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Re: RE: Dressed for the Master (Joe Spivey)

December 14 2004, 3:05 PM 

Let's be very careful. Establishing rules for things not even mentioned in the Bible is dangerous. We are a group of people who has always loved the rules. Rules control people. Can we not just let each according to his heart be the judge of what to wear in church?I am all for showing reverence in every way.Anyone who wears inappropriate attire there will soon find that they are not comfortable doing so.

What I am heartsick about is the tendency of some congregations to push worshipping the church itself,in- stead of God and Jesus, and so worried about 'the way we have always done things...' Those things are not sacred. God is and Jesus is.Campbell wasn't sacred, Barton Stone isn't. God is. We are not converted Jews, with a history of religious ritual to overcome.Some of the early churches were congregations made up of converted Jews.We are grafted in Gentiles under God's grace, and unless we drop deifying some of the religious ritual we have espoused and insisted upon, we are going to lose many souls.

Until man stops judging the things of the heart and stops trying to control all who worship God,and how they worship God to the point where any who do it differently are called 'sinning',or legalistic or liberal, and leaves it in it rightful place- to be judged by God, then we are guilty of simply lording it over people and steamrolling over people with power trips - and they frequently get out of control.I know this is true. Church leaders on a power trip wreak more havoc in the member's lives than a pack of wild animals. Things get out of hand.It can go way beyond legalism.Things can get to the point where member's lives are interferd with. This is only done by leaders on power drives.This applies to community churches and the conservative congregations as well.

At our church we were not even studying God's word for a time. They are running so scared about the Restoration movement we have to study from a book proving why the 'church' is right.So now they are worshipping the church. That is all I ever heard about there.I would love to study about God and Jesus, but we are embroiled in 'proving' things to the point its a burden to even go to church anymore. This has gone just too far.

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Dr. Bill Crump
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RE: Dressed for the Master (Winced)

December 14 2004, 11:10 PM 

Of all the parables regarding the Change Movement that have been posted so far, I’m not surprised that “Parable of the Slovenly Employee” has received much howling and growling.

Winced, here are some questions for you: What is the purpose of “Come As You Are”? Why have contemporary churches that subscribe to the Change Movement made a big issue about it, even to the point of openly advertising it? Do they really think that this will foster more meaningful worship? Why don’t they just keep silent about appearances entirely, if appearances have no bearing on worship? To my knowledge, traditional churches don’t sport signs that advertise “Come Dressed Your Best,” because that would imply a certain "traditional" dress code and would turn some people off; they would feel out of place. Shouldn’t the same apply to contemporary churches that advertise “Come As You Are”? As warped as it may seem, “Come As You Are” also implies a certain type of “dress code”: wear anything but a suit, tie, or long dress; that is, wear anything that doesn't smack of "traditional." Think that’s being “judgmental”? No, friend, it’s just being observant and realistic. Seeing a “Come As You Are” sign in front of a church, how many folks do you think would show up immaculately clad in suit, tie, or long dress; that is, in "traditional" attire? Wouldn’t their “world view” make them feel out of place?

I agree that there is no place for specific dress codes in worship, overtly or covertly, and that especially applies to “Come As You Are.” But given the freedom to “dress down” which “Come As You Are” certainly grants, many people from all walks of life will not only take full advantage of it, they will abuse it and deliberately appear as slobs, because diligence and effort are not required. That’s the lowest common denominator. Therefore, it’s better for congregations to drop the “Come As You Are” policy and instead encourage their membership to examine their own consciences and thereby give their VERY BEST in worship at all times, starting at least with some basic attention to their appearance.

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Re: RE: Dressed for the Master (Winced)

December 30 2004, 3:48 PM 

Dr. Crump,

I have no first hand knowledge of 'come as you are' as a mantra, or an invitation or anything of the sort.I don't agree with it and I don't practice it. I DO believe we are to show reverence in every way at any worship service.I think the leaders of a church who tell their members this kind of thing ought to be ready for anything that comes in the door. And by golly, if that is what they ask for and that is what they get, there is not a thing I , nor anyone else here can do about it.There is a saying: Birds of a feather.

I am just saying that there are alot of things wrong everywhere, but making a rule for every instance of anything that comes up that appears to be wrong, or wrongheaded, or not according to the rules, however good the idea behind them is, is a fulltime job that will never accomplish anything but an ultimate dictatorship.

No, I don't think it is necessary or even wise to tell people to come as they are unless we are ready for people arriving in bikinis and jock straps.

And if the leaders of these groups REALLY want people to come as they are then what can you or I do about that? If they are an autonomous congregation then they have the right to conduct things this way, as stupid and wrong as you or I may think it is.But I think we can all react to the point where we start padlocking people and their behavior and creating more rules to PREVENT things out of fear that the community church will get ahold of things in some churches. But it won't-if the elders just hold to the scripture and do business as usual.Fear and attempts at controlling people causes a great many more problems than erroneous doctrine or at least as many problems.Even wrong people are free to do as they please, whether we like it or not.We can't put a lockdown mentality on the rest of the Church of Christ just because some are diverging into something else.This includes dividing families and interfering in families and essentially tying people to a stake to force them to worship the 'right' way in the 'right' church. Doing the wrong thing for the right reason is still wrong.

I would surmise that in the era before the church of Christ and the Christian churches had their parting of ways, there was MORE preaching and teaching on instrumental music than anything else for YEARS. There was possibly more controversy and strife in the church for years over this than anything else. Lets just teach the truth.And there is more to it than the question of instrumental music. Those who want to hear it will. Those who don't even bother to read their own bibles won't, and will be blown around by who knows what.All one can do is teach the truth. People have a God given freedom to be wrong.

