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“Please continue to pray for Lipscomb University.”

February 20 2006 at 6:18 PM
Donnie Cruz  (Login Donnie.Cruz)
from IP address


E-Mail: Lipscomb U.? see what you think about this

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Sent: Tuesday, February 07, 2006 11:45 AM
To: Donnie Cruz
Subject: RE: Lipscomb U.? see what you think about this

Hello Everyone,

Please continue to pray for Lipscomb University. I am a 2002 Lipscomb graduate and my girlfriend is still attending there and she said that the required University Bible (UB) session that meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays has offended many people in just the first 3 weeks of the semester.

Lee Camp, Lipscomb Bible faculty member and head of UB this semester, offered a disclaimer during UB last week saying (this is a paraphrase) that this semester's UB study of Psalms will "help everyone step out of their comfort zones and experience the book of Psalms in a way that they may have been unaware of." That same day a guitar sat in the middle of Allen Arena where Chapel and UB is held. After having a "closing prayer," a guy grabbed the guitar and sang a song he wrote about one of the Psalms.

A friend of mine who also attends Lipscomb sent an email to Lee Camp, Terry BrileyDean of the Bible Department, Randy Lowrynew president of Lipscomb (from Pepperdine), Craig Bledsoeprovost, Walt Leaver, and Jeff Wilson. He stated in his email how the performance was not Scriptural and violated his conscience. He also stated that since a student is only allowed 6 skips of UB per semester, he cannot skip every one of them and be kicked out of school, so he suggested to them to either stop what they are doing or offer another option for students who were offended. The following Thursday, a full-blown rock band was brought in for UB and as a result, a number of students walked out.

President Lowry was to hold a meeting with offended students last Friday morning at around 7:30. I have yet to hear the results of the meeting. However, this past Tuesday, Lee Camp got up during UB and said (again this is a paraphrase): "I know a lot of people have been offended over what we've done with University Bible this semester. The traditions of the university as well as the university guidelines state acapella singing. But after being in discussions with the remainder of the Bible faculty, we all agreed that UB isn't considered a time of worship. As a result, we all agreed that it was permissible to go through with the original plan."

I'm not buying the "I spoke to the Bible faculty" garbage because there are at least three faculty members who are sound and wouldn't agree with this. So if he WERE to have spoken with the rest of the Bible faculty, he either spoke to the ones who wouldn't object to his UB plans this semester, or he spoke with the whole Bible department and the majority ruled. I'm betting there wasn't a meeting at all.

From Lee Camp's comments, it's interesting he said that the Bible faculty all "agreed" in a "discussion" with one another that University Bible isn't considered worship. Read what the Student Handbook says about UB:

  • "...University Bible provides an opportunity for integrating Bible study and chapel WORSHIP."

I commend the students who have taken a stand for the Truth.



The following is an email that was sent to my friend by someone who attended the meeting with Dr. Randy Lowry, Lipscomb president:


"The meeting today with Dr. Lowry went pretty well. We had planned on talking for 30 minutes but it ended up taking 1½ hours. There were eight students there. We talked about what UB is supposed to be, what is, and what people think it is. Basically at the end of the meeting we decided that if UB is going to be considered a class, then there definitely need to be changes. There needs to be a clear distinction between worship and Bible study. Dr. Lowry agreed that if it is a class then there needs to be options as to what class we take. He said that he was meeting with the Bible Dept. today and that they will discuss the matter and have an announcement Tuesday as to what they plan on doing. Dr. Lowry said that he has gotten over 100 emails, and several phone calls. Students in the meeting expressed concern that Lipscomb as a university is headed down the wrong road in order to meet the desires of those outside the church of Christ. Dr. Lowry said that is not the intent and that he plans on staying within the scriptural standards of the church of Christ.

At the end of the meeting I felt like he knew that there are a lot of people concerned and that there is a problem. I think he does plan on making some changes after meeting with the Bible Dept. I will say that I dont know if some of the things he said are exactly what he believes or if he was just saying that. For example he said something like that he knows that not using instruments is a tradition of the church of Christ."

However, this email was sent to my friend last Friday. In this past Tuesday's UB, Lee Camp then gave his speech about the "meeting" with the Bible faculty and "agreeing" that this wasn't considered a worship setting.


