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September 26 2010 at 10:24 AM

Why are most PNGeans in snobby? I am utterly disgusted when My hellos are ignored. Just so you know we dont want your money or help or anything. A simple greeting will not kill. Don't let the fact your in Aus get to you. We Are better than this.

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Move on mate

September 29 2010, 1:28 PM 

........welcome to the world of wannabes

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Re: Snobby

October 15 2010, 11:16 AM 

wanbel snobby but so many wannabes so what have I been doing? ...just ignoring them!

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Re: Snobby

October 15 2010, 1:28 PM 

repested msg

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Re: Snobby

October 15 2010, 1:30 PM 

Maybe we are sick and tired of always saying hello......... maybe we have had a sh!t day and don't feel lik saying hello to strangers. maybe because after 7 years of saying hello to random PNGeans doesn't really matter anymore. Maybe you should mind your own ******** business!!!!!!!! Do you see any Samoan, Fijian or Tongan person saying hello to another random person fromtheir country. there are bigger things to worry about than someone ignoring you "hello". Harden the ***** up!!!

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October 16 2010, 2:08 PM 

Anon, you are obviously from the "snobby snot society".....and very rude to boot.

There is no harm in acknowledging a fellow countryman when abroad; even if it is only a quick hello or nod of the head or smile.

Our family finds the same thing; a reluctance of PNGs to acknowledge another PNG in Australia.......sad.

Yet when my husband is on the stage with Tribe of Jubal; every PNG wants to acknowledge him and be his friend. When we are in the shopping centre; they all turn away and pretend they didn't see us!

Explain that!!!!!

But I guess if one's "Daddy" is a corrupt Big Man in PNG; then you havn't had the benefit of a good honest upbringing with manners and a knowledge of right from wrong. Poor Baby!!!

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@ Mum

October 21 2010, 1:36 PM 

I think your very right there, the apple doesnt fall far from the tree and there is nothing wrong in acknowledging your country men/women if you want to be a snob keep it to yourself and don't spread your disease to the rest of us....snob!

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Re: Snobby

March 24 2011, 10:07 PM 

Anon you're an *** hole..I cant believe what I am reading..we PNGeans are better off then those Samoans or Fijian you talked about..that is our culture, em pasin blo yumi lo tok hello lo ol yumi olgeta lusim ples na kam ya..Well maybe not for you, you spoilt brat must have grown up in Aus na ting you better then the rest of us..if you are a true PNGean you would feel the need to greet a fellow wantok, even just a simple smile would do.

We dont need wannabes like you, stay off this page!

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Re: Snobby

April 3 2011, 4:37 PM 

are you ******n kidding me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You must onepla kain wannabe white meri stret ya, ah!!! who gives a damn about fijians and samoans or whatever, m ol white lain ya, we are not like them. PNG culture m strong lo blut na bone ya!!! It's true, some of us here for studies have left home and we feel so much happier when we see our fellow countrymen, kain osem you nabaut ya, muski don't bloody call PNG your home coz you're not a proud PNGean...U M WANNABE OREO STRET!!!!!!!!!!! get a life, blut blo u m stil strongpla kaukau blo png...

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Re: Snobby

August 28 2012, 11:29 PM 

wannabe Samoan and Fijian. Doesn't mean if they do that then you follow them fobs in whatever they do.

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Re: Snobby

March 25 2011, 2:50 AM 

It's not only in Oz. You find 'em everywhere. Transiting back and forth through these intl ports; Changi, Manila, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney, Brisbane & Cairns I see 'em a lot. Even the ones that came over for just a week or 2 days "ol ting ol blo narapla hap olgeta now". Cant's help myself listening in to their GOSSIP. Kast!!! Gossip killim ol PNG lain lo Oz stret ia. Lucky na igat IPOD so passim ear lo harim ol

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Re: Snobby

March 25 2011, 10:16 PM 

its just the fact that everybody wants to know who your family one knows how to keep their mouth shut

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Danny Boy

Re: Snobby

March 31 2011, 7:37 AM 

ah wantoks, I have quit saying to hello to anyone unless they look in my direction and smile.
I know many of those who either look away, look at their mobile phones hoping a phone call comes in etc, I just ignore them and dont have any remorseful feelings against them either.
After all, there is more to life than to make an issue of it!

There are those that ignore you initially and then see that you have something special and become interested in you, I just look away and pay no attention!..LOL!

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Re: Snobby

April 3 2011, 10:45 PM 

Strong pla PNG speak for yourself. People are posting their own experiences facing some of our wantoks from PNG. My hubi was embarrassed by some of PNG people's behavior in Cairns when he said hello to them in pidgin and motu in the streets, when he visited our grand daughter a few years ago. They pretended that they didnt hear him, sticking their noses in the air looking the other way.

