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The Preacher's Files.

January 7 2007 at 5:46 PM
Ken Sublett  (no login)
from IP address

I ventured into the Preacher's files thinking I could find some aid and comfort and lifting of the cross I have to bear. Whoa!

When I began to post some BIBLE stuff about the MUSIC concept in the wilderness synagogue all of the way to about 360 when singing was added to the assembly along with human-composes "scripture" I felt sure I had fallen into a snake pit. Firstly, I am amazed that when you make a simple statement agreed on by all historical scholars the firstly identify you with raca type words and then demand proof. When you point out that thingies like Gen 4:21 is from the olden Testament they STILL hurt you real bad.

The accused me of being wrapped up in conspiracy theories. Then, suddenly it hit me why almost NO "non-instrumental" preacheer fails to go radical when they read my posts:

"The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists." ~ J. Edgar Hoover

This one person got the idea because I was speaking bad about Christians and that was not Christian. They read my links to Rick Atchley and I have been posting JUBILEE for one decade and warned that Rick Atchley was on his way using Lynn Anderson's Navigating the Winds of Change where you ATTACK and then back off if you think you are in danger. But, you preach "safe" sermons for a while and LUNGE forward again. Rick Atchly confessed that this was his AGENDA which he had to preach for about a decade. Would that be one of those boasted of INFILTRATE AND DIVERT. Do we call that a conspiracy or a Coup deGrace?

If THEY can slowly promote going paganistic and they can and DO preach that anyone who opposes them is a sectarian legalists (all of Rick's negative e-mailers) then they have a FREE FIELD and I say that the NON INSTRUMENTALISTS who have pushed the ORGANIC ORGAN while "picking up the seed" by teaching Fanny Crosby or Twila Paris ARE in a grand conspiracy and who can deny it. You just count the NON-instrumental guys who will stick their turkey neck out to either teach or ALLLOW to be taught the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.

To Laura: I believe in medical science and THEY say that all kinds of "music" create harmful drugs in the body and THAT is the only reason loud singing of human "scripture" is used: Jesus said that the "Doctors of the Law TAKE AWAY THE KEY to knowledge." The SEED PICKERS meaning of the DEVIL uses the same word Paul used to OUTLAW self-pleasing in the ekklesia which means "creation of mental excitement."

For the Baby Doctor, you can find a Time article which I have annotated here and I will post more showing the harmful effects of SOUND whether vocal or instrumental.

I must have been busted from The Preacher's Files for quoting all of that Scripture.

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Tom Brite
(no login)

Re: The Preacher's Files.

January 7 2007, 10:32 PM 

Ken, that thread has to be the funniest thing I have read all week. You certainly confounded the scholars! Have a good week!

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KEN Sublett
(no login)

Yes CONSPIRACY most VILE is afoot!

January 7 2007, 11:54 PM 

Things of supernatural events of BIBLICAL PROPORTION are not supposed to happen in our modern, rational postmodern world. But, it is prophesied. How can you explain someone collecting most of the Biblical passages on music and deliberately lying about each and every one. More profound is how can several thousand of probably educated people BELIEVE it and FINANCE the event? The Bible and lots of recorded history speaks of a serpent race of people who are the seed of the serpent or viper. That is why the discorders have focused on the concept of GROUP MIND or GROUP MENTALITYconvincing you that you do not have the right to "read, interpret or speak the Word outside of the community or commune reading. The prophecy is of lying wonders so powerful that the SEED OF GOD are tempted to be led astray. The Book of Enoch describes such a MUSICAL FALL caused by Satan and Jude says that THESE are the ones for who hell is prepared. Jonestown or Waco can happen in -- especially in -- the most urban societies.

Predestination is a fact: However, God does not decide to burn infants in hell forever just to prove that He is sovereign or has more power. No! Sin entered the WORLD becauseof of Eve but sin DID NOT enter any individual. But SIN is personified in Satan and His SEED--the Cainites or Kenites. so, here is what Jesus said:

Jn 8:43 Why do you not understand My speech? Because you are not able to listen to My word.

That happened this day in almost ALL of so-called christendom!

Now, take a deep breath: we know who is predestinated because they ARE NOT ABLE to listen to the Word of Jesus Christ. The "singing" passages directly command that we speak "that which is written" or "Scripture" or "the Spirit" or "the Word of Christ." No one doubted the RESOURCE for our teaching for almost 400 years as they did not doubt the resource for baptism. Therefore, those who sing SELF SOMPOSED INSPIRATION with ORGANUM INSTRUMENTS or those do the same thing with MECHANICAL INSTRUMENTS "are not able to hear the Words of Jesus." I think that NEEDS no proving.

If you even question the non-instrumental preachers they sprout horns. Why is that? I think it because "they are not ABLE to hear the Words." If the direct command is to SPEAK (which excludes music in the Greek) or TEACH or WITH ONE MOUTH or ADMONISH and they HEAR the command MAKE MUSIC then you can recognize the MARK on the MIND which will not let them honor God with His songs and sermons, and on their HANDS which produce the WORKS of people who WILL NOT and CANNOT hear the Word of Jesus.

What is the SOURCE of this MAJORITY?

Jn 8:44 You are OF your father the devil, and the desires of your father you WANT to do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him.

When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his OWN RESOURCES, for he is a liar and the father of it.

