Strange Race

by Dan Robichaud

After a frustrating evening of trying to figure out why MS Office 2000 wouldn't install a fax printer driver so I could fax in my timsheets and get payed for this month (Stupid F#$@ing software wouldn't install a fax printer driver without an active LPT1 port. I had disabled it in the BIOS cause I don't have any parallel printers. Who'd have thought!?), I managed to get my race submited a mere 1/2 hour before the deadline.

Only got caught by surprise once at Chateau d'Eau and managed to save it (You can actally see the front suspension travel quite a bit there!), but during my 2nd stint as I was charging past backmarkers someone made contact with me. I was going downhill on that short straight before the pits and gave the backmarker PLENTY of room, went WAY wide around him to the right and after I thought I was clearly past him I heard a major BANG! and felt force feedback equivalent of a major contact. I hadn't even cut back across the track and was still wide to his right! A blown rear tire and a broken rear wing. Oh well, at least I was close to the pits... After that I knew Darren most likely had the race sewn up so I did my best to take the points for fastest race lap, but he beat me there too, by 0.05 seconds (how much closer can you get! ) Great race, Darren!

This is the only race I've done in Direct3D this season (since I recently put that ATI Radeon card in my machine) and I'm CONVINCED the force feedback differs in Direct3D mode. The usual effect of straightening the steering wheel created by the momentum of the spinning front wheels wasn't there (had to artificially induce it within the Wingman Profiler in order to provide just a little resistance...)
Also had another "close call" thanks to Direct3D's FF. While I was running next to another car going down a straight, I felt the FF try to make me turn into him! (Same short straight going downhill towards the pits. This is why I was conciously giving so much room to all the backmarkers after that) This caught me totally by surprise. The only thing I could think is that the FF was reacting to the turbulence being generated by the other car and I was getting "sucked into" his vortex!? Very strange and very unnerving. As much as I like MGPRS2, I never much cared for their Direct3D "version" and this just strengthens my position. Hopefully their next game F1 Championship will provide better Direct3D support.

Come to think of it, the planets must have been quite out of alignement for me last night. Just before supper I was invited to go karting with a buddy of mine (Top Karting, sorry I forgot to call you, Francois). I come out of the pits at full tilt and as I go to hit the brakes in the first corner, I put my foot to the floor and NOTHING! I try to avoid rear-ending the kart in front of me by attempting to wedge my kart into the tires at the apex (which managed to get me stopped OK) but the driver in the kart behind me didn't expect this and rear-ends me at close to full speed. Still running on adrenaline, I managed to push myself out and coast back to the pits where I jumped into another kart and finished the heat (still managed to clock the 2nd fastest lap despite all that ) Today is a different story, however, and my aching ribcage is telling me I'm getting too old for this foolishness!


Posted on Nov 6, 2000, 7:59 AM
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