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Kenneth Sublett
(no login)

Instruments Commanded? Yes, for Star Worship.

December 31 2006, 9:04 PM 

Ralph, it should not come as a surprise that the battle to establish us as "a new testament church" resulted--for most of us--in growing up without a foundation upon which to build the EKKLESIA or SYNAGOGUE and it turned out to be church and not, as the Campbell's insisted, a School of Christ and "worship" was "reading and musing" the Word. That, I think, is what Paul made inclusive as "dialog over diversities" excluded in Romans 14 and SELF-pleasing was excluded in Romans 15 and using "one mind and one mouth" to speak "that which is written" to edify or educate, glorify God who wrote the songs, comfort one another with Scripture and KEEP the unity.

We missed the "because of transgression" at Mount Sinai where PLAY defines musical idolatry: that which they forced Samson into and that which David performing when removing the Ark of the Covenant to his own new tent BECAUSE he was too fearful to return to Gibeon where the old Tabernacle stood and to which Solomon still went before he built the temple. God, says Stephen, and many other reports of the whole fall from the Covenant, gave the temple as a concession to David. That was after God "turned them over to worship the starry host" and ended in the elders firing God and demanding a king like the nations and God knew that it was so that they could worship like the nations. If God turned them over to Sabanism as a result of their play or musical idolatry then we should look to Stephen confirming amos' writings aboutthe FALL from the covenant of Grace and abandonment to the normal national (goyim) or Gentile worship which was for the CIVIL-MILITARY-STATE. That is why the Levitical warrior musicians were under the KING and COMMANDERS OF THE ARMY and not under the Priests who, themselves, conducted national festivals. If you look at a President's funeral in National Cathedral it is a NATIONAL worship service and the head of the Cathedral says that THE PUBLIC IS spectators to the STATE worship service.

In Numbers 10 we see the only silver trumpets that God ever commanded was to send signals and leade people into battle. The ALARM or TRIUMPH OVER defines the loud instrumental noise and "making a joyful noise before the Lord." That was the normal GENTILE "warrior's chant" intending to drive the enemy into Panic and not to worship. Remember Gideon? John Calvin agrees that you could not even CALL people into the "class room" using instruments and he assuredly repudiated instruments along with every church father I have every read because it is INCONSISTENT and DESTRUCTIVE to the only purpose for which God calls us "wee ones" together.

The Qahal which is a common word but not translated "synagogue" defines all of the assemblies for the NON-Civil-military "congregation" which was never called except for INSTRUCTIONS. The "Holy Convocatin" on many first days and all seventh days (not saturday but REST) is defined as to READ and REHEARSE the Word. The competent tribal elders would have met to be instructed and take the word back to their tribes where they held "church in the wilderness."

The loud noise especially to signal the beginning and ending of the burning process was to warn that people should be OUTSIDE THE GATES (as they were at the Temple Dedication). That means that the "civilians" were quarantined FROM the national or "gentile' animal sacrifices which were regulated but NOT commanded in The Book of the Covenant. Scholars note that the Temple continued only for a short period and the music ALWAYS ATTACHED and this in itself is a repudiation of it as PATTERNISM for us. This happened officially only in and around the Temple so to use it for authority you have to be a Levite and return to Jerusalem. The "Jewish" state has NO validation without a restored TEMPLE and, poor souls, they cannof find any proof that David ever lived in this Jebusite High Place. That may be providential. The Jewish synagogue had NO AUTHORITY for the organ until after 1815 and THEN they had to hire a Gentile organist because MAKING MUSIC on the Sabbath was EXCLUDED by direct command in Numbers and understood by every kid. Jesus called us to REST and not "worship" in the legalistic, works sense.

There was never any "music" at the Tabernacle sacrifices OR when David held his "plague stopping ceremony" before God gave him a Jebusite High Place for his "alternative" sacrifices. One of the Aproyphal writers clearly had David and the Levites 'made melody' in their hearts. The Temple Dedication was a NATIONAL animal sacrifice and the "congregation" excludes the 'civilian' population who were OUTSIDE the gates. I think a detailed reading of the whole thought sequence will show too many times that the commands for "musical' instruments came from David and ONLY the Warrior Levites could perform during the burning of animals.