If songs and sermons are FROM HIS OWN RESOURCES is he a child of the Devil? Being OF the Devil means that they are the SEED of the Viper or Satan and are thefore the INVASION OF SOUL SNATCHERS: wolves pretending to be humanoids.

Another MARK of the VIPER or CROOKED generation is:

Jn 8:45 But because I tell the truth, you do not believe Me.
Jn 8:46 Which of you convicts Me of sin? And if I tell the truth, why do you not believe Me?
Jn 8:47 He who is OF God hears God’s words; therefore you DO NOT hear, because you are not OF God.”
Jn 8:48 Then the Jews answered and said to Him, “Do we not say rightly that You are a Samaritan and have a demon?”

If you say that I have a demon then thank you, thank you very much.

That is why Jesus commanded the disciples to GO into all the world and preach the gospel. If they do not accept it you are to shake the dust off your feet because there is no command to "Batch and Hatch" which produces the SPECTACLE (Theatron) in the large churches which have been GATHERING POINTS for the seed of the viper to quickly CHASE AWAY the SEED of God.

The Bible makes it perfectly clear that there are a race of people on the earth who, like Cain, are OF that wicked one. That is because Paul says that Eve was wholly seduced in the way a bride is seduced before the husband gets her. The fallen angels, the giants and other names point to people who are enemies of God. John refused to baptize them as a "generation of vipers." Baptism and MUSIC were two of the MARKS by which you can identified that GENERATION.

In Matthew 13 we have Jesus speaking in parables just as all truth had been hidden in parables "from the foundation of the world." We know that the Israelites were BLINDED at Mount Sinai because of refusing to hear the Word of God and engaging in Musical Idolatry of the pagan trinity. Whey the fell for the MUSIC seduction as in The Book of Enoch and many other contemporaneous documents by people who knew the languages, they were ABANDONED by God and regulated by The Law of Moses to PROTECT the few goodly seed as a tiny remnant through which Messiah would come.


But whereunto shall I liken this generation? It is like unto children sitting in the MARKETS, and calling unto their fellows, Matt 11:16
And saying, We have PIPED unto you, and ye have not danced; we have mourned unto you, and ye have not lamented. Mt.11:17

These were the Zeus and Dionysus (new wineskins god) worshipers where the Abomination of Desolation had singers, musicians, prostitutes and sodomites going into the Holy Place where no Levitical Warrior musician could go without being terminated.

This was the generation of Kenites or Cainites who had infested Jerusalem as most Israelites fled the city and nation. These were the descendants of the Cain race OF THAT WICKED ONE: Jesus just said so. That is why his descendants introduced the use of musical instruments WITHOUT AUTHORITY to control other people.


Matt 16:4 A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given unto it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas. And he left them, and departed.

You will notice that they did not BECOME wicked because they committed adultery: they committed adultery because they were WICKED.

These would "reject the counsel of God" by refusing to be baptized by John or Jesus' disciples. This small remnant, probably the 120 of the residents in Jerusalem, was an offering to God on the day of Pentecost. Those who "believeth not" are defined by the word APISTOS which means that they were treacherous. We knot that ALMOST ALL so called christendom rejects the words of Jesus, Peter and Paul and calls them LIARS. Most of those who pretend to believe Acts 2:38 do not intend to MAKE DISCIPLES and do not grasp that receiving A personal holy spirit purged from sin is to make them DISCIPLES and never called WORSHIPERS other than those who worshipped in the PLACE of their holy spirit as it gave heed to the Spirit OF truth.

G3428 moichalis moy-khal-is' A prolonged form of the feminine of G3432 ; an adulteress (literally or figuratively): adulteress (-ous, -y).
G3432 moichos moy-khos' Perhaps a primary word; a (male) paramour; figuratively apostate: adulterer.

No one will find a religious musical performer in the ancient world who was not a prostitute SERVING Apollo who is John's PATTERNISM of Satan. They will not find a male singing and playing who is not a male prostitute. Too bad about that but all of the PSALLO proof texts subconsiously or UNconsiously or as an AGENT of evil point to males plucking the harp to seduce some "youth minister" of some Goddess.

Peter did not just speak of salvation as a ticked to heaven but salvation FROM that crooked generation.

The crooked skolios race points directly to the skolion singers who would have been devoted to Dionysus and who had tried to seduce Jesus and others by forcing them to SING and DANCE while they played. Jesus identified them as children of the AGORA or Marketplace. The word PSALLO identifies the red painted ROPE by which the authorities forced the people away from the Agora where they sold songs, sermons, dances and the "children chorus leaders." They forced them to the EKKLESIA where there would only be teaching by some public teacher. The word PSALLO which never means MELODY is therefore to DEMARK the world from the church.

Of Aeschylus: On the CROOKED GENERATION of Skolion singers:

Just so, when philosophers midst their cups dive into minute and logical disputes, they are very troublesome to those that cannot follow them through the same depths; and those that bring in idle songs, trifling disquisitions, common talk, and mechanical discourse destroy the very end of conversation and merry entertainments, and abuse Bacchus.

Therefore, as when Phrynichus and Aeschylus brought tragedy to discourse of fictions and misfortunes, it was asked, What is this to Bacchus?--so methinks, when I hear some pedantically drawing a syllogism into table-talk, I have reason to cry out, Sir, what is this to Bacchus?