NOTE: The email/report above was sent to me a couple of weeks ago; hopefully, a follow-up report will be sent.


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Ken Sublett
(no login)

Tell them that liars are grouped with Sodomites and will BURN.

February 20 2006, 8:18 PM 

I am quite certain that " Dr. Lowry " was brought to L.U. (is that looney u?) to FACILITATE removing the university out from under the CHURCH OF CHRIST banner. He stated that that will be an issue. Here is the FLY PAPER of the changeling:
    At the end of the meeting I felt like he knew that there are a lot of people concerned and that there is a problem. I think he does plan on making some changes after meeting with the Bible Dept. I will say that I don't know if some of the things he said are exactly what he believes or if he was just saying that. For example he said something like that he knows that not using instruments is a "TRADITION" of the church of Christ."
Of course, that is a big fat lie. He INTENTIONALLY planted a little virus more deadly than AIDS. Tradition means something like what we "inherited from our ignorant parents and grandparents." He MUST be severely damaged goods to not know better. That is the MANTRA agreed upon to spout over and over to use GRADUALISM to make you think that you are BIBLICALLY ILLITERATE. The fact is the music was connected with Lucifer (Zoe) in the garden of Eden and is THE definition of the END TIME Babylon harlot in Revelation 18. The Bible is flooded with music is the MARK of people who tell God "we WILL NOT" listen to your words. By definition one could not be a PhDuh and still believe in the Bible.

The Babylonian Tablets, the Classical literature, all of the church Fathers and founders of denominations were MORE literate. They knew that the PSALLO word first misused by the Stoneites in 1878 and lied about by ALL of the Christian church writers means to PLUCK. ALL of the literature from which they get a connection with plucking the HARP string (rather than the bow string) connects to homosexual males attracting younger boy. I would watch the musicators around the Campus.

Victor Knowle ditto heading Tom Burgess is the shaker and mover in the UNITY MOVEMENT continuing THIS YEAR. They have STOLEN a few church houses of widows and probably ALL once "Bible colleges" belonging to the churches of Christ using 100% lies and fairie tales:

I submit that being a DOCTOR OF THE LAW means by the definition of Jesus "one who takes away the key to knowledge."

Lee Camp speaks of the Stone-Campbell group and is clearly a plant for the Christian Church which has historically used the UNITY MEETINGS to "steal sheep" for the Christian church using DUPES who are being paid by BLIND members of the chruch of Christ.

From Booklist
    It is easy to forget that Christianity began as a radical religion, that the assertion "Jesus is Lord" is radical. Camp reminds us of the faith's radical roots. He starts in "the most Christian country in Africa": Rwanda, a land rife with ethnic tension and violence between two ostensibly Christian tribes.
This is the old GUILT BY ASSOCIATION. There is no connection between the strife in Africa that is not caused by the MUSICAL CHARISMATIC groups who blatently boast about defeating the MUSLIMS. The muslims who repudiate the DEVIL WORSHIP called musicating do not want their people subverted by VOODOO which made its way to Cane Ridge wher the Stoneites were BIRTHED and joined the SHOUTING METHODISTS.

Of course the EKKLESIA Jesus founded to FIRE the Burden Laders was virtually the same as the Qahal (ask the fella about that) or church in the wilderness from which the ALARM or TRIUMPH OVER was outlawed. That means to "blow loud instruments and make a joyful noise before the Lord" which was the WARRIOR CHANT. The SYNAGOGUE is defined by Paul's use of Assembly or Gathering which was to read and speak the WORD of God AS IT HAS BEEN WRITTEN.

The RADICALISM was to boot the CAMELS from off the backs of the WIDOWS whom they laed like PACK ANIMALS. The word REST is spring loaded in the literature mean STOP te singing, speaking and instruments.
    He shifts to Nashville, arguably the most Christian city in the U.S., and there, too, is tension, albeit not violence, between the two largest denominations in town, Southern Baptists and Churches of Christ Baptists, longtime antagonists.

    As Camp sees it, this is wrong. There should be no compartmentalization of faith: you either follow Christ or not.

