My reply was: My model friend told me to sell a OOB model for USD$1,000.00 and that was back in 1987.

I'm at a loss to drum up a fair price for the guy!

Any suggestion's is "more" than welcome.


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David Nickels
(Login djnick66)
HyperScale Forums

such a broad question that can not be answered without pictures

July 16 2017, 9:47 AM 

What Joe Schmug would get for a model is not what Shep Paine would get...

8 or 9 on a scale of 10 is subjective. All the crap on eBay is described as "pro built"

The kit itself, or the subject matter may make a difference.

Who is the target buyer? Another modeler, or a collector who known nothing about models and what goes into building and finishing one.

What would make one of these OOB models worth more to a collector who could buy one of the good quality die casts today for much less than a built model would go for?

Without knowing what the model was, who knows what it would sell for. I'm sure a 1/48 B-17 nicely done would fetch more than a 1/100 Sabre Jet.

There are lots of decent built models for sale but to get really good money you need to be a 12 on a 1 to 10 scale. Not an 8.

What one kit may have sold for 30 years ago is no indicator of what someone else could get in todays market.

I used to do some OOB builds and my rate was 2X the cost of the kit, plus materials plus $50. So a $25 kit and some paints and labor would be maybe $125. I think the most I got from a built kit was int he $450 range but it had a lot of extras and aftermarket items so I really only broke even on it in the end.

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Mike Dougherty
(Login Gluehuffer)
HyperScale Forums

Re: Sale Price for Models

July 16 2017, 10:29 AM 

It's easy to figure out, what's his time worth to him, how much did he spend and what's his target market? Someone who asks for it to be built will probably pay more, if he just hopes someone will randomly buy it then more than likely they'll never pay what would make it worth his time. There's an extremely well built F1 or Indy car in the shop near me, he want's $1000 for it. If it sells for that I'll be very surprised.

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Darren Roberts
(Login Darren_Roberts)
HyperScale Forums

David and Mike have great replies

July 16 2017, 1:00 PM 

There's not too much to add to their responses. I gave up commission work because I don't like things hanging over my head. What I do is build what I want and then stick it on eBay and see what happens. I've actually got a couple of guys who look for me to post. I like David's way of doing it. I've also given a base-line price and told the buyer to pay me what it's worth to him. I've never been stiffed, but I've gotten some good payouts.

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Chris Aleong
(Login skyhawk174)
HyperScale Forums

My modelling friend used to build and sell his creations

July 16 2017, 5:03 PM 

He actually placed an ad in one of those warbird magazines and then started to get some responses. He built quite a few and he told me he sold them for $450 USD. That does not sound too bad to me. He lived up here in Canada so he had to ship to his customer too but he had a method for that and all arrived undamaged. The price I mention is for a single engine fighter say the size of a Mustang or Thunderbolt. His work was top notch and he built it out of the box with some weathering. He had several customers who said he would take whatever he built with no time limit.

As others have said what we think something is worth does not translate to what others think it is worth. I have only done a little bit of commission work but it was mostly for companies and to be honest I had a hard time with the deadlines. It became a chore so don't do it anymore.


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(Login USAFmsgt98)
HyperScale Forums

Ask Pat Hawkey. That how he makes his living

July 16 2017, 7:12 PM 

Pat has been building models for customer since the 1970's. Plus he is still at it.

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(Login f2g1d)
HyperScale Forums

Thank Everyone!

July 17 2017, 6:25 AM 

Thanks to everyone who sent in their comments. I will pass on your suggestions. Prior to my listing this question, I told the guy to post his own story on H/S's Plane Talk and his reply was: "I'm not a member."

In years gone by, I have bought and sold unbuilt kits on Ebay and on this site, but I do not recall seeing finished models for sale.



Again many thanks you's!!!!!


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James Venables
(Login jvenables)
HyperScale Forums

Value = what someone is willing to pay to buy it

July 17 2017, 8:33 AM 

That's the bottom line in my opinion. If nobody wants to buy an item, then its intrinsic value is nil.

I know this doesn't really answer your question, but if I were ever to try selling any of my models I would charge little more than the original purchase price. Others might say, "But what about the time, effort & materials that have gone into it?" My answer to that is quite simple too: if the model is good enough to consider selling, then clearly I have derived a truckload of enjoyment, relaxation and satisfaction from the building process and have probably expanded my knowledge base through researching the subject. So the time, effort, etc, owes me absolutely nothing.

Now, if I were to suddenly embark on a career change and become a professional model maker earning income from completed model sales, then it ceases to be just a hobby and becomes an occupation. That would naturally require an entirely different philosophy where my time and effort would require recompense that would be factored into the sale price.

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Mike West
(Login ResinPrince)
HyperScale Forums

I have had commision jobs

July 17 2017, 3:39 PM 

That were all over the board on Price. One customer years ago who loved 1/48 WW-I aircraft. He wanted a good paint job, pilot in the office and rigged. He pitched a bitch every time I delivered a new one. He thought $50.00 was outrageous.

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