Perchance one, the great bowl standing in the midst, and the chaplets given round, which the god in token of the liberty he bestows sets on every head, sings one of those songs called [Skolios] (CROOKED OR OBSCURE); this is not fit nor agreeable to a feast.

Though some say these songs were not dark and intricate composures; but that the guests sang the first song all together, praising Bacchus and describing the power of the god; and the second each man sang singly in his turn, a myrtle bough being delivered to every one in order, which they call an [Greek omitted] because he that received it was obliged to sing;

and after this a harp being carried round the company, the skilful took it, and fitted the music to the song; this when the unskilful could not perform, the song was called [Greek omitted] because hard to them, and one in which they could not bear a part.

Ra.1302 Aristophanes, Frogs

What is this phlattothrat? Is it from Marathon, or
where did you assemble these songs of a rope-twister?

Well, to a fine place from a fine place did I
bring them, lest I be seen garnering from the same meadow as Phrynichos.
But this guy gets them from everywhere, from little whores,
Meletus' drinking songs, Carian flute solos,
Dirges, dances. This will all be made clear immediately.
Someone bring in a lyre. And yet, what need
of a lyre for this guy? Where's the girl who clacks the castanets?
Hither, Muse of Euripides, [singing prostittes, Revelation 18:22}
for whom these songs are appropriate to sing.


This Muse never did the Lesbian thing, oh no..

Next we will show you the DEVIDE for the SEED PICKER (the Devil and his agents) is the same word by which Paul OUTLAWS creating mental excitement to DISABLE speaking of "that which IS WRITTEN" using one MIND and one MOUTH to glorify God.

You've got it: Satan uses his SEED to keep your FROM sprouting: the Way he PICKS UP the seed is with MUSIC which LIFTING UP FOR THEIR OWN PURPOSES is the meaning of HERESY.

Conspiracy theory? Yes, I think there is. If you BELIEVE in the Devil of the SERPENT RACE how could anyone be so simple minded as NOT to expect him to fill MOST pulpits.

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Steven Dunlap
(no login)

The serpent's Pulpit

February 10 2012, 11:12 AM 


I must say very well prepared, the debate over instramental music in the church only comes from those's who can not hear Christ, it's funny though actully how much they are closed minded on debating.
Exposing the devil to those people who are able to hear but yet have not is the greatest work, those like you mentioned in your discussion that can not or will not listen to Christ words, are like the people of Corinth on Paul's second journey, Paul tells them since they know it all already let me then go teach the one's who have yet to hear.
So wasting time on know it all's is not our best work.

Thank you for your open ear, may God bless you and your Family. Steven Dunlap

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ken sublett
(Login Ken.Sublett)


February 10 2012, 1:12 PM 

In part they will not debate because they know that they get paid to just make up stuff which means that God sends them strong delusions so that they may really believe their own lie. While they think they are scholarly those who read the Bible see them as laughing stocks.

In addition, these men like those who banded together to kill Paul, have agreed never to respond to whatever Bible proof you have that they are discorders. This makes them feel superior and when most of the people can be fooled most of the time they don't have to worry if their institution is big enough to make them rich and famous.

While the command is to warn them I don't expect any one who depends on their own for their teaching to ever admit they are wrong: strong delusions indicates that they may be beyond redemption since they SUPPLY what Jesus died to give us.

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Brian Cade
(no login)

Re: Thanks

February 10 2012, 9:58 PM opposed to, say, making up stuff for free?

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Kenneth Sublett
(no login)

D'Angelo Joyce: warning me because he doesn't understand.

January 9 2007, 1:39 PM 

Blituri blurted at Preacherfiles: The Dead Sea Scroll translation of Psalm 41 shows that the son of light would be treated as Beliar or Beelzebul so that they could do WAR against Him with musical instruments to panic Him into failure. That is the meaning of MOCKING Jesus just like the PLAY at Mount Sinai which was the musical idolatry of the Egyptian triad under Apis the bull.

D'Angelo Joyce: Once again I have no idea what Judas triumphing over Jesus has to do with anything. And can you please give proof of your Psalm 41 comment.

Why would I make such a statement if not true? Why try to EXCISE my short foray into Preacherfiles--being warned--for quoting something you DON'T understand? I don't understand things all day long so I try to understand. That IS the only meaning of WORSHIP which happens in the PLACE of the human spirit or mind OUTSIDE the campe or massed multitudes.

Let't tippy toe into this because NOBUDY will understand that BLUE stuff with book, chapter and verse thingies? I will toss it out and the disciples will do the hard work to try to grasp it. That is why we need to SPEAK or recite Psalm 22 so that we can be TAUGHT why Jesus POINTED to it when He spoke of God "forsaking Him." Wouldn't that be better than turning our boys into women using Fanny Crosby's SCRIPTURE?