By definition the CONFLICT RESOLUTION scam has its own agenda and if they have been BEATEN BACK slightly the Lynn Anderson scheme sounding like witchcraft means that they have used PRAYERFUL BRINKMANSHIP unskillfully. They have to RETREAT until you snooze in the non-Biblical classes and then they will THRUST FORWARD again and again. The plan is to drive you into DISSOCIATION or schizophrenic. In time you will be so afflicted that the conflict will be RESOLVED by YOU compromising with the CHANGE AGENTS plan. It sounds like the WORSHP - VERSUS - LIFE compromise has already been accepted. So, YOU have lost the first round. You need to get as organized as the IMPORTED hireling-changelings who are terminally ignorant about the PSALMS as warrior chants or they are TERMINALLY IGNORANT and agents of an UNholy spirit.

Lee knows and YOU SHOULD Know that he means that WE must affirm the Baptist "uniquely American Religon" of Gnosticism and a heretical view of baptism and maybe like earlier DUPES confess for ever teaching that JESUS says that Baptism is a command and it means:
    The that COMPLIES and is BAPTIZED shall be saved.

    He that DOES NOT COMPLY is an enemy of Christ for calling Him a Liar.

How simple minded: of course, most COMMANDS are made with a PROMISE.

I submit that Lee Camp does not know the meaning of BELIEVETH not which defines the total Baptist movement. Let them do their thing but for heaven's sake don't fall for the Satanic PSYCHOLOGICAL VIOLENCE that if you don't AGREE with them then you are a legalistic sectarian.
    He believes that contemporary Western culture subverts the Christian message, and he suggests a reading of the New Testament that aims to help his readers understand discipleship in a more authentically biblical way. Such practices as worship, baptism, and prayer are God's gifts, he says, rather than things we "must do"--that is, rather than elements of rote ritual. A fascinating and erudite examination of "true" Christianity. June Sawyers
You just have to know that anyone who can use the word AUTHENTICALLY is MARKED by his not-very-smart or ethical PEERS. Western Culture is what the changeling-hirelings DEMAND as the reason we have to RE INTERPRET the Bible and allow MUSIC in the WORSHIP SERVICES or a Rock and Roll Band where this is the operative, big time "F" fowrd. All of so called modern "religious music" is clearly stamped by Voodoo. The INSTRUMENTALISTS were the legalistic sectarians by ADDING Voodoo which LAUNCHED the Stoneites from witchcraft at Cane Ridge.

Well, we will pursue Lee even if the Christian Chronicle WARNS you not to read te INTERNET views of the upcoming attempt to RESTORE the churches of Christ to the STONEITE wing. There was never any more connection between the Christian church in its beginning and the churches of Christ than with the Baptists. However, the BIG black lie is that want YOU to believe that we were once part of a lovey dovey DENOMINATION intended to gulp up ALL OF CHRISTENDOM and that those who WERE SHOT IN THE HEART by the forced introduction of instruments were the SECTARIANS for leaving the skunk-infested houses THEY had paid for.

Their methods are defined and we are discussing them elsewhere gulped up from Hegel and Hitler.

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Concerned Christian
(no login)

Re: Tell them that liars are grouped with Sodomites and will BURN.

February 21 2006, 1:14 AM 

It is a "tradition of the church of Christ" (non-instrument usage). Face it Ken people are still loving the Lord they are just changing in their tradition. You decided to sit on it and not move, and buy into what your "Preaching School" (or wherever you got this point of view) educators told you, but others have continued to study and learn to move away from tradition and develop a relationship with God. You basically regurgitate what has been told to you and you bought into it, face it others do not anymore.

I don't believe I have to go to a church Building on Sunday in order to be right with God in the end, or worship with or without instruments to be right with God. It is a personal relationship with His Son that is what gets us there. It is not a sign on the door we need to be hiding behind it is the cross. We will unfortunately not be able to take a quiz or oral exam for how many Bible verses one can exegete.

Once again I do not believe you or anyone of the moderators are going to hell, you just make getting to Heaven difficult and it does not have to be that way. Lighten up and enjoy the ride, because what a Praise Service it will be in Heaven!!!...and I doubt we will be sitting on our rear ends singing out of Sacred Selections staring at the back of one's Medulla.

As sure as you believe that instruments are sending Christians to Hell, we are just as sure it is not what will get us to Heaven.

We do however believe in Romans 10:13...that this is the way to Heaven...see we do have some things in common.

