Congratulations Dan on championship win!!

by Darren

Kwok!! <Sound of champagne cork popping>

I had a super race and took my easiest victory so far, although I had 3 hairy moments with those daft back-markers pulling over at inappropriate times. Just to comfort you Dan, using a voodoo 3, I also got the suction effect, twice when passing slower cars. Anyway, I lapped everybody, which is the first time to do so.

I also discovered a new braking technique during qualifying that really saved tyre wear. Great eh? I find this out in the last race of the season, so I bassically ran the race as a ONE stopper on SOFTS!! I took it easy after setting a lap record on lap 12 and mainly did 1:16 - 1:18 for the rest of the race. An easy victory.

Lools like I left it all a little too late. I think I have won the last 4 or 5 races but couldn't get back that point deficit from earlier in the season. 20 points is a pretty tight finish when we're up into the thoudands though! All in all Dan, you were the better driver and the stats show that. I just wish I could have pulled off this end-of-season form a little earlier (or you had bought that LWFF sooner)

Congratulations once again - next time buddy!!

Also thanks to Jan for remaining in the league and staying competitive. I didn't think you'd stick it out. I still think there's something wrong with your wheel setup though. We are much closer in GPL and I can't understand how you can be 5 secs down a lap at France. I'd love to have a go on your wheel and point out some obvious flaw! Like you're only getting 70% max power or something

Let's stay in touch everyone and prepare for the new season.

Super massive thanks to Dan for running this great league. You've done a magnificent job and have a great professional attitude while keeping everything fun. You've motivatd me enough times to keep going when I felt like packing it all in. One thing though, MGPRS2 now gets uninstalled from my HD! I secretly hate the thing and while I love the actual quality of races (It beats all in this department IMO) I haven't looked forward to a lot of races this year due to the funky physics
and awkward controls. I consider myself a MGPRS2 master now and will be happy to put it to sleep and never fire it up again. Sad eh!

I want to race you guys on VROC so get practicing chaps, because Dan, until you try Monza with 18 other racers for the first time, you haven't experienced TRUE SIM RACING. Right Jan?

One last thing in this mega-post. Have you ever tried Hidden and Dangerous (WWII Game) ? I've been playing it with a mate practically non-stop for the last month online. It is lag free and is the GPL/VROC of strategic FPS shooters IMO. It takes over an hour to complete a mission and coupled with Roger Wilco (Voice communication software) - there is nothing like it. If you can get or have this game give me a bell as it is awesome with 4 players (tried that once). We usually set it up for co-op 2 player games. Let me know.

Comercials finished.

Over and out,

Field-Marshal Duncan
DagScog Racing

Posted on Nov 6, 2000, 11:38 AM
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