Mine enemies speak evil of me, When shall he die, and his name perish? Psalm 41: 5
    In Psalm 22 which also prophesied a musical attack on Jesus: and you are supposed ot SPEAK it at church.
    But I am a worm, and no man; a reproach of men, and despised of the people. Psa 22:6
    All they that see me laugh me to scorn: they shoot out the lip, they shake the head, saying, Psa 22:7

    Now, Jesus died to remove the laded burden of "spiritual anxiety created by religious ritual" along with the burden LADERS: Paul outlawed "creating mental excitement" which parses to arousal singing because of the REPROACH it usually brought on:

    H2781 cherpâh kher-paw' From H2778 ; contumely, disgrace, the PUDENDA--rebuke, reproach (-fully), shame.
    H2778 châraph khaw-raf' A primitive root; to pull off, that is, (by implication) to expose (as by stripping);

    This word connects closely to CHARISMATIC which always included Sodomy. Charis in an erotic sense: "giving pleasure to a man" where Charis is the pagan GRACE.

    If the Spirit OF Christ PREDICTED just that, and Paul said that Jesus was REPROACHED rather than bow to Baal, how is it HERESY to suggest that it MIGHT have really happened? Now, over here with the mature Christians we can say PUDENDA (pudenda, pudenda, pudenda). Laughing to scorn is like the PLAY or MOCKERY which they did at Mount Sinai and during David's Naked Dance:

    Leag (g3932) law-ag'; a prim. root; to deride; by impl. (as if imitating a foreigner) to speak unintelligibly: - have in derision, laugh (to scorn), mock (on), stammering.
    Laeg (g3934) law-ayg'; from 3932; a buffoon; also a foreigner: - mocker, stammering.

    He trusted on the Lord that he would deliver him: let him deliver him, seeing he delighted in him. Psa 22:8
And if he come to see me, he speaketh vanity: his heart gathereth iniquity to itself; when he goeth abroad, he telleth it. Psalm 41: 6

All that hate me whisper together against me: against me do they devise my hurt. Psa 41:7
An evil disease, say they, cleaveth fast unto him: and now that he lieth he shall rise up no more. Psalm 41: 8

Paul equated singing from one's OWN spirit and instruments to SPEAKING IN TONGUES. Evil disease a thing of belial {belial=satan}
Yea, mine own familiar friend, in whom I trusted, which did eat of my bread, hath lifted up his heel against me. Psalm 41: 9
But thou, O Lord, be merciful unto me, and raise me up, that I may requite them. Psalm 41: 10

By this I know that thou favourest me, because mine enemy doth not TRIUMPH over me. Psalm 41: 11

What does it mean to TRIUMPH OVER someone?

The CHURCH IN THE WILDERNESS was the Qahal or synagogue or ekklesia in the Greek version.

The assembly or church was for instruction and not for "worship." The synagagoe always existed for the "people's congregation." The temple was a NATIONAL temple and therefore given over to "worship like the nations." God had abandoned the Jews to worship the starry host because of their musical idolatry at Mount Sinai.
The Jewish clergy as "musical children" did play their pipes and tried to force John and Jesus into their dance of ecstasy in violation of God's will:
    But when the congregation is to be gathered [Qahal=synagogue] together, ye shall blow, but ye shall not sound an alarm. Nu 10:7

    The two silver trumpets were commanded to GIVE SIGNALS to break camp or signal MILITARY MOVEMENTS. They could be blown like a CHURCH BELL to gather groups to HEAR the Word ONLY:

    Music Outlawed for the Synagogue or Church in the Wilderness:
    Ruwa (h7321) roo-ah'; a prim. root; to MAR (espec. by breaking); fig. to split the ears with sound, i. e. shout (for alarm or joy): - blow an alarm, cry (alarm, aloud, out), destroy,make a joyful noise, smart, shout for joy, sound an alarm, triumph.

      BASE MEANING: Ruwph (h7322) roof; a prim. root; prop. to TRITURATE (in a mortar), i. e. (fig.) to AGITATE (by PERconcussion): tremble.

    Rejoicing AND Melody are INTERNAL: in the heart which is a PLACE.
    G5567 psallo psal'-lo Probably strengthened from psao (to rub or touch the surface; compare G5597 ); to twitch or twang, that is, to play on a stringed instrument (celebrate the divine worship with music and accompanying odes):--make melody, sing (psalms).

      Has the same BASIC intent as in shooting a bow to AMBUSH you
      G5597 pscho pso'-kho Prolongation from the same base as G5567 ; to TRITURATE, that is, (by analogy) to rub out (kernels from husks with the fingers or hand): rub.

    Triumph over in Greek is:
    Thriambeuo (h2358) three-am-byoo'-o; from a prol. comp. of the base of 2360 and a der. of 680 (mean. a noisy iambus, sung in honor of Bacchus); to make an acclamatory procession, i.e. (fig.) to conquer or (by Hebr.) to give victory: - cause to triumph over.
A BIBLE EXAMPLE: Instrumental Psalms are known as WAR CHANTS or parade hymns: they were used in the CIVIL sacrificial system but the PEOPLE gathered in synagogues--yea, even in the wilderness.

2 Chron 20:21 And when he had consulted with the people, he appointed singers unto the Lord, and that should praise the beauty of holiness, as they went out before the army, and to say, Praise the Lord; for his mercy endureth for ever.
    The PRAISE WORD is a WAR WORD: H1984 hâlal haw-lal' ; hence to make a show; to boast; and thus to be CLAMOROUSLYfoolish; to rave; to stultify: (make) boast (self), be (make, feign self) mad (against), give in marriage, [sing, be worthy of] praise, rage, renowned, shine

    Rinnah (h7440) rin-naw'; from 7442; prop. a creaking (or shrill sound), i. e. shout (of joy or grief): - cry, gladness, joy, proclamation, rejoicing, shouting, sing (-ing), triumph.