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Ken Sublett
(no login)


February 21 2006, 10:02 AM 

Please try to ignore Jessica Day: she is one of the TEAM down in the stock yards--where if you see anything green its a cemetary--or bad makeup as I hear some of the MEDIATORS to heaven have a Makeup Artist before they go ON STAGE.

His CHANGELING was the singles minister at Woodmont Hills Church of Christ in Nashville, Tennessee, where he has also had the opportunity to share the pulpit with Rubel Shelly and John York on a regular basis. They are seeking A NEW ANOINTING of the Spirit!

Therefore, you know where she is coming from--as they say.
Typical is the inability to read whole chapters.

Don't attend the classes of those who are using the high handed methods of the postmodern (big joke) agents who believe that YOUR Bible has been "sifted by history, evolved eyeballs and philosophers" so that the OLDEN Bible does not exist anymore.

Unless there is an objection I will post some data on the Tulsa Workout where they are trying to UNITE churches of Christ with the Christian churches. Of course, there was never any remote connection between the groups. Those ON THE A capella (bad word) side are PLANTS: they are already in bed with the Christian church so it will be a PRETEND battle where the FIX IS IN. Milton Jones will show how to BOND the two groups. Of course, I hired Milton out of Jessica's STOCKYARD church area and he lied, cheated, threatened and stole my old church in Seattle and sent the owners weeping into the streets. After the Christian church SUBVERTED Milton he now does TULSA to traffic a book showing how the TWO GROUPS bonded to be a totally INSTRUMENTAL Christian church. Fools are not supposed to notice.

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Ken Sublett
(no login)

More CHANGE AGENT tactics.

February 21 2006, 2:11 PM 

Sure, they actually giggle about INFILTRATING and DIVERTING you from where YOU want to go to where they want to take you. Osburn of ACU speaks of training Prophets, Chanellers and Facilitators (manipulators) to go out and change the "conservative" churches of Christ.

Lee Camp, Lipscomb Bible faculty member and head of UB this semester, offered a disclaimer during UB last week saying (this is a paraphrase) that this semester's UB study of Psalms will
    "help everyone step out of their COMFORT zones and EXPERIENCE the book of Psalms in a way that they may have been unaware of."
That same day a guitar sat in the middle of Allen Arena where Chapel and UB is held. After having a "closing prayer," a GUY grabbed the guitar and sang a song he wrote about one of the Psalms.

He probably doesn't get paid by parents who THINK their sons and daughters are safe to DISCOMFORT them. You could save your money and hit yourself in the head with a hammer and get the "scholar" an honest job mugging widows.
    "People cannot endure sustained disequilibrium! Here is where most eye-on-the-goal, can't -wait-for-the-plodders style of change agents mess up.

      They push people into acute disequilibrium and hold them there till an explosion comes. So, what to do!"

    Willow Creek: "Douglass, who has developed the most successful Willow Creek-based church service in Germany, even maintained, "I think this approach is most applicable to the state churches. We have the people, even if they don't attend. We enjoy an incredible edge in confidence vis-àvis the free churches." He cautioned,

      "The cost of this approach is hard work and loads of strife with church insiders. Christianity Today

    Neo-paganism: If the musicians and chant facilitators drop their volume on cue and slow down for the final verse (which they should), with no visible signal to the rest of the GROVE, then the other participants may not notice,

      but instead continue to increase the volume and the speed of their chanting until it all falls apart
    Lynn Anderson: so, what to do? Why, just like in Neo-paganism, you:

    "Weave! Alternate between safety and disequilibrium. Teach new ideas a while, stretching your church out beyond COMFORT ZONES and into fresh thinking...Bend but don't break!
However, this past Tuesday, Lee Camp got up during UB and said (again this is a paraphrase):
    "I know a lot of people have been offended over what we've done with University Bible this semester.

    The traditions of the university as well as the university guidelines state acapella singing.
Ooops! there goes another CHANGELING infiltrating of a bad untruth. It was NOT a tradition which founded Nashville Bible College but the Biblical Truth which had been practiced forever UNLESS you were a Musical Warrior Levite doing what was EXORCISM in a "like the nation's" temple after God had TURNED the nation over to WORSHIP THE STARRY HOSTS.

