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August 28 2003 at 4:03 AM
John Waddey  (no login)
from IP address

Response to TO CHANGE OR NOT TO CHANGE? (Part 1)

Source: Vol. 2, No. 11, July, 2003


We all know the story of ancient Jericho, how the strong walls of that fortified city crumbled and fell before the children of Israel (Josh. 6:20-21). Those walls were brought down by God. Today we are witnessing other walls crumbling and falling, the result of the preaching, writing and teaching of certain brethren who fancy themselves sufficiently wise to change the faith, worship and practice of the Lord’s church.

I. The ancient wall between the Lord’s one true church and the hundreds of man-made denominational churches is crumbling and already down in many places. The Book of God makes it crystal clear that Christ has only one church (Eph. 4:4-5; 1:22). It also plainly condemns divisions and contending religious factions (I Cor. 1:10-15; 3:1-4). For 200 years our brethren have preached and called men into the church founded by Christ and opposed denominationalism as contrary to God’s will. Today a new breed of preachers and professors blush not to say that we ourselves are but another denomination and that other denominations are equally acceptable to Christ. With all their vaunted learning, they are unable to see the distinction between the real and the counterfeit (Lev. 10:10).

II. The wall between truth and error is crumbling before the false teaching of relativism and subjectivism that is emanating from several of our universities. The fact is God’s Word is truth (John 17:17). We have that on the highest authority; Jesus! It is objective truth, neither relative nor subjective. It is a solid, reliable standard that exists separate and apart from man, churches, schools of thought and educational institutions. “The word of Jehovah is right” (Ps. 33:4). It is “perfect” (Ps. 19:7). It is “settled in heaven” (Ps. 119:89). It will “never pass away” (Matt. 24:35). It is God-given (II Pet. 1:20-21). It will judge us in the last day (John 12:48). If every last believer in Christ with all their schools, books and papers perished, the Word of God would still stand, true and dependable. If all the world of Christendom embraces skepticism and denigrates and denies the Word, it will still stand and judge them in the last day! For 200 years our brethren have believed and taught this fundamental truth. Today our “agents of change” are hammering away at this wall.

III. The wall between God-ordained worship and “will-worship” based on emotion and popular opinion is crumbling. The worship God expects of us must be “in spirit and truth” (John 4:24). It is sincere and heart felt and it is as he has ordered in his divine Revelation. His worship is simple and unadorned without pomp and pageantry. It needs no cathedral or vast throng to validate it. True worship, of necessity, is based is based squarely on the New Covenant of Christ (Matt. 28:20). We cannot look to Moses or David for our authority (Matt.17:4-8). We dare not look to uninspired teachers and theologians of the denominational world! The most notable changes proposed by our “change agents” are in the realm of public worship of the church. They want acceptance of instrumental music, choirs and solos. They want women allowed a leadership role. They want drama and skits. They want emotionalism and excitement. Paul calls such “will-worship” (Col. 2:23).

IV. The wall between Bible preaching and emotion-driven entertainment and story telling is crumbling. For 200 years our preachers operated under the mandate of Christ to “preach the gospel” (Mk. 16:15). They felt obliged to “speak as the oracle of God” (I Pet. 4:11), and to preach the whole counsel of God (Acts 20:27). Faithful elders knew that it was through the “foolishness of the preaching” that God ordained to save men (I Cor. 1:21). Today, many young preachers, groomed and trained in “Christian” universities, much prefer “story-telling” and emotional hoopla to Bible preaching. The wall is already down in some quarters.

V. The wall between the Biblical plan of salvation and human ideas about how to be saved is breached. From the beginning of our back to the Bible movement, our brethren have understood and preached salvation as a free gift of God’s grace (Eph. 2:8-9) that required faith (Heb. 11:6) repentance and baptism (Acts 2:38) on the part of those wishing to received that salvation. Now a new kind of preacher moves among us telling the lost that salvation is by grace alone or by faith alone and thus denying the message of the author of eternal salvation (Heb. 5:8-9). Bro. Rubel Shelly says, “My salvation is on grace alone, Not by anything I’ve added to it.” “The one step of salvation is faith...” “It (baptism) is not the fifth step (in the plan of salvation).” (Quotes from Shelly’s recorded sermons, cited in Change Agents and Churches of Christ by William Woodson, p. 36).

VI. The wall between heaven ordained male leadership for the church and the human doctrine of female leadership is pierced. God’s position is clear: “as in all the churches of the saints, let the women keep silence in the church: for it is not permitted unto them to speak, but let them be in subjection (I Cor. 14:33-34). Although churches of men have long ignored heaven’s decree, our brethren have honored it; that is, until the “change movement” emerged among us. Now we have teachers and professors preferring the authority of the feminist leaders over Christ and agitating for women to serve in church leadership roles. The elders of the Church of Christ in West Islip, NY have proudly published the fact that Katie Hays serves their congregation “as a minister in the fullest sense of that calling...This includes preaching from the pulpit” (Christian Chronicle on line, September, 2002)! Having gone beyond the doctrine of Christ, they have not God (II John 9).

VII. The wall between a verbally inspired and inerrant Bible and a fallible, human document, uncertain in origin, unreliable in content and impotent in authority has been broken. For two centuries our brethren have observed this flagrant unbelief among our denomination neighbors. Many of those who abandoned the Old Paths last century for instruments of music and missionary societies eventually embraced this low view of Scripture. But our men stood strong, until recently. From the classrooms of our universities a trickle of unbelief in the inerrancy and authority of God’s Word has grown to dangerous proportions. In days past our preachers and teachers encountered this skepticism only when they enrolled in denominational seminaries or secular schools off higher learning. Now our sons come face to face with it in some of our schools.

It was an act of God, for the benefit of his people when Jericho’s walls came down. It is an act of Satan for the harm of the church when the walls mentioned above are breached.


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At the heart of the plan was the fact that old members were going to be driven off so new techniques could be used to go out and reach the unchurched through new "Contemporary Holy Entertainment" methods developed by the "Community Church Movement"

Old members had to be kept on board long enough to get their plans ready, or the funds would not be there to pay for the new building. So by the plans very nature, it had to be secret.

The church had no plan in effect to renew or approve elders. There was never any need. The elders had always been "as approved by God". 10 of the last 15 elders would begin to shed some doubt on that.

The Elders did not even need a majority at first, because some of the elders went along unwittingly.

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