And when they began to sing and to praise, the Lord set AMBUSHMENTS [Arab] against the children of Ammon, Moab, and mount Seir, which were come against Judah; and they were smitten. 2 Chron 20: 22
    Rinnah (h7440) rin-naw'; from 7442; prop. a creaking (or shrill sound), i. e. shout (of joy or grief): - cry, gladness, joy, proclamation, rejoicing, shouting, sing (-ing), TRIUMPH.

    Ranah (h7439) raw-naw'; a prim. root; to whiz: - rattle.
    He mocketh [PLAY] at fear, and is not affrighted; neither turneth he back from the sword Job 39:22
    The quiver rattleth against him, the glittering spear and the shield. Job 39:23

THE HISTORICAL RECORD The signals are given in detail in documents of the the Dead Sea Scrolls. For instance: In Battle

"The priests shall blow the trumpets of MASSACRE,
and the Levites and all the blowers of the ram's horn shall sound a battle ALARM

and the foot soldiers shall stretch out their hands against the host...
and at the sound of the ALARM they shall begin to bring down the slain.
All the people shall cease their CLAMOR
but the priests shall continue to blow the trumpets of massacre." - War Scroll

"And on the banner of the ten they shall write, "Songs of joy for God on the ten-stringed harp,"
and the name of the chief of the ten and the names of the nine men in his command."

By definition of the singing and music words, singing IS alarming and that is what you "feel" and it is not the Spirit of Christ inside. All kinds of elevated pitch in the sing-song fashion ESPECIALLY when you pretend to be evoking a god or leading them into the PRESENCE of God creates the panic of "spiritual anxiety" Jesus died to remove by firing the doctors of the Law who TAKE AWAY THE KEY TO KNOWLEDGE and the self-pleasure Paul OUTLAWS for the ekklesia, synagogue or school of Christ. John calls both singing and music SORCERY because it uses external means to MANIPULATE the mind of people and if you get PAID for it Paul calls it CORRUPTING the Word which means "selling knowledge at retail.>

But whereunto shall I liken this generation? It is like unto children sitting in the markets, and calling unto their fellows,
And saying, We have piped unto you, and ye have not danced; we have mourned unto you, and ye have not lamented. Mt.11:17 Mt 11:16

Jesus called the Temple a den of thieves which was a house of merchandise: only very silly people think that Jesus worshipped with singing and instruments "all of the time." Too bad that he could NOT even enter into the slaughter pens.

The AGORA was where the performance preachers, singers, musicians, radish salesmen and harp pluckers plied their TRADE seeking youth whom they might devour. The PSALLO word defines the WET RED PAINTED ROPE they used to HUSTLE the people from the marketplace to the EKKLESIA which allowed ONLY speaking something needed by the citizens. Modern religionism with NO connection to the ekklesia, synagogue or the Campbell's "school of Christ" MERGES the polluted marketplace with the school where Jesus Christ meets so we can "LEARN OF ME." The New Testament church got waylaid about the year 360-400. And YOU cannot dispute it.

Mourned is:

Threneo (g2354) thray-neh'-o; from 2355; to bewail: - lament, mourn.
Throeo (g2360) thro-eh'-o; from threomai , (to wail); to CLAMOR, i.e. (by impl.) to FRIGHTEN: - trouble

And this had the same purpose as:

Thriambeuo (h2358) three-am-byoo'-o; from a prol. comp. of the base of 2360 and a der. of 680 (mean. a noisy iambus, sung in honor of Bacchus); to make an acclamatory procession, i.e. (fig.) to conquer or (by Hebr.) to give victory: - cause to triumph over.

Contemporaneous scholars insist that sodomy was the sin in the garden because Lucifer (Zoe, Inanna, etc., etc.) was bisexual. The belief that the TRIUMPH OVER or ALARM included sodomy was because that was part of the BOAST SONGS intending to get the enemy to FLEE. The PIPERS brought on the LAMENTS because the INITIATION well-documented hurt real bad. The Jews, history notes, worshipped Dionysus as the Abomination of Desolation. While most Israelites fled in horrows, the ARABS or Kenites or Cainites were brought in to serve their Roman and other masters. I will post more from the Dead Sea Scrolls which explains that God supplies the PRAISES and our harps and incense is the fruit of the lips in singing HIS songs and preaching HIS sermons when we "teach that which has been taught." Otherwise, Peter says it is the MARK of a false teacher and Jesus marks them as sons of the Devil because THEY SPEAK ON THEIR OWN.

Dioonysus or Bacchus was the NEW WINESKINS GOD and then you wonder why the Vineyard lady wants to use music to induce a sexual-like climax experience with the spirit and the end-time churches want to get enthusiastic which means Enthus O Mania: the madness Paul warned about in Corinth caused by what is well known as the MAD WOMEN in Corinth. Women needed warning because no male would sing and play unless he was DRUNK or GENDER-CONFUSED or just having fun (as in mocking Jesus Christ.)