That was the universal FAITH of all of those groups which fled Babylon and formed EKKLESIAS or schools of the Bible with NO STAFF INFECTION ALLOWED.

No one reaching a scholar's status is allowed to know that even SINGING as an ACT of worship was not added until the year 373. The FAITH of the mothers and fathers and OWNERS is trampled on by a false statement which no honest student of the Bible or history could make:
    But after being in discussions with the remainder of the Bible faculty, we all agreed that UB isn't considered a time of worship. As a result, we all agreed that it was permissible to go through with the original plan."
We know that WE GONNA HURT YOU but we gonna be LEGALISTIC and hurt you anyway! Isn't this also a confession that the GUITARIST was not there by accident? Did you know that the Greek guitarIST endings is equated to playing a PARASITE. In the Apostolic Constitutions an instrumentalist was grouped with prostitutes and sodomites and COULD NOT be members of what they called THE CHURCH OF CHRIST without a lot of "purifying."

Paul defined the assembly for worship in terms of a SCHOOL OF THE BIBLE: Thomas Campbell called it A SCHOOL OF CHRIST." If it is not worship but an EDUCATIONAL experience then Lee Camp intends to teach a CONNECTION between instrumental music and the SCHOOL OF CHRIST. So, he has TRUMPED everyone again.

And he MUST drive you wacko before he can INFILTRATE the pagan dogma as an AGENDA. Why else would anyone thing that he had to IRRITATE you to educate you. Paul absolutely OUTLAWED such discord in the TEACHING situation in Romans 15.

Can anyone tell us WHERE he attends CHURCH?

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(no login)

Re: More CHANGE AGENT tactics.

February 22 2006, 9:24 AM 

Lee and his sweet family are faithful members at Otter Creek Church of Christ.

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(Login 58917240)

Hard Evidence

February 22 2006, 10:34 AM 

While I do not dispute the error that has been reported for so long from Lipscomb, what I do disput is the method.

Is there any reason why students cannot produce audio and video material of classes and teachers with time and date stamps to send out to their respective home congregations and eventually the various "brotherhood" papers that are so widely circulated? The regular folks out here, far away from Nashville and the state of Tennessee, need more than hearsay.

Please understand, I wouldn't send my children to Lipscomb based on things I have observed on their website for years and knowledge of the history some of the administration and professors there. As a caveat, I couldn't afford it anyway. There is not any doubt in my mind to the truthfulness of the above letter, however, we need more than one person's testimony. We need more than testimony; audio/video evidence with time and date stamps and the teachers and the classes observed would give us that.

Why are the administrators, professors, and teachers unwilling or unable to publically debate the various issues concerning the departure of Lipscomb University from its original intents and purposes? Ole David Lipscomb wouldn't have run away to hide from anything.

ALL of those responsible for the hiring, aiding, abetting, and otherwise giving comfort to false teachers need to be exposed as well as the false teachers. There should be no quarter given with out a full and public repentance. Things have gone too far for too long for anything less to be acceptable.

It would be better that these schools were closed than to continue destroying the work of decades long gone by and the faith of so many. They are an embarrassment to those who continue according to the ancient order and the laughing stock of the denominations.

Tears are not enough!

How Long!!!

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(no login)

Re: Hard Evidence

February 22 2006, 1:07 PM 

Actually what's happening at Lipscomb is the answer to a alot of prayers. God has seen fit to rescue it from the "ancient order" under which it was slowly dying. Like the congregations that are adhering to the traditions of men. God is for going forward not backwards.

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(Login 58917240)

Re:Re:Hard Evidence

February 22 2006, 1:39 PM 

Dying??? When was the university ever in such peril? Were they losing students in droves at some point and thereby money? Tell me more. I have an enquiring mind. God is for going forward toward what? Please explain.

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David Rhoades
(Login ConcernedMembers)

Re: Re:Re:Hard Evidence

February 22 2006, 1:43 PM 

1964 -- Visions of Order by Richard Weaver is published. He describes:
"progressive" educators as a 'revolutionary cabal' engaged in
'a systematic attempt to undermine society's traditions and beliefs."'