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So true

True and true

April 4 2011, 12:41 AM 

SOO TRUE..I haven't been there yet but one of my buddies who just flew back from there told me the story of how he met a white man and they started speaking pidgin and motu and talking about PNG etc.. at brisbane, then they saw this goroka lady(no offense people from goroka but she really was from goroka so Im writing it) she was walking past so, so this whiteman told my buddy ai wanpla Papua New Guinea meri yah blo goroka yah..and they turned and said Hi and but whooooa! she just walked on passed as if she was Brought up in In the moon or something...

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Danny Boy

Re: True and true

April 5 2011, 7:21 AM 

I just crack up laughing when their eyes brighten up and they become interested in you when they learn you work here, have a house or car etc. All I see is they want to jump into your pants and cling onto that hope of the good future, something you worked hard for yourself.

And then they are those who come boasting to you about their kids in Uni down here, or their spouse on a well paid job or what magnificent house or car they own.

Shame but anyways, PNG ya! we jumped all the steps in between and moved from stonage to digital age so I guess, people are still adjusting!!

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Ipa Hulia

I was so terrified.

April 7 2011, 12:02 PM 

I just moved up here in Brisbane from little country town in NSW a year ago. Once in a while, i usually go to brisbane city central for personla business. Few times, i bumped onto some wantoks and when they looked at me, i waved at them when they were far out there. When they were very close, i say hello or good morning or good day to them and i continued on with my own journey. In different occasions, few guys just approached me and questioned me. They were really interviewing me like a channel nine tv men or post courier news reporter. I was really terrified. They really want to know my back ground. Those guys I've never met them before.

Few months leter, i jumped into the train in Roma street station to go to North side. There was a guy from sepik and another one from Goroka were already sitting in another carriage. They might have seen me passing by and walking into another carriage. Suddenly, both of them left the carriage that they were sitting and they came to where i was.
They said to me wantok and started asking this following questions:

Mangi Goroka said: where do u come from? I said I'm from Tari, SHP.
Mangi Sepik said: What are u doing here? I was bit hesitate and reluctant to answer but i
mentioned to them in pidgin :(mi raun tasol)
Mangi Goroka asked me? Where do u live? I said, i live in Northside of Brisbane.
Mangi Sepik asked me? Which surbarb do I was bit terrified but i gave them the wrong suburb.
u live?
Mangi Goroka asked me? where are ur family? I as at home.
Mangi Sepik asked me? YOU MARIT LONG WHERE? I was bit terried and frustrated but i managed to
say that i married here.

They had lots of questions to ask me and wanted to know more about myself and i was really terrified and frustrated because those guys I've never met them before and i never know them.

Thats why some png people in brisbane doesn't like to interact or socialize with png people visiting here in australia because of past experiences.

I am one of those guys who ignores them.

I live in small village in Banyo but no body knows where i live.

Ipa Hulia. Hella igiri.

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Re: I was so terrified.

April 11 2011, 12:55 PM 

Not every PNGeans are interested in other fellow pngean's personal life.....

The point is soim luksave m bigla something!!!

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Mela Kanaka Susa

If at first you don't succeed try again with another wantok :)

April 24 2011, 8:22 AM 

Yes gat SAMPLA ol sa pulim nus. I feel disheartened sometimes taim ol wantok no sa bekim hello or smile blo mi and it makes me not wanna say hello or smile anymore but I always remember that we should do unto others what we want done unto ourselves.

And I agree with people who are against what the other person's talking about Fijians and Samoans. This post is not about Fijians nor Samoans. We're talking about Papua New Guineans living abroad. Em pasin blo yumi ya- lo tromoi han, tok hello na luk save lo ol wantok blo yumi. True you may have had a bad day or you got other **** going on in your life and you just don't wanna interact with "strangers" BUT I suggest you try one time. It just might turn your frown upside down happy.gif

But then again at the end of the day laiks blo wanwan.

So beautiful people nen bisi! em ol sampla lain tsol there are heaps more wantoks out there willing lo bekim han blo yu, hello blo yu na smile blo yu. It feels **** when you get rejected but when you do get a positive response it's GREAT!! B)

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Laiks blo wanwan...

April 24 2011, 7:42 PM 

evrybody kam lo strong blp so larem ol stap lo laik blo ol yet..

wheteher theu wanna say hi o nogat em laik blo ol...

nobody funded their trip here accept themselves.

why dont everybody mind their own business.


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