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Ken Sublett
(no login)

Psalm 41: Part Two

January 10 2007, 1:14 PM 

Again: in Psalm 41 when it was prophesied that Judas WOULD NOT triumph over Jesus we have noted that this is the word which outlaws loud noise and "rejoicing before the Lord" because this was NOT worship but boasting to try to turn the enemy into cowards: it has worked almost completely in the last few decades. No one can dispute the fact that if words have meaning in Greek and Latin the word SPEAK is specificially defined to EXCLUDE poetry which excluded instruments, rhthym or ANY musical concept.

This is the SAME TRIUMPH OVER which was OUTLAWED for the Qahal or synagogue or church in the wilderness. No schoolboy was so spiritually ABUSED that he didn't know to come before God with reverence and Godly fear. Probably most Jews have not fallen into the level of apostasy as the "musical" churches whom Jesus would identify as abused childen.

The Judas Bag has only ONE MEANING in the Greek literature and we have many vase paintings. The Judas Bag was for "carrying the mouth pieces of wind instruments" and is derived from a word meaning 'SPEAKING IN UNKNOWN TOUNGS" which was always to MOCK people. Secondly, the word means OF THE WORLD and identifies the Komos or musical comedy ritual. This buffoonery (worship service) was prophesied to happen to Jesus:

Leag (g3932) law-ag'; a prim. root; to deride; by impl. (as if imitating a foreigner) to speak unintelligibly: - have in derision, laugh (to scorn), mock (on), stammering.
Laeg (g3934) law-ayg'; from 3932; a buffoon; also a foreigner: - mocker, stammering.

The Judas bag (not a purse) was ALWAYS attached to a FLUTE CASE and the singing, pipe-playing males were drunk perverts.

I have said, and you can mock, that MOST religionists with or without instruments are HIGHLY FOCUSED on silencing the Word of Jesus Christ (Spirit) as the RESOURCE for song and sermon. They have ALSO conspired (subconsiously or unconsiously) to DESTROY the method of "speaking the ORACLE" of God where SPEAK specificially EXCLUDES both poetry and musical instruments: instruments are MACHINES like weapons for DOING HARD WORK or for SHOCK AND AWE. How COULD that happen? How could there be so many BOAST SONGS about being the New Testament Church when the rise of INSTITUTES to steal food out of the mouths of the DESTITUTE and probably the most SKILLED in taking the "water of the Word" out of the mouth of people by conspiring to destroy the GOD-GIVEN RESOURCE and the GOD-INSTITUTED METHOD of presenting it.

Here is what Psalm 41 and the Dead Sea Scrolls which contained text one to two hundred years old:

The Thanksgiving Hymns (1QH) from the Dead Sea Scrolls interprets Psalm 41:

And they, teachers of lies and seers of falsehood,
have schemed against me a DEVILISH scheme,
to exchange the Law engraved on my heart by Thee
for the SMOOTH things which they speak to Thy people.

WHAT JEREMIAH SAID AND THE PREACHERS HAVE HIDDEN FROM YOU: Noting that those who lie about EVERY musical concept in the Bible and recorded history all CLAIM to have had a VISION, can now hear the AUDIBLE VOICE OF GOD or who claim that the Holy Spirit 'person' has guided a whole body of WOLVES to say that what GOD said has now been OBSOLETED:

I have heard what the prophets said, that prophesy lies in my name, saying, I have dreamed, I have dreamed. Jer 23:25
How long shall this be in the heart of the prophets that prophesy lies? yea, they are prophets of the deceit of their own heart; Jer 23: 26
Which think to cause my people to forget my name by their dreams, which they tell every man to his neighbour, as their fathers have forgotten my name for Baal. Jer 23: 27

The prophet that hath a dream, let him tell (celebrate) a dream; and he that hath my word (dabar), let him speak my word faithfully. What is the chaff to the wheat? saith the Lord. Jer 23: 28
Is not my word like as a fire? saith the Lord; and like a hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces? Jer 23: 29
Therefore, behold, I am against the prophets, saith the Lord, that steal my words every one from his neighbour. Jer 23: 30
Behold, I am against the prophets, saith the Lord, that use their tongues, and say, He saith. Jer 23: 31

When people lie about God and TO God in order to find "a place in the mainstream" for musical friends, I JUST DON'T see how this is NOT a collective (thousands) BLASPHEMY OF THE Holy Spirit which is the Spirit OF Christ.

Behold, I am against them that prophesy false dreams, saith the Lord, and do tell (celebrate) them, and cause my people to err by their lies, and by their lightness (frivolity) ; yet I sent them not, nor commanded them: therefore they shall not profit this people at all, saith the Lord. Jer 23:32
And when this people, or the prophet, or a priest, shall ask thee, saying, What is the burden (singing) of the Lord? thou shalt then say unto them, What burden? I will even forsake you, saith the Lord. Jer 23: 33
And as for the prophet, and the priest, and the people, that shall say, [My words are] The burden [SONG] of the Lord, I will even punish that man and his HOUSE. Jer 23: 34

Thus shall ye say every one to his neighbour, and every one to his brother, What hath the Lord answered? and, What hath the Lord spoken? Jer 23: 35
And the burden (song) of the Lord shall ye mention no more; for every mans word shall be his burden (song):
for ye have perverted the words of the living God, of the Lord of hosts our God. Jer 23: 36
Thus shalt thou say to the prophet,
What hath the Lord answered thee?
and, What hath the Lord spoken?
Jer 23: 37

Jesus said that the GENETIC sons of the DEVIL "speak on their own." Peter spoke of the crooked or SKOLIOS generation which we identify as the perverted males singing, playing and getting drunk out of NEW WINESKINS. Both Amos and Isaiah -- WHICH THE PREACHERS LIE ABOUT -- show that the "wine, women and song" worship which was the musical idolatry at Mount Sinai caused the people to hunger and thirst for the WORD. They would wander from Sea to Sea and NOT be able to find it: no one found it last Sunday in the INSTITUTES where Peter identified PROSTITUTES as those who "sell learning at retail." And like the Pharisees, they have to CHANGE the Word to make it SELL.