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Concerned Christian
(no login)

Re: Re:Re:Hard Evidence

February 25 2006, 1:36 AM 

These "progressive" educators have been taught to study and get an even deeper education, which they have passed on. Since the beginning of the reformation Christians have been moving further away from a Regimented Christian walk to a faith, grace, love, non-judgmental, lawyer less mindset. This is actually the church being set free from bondage and so many want it to be back in the shackles it finally came out of.

This "church growth" "tickling ears scheme" that you guy's have concocted in your mind is uneducated and without merit. This is not a Pyramid scheme like Amway. What is wrong with people coming to know Christ? People that you and others despise are dedicating their lives to the spreading of the Message! It is just frustrating to many that the "Change Agents" allows God to be judge and let Him be in control.

Let's remember we are fighting Satan and we are on the same side. The arrows that are being shot at each other are senseless. "Let's stop the fighting and start Uniting."

Jesus is not difficult to embrace; do you think we don't want that?

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Ken Sublett
(no login)

Embrace WHAT?

February 25 2006, 11:29 AM 

Embracing Jesus with music and a kiss: if it's all the same please excuse me from kissing a sangy-girly type CLAIMING to be Jesus by claiming to LEAD you into the presence of God. Well, maybe with three layers of rubber gloves, a gentle handshake?

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Concerned Christian
(no login)

Re: Embrace WHAT?

February 25 2006, 10:17 PM 

David, Dr. Crump, Donnie, Concerned Memebers,

You say we don't understand Ken, I guess you are right. This makes absolutely no sense.

Please explain this.

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Ken Sublett
(no login)

You dying or FRYING

February 22 2006, 3:13 PM 

Well, we DO have a confession about what is going on. You know a criminal cannot help boasting about his crime.

The "you are dying" is one of the lies agreed upon by the changelings which intends to DISSOCIATE you and make them think that you too are failing. Hitler couldn't have said it better.

Let's assume that Belmont was dying. Would that give anyone the authority to deliberately INFILTRATE and DIVERT as the bandits love to boast about.

The fact is that no one wants to STEAL a college or Mega-church until it is in fat money.

About Lee Camps lovely family: I hear that Hitler was the greatest guy you could know. David Lawrence is probably a great duy at Lipscomb. He boasts about being a CAMPUS MINISTER for the PCA which is a cult.

Here is the PERSONA which is being promoted: the Music connection is UNIVERSALLY connected to pagan religions: males who do it we are clearly informed are either DRUNK or PERVERTED. Here is an old e-mail for you guys/dolls who are going to The Tulsa Tug Match between Max Lucado (instrumentalist) and somebody from the Christian church (instrumentalists). The TAG TEAM means that they are BOTH on the same side but Wade Hodges cannot NO send out a signal.

"Ashamed October 12 2004, 5:47 PM

I am from the Tulsa area, and attended the workshop for the first time this past year. Mr. Lancaster was leading singing the night I was there. All I can say is I actualy was embarrased by the actions on stage. I can't for the life of me imagine how our leaders seem to think they are more important than they really are. people a Song leader aka worship leader is not there for our amusement (entertainment) If I wanted to be entertained I would go somewhere else. It is a song leaders job to start the song and get the CONGREGATION into an active worship. It seems like some of these guys think we should just sit back and let them perform. The dancing actualy made me blush in embarasment. I actualy thought to myself Man I hope nobody I know sees me here, and Man I'm glad I didn't invite anyone to go with me to this. What a absolute tragedy.

I'll take my small congregation of singers over you and your praise team any day of the week and twice (literally) on Sunday.

As for those of you who have dealt with these problems on a daily basis. I'm sorry for you, and I pray God gives you strength.

This is what is being FLASHED in the BIBLE STUDY place and the signals are not nice. When I returned to Middle Tennessee in 1980 I was informed that Lipsomb was a HOTBED and the Bible Guru got OUTED.

The suggestion for serious organized resistance is well taken but I think there is no testesterone left at Lipscomb. Don't they ALL go to Otter Creek the Mother of the Zoe Group where Zoe is LUCIFER and the persona matches perfectly. They are even worshipping the HILLS GODS and CALLING DOWN FIRE. Let her fall, sister singers. The MUSICATORS just slick up the skids for total heresy and a perverted aroma.

I read a hopeful article by a professor of music and worship at a Christian Church college. He says the teams are--as I have warned many times--wearing out the saints and their time as EMERGED Locusts in John's message is SHORTER than their tutu.