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Dr. Bill Crump
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RE: Dressed for the Master (Winced, Dec. 30, 2004)

January 1 2005, 9:48 AM 

Winced, you hit on a very important point when you stated, "I DO believe we are to show reverence in every way at any worship service.I think the leaders of a church who tell their members this kind of thing ['Come As You Are'] ought to be ready for anything that comes in the door."

The key word is REVERENCE. "Come As You Are" certainly seems to be a trademark for "casual." Indeed, the term "Come Casual" also is applied to non-traditional worship services. Are "casual" and "reverence" synonymous? The word "casual" itself means "subject to, resulting from, or occurring by chance; occurring without regularity; occasional; employed for irregular periods; feeling or showing little concern; nonchalant; informal." Is this what worship is all about: chance, being nonchalant, and showing little concern? Not much reverence there.

If churches start with a seemingly "innocent" policy like encouraging casual dress as a drawing card to attract members (and let's be honest, it's widely used for that purpose), it's the first subtle invitation (perhaps done unwittingly) to throw reverence aside. With casual attitudes about dress in force, why not move ahead and foster casual attitudes about behavior and demeanor during worship? "Sermons" already are peppered with jokes and amusing anecdotes to keep folks from being bored. Bring in some hamburgers, cokes, and munch while "worshiping." Next, proceed to casual attitudes about the Bible and spiritual doctrine itself. Whatever sounds pleasant and appealing reigns. You see the potential snowball effect, just from being "casual."

There is NO ROOM in worship for anything "casual." Worship is serious business, and EVERYTHING about it should be reverent, not entertaining. What can we do about it? We certainly cannot force people to be reverent and cast off the casual. But we can continue to stress reverence by avoiding the casual and by promoting the concept of "Let all things be done decently and in order" (1 Cor. 14:40 KJV).

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Kenneth Sublett
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January 1 2005, 3:39 PM 

One of the open secrets of the small band of the Little Horns was that they would use CODED LANGUAGE to fool the fools. And it works. Much of the Bible is written in code so that the fools shoot themselves in very tender parts.

The Bible presents Christianity as a DISCIPLINE to be able to "navigate the change agents" by providing offensive and defensive CLOTHING specificially designed for warfare against the HOSTILE agents of Satan.

CASUAL is one of the KEYWORDS which the "masses" do not understand but the agents of destruction know perfectly well. I told you that I wrote off the FLATTlanders from Madison when I saw them all dressed up as COWBOYS. Listen to what the BIBLE says to those with EARS and EYES:
    Eph 6:11 Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

    Eph 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

    Eph 6:13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

The Greek word for CASUAL is used by the LAW OF SILENCE. However, some of us can hear and grasp that CASUAL is the coded word for an anti-Biblical, musical, and sexually perverted LUST. Sure, they get glory if they can get you to dress up in the CASUAL UNIFORM of the WOODSTOCK disciples.

An important meaning of CASUAL is:
    Stakt-os A. not in battle-order, of troops, not at one's post, undisciplined, disorderly, of sensual excess, irregular, inordinate, hêdonai, Aphroditê, Pl.Lg.660b,840e; in Music, without rhythm, melôidiai
    2. uncivilized, lawless B. Adv. -tôs in an irregular, disorderly manner, of TROUPS

This points directly to LUCIFER and her various forms. She WAS the singing and harp-playing prostitute who WHOLLY SEDUCED both Adam and Eve being bisexual. The first meaning of CASUAL
    Hêdonê, the chorus hêdona, A. enjoyment, pleasure, prop. of sensual pleasures, of malicious pleasure, to give way to pleasure, to speak so as to please another, desires after pleasure, pleasant lusts.

    Aphroditê, sexual love, pleasure, a woman's form of oath, Aphroditas [astêr] the planet Venus. This is the EASTER, Lucifer and ZOE connection.

You should grasp that the musical melody, shooting arrows which is parallel to plucking strings or private hairs is attributed to APOLLO who is the Abaddon or Apollyon who USES the Muses in the book of Revelation. The PURPOSE of the shooting and melody was the QUICK, EASY DEATH OF MEN AND WOMEN. CASUAL means MUSIC and doing all the little viper-locusts can CONTRIVE to deliberately sow discord. They are ancient SPIRITS and they are doing what the Bible predicts of them.
THIS IS ANT-CHRISTIAN BECAUSE IT IS ANTI-BIBLICAL. Only fools or agents of a destroying power would contrive RITUALS knowing that they are just going to drive many of the PAYING AUDIENCE wild.
    Heb 12:28 Wherefore we receiving a kingdom which cannot be moved, let us have grace, whereby we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear:

    REVERENCE is he opposite of CASUAL

    Aidôs A. reverence, awe, respect for the feeling or opinion of others or for one's own conscience, and so shame, self-respect, 2. regard for others, respect, reverence, regard for the helpless, compassion,

    Reverent I. timidity arising from high respect or (more rarely) from fear, respect, regard, fear, awe, reverence, the deference or veneration due to you, your dignity

    Godly fear is:

    Eulab-eia caution or discretion in a thing, careful employment of, reverence, piety, godly fear,

They are building their own BOND FIRES as the ZOE types urge them to worship the MOUNTAIN GODS. But, Scripture warns even the deaf and dumb because:
    For our God is a consuming fire. Heb 12:29
CASUAL is the bold boast that WE ARE NAKED OF THE ARMOR OF GOD.