For the VILE person will speak villany, and his heart will work iniquity,
to practise hypocrisy, [Jesus said they were speakers, singers and musicians]
and to utter error AGAINST the Lord,
to make empty the soul of the hungry,
and he will cause the drink of the thirsty to fail. Isaiah 32:6

False teachers who claim to hear directly from God when Jesus said NO ONE hears from the Father but through the Son are NOT accidental false teachers: they have AN AGENDA to force you to FEED THEIR FACE while they mock you and TAKE AWAY THE KEY TO KNOWLEDGE--as as Jesus warned you so that you CANNOT excape the collective guilt of BLASPHEMING.

VILE is related to: Nebel (h5034) neh'-bel; or nebel nay'-bel; from 5034; a skin- bag for liquids (from collapsing when empty); hence a vase (as similar in shape when full); also a lyre (as having a body of like form): - bottle, pitcher, psaltery, vessel, viol

The Pharisee DELIBERATELY changed the Word to PREVENT the Words of God from being taught: he is MARKED by telling widows that there is a LAW OF GIVING. He INTENDS to make people four-fold more sons hof hell.

The instruments [sword or psaltery) also of the churl (withholding instructions) are evil (afflicting): he deviseth wicked devices to destroy the poor with lying (sham) words, even when the needy speaketh right. Isaiah 32:7

Instruments: Keliy (h3627) kel-ee'; from 3615; something prepared, i. e. any apparatus (as an implement, utensil, dress, vessel or weapon): - armour ([-bearee]), artillery, bag, carriage, / furnish, furniture, instrument, jewel, that is made of, one from another, that which pertaineth, pot, / psaltery, sack, stuff, thing, tool, vessel, ware, weapon, / whatsoever.

DSS: And they withhold from the thirst the drink of Knowledge, (Amos 5, 6, 8, Isa 5) and assuage their thirst with vinegar,that they may gaze on their straying, on their folly concerning their feast-days (Jubilee, Feast of Tabernacles) on their fall into their snares.

Here is how they WITHHOLD the Word and LIE about all of the warnings

That chant to the sound of the viol, and invent to themselves instruments of musick, like David; Amos 6:5

Behold, the days come, saith the Lord God, that I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but of hearing the words of the Lord:Am.8:11

And the harp, and the viol, the tabret, and pipe, and wine, are in their feasts:
but they regard not the work of the Lord, neither consider the operation of his hands. Is.5:12

They gave me also gall for my meat; and in my thirst they gave me vinegar (fermented or sour) to drink. Psalm 69:21
    Gall: Rosh (h7219) roshe; or rowsh (Deut. 32:32), roshe; appar. the same as 7218; a poisonous plant, prob. the poppy (from its conspicuous head); gen. poison (even of serpents): - gall, hemlock, poison, venom
For their vine is of the vine of Sodom, and of the fields of Gomorrah: their grapes are grapes of gall, their clusters are bitter: De.32:32
Woe unto him that giveth his neighbour drink, that puttest thy bottle to him, and makest him drunken also, that thou mayest look on their nakedness Hab.2:15
Which say to the seers, See not; and to the prophets, Prophesy not unto us right things, speak unto us smooth things, prophesy deceits: Is.30:10
Behold, is it not of the Lord of hosts that the people shall labour in the very fire, and the people shall weary themselves for very vanity? Hab 2:13
For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea. Hab 2:14

Woe unto him that giveth his neighbour drink, that puttest thy bottle [WINESKIN] to him, and makest him drunken also, that thou mayest look on their nakedness Hab.2:15

Thou art filled with shame for glory: drink thou also, and let thy foreskin be uncovered: the cup of the Lords right hand shall be turned unto thee, and shameful spewing [disgrace; (by implication) the pudenda] shall be on thy glory. Hab 2:16
    Woe unto him that saith to the wood, Awake; to the dumb stone, Arise, it shall teach! Behold, it is laid over with gold and silver, and there is no breath at all in the midst of it. Hab 2:19)

    But the LORD is in his holy temple: let all the earth keep silence before him. Hab 2:20
David had to AWAKEN his LYRE before he could awaken the Dawn. Now, we know that poems ten to be poetic but the people who could not READ very well had a different view.
    We even have a mention at a later date of a similar custom in connection with the cult in Jerusalem, where certain Levites, called me'oreim, 'arousers," sang every morning this verse from Ps 44: 'Awake, Lord, awake! Do not abandon us for ever." The Talmud tells us that Johy Hyrcanus suppressed the practice because it recalled too readily a pagan custom. <>A similar practice is attested in connection with the cult of Herakles-Melkart.