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(Login 58917240)

Re: dying or Frying

February 22 2006, 4:09 PM 

You are correct! No one would want an institution laden with debt.

Now, what's M.W. talking about, "God is going forward not backwards"? I am willing to listen/read.


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(no login)

Tulsa big Scam Wrestling Match

February 22 2006, 7:16 PM 

If you look backward sane people predicted the deliberate sowing of discord by the Jubilee (for the atonement) and by the Tulsa Workshop which has turned into a Soul-Selling workshop. This year they will pit Max Lucado (instrumentalists) against Bob Russell (instrumentalists) and we are supposed to guess which side wins.

It is important to get the message out that the Christian Church which came out of the Stoneite movement at Cane Ridge, bourbon county Ky, which was quite identical to many recorded outbreaks of so-called witchcraft and deliberate Devil Worship by "christians" in Iraq, has no connections to the church of Christ.

Churches of Christ came out of a WORD BASED background and was never part of the mental breakdown efforts by which Stone thought that he could manufacture the EXPERIENCES need to become a Presbyterian.

While some congregations met in the same building there was NEVER any kissing kin between the groups.

Therefore, there is nothing to RESTORE. The Christian churches in the beginning were no closer to churches of Christ than they were to the Baptists. It is important to get the message out that the shotgun marriage Tulsa and ACU are attempting this year intends that churches of Christ INTRODUCE instruments.

To that end what is going on in the LU PhDuhs trained in the false propoganda is an effort to introduce first ORGANIC instruments (teams) and the MECHANICAL instruments.

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just me
(no login)

Re: You dying or FRYING

February 22 2006, 9:33 PM 

Mr. Sublett,

You wrote:

"The suggestion for serious organized resistance is well taken but I think there is no testesterone left at Lipscomb. Don't they ALL go to Otter Creek the Mother of the Zoe Group where Zoe is LUCIFER and the persona matches perfectly. They are even worshipping the HILLS GODS and CALLING DOWN FIRE. Let her fall, sister singers. The MUSICATORS just slick up the skids for total heresy and a perverted aroma."

Just curious - especially about the part where italics have been added, is this a question, a statement, sarcasm, assumption, accusation, or something else? Thank you for your time.

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Ken Sublett
(no login)

Otter Creek

February 23 2006, 12:09 PM 

It is my understanding that many of the LU people attend at Otter Creek or Rubel's place. You might do a poll to see how many at LU are sympathetic with the views of struggling parents who feed them to teach Postmodern meaning post-Christendom theology which makes the literate blush. Not many I suspect. There is a separate Otter Creek Thread which links to the proof that ZOE is LUCIFER.

Have you read John Mark Hicks Come to the Table? I understand that people are trying to DO the Lord's Supper as a sacrificial meal where God. Heard of a church DOING the Lord's Supper with swine's flesh still in their teeth: probably sang and clapped and JUBILATED while Jesus was singing in the congregation meaning "to grieve out a hymn."
    John Mark Hicks:Several features characterize the fellowship meals of Israel. First, it is a moment of communion between God and his people.

    God eats with his people as the fat is burned to him. God is present at this meal. It is eaten before the Lord as if God sits at the table with the worshiper.

    "a time for sharing, prayer and conversation about what God has done for us... (p. 188).

    Earlier he calls it a "Jubilee festival" (p. 63).
    He would have it observed with "resounding jubilation or enthusiastic outbursts" (p. 97).

Then he suggests that the Lord's Supper should be such a jubilating festival. Johnny helped lead the church into USING musical worship teams. More trashy paganism here:

Rubel Shelly does a DITTO HEAD who speaks about hearing the AUDIBLE voice of God and "partnering with God to work out our own salvation" which he THINKS meant to HELP God concoct the FIRST Bible now sifted of everything except 7 facts ABOUT Jesus. He knows that holding ekklesia or SCHOOL OF THE BIBLE does not give occupation for Apostates and Profits:
    Rubel Shelly "When we do congregate for worship, we must allow the Spirit of God to be present, to quicken our assemblies with freshness and life, to renew holy zeal in our hearts. Then, beyond those times of spiritual rejuvenation in the larger group, we must learn to make close contact with each other that allows spiritual intimacy.