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Jerry Taylor
(no login)

Dress Code

December 15 2004, 10:40 AM 


I'm sure you both know that when we stand before the Lord we are naked to His eyes. He doesn't notice what we wear. He only sees us as we really are. That's what we all should be concerned about. Only that. The church isn't a building, it's you and me, our hearts. The born-again christian doesn't need a corporate style organization to worship Jesus. All that is needed is a group of believers with their eyes only on Jesus and not each other. Praying, singing, praising, making loving noise for the Lord Jesus. That's what people need to see. The happiness of being one of the Lords.

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Kenneth Sublett
(no login)

Dress code

December 16 2004, 10:33 AM 

Sounds good to me: that's why it has NOTHING to do with the Christian assembly. You are correct: neverot called collective worship in any of the LUST OF EYES, EARS, MOUTH OR PLEASURE CENTERS.

Paul's ONLY worship word is to GIVE HEED to the Words of Christ which ARE Spirit and Life because the SON has the Spirit without measure. Paul's assembly or gathering word is almost always a form of the SYNAGOGUE which is a School of the Bible: your 'praise service' was outlawed in the church in the wilderness, Qahal or synagogue. There is no history of the Jews ever misunderstanding that clear mandate never violated as far as I can determine: and readily understood by any five year old beginning compulsory synagogue school at the time of Jesus.

There was NO PRAISE SERVICE IN THE SYNAGOGUE, ever, never, no way. Why? Because I told you that Numbers 10:7 outlaws it and because minimal common sense never does a stroke-my-senses when Jesus invites the twos and threes to "come learn of me." What a disgusting insult to God in Christ.

Furthermore, a ritualistic PRAISE SERVICE--Jesus called it prophesying or Lord-Lord Saying--is the world's OLDEST superstition [contrary to opinion] because the praise leader, like the king's Jester, was always seriously abnormal-- normally emotionally and sexually. You are DOING WORK thinking that you can PLEASURE or appease the gods. The GOD such praise rituals worships is SEEN IN A GLASS BRIGHTLY. There is a total LOSS OF CONNECTON TO THE HEAD.

Zeph 1:2 I will utterly consume all things from off the land, saith the Lord.

Zeph 1:3 I will consume man and beast; I will consume the fowls of the heaven, and the fishes of the sea, and the stumblingblocks with the wicked; and I will cut off man from off the land, saith the Lord.

Zeph 1:4 I will also stretch out mine hand upon Judah,
........ and upon all the inhabitants of Jerusalem;
........ and I will cut off the remnant of Baal from this place,
........ and the name of the Chemarims with the priests;

(h) Chemarims were certeine idolatro priestes, which did weare blacke apparel in their sacrifices and cryed with a loude voice: which superstition Eliah derided, {1 King 18,27}. read {2 King 23, 5}

Zeph 1:5 And them that worship the host of heaven upon the housetops;
........and them that worship and that swear by the Lord,
........and that swear by Malcham;


Zeph 1:6 And them that are turned back from the Lord; and those
........ that have not sought the Lord,
........ nor enquired for him.

Zeph 1:7 Hold thy peace at the presence of the Lord God:
........ for the day of the Lord is at hand:
........ for the Lord hath prepared a sacrifice, he hath bid his guests.

Zeph 1:8 And it shall come to pass in the day of the Lords sacrifice,
........ that I will punish the princes,
........ and the kings children,
........ and all such as are clothed with strange apparel.

CASUAL became LITURGICAL GARMENTS [putting on of Apparel] as a way to show DOMINION over God by proving that He would BLESS them with more look-alikes.

CASUAL dress first popped into my eyes when MADISON went on TV dressed up as COWBOYS. Steve Flatt said that the "spontaneous" people who confessed to INFILTRATING and DIVERTING spend more time being casual than the other group which did not discuss DRESS CODES.

The WORSHIP DRESS CODE had the sole and confessed intention of DISCORDING people by making fun of the TRADITIONAL so that they could DIVERT those thinking they were on a train to MURFREESBORO to, say, White House. The agenda became clear and the BELIEVERS fled for their lives.

ZEPHENIAH does not prove musical worship. A response to an e-mail yesterday is partly answered here as the ONLY meaning of worship with two doing dialog which is NOT called preaching:


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John Waddey
(no login)

Parable of the Plumbers

December 23 2004, 1:51 AM 


Frank and June had a lovely home. They were happy and everything was going along just fine. Then one morning they awoke to a strange and disgusting smell that permeated the entire house. Inspection revealed the problem, their sewer line was blocked and backing up on them. Quickly they grabbed the phone book and began their search for a plumber.
  • Plumber A insisted they were over reacting and if ignored, the problem would soon go away.

  • Plumber B informed them he did not deal with such problems. He specialized in the more pleasant tasks of plumbing, such as replacing handles of faucets.

  • Plumber C surveyed the situation and frankly told them if they weren’t happy with the situation in their home, they should go somewhere else.

  • Plumber D responded to their call. After inspecting the problem he explained the need for some serious repair work and the necessary clean up. The job wasn’t pleasant. It took time and involved hard work, some expense, but the end result was salutary. The problem was resolved, the house was habitable again.
The home is a congregation of the church. Its members are the family. The problem is corrupting error that casts its foulness over the church. The plumbers are preachers, some of whom evidently do not understand what their job entails. Plumber D who solved the problem for the family is the faithful man of God who rolls up his sleeves and is not afraid to tackle the unpleasant task of dealing with false teaching in a church.