The temple complex was a NATIONAL or GOYIM shrine for a national king which God promised would confiscate their property and give to his "staff ministers" and would lead them into captivity and death. If you can find any commands from GOD about the temple they were designed by Hiram and executed by Him using even Israelites in SLAVE LABOR and they were driven into "music" which was normally to "increase the work product." God through Samuel warned that one of the curses was taking the young men to make "instruments of Chariots" which were MUSICAL for all oriental potentates. He would take their money to finance them. Isn't it a fact that modern churches take the youth to do WORKS WORSHIP and charge their parents to finance it.

Stephen says that God gave authority to build the TABERNACLE or TENT.

BUT, Solomon built God a HOUSE.
But, says Stephen, God does NOT dwell in houses built by human hands: He is not WORSHIPPED in such houses: he is not worshipped by the WORKS of human hands. This is not strange because we have THREE ACCOUNTS of why David could not builld the house: David said that it was BECAUSE he was a man of Blood. Solomon interpreted that to mean that David HAD NOT FINISHED shedding blood. But, God's version is "WHO WILL BUILD a house for Me." Poor David, scholars agree, was quite certain that he had God in a BOX and this is what he performed his naked dance before. The Levitical Warrior Musicians served the PRIESTS and service (then and now) meant HARD BONDAGE. Isn't is self evident that making music to appease or PAY God a LEGALISTIC effort?

We have proven in the Richland Forum that the ORAGON including musical instruments were to perform WORK as "ergs" expended and is therefore self-evident and proven by all of the literature I can find to mean MELODY as WORKS or "twanging bowstrings" to send "singing arrows." The word PSALLO was used in an ACCOMODATIVE sense to mean "singing" because they spoke of singing arrows and shootint forth HYMNS. Otherwise, the PSALLO cult is built upon APOLLYON who is the "father of twanging bows and singing arrows, of musical melody, of thieves and liers." He is the one who unleashed the LOCUSTS which in John's message to those with eyes and ears means the MUSES or Musical worship team of Apolly or Abbadon or Satan. Does it mean nothing that John identifies the Mother of Harlots and says that the singers, musicians and all "teknokrats" perform SORCERY?

Even if you ignore five or six clear statements which have DAVID commanding instruments, you have God speaking through GAD the Stargazer and not a writing prophet. That is natural because I don't think you will find an older scholar who denies that the Monarchy was dedicated to worship of Astrial Deities or Star Worship whatever "name" they called Him.

That is why musical idolatry which rejected the WORD and Covenant of Grace was a terminal sin because it was a PRAYER to be turned loose and Stephen and many other passages AGREE that God did so effectively abandon them until the Captivity and Death sentence could be carried out.

Temples were often built like a man or woman and the Holy Place had the types of the body or church of Christ. No Levitical singer or musician could enter into the SECULAR type of the church without being executed by his brethren. This was not MUSIC but a great, crashing NOISE (with one voice or note) with 120 shofars carefully tuned and NOT to be altered blowing the same note and the plucking of other devices David had invented. This was NOT in a covered "sacral" place in to which they could not enter EVEN in the vilest pagan temple. This was out where God had ABANDONED them to the orgy of blood and dung common to all sacrificial systems. They were, in traditon, killing their "gods" to try to find security for their lives. They were slaughtering tens of thousands of TYPES of Jesus Christ. The concept of MOCKING was "musical" and the Dead Sea Scroll versions of Psalm 41 has them attacking the Messiah after they had labelled him the enemy: beliar or Beel zebul (dung god in Hebrew). This was, like all attacks, led by the musicians and Judas is usually shown in art as accompanied by the flutes, drums and trumpets which answer to Judas "Will not TRIUMPH OVER me" meaning "loud instruments and noisy shouting or singing."

David was NOT a worship leader. David could not enter into the Holy Place to play his harps and the fact that he is excused only when starving proves that NONE of the Civil-Military apparatus could enter into the CHURCH HOUSE on penalty of Death.

Jesus died to give us REST: the word PAUO is almost totally dedicated in the literature meaning STOP the speaking, singing, instruments and PANIC which is the "burden ladened" by the clergy meaning "creation of spiritual anxiety through religious rituals." The SELF pleasing or ARESKO in Greek is wholly focused on religious excitement which is driving people into panic. The Latin version is VERY specific as excluding music and scenic performances calculated to AROUSE the anxiety level which they SOLD as being the spirit.