    This is the phenomenon that had to be created by such twelve-step programs as Alcoholics Anonymous because of the church's failure to be the church. Rubel Shelly

This sounds like Carol Wimber the Vineyard MOTHER who recommends the singers to bring on a sexual-like CLIMACTIC experience with God. No reason the a.k.a. New WINESKINNERS should not try the same attractant which is well documented in the literature where "all singers and musicians were happy to be the HAREM OF GOD.' The SPIRIT they are trying to get you INTIMATE with or ENRAPTURED (raped) is NOT a holy Spirit Who doesn't do what is 100% a sexual experience when the singy-clappy people do BODY WORSHIP and make you MOVE. This is the pleasuring or LIFTING UP outlawed by Paul for the synagogue (Romans 15) because the word is always connected to HERESY which means that a DEMAGOGUE is lifting you up to CARRY YOU away for HIS own uses. The series of words always implicates KLEPTOMANIA.
    Terry Brileyat Lipscomb: "The book of Isaiah begins with an analysis of Israel's worship. Outwardly, there's nothing wrong. But their hearts are not engaged and their lives are disconnected from their worship.

He doesn't remotely grasp that Amos and Isaiah and Stephen prove that the MUSICAL WORSHIP was the idolatry to which God had TURNED THEM OVER because of the musical idolatry at Mount Sinai and then demanding a king LIKE THE NATIONS so that they could WORSHIP like the nations. The way they ACTED out their Babylonian (Goyim) worship was the MARK of a bad mental attitude. Is suppose that a father and son going in to the same temple prostitute was just a case of a BAD MENTAL ATTITUDE.

I have reviews many of John York's silly sermonizing in company with Rubel Shelly. These people are NOT Bible scholars but theologians and Jesus FIRED the doctors of the Law because they TAKE AWAY THE KEY TO KNOWLEDGE. For heaven's sake, if you obeyed Jesus and Paul and read and dialoged the Word one to another there would be no PLACE for a theologian to tell you that the Bible means something else.

Anyone wanting to be a preacher should go to a SCHOOL OF THE BIBLE and learn the Bible and not be a HIRELING because he is a RHETORICIAN, Sophist, singer or musician all of whom belonged to the HYPOCRITE SECTARIAN PROFESSION.

If there is ANY masculine gender at Lipscomb to fight the Feminist Hermeneutics which Carroll D. Osburn defends as using LITTLE ACTS OF TREASON they can respond without giving their names
    "Feminist hermeneutics stands over against patriarchal hermeneutics" its goal achieved "by small, often unnoticed acts of SUBVERSION. Numerous such incremental changes, like EROSION, will eventually bring down the FORTRESS "
Beginning in the garden where EVE (Zoe) began false teaching, ZOE is the superior sister to the LOGOS (Jesus ). In Babylon and later Gnosticism she is identified as the "BEAST and female instructing principle."

Anyone with TAPES should get them transcribed and we will show you that the BIBLE being taught is mostly NOT the 'old outdated' one still used by the sacrificial parents.

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Re: Otter Creek

February 23 2006, 6:33 PM 

Hello, Mr. Sublett,

Thank you for your response. You are an extremely knowledgable person and words are so powerful. To my mind, there is a huge difference between

"Don't they ALL go to Otter Creek the Mother of the Zoe Group where Zoe is LUCIFER and the persona matches perfectly. They are even worshipping the HILLS GODS and CALLING DOWN FIRE."


"It is my understanding that many of the LU people attend at Otter Creek or Rubel's place."

The first statement could be seen to imply that every single employee in every department and role at Lipscomb worships in ways that are not pleasing to God. The second is a much more legitimate statement that doesn't assume or mislead. Accusatory over-generalizations can be very disconcerting and damaging. The respect that many people have for you could lead them into assuming facts from your statements that may not be meant to state facts.

Thank you so much for your time.

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Otters/Critters and Such Beasts

February 23 2006, 6:55 PM 

How long will "faithful" members of the Lord's church continue their employment where so much of what is taught and accepted is in fact error? How long before they no longer care to be called the sons of Pharoh? It takes a lot of courage to get up and out of Egypt! When will they leave that ole beast behind and refuse to feed from its breasts? How Long?

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