Lord, give us faithful men who are willing to take on the difficult and unpleasant jobs that help your congregations to survive and prosper when false teachers would capture them.

John Waddey, Editor
Christianity: Then and Now


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Dr. Bill Crump
(no login)

Parable of the Sugary Diet

December 29 2004, 10:09 AM 

Once upon a time, a mother provided her little girl with a balanced, proper diet. She was healthy and was growing well. Then one day a maintenance problem developed in the house, and the mother called in a man to make repairs. Behind the mother’s back, the man noticed the child and decided to give her a delicious piece of special candy, which she immediately consumed with relish.

Now the mother had been quite strict with her little girl’s diet, but after sampling the repair man’s special candy, the girl craved nothing but sweets. Gone was any appetite for chicken, fish, roast, vegetables, fruits, salads, or milk. The girl would eat nothing but chocolates, cookies, pies, cakes, and colas. Exasperated, the mother finally decided that her child’s happiness and good humor were all that really mattered, so she provided all the sweets that her little girl could eat.

In time, the child became quite sickly, lost weight, and was frequently absent from school because of illness. Her teacher, suspecting that something was very wrong, paid a visit to the girl’s home and learned of the mother’s warped dietary philosophy. When the teacher tried to set the mother straight about the dangers of such a preposterous diet and the various vitamin deficiencies and other harm that may result (and already had), the enraged mother scoffed and demanded to see the teacher’s degree in nutrition. This “arrogant” teacher had no business interfering with her child’s life, screamed the mother. The girl may be a little “weak,” but she was happy! How dare the teacher be so troublesome, legalistic, and judgmental!

The teacher subsequently contacted the Department of Child Services, which placed the little girl in foster care after a thorough investigation. There, her nutritional deficiencies were corrected.

And the Teacher explained that the mother is any church which initially follows the proper “diet” of the Whole Gospel but becomes corrupt when something allegedly “sweeter” appears. The little girl is any undiscerning church member who falls prey to the unhealthy eye and ear “candy” which the Change Movement peddles to “repair” the Church “behind the mother’s back.” Promoting only that which is positive and pleasant to the eyes and ears (while ignoring such "offensive" aspects of the Gospel as the judgment of God, accountability for sin, and the need for repentance, confession, and baptism for remission of sins), the Change Movement feeds its victims a sweet “diet” of pragmatism, dazzling worship entertainment, a perverted gospel, and self-esteem (“Discover the champion in you”; “Something good is going to happen to you”; “God wants to make you happy and accepts you just as you are”). Deficient in the Whole Gospel, those who nurse from the Change Movement eventually sicken spiritually but may recover if they are educated, cast out the worldly Change Movement and those who promote it, and resume the proper diet of the Whole Gospel (Matt. 7:15, Romans 12:2, James 4:4, and 2 John 9-11).

He that hath an ear, let him hear.

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Dr. Bill Crump
(no login)

Parable of the Internet Web Site

December 29 2004, 1:45 PM 

Once upon a time, a popular Movement swept across the land. Despite the fact that its underlying philosophy was monstrously flawed and unspeakably corrupt, it appeared most pleasant and desirable to outward appearances, which caused untold millions to embrace it.

Not too long after the Movement arose, a group of most discerning people established a web site on the Internet to warn the public at large about the inherent dangers and pitfalls of this Movement. The web site gathered a host of articles from discerning writers and published them as educational sources. These writers, in turn, based their arguments on one Book, which should have been the Sole Authority for all concerned. But alas, the masses had rejected this Book in whole or in part, for the worldly, controversial principles set forth in the Movement.

The web site offered various forums for people on both sides to discuss the issues at hand regarding this Movement. Needless to say, because the web site denounced that which the masses held as most popular, angry responses poured in. While some detractors provided their full names and responded with maturity and tact, the majority opposing the web site chose to conceal their identities by using just their initials, their first name only, a pseudonym like “JasGuy,” or simply “Anonymous.”

Thus feeling safe under the “cloak of darkness,” these latter detractors generally cast civility, maturity, and Christian spirit aside. Virtually unable to support their “arguments” with legitimate passages from the Book, the detractors principally resorted instead to name-calling, satire, sarcasm, and character assassinations. They branded the web site as “legalistic, judgmental, unkind, gossip, slander, divisive, troublemaker, pharisaical,” etc. It seemed that the stronger the arguments made by the web site against the Movement, the more hostile and malicious the detractors became. Some responses were so venomous and hateful that the reader could envision people gnashing their teeth, pounding their fists, screaming, yelling, and slamming their computer keyboards as they hammered out wretched messages. One such detractor, a Bible teacher in a Christian school, was so incensed that he seemed to lose all control and branded the web site as “religious pornography” and a “theological looney bin,” among other derogatory epithets. Having allowed such detractors to show their true colors, the moderators of the web site eventually banned the most uncivil of them from ever posting in the forums again.

And the Teacher stated that this parable should be self-explanatory, for the web site is Concerned Members, the Movement is the Change Movement, and the Book is the New Testament, the principles of which clearly condemn the likes of the Change Movement, as discussed throughout the Concerned Members web site. Many who oppose Concerned Members post messages under hidden identities, which are often taken as a license for manifesting uncivil or unchristian attitudes. If they become too raucous, the moderators ban them. One would think that people with strong convictions either way would not fear using their full names, be able to hold their own in any debates, and support their arguments with sound, New Testament Scripture in context, not that which is twisted to suit their own agenda. Resorting to name-calling, sarcasm, satire, incivility, and other unchristian behavior suggests that one has no legitimate argument and no scriptural basis on which to stand. Such people would be better off keeping silent.

