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  • Why do Players do that?
    • Cool_Guy1
      Posted Sep 1, 2005 4:20 PM

      Approval seeking is the game of the name nowadays. The battle of the TV stations is for their approval ratings. The battle of the politicians is for approval ratings. The battle for the big companies is for the approval ratings so that they can capture a bigger share of the market. Trying to get approval and feel important among a group of peers is one of the main reasons why guys tend to do the things that you mentioned. This days, they call it "score". Like the question, "did you score, yet?"

      Well it seems to be a game of approval and sure thing, your guy is one among many who tries to have everyone under their charm but cant decide whom to settle. Sometimes, people want approval and attention and he seems to be aftering that. With many gurls around him, makes him feel like a man, trying to show others around him that he is capable of throwing his charm around and attracting quiet a following from the ladies. Guys want, that, they want to feel being wanted. They want the attention of the ladies upon them and sure enough with a little charm, they can get them on their side. But the sad thing is, sometimes it is hard for such guys to settle down.

      Now your guy gets jealous when he sees you around with other guys. That sure sounds like someone who seeks approval and wants all the attention on him, yet when he is faced with a situation where he sees someone else gets attention, he cant stand it. You know, sure enough he wants you and the other gurls the way he wants it. He does not want to see you with another guy, because he feels you are one of his priced beauties that needs his attention only. You know there is a saying "I got more love in me for all to share" thats the whole premise in which players operate. They got more love to give to many gurls. So to see you be with another dude makes him feel inferior, that is what a player hates, being inferior to another dude.

      Players cant stand their gurl/gurls being taken by another dude, because they feel they have the right over her life. Sure enough, you analysed it yourself, why keep on hanging around with him when he is playing around with your mind. You can become one of those beauties that just surround him and make him feel high and dignified.

      I have seen it happen, sometimes you play second fiddle to a game of conquoring of the beauties in the mind of a player. You become part of his game, not as someone who wants a relationship with you, but someone whom he comes across as one of those flowers that surrounds him to make him feel good.

      In a way, the guy is seeking attention to himself. For lasting relationships, this cant work. Both parties in a relationship has to seek to make the other person precious, rather than self seeking gratifications. When someone goes on and on trying to get the best out of the relationship at the misfortune of the other partner in the relationship, the relationship sure cant work. When in a relationship, someone tries to become the important man/woman, while the other is part of a decoration in the relationship, relationships dont last.

      Gurl you got some thinking to do. Think first before you make any move.

      Few thoughts. to start the discussion.

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