Preliminary version of 2001 carset released!

by Darren Duncan

I have just finished uploading the preliminary version of the 2001 carset......!

What's New?

2001 Paint Jobs, Pit Order, Driver Pictures & Names, Team Names and Tyres. You will also have the new official Top Gear Performance data for the AI.

AI Performance Files

(1) For qualifying they have been radically sped up. It won't be so easy to get pole anymore in Pro and Ace. It's still possible with a good lap but it should be more challenging and the AI cars will be closer to you in times. Unfortunately you Semi Pro-ers may not notice that much difference but then we have to keep the classes fairly well spaced I think. They will still be slightly faster in S-P.

(2) For the Race the AI files have been sped up but not as much as qualifying. No-one wants to finish last all the time and we all make mistakes that we should be at least allowed to try and recover from. The biggest difference is they have more speed in 6th gear and will accelerate slightly better. This means you won't be able to pass them so easily on the straights and like the real F1 you will have to play a patient game of waitng for the right moment. Overall they are 0.5s - 1s faster per lap than they were before. Maybe more so for the ACE drivers.

(3) The spread of times is greater. So the slower drivers shouldn't have to worry. Hopefully everyone will have someone at their skill to race against. Schumi & Hakinnen are quick and Marques & Button aren't. I have spaced out the drivers too. While this is slightly unrealistic it means you will slot in somewhere. All drivers have a random performance upgrade or downgrade value. So it's possible for Schumi to have a bad day and Montoya to have a great one. Verstappen and Barrichello's agression levels will not be altered.

(4) After much debate, the performance is pretty close to the first 3 races. I.e., Ferrari, Mclaren and Williams are out front, Jordan, Bar, Sauber head up the middle and Minardi & Benneton bring up the rear. Jaguar and Arrows will be quicker sometimes and slower others.

Before you all go mad, please be warned that it is setup for new league members. You will need to re-enter your team name, driver name and any custom car textures you are using for your own car.

Note - you should save any custom car textures, pit crews, cockpits, etc, to your hard drive first from GP3 Edit by using the 'save as' option for the selected graphics.

Download the carset you need (Hardware/Software) and the menu art. That's a total of 2 downloads. Unzip 'em to your GP3 Edit folder and click on the carset file first. Export all to GP3 and then do the same with the menu art file.

Click on the GP3 March 2001 wording to go to the download page after selecting Downloads from the left hand menu on any TopGear page.

To get your custom car textures, etc back into the game - Do an 'Import All' into GP3 Edit after Updating the carset and menus and then use the 'Load' buttons to get the textures into GP3 Edit. Redo the 'Export All' as above.

PLEAE DO NOT IMPORT YOUR OLD CAR TEXTURES FROM GP3 DIRECTLY OR IMPORT FROM A SAVED GP3 EDIT FILE. You may inadvertently restore the old performance values.

The graphics are very nice and we should thank Emacs and Ralph Hummerich for those.....

Any questions or feedback, please post them in this thread.



Apologies for any typos or spelling errors in advance.

IBS Racing

Posted on Apr 2, 2001, 2:02 PM
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