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(no login)

Parable of the Reluctant Watchman

January 2 2005, 9:28 PM 


There was a business man who discovered evil taking over his church. he was surprised to find out that it was not only taking over his church, but was taking over churches all over the world.

He tracked the sources back to an evil group that has long planned a "One World Government". Developing the "One World Church" using ecumenism was just one tentacle of the octopus.

He found that this group, incrementally over the past 100 years, had slowly taken over not only the churches, but the schools, the government and the financial institutions.

To accomplish this they had actually changed history, as well as had changed the Bible to support their goals.

The businessman was horrified. He looked around to see if others saw this evil and were trying to warn their fellow man. He saw no one.

He prayed to the Lord God and said, "Dear Lord; I looked and saw no one to do this. I'm so ill equipped. I have never studied to be your servant. Surely there must be someone better prepared?"

The businessman became the "reluctant watchman".

He started trying to warn others.

And not many would listen.

Soon he had visitors that wore hoods to protect their identity. Some were his friends, but others were his enemies. Neither wanted their identity known.

His friends asked him why he was doing this?

His enemies used threats and accusations to scare him.

The "reluctant watchman" prayed again. He said, "Dear Lord, I need help! I'm not trained and studied in your word, I've been a sinner, and a lazy man. Please send me your best preachers and elders to help me warn others."

The next day a man visited the "reluctant watchman" and said, "I'm an unemployed carpenter, I love the Lord, and I'm here to help."

Then, the next day came an old man that wore his years, and he said, "I'm a retired engineer, a student in ancient biblical history, and I have read most of the ancient manuscripts, including the Koran many times. I love the Lord and I'm here to help."

Then came a medical industry executive, and another businessman, a retired doctor, and then more came. They all could be identified because they didn't wear hoods, and by their admission of loving the Lord God.

And so the "reluctant watchman" along with his help from God, set out to work.

The moral of this story is; Your prayers may not always bring you what you ask for.
You may get exactly what you need.

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Billy Bob "Bubba" Brouhaha
(no login)

OK! I will unmask!

January 3 2005, 10:44 AM 


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Jimmy Wren
(no login)

This need to be removed

April 12 2005, 8:41 PM 

A display such as this hurts all that we (I) stand for.

In Christian Love,


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Dr. Bill Crump
(no login)

Parable of the King's Travels

January 5 2005, 4:21 PM 

Once upon a time, a king decided to tour his domain to see how his subjects paid him tribute and honor. For these events, the subjects met weekly in various places scattered all over the kingdom.

After studying one meeting place after another, the king was initially pleased that throngs of people came to the ceremonies, yet he noticed that the ceremonies were exceptionally boisterous, chaotic, and filled with incredibly disturbing rock music that was virtually identical to that heard on popular radio stations. That certainly didn't honor him. It just made the people want to shake their hips and dance. Various performers delivered a host of upbeat, raucous solos, many of which did not even mention the king’s name, yet the crowd erupted with standing ovations and much applause. When that didn't honor the king either, the king pondered this cacophony and wondered, “Who are my subjects really honoring here—those entertainers on stage or me?” The leaders of the crowd then stirred them up with, “Let there be continual commotion! No silence! Nothing funereal! Those who would rather MEDITATE are MEDICATED and in need of RUST REMOVER! Let them depart at once!” That, too, didn't honor the king. As they stood, the crowd lifted their eyes and hands aloft, shouting and gesticulating wildly. The king then thought, “Instead of asking for my blessing and praising me with humble reverence, these subjects seem to DEMAND that I accept their praise. They mistakenly believe that extreme emotions and adrenaline highs are necessary to build faith. Do they not realize that emotions are as capricious as the wind? This also does not honor me.” The king then observed that the leaders of these meetings delivered light, casual messages which frequently proposed that, as long as everyone had “love,” it was not really necessary to keep all of the king’s strict commandments, for they were “disputable” at best. After all, said the leaders, the king tolerated and accepted everyone without question if they would just simply “accept” him as well. By this, the king knew that these leaders were false, for they related only half-truths to his subjects; they did not present his full commandments as he had specifically authorized. Disappointed that none of these subjects gave him the proper respect and honor that he deserved, the king departed from their midst forever, convinced that these worldly establishments existed only to entertain mankind and please mankind. They already had their “reward.”

Yet the king continued on his journey. Soon, he came upon a small group of subjects far different from those whom he had previously visited. Their establishments for weekly meetings were simple abodes, as were their tributes. Instead of the usual, irksome noise and chaos, the king found stillness, reverence, and honor to him beyond measure. Songs not only praised him by name but also were soft and quiet. Instead of standing and shouting, the people remained still, bowed their heads, and lowered their eyes, honoring the king with their hearts and souls in abject humility. The leaders here not only preached the king’s full commandments, stressing that each one be obeyed faithfully, but they also admonished that all things be accomplished decently and in order. To these people, meditation and stillness were hardly signs of rigor mortis but of REVERENCE, and the king found their tribute pleasing and acceptable. For their faithfulness, humility, self-denial, and rejection of worldly pursuits, the king raised these few subjects to high positions in his kingdom.