Sorry about that, but I just shudder when there is so much effort to FORCE peaceable churches which have NEVER been musical to CONFORM and add instruments. I believe that it is a deep psychological wound defined in The book of Enoch and similar Bible-contemporaneous documents such as Jubilees and Books of Adam and Eve which predicts a quite radical effort to get EVERYONE to either conform or AFFIRM. I know of no non-instrumental church or preacher who has ever dared to infiltrate and divert an instrumental church to confiscate it. It seems to be the pattern right now. I hope you have read the Atchley Chronicles to prove that he is USED all of the sacred passages about music and the church Fathers--not even misquoting but attributing--in what sounds to me like a quite violent voice to force DELIBERATE SOWING OF DISCORD for some reason. The often-quoted philosophy and well articluated by Joseph Campbell: he says that when people LOSE FAITH in their old religion they CRACK AWAY to the Archaic. That means, a reversion to some tribal urge to find the LOST GOD. That is why John identifies the Beginning Time Babylon Harlot worship defined in clay tablets 2,000 years older than Moses as the same END TIME Babylon Harlot whose "warriors" always included singers and musicians and WORSE.

Charles Spurgeon shows that the ETHICAL option and WITHOUT BLAME would be for such a preacher to give up his ALWAYS-UNAUTHORIZED wage as Chief of the 'Institute' and go find another church. I say that any preacher who has betrayed his own group would NEVER be hired by a Conservative Christian Church that I know something about. If you COERCE or EXTORT (Paul's words) money out of people with a legalistic Law of Giving and they are happy to be involved, and they later find (as a Purpose Driven move) that you INTENDED to divert their children's heritage to something ELSE, I hope people will begin to catch on and never, never give anyone a widow's two mites based on the LAW OF GIVING because while Jesus commended the Widow he IMMEDIATELY promised to dismantle and burn up those who COULD TAKE the money. The still LOOK for those tens of thousands of harps from Egypt as rationale to REBUILD the temple God loves to hate.

If you will look at ALL of the instrumental Psalms you will find, and the Jews would agree, that they were PARADE SONGS or WARRIOR'S TAUNT CHANTS. Being the chief WARRIOR you would expect David to PRAISE (meaning make self vile) His God as all warriors did to try to PANIC the enemy into cowardice. David was not a priest, worship leader and the PEOPLE never SANG Psalms in a musical sence or used instruments. They "sang the Psalms in the same way a boy READS or RECITES the Hallel." Paul commanded SPEAK, teach, admonish using the INSPIRED TEXT and that did not change for almost 400 years and even very simple 'singing' did not intrude into the assembly until close to 400. The Britannica and other sources I have researched prove that "melody as tunefulness belongs to the 19the century." Harmony slowy evolved by the non-productive monks and organists after the year 1200. NEVER did the Catholic church ever involve itself in CONGREGATONAL SINGING and INSTRUMENTAL ACCOMPANIMENT: that would have been unseemly. The organ did preludes, intermissions, recessionals and SET THE PITCH for the clergy CHANTER McClintock and Strong defines as "the first heresy largely pervading the church."

The Bible is NOT METRICAL in the "singing" sense but in the ACCENT or emphasis marks which "used the normal inflections of the human voice."

No MUSIC in the SCHOOL OF THE BIBLE. Only in my lifetime has that changed from simple (unauthorized) human compositons which had SOME teaching (and misteaching) value to a CHARISMATIC musical style where they boast about Rock and Roll: one of those VOODOO "f" words from whence musicologists claim "churchy" music arose. That is why ALL singing and playing terms are associated with enchantment, charming or sorcery (John Agreed) because it INTENDS to use WORKS to manipulate the human mind into feeling what it does not believe and was always associated with DEMAGOGUE defined as one who "appeases the crowds using the popular arts."

Sorry about the longs. I would think you try to find one of Rick Atchley's assertions and prove that there is ONE which he is not mistaken about. Otherwise, how can the Conservative Christian church USE him to support the forced introduction of instrumens into peaceable churches who have NEVER mounted an attack other than continuing to teach what Bible 101 and all known resources support? Don't you collectively have the demand to DISSOCIATE yourselves from the longest list of false statements I have ever heard? Otherwise, Christian churches and churches of Christ have REASON to question just WHOM they have turned over their right to SPEAK. Otherswise, the GATHERING must be seen as the CREEDAL position of the Christian Churches which, by the way, are the only ones who LEFT the Disciples.

It is not a battle over WHICH side is right any more than it is a debate over which walnut shell hides the pea: don't get fleeced, the pea is under NEITHER shell in my opinions for which I can find lots of historical support.

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