And the Teacher explained that the king is Christ, the weekly meeting places of honor and tribute are churches, the king’s subjects are Christians, and the leaders are ministers or others in authority in churches. The abodes sporting worldly entertainment are the churches taken over or built by the Change Movement, which attract throngs of pleasure-seeking people by endeavoring in countless ways to evade the New Testament’s strict commands and make the church like the world. The smaller group of people are the few remaining faithful left in the world who have not fallen for the adrenaline highs, chaos, and deceit of the Change Movement; who worship through spiritual maturity, not fickle emotion generated by slick entertainers who welcome the accolades of men; who worship Christ “in spirit and in truth” with unaccompanied hymns in simple services that proclaim the message of the Whole Gospel. These few accept the New Testament as the timeless, inspired Word of God, not something which must continuously change with the times to suit the whims and “felt needs” of a godless society. The Teacher further explained that, although only Christ can discern the hearts of all worshipers, it is better not to test His patience by subscribing to such popular worship fads and trends and the “wide path” as found in the Change Movement. Remain on the narrow path of simplicity and humbleness, as found throughout the New Testament. Romans 12:2, James 4:4, and 2 John 9-11.

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John Waddey
(no login)

Parable of the Birds

January 26 2005, 2:46 AM 


This morning while out for my bike ride, I came upon a fascinating scene. A group of ten or so black birds were in hot pursuit of a barn owl. The owl was as large as all ten of his pursuers. Taking them one at a time he could easily overpower, defeat and devour any one of them. But when faced with ten determined black birds, he could only flee, and that he did. Owls are carnivores. They like to raid the nests of other, weaker birds. Left unchallenged, the nestlings will be his meal. Parent birds have a natural instinct to protect their nest and its precious contents. Those who do not, lose their little ones to the predator.

So it is in the kingdom of Christ. Satan is the great predator. Like a roaring lion he walks about seeking whom he may devour (I Pet. 5:8). Look as you may, you won't see an actual lion or the typical artist's image of Satan. Peter uses a simile (as a roaring lion). Today Satan is sending his agents into congregations of God's people across the land to capture them or at least to snatch out those they can (Matt. 7:15).

The preachers of the change movement are like the big birds that prey on the nestlings. Many of them occupy stations in large, wealthy and influential churches. They use this advantage to influence and lead away those who are young, immature and untaught in the fundamentals of the faith. Also professors in those Christian universities that have embraced the change agenda are like the predator birds. They capture the hearts and minds of young students whom unsuspecting parents send their way. They send them home to spread the change message in the churches

The little birds are the hundreds of ordinary preachers who spend their days toiling in the vineyard of their local congregation. They have neither wealth, power nor high credentials but they love the church and God's people. They cannot sit idle and watch while the predators sweep in and snatch their brethren away from the simplicity and purity of the gospel (II Cor. 11:3). Alone, one small preacher might not be able to accomplish much, but working together with others, they can have enough force and influence to put to flight those who would harm the church.

I urge every man among us, be he young or old, whether he be plain or polished, to rise up to defend the church of the Lord Jesus. If we do nothing, great harm will surely follow. If we choose to act alone, we will find the odds insurmountable. But working together with and with God's help we can put an army of aliens to flight (Heb. 11:34).

"Dear Lord in heaven, please help us to be as wise as the lowly blackbirds which you have made. Give us the courage to resist those who would harm the bride of your Son. In Jesus' name."

John Waddey, Editor
Christianity: Then and Now


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Dr. Bill Crump
(no login)

Parable of the Long Voyage

February 4 2005, 10:46 AM 

Once upon a time, a group of pilgrims set sail on a long voyage for the Land of Promise. They sailed in a vast number of ships which had been constructed of the strongest timber by a master ship builder. Before they departed, the master ship builder had provided each captain with the precise course to follow and cautioned them that because the route was most hazardous, it was important for them to follow that very precise course and not stray from it. Only then would they reach their destination safely.

After several months at sea, many of the pilgrims grew restless. After all, the seas were initially calm, and off in the distance to either side were spectacular, white “islands” that promised adventure, excitement, and pleasure. Some of the captains also thought as much. “This trip is boring and not fun at all,” groaned many pilgrims. “Why can’t we do a little sightseeing? After all, the master ship builder didn’t FORBID that. Anything the master ship builder didn’t specifically forbid, we should have the FREEDOM to do! Are we to stand for being prisoners here?”

Yielding to pressure from the masses, many captains steered their ships toward the pleasure “islands,” while the few remaining ships kept on course. When the latter saw their comrades veering away, they hailed them and beckoned them to return to the precise course. The reply was a series of mocking epithets that included "self-righteous," "narrow-minded," "judgmental," and "Who are you to tell us what we shall do?"

As the disobedient ships approached the gorgeous “islands,” the pilgrims were treated to phenomenal entertainment and other pleasures, the likes of which they had never experienced. But fulfilling their own pleasures had blinded these pilgrims from seeing that the “islands” were in fact the tips of giant icebergs. Hidden beneath the sea, jagged ice slowly ripped gashes in the hulls of these ships, and they slowly took on water. Awakened from their “stupor,” some of these pilgrims realized that their very souls were in jeopardy. Repenting of having disobeyed the master ship builder, they quickly steered back on course and were able to make the necessary repairs, such that they eventually found the Land of Promise. The fate of the other disobedient ships was less fortunate, for these pilgrims remained obstinate about their “freedom” to do as they pleased. Instead of navigating back to the “narrow course” to salvation, they merely bailed water and sank with all souls on board.

The small remnant of those ships that had never strayed from course experienced their own perils in storms and gales, but their hulls remained intact because they had maintained faith in, and full obedience to, the master ship builder. They reached the Land of Promise most safely.

And the Teacher explained that the Land of Promise is Heaven, the master ship builder is Christ, the long voyage is life's journey, the ships are individual churches, the captains are church leaders, the pilgrims are church members, and the icebergs are the consequences of disobedience. Christ builds His churches from solid timber, the New Testament, and He has laid out an absolutely specific course for all Christians to follow in the New Testament. But when churches of the Change Movement lust for “freedom” and take it upon themselves to follow a different course from that which Christ laid out, their timber or foundations become weak, and most anything (the icebergs) that is not authorized in Scripture will rip them apart so that they ultimately sink, unless they return to Christ’s “narrow path” before it’s too late.

The Christian does have certain “freedoms”: the freedom to follow Christ’s precise course as He authorized in the New Testament, or the freedom to reject it and act according to his own initiatives and pleasures. Beyond this, the Christian has no “freedom.” After all, the Apostle Paul did not rashly speak when he called himself a servant of Christ (Rom. 1:1, Gal. 1:10, and elsewhere). Christians are “free” only from the Law of Moses, but they must submit entirely to the guidance and supervision of the New Testament, neither adding anything to it nor taking anything from it. We must not allow the Tempter to seduce us into believing that, “if the New Testament doesn’t forbid it, then do it.” This is second-guessing Christ, and the Tempter, fully knowing that, wants us to fall into this trap. Christians have no authority to go beyond what is specifically written and authorized in the New Testament.

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Dr. Bill Crump
(no login)

Parable of the Obsessed Group

February 10 2005, 4:39 PM 

Once upon a time, a small group of people followed the “narrow path” as set forth in the New Testament and were model Christians in their traditional church. In time, however, they felt that this way of life was too restrictive and desired more freedom to incorporate more pleasing innovations into worship. They conspired and, with a little effort, they persuaded the undiscerning members of their church to embrace the entertainment model of the Change Movement. They changed the church’s name to something more neutral, replaced the King James Bible with the latest, popular translation on the market, and shoved the old traditionalists out the door. They were FREE at last!

Not long after, the little group discovered to their disgust and horror an organization that, although it was not endorsed by any particular church, published materials that proclaimed adherence to the “narrow path”; in short, it represented all that the group despised. Unwilling that this seemingly arrogant organization should “rob” other Christians of their freedom to do as they pleased, the group launched an all-out attack against the organization with full confidence that they could infiltrate and overtake it as they had done with their own church. They sent letter after letter that bashed, condemned, and ridiculed everything for which the organization stood. The latter at first responded with strong, biblical rebuttals which only served to infuriate the group, who discovered that they could not prevail. When, after having sent a series of especially uncivil letters, the group received them back by return mail with a polite request that they never contact the organization again, the group shifted into high gear.

They next waged a personal war against the organization’s individual workers through a series of harassing emails that not only included strings of unkind epithets, but also promised them a sure and certain future in the pit of hell because of their allegedly judgmental, narrow-minded propaganda. (Oddly, although the group had accused the email recipients of judging, the group had freely condemned them to hell without batting an eye.) All that mattered was FREEDOM to worship according to the righteousness of their own eyes. Why couldn’t anyone in their right mind see that? To their dismay, the group received no responses, which prompted another series of scornful emails implying that the recipients were cowards, chickens, and too “afraid” to read the truth. Hardly afraid, the busy recipients realized that any further reasoning with such a fanatical, obsessed group would be completely futile and a source for endless arguments. Completely failing in their efforts here, the desperate group finally scraped together enough cash and launched their own organization to push their fanatical views on other undiscerning souls in direct retaliation against the “narrow-minded” organization.

And the Teacher explained that these actions are typical of those who are pathologically driven by the Change Movement. With rabid passion, they infiltrate and destroy traditional churches and other organizations with their own agenda; they openly spurn as “judgmental” and “narrow-minded” those who adhere to strict biblical doctrine; and they insist that “liberty in Christ” means “do as you please.” Though passages like Gal. 5:1 mention “liberty” (KJV), full context shows that Paul only refers to being free from the Law of Moses, as the succeeding verses in Gal. 5 stipulate. Nowhere does Paul indicate that being free in Christ grants a license to incorporate our personal fancies and fads into worship. Those who believe so are introducing man-made doctrine, which 2 John 9-11 sternly condemns. Only that which is specifically commanded and authorized in Scripture is suitable for worship, another principle which the Change Movement completely repudiates. We are known by the fruit that we produce (Matt. 7:15-20).

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Donnie Cruz
(no login)

“Parable of the Unhappy Husband” (by John Waddey)

March 14 2005, 4:17 AM 


When Jim married Betty he thought she was the sweetest girl in all the world. Through the eyes of love, all she was and all she did was beautiful.

But after a few years Jim's love began to wane. He began to see flaws in Betty he had not seen before. There were those extra pounds, strands of gray sprinkled in her hair, and that mole on her cheek. Her hair style was not very attractive and her taste in clothing left much to be desired. Her cooking was mediocre and her housekeeping no better. It eventually reached the point that nothing Betty did pleased him. Other women were much more appealing, much better suited to be wives.

Jim had two choices. He could make a clean break and leave Betty or he could stay and in his misery devote himself to criticizing her alleged shortcomings. Maybe he could force her into becoming like other women he admired. Jim wrestled with his choices. To leave would be embarrassing. What would family and friends say? It would cost him a bundle! So he elected to stay. In his misery he devoted himself to criticizing poor Betty's every move. He told his friends, neighbors and coworkers what a sorry wife she was. The more he put her down, the better he felt about himself. How could a man of his qualities and attainments have gotten saddled with such a poor wife?

Does this story sound vaguely familiar? Jim is a type of disaffected preachers who work among churches of Christ. They have become infatuated with the denominational churches they see about them. Betty represents the Lord's church. Like Jim, those unhappy preachers won't leave the church, so they dedicated themselves to belittling and badgering her hoping to change her so she will be like those denominational churches they so admire. They are as sorry preachers as Jim is husband, unworthy of the churches that employ them.

John Waddey, Editor
Christianity: Then and Now


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Dr. Bill Crump
(no login)

Parable of the Stinking Hamlet

April 12 2005, 12:11 PM 

Once upon a time, a gentle stranger approached a little hamlet along his walk in this world. From a distance, the hamlet seemed neat and clean, tidy and well kept. As the stranger entered, he first noticed a rather unpleasant odor in the air, then he noticed that on every street corner were people dressed in brilliant white robes. And each person was shouting orations and making proclamations most vehemently. As the stranger drew closer, he was able to hear more clearly what they were saying; from a distance, all he had heard was noise like clanging cymbals. And the closer he drew, the more apparent that a foul, overwhelming stench was coming directly from each of these shouting people who were dressed so elegantly in white robes.

And it came to pass that the stranger discovered that each of these shouting people were boasting and bragging about their qualifications to enter a Kingdom of Paradise. And not only were they boasting and bragging, but at the same time they were berating and belittling their fellow citizens, vowing with much glee that these latter would certainly fail to make the “cut.”

“I go out into the glens, woods, and forests, and I bring them in,” gloated one boaster. “I fast twice a week, and I give tithes!” He continued, “I observe the Lord’s Supper on additional days of the week than just Sunday. Moreover, I am completely ecumenical, for I embrace all religions, unlike you pathetic once-a-weekers! I burn sacrifices on Passover, Yom Kippur, and Purim. How many of you sinners would ever burn incense to Buddha like I do, make a pilgrimage to worship Mohammed at Mecca, and even bathe in the Holy Ganges River in homage to Hindu gods, as I recently have done? The spirit of all religions and gods is in me, for I do the will of the gods. I am a holy apostle and prophet! Compared to ME, all of you are DUNG! All hail to ME!”

Reeling from this tirade, the stranger next witnessed someone with a different “message”: “You others put forth your own personal preferences as divine principles. All I have to do is listen to my priest -- she tells me what I need to know. She has absolved me of all sin. You all are nothing but a bunch of judgmental assholes, and I will most gladly see you burn in hell!”

The stranger quickly passed this man and went on to another. All he heard was, “You’re a mean-spirited S.O.B.,” and that was enough for him. And so it was with all the orators in the hamlet.

And the stranger hurried out of town as fast as he could, for he had discerned that the town was corrupt. Though the citizens were clothed in “holy” apparel and were sure of their own salvation, they reeked of the decay and rot of pride, self-aggrandizement, impenitence, hypocrisy, and hatred for their neighbor. Not one of them was worthy to enter the Kingdom of Paradise.

And the Teacher explained that the gentle stranger is Christ, Who passes in Spirit among His creation day in and day out. The stinking orators are those who outwardly profess kinship with Him but in whose hearts the spirit of unspeakable evil resides. He that hath an ear, let him hear (Matt 23:27-28).

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Dr. Bill Crump
(no login)

An Interlude

April 21 2005, 11:48 AM 

No doubt every minister can relate various instances when people come up to him after services and say, “You aimed that sermon directly at me, and I resent that!” All the minister had done was prepare a sermon about this or that sin or misdeed, preach the Bible’s stance about it, then admonish his congregation to refrain from such practice. The person complaining only served to admit his sin or misdeed and add impenitence to his charge!

And so it is with this thread, “Parables Concerning the Church and the Change Agents.” Each of these parables focuses upon a spiritually depraved character who is determined to ignore the New Testament’s guidelines for righteous living and worship, or do his very best to circumvent them in preference for CHANGE. This is the motive of the Change Movement. All names herein are fictional. But if you read these parables and are able to identify with one or more of the characters presented, then realize that something in your life is, as my late high school principal once put it, “BAD WRONG!” Instead of blustering, fuming, and searching for the tar and feathers, get off your duff and examine yourself to see if you are really on track with the Scriptures in every way!

Since Christ thought it wise to teach via parables, this thread follows the same example. But parables are offensive to those in rebellion against Christ. For example, when I was a student at David Lipscomb (then) College years ago, I discussed a biblical topic with my girlfriend at the time, who was also a Lipscomb student. When I made reference to one of Christ’s parables, to my great surprise, she scoffed with, “That’s just a parable!” She was not about to accept anything that Christ taught in that manner, because to her, parables were nothing but fairy tales, FABLES if you will. While Christ’s parables had fictional story lines, the spiritual truths He presented were everlasting and profound. Out intent is the same in presenting these Change Movement parables. The discerning will see clear examples of whom and what to “mark and avoid” (Romans 16:17 KJV). The change agents will see reflections of themselves, their unbiblical deeds, and their unscriptural theology. Both sides should find these parables suitable learning tools.

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