    According to Menander, as he is quoted by Josephus, the king Hiram, who was a contemporary of Solomon, rebuilt the temples of Tyre and, 'he was the first to celebrate the awakening of Heracles in the month of Peritius." In an inscription from Cyprus, in one from Rhodes and in several from around the district of Carthage, there are references to important personages who bear the title Mqm"lm which we can translate as 'arouser of the god." (de Vaux, p. 247).

The titles of the Temple servant were CANAANITE titles: that is because God TURNED THEM OVER to worship the starry host. It was NOT a legalistic PATTERN for either A Capella (A castrado) or Mechanical violaters of the direct command to SPEAK.

Jesus put WORSHIP in the place of the human SPIRIT devoted totally--as Paul agrees--to giving heed to the WORD of God which IS Spirit and Life.
Paul said that the converted Jews worshipped IN THE SPIRIT which is a PLACE as opposed to the FLESH because you CANNOT worship with the works of human hands or human talent.

Paul said that was BECAUSE "outside there would be the CONCISION and DOGS which were the CYNICS who had a special way of singing to ATTRACT others to expose their foreskin: Wineskin to Foreskin in one giant leap was the UNIVERSAL meaning of music among the perverted.

AGAIN: THE HISTORICAL RECORD The signals are given in detail in documents of the the Dead Sea Scrolls. For instance: In Battle
"The priests shall blow the trumpets of MASSACRE,
and the Levites and all the blowers of the ram's horn shall sound a battle ALARM
and the foot soldiers shall stretch out their hands against the host...
and at the sound of the ALARM they shall begin to bring down the slain.
All the people shall cease their CLAMOR
but the priests shall continue to blow the trumpets of massacre." - War Scroll
"And on the banner of the ten they shall write, "Songs of joy for God on the ten-stringed harp,"
and the name of the chief of the ten and the names of the nine men in his command."

That is why SINGING which violated the DIRECT COMMAND TO SPEAK (as with adults) created an early WORSHIP WAR. When they added "scripture" composed by humans, THAT cause a worship war. When human hyms were introduced in the Restoration Movement they were called IDOLS.

That is why the EXPLICIT WORDS exclude any LYRIC or metrical or poetic speaking in the SCHOOL OF THE BIBLE because that REPUDIATES the spirit OF Christ who wrote the songs and sermons and all Scripture warns that whatever comes out of SELF is the product of the Devil because no DISCIPLE would try to rewrite the Physics Laws and handbooks.

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Re: The Preacher's Files.

January 10 2007, 2:23 PM 

<>What: And he set (stationed) the Levites in the house of the Lord with cymbals, with psalteries, and with harps,<>
    Authority:: according to the commandment of David, and of Gad the kings seer,
What: and Nathan the prophet:
Authority:for so was the commandment of the Lord by his prophets. 2 Chronicles 29:25 (268 years ago for INSTRUMENTS, longer for TRUMPETS) <>

So the Levites stood ready with David's instruments,
    and the priests with the trumpets. 2 Chronicles 29:26

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KEN Sublett
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David Hearsey: The Old Plague Stopping Sacrifice.

January 10 2007, 4:36 PM 

    Preacherflies David Hearsey: It appears that Blituri was taking the position that music of no kind was authorized in the OT.

    He could not be more mistaken.

    2 Chronicles 29:25
    And he set the Levites in the house of the LORD with cymbals, with psalteries, and with harps, according to the commandment of David, and of Gad the king's seer, and Nathan the prophet: for so was the commandment of the LORD by his prophets.

Firstly, the Spirit OF Christ never calls it MUSIC but NOISE. When you blow 120 ram's horns tuned to the same note by the priests and all blown with ONE VOICE or sound, music you DO NOT MAKE. Even twanging on bowstrings or harps and beating on cymbals IS NEVER CALLED MUSIC in the text. The worship of idols in Daniel comes closer to speak of instrumental music.

Unfortunate for those working as New Testament Church Preachers, they never read the whole context beginning with musical idolatry at Mount Sinai where they worshipped the always-pagan trinity as "gods" plural or the Golden Calf or Calves.

Nextly, they missed the fact that the Israelites repudiated The Book of the Covenant which had NO RITUALS and no manditory animal sacrifices. However, Stephen said that God TURNED THEM OVER TO WORSHIP THE STARRY HOST. That included a sacrificial system which STILL had no singing or instruments for the NATIONAL animal sacrifices. Only when God gave David a Jebusite High Place (called Jerusalem and Sodom) did David praise God but NOT in a religious sense.

Later, when the ELDERS fired God and demanded a king LIKE THE NATIONS God understood that they wanted to WORSHIP LIKE THE NATIONS. The book of Ecclesiasticus which was in the BOUND VOLUME Jesus quotes from says what is said over and over in the Bible, and what was in the ORIGINAL 1611 KJV with a crime attached to anyone who would remove them:

Ecclesiasticus 48
1. Then the prophet Elijah arose like a fire, and his word burned like a torch.
2. He brought a famine upon them, and by his zeal he made them few in number.
3. By the word of the Lord he shut up the heavens, and also three times brought down fire.
4. How glorious you were, O Elijah, in your wondrous deeds! And who has the right to boast which you have?
5. You who raised a corpse from death and from Hades, by the word of the Most High;
6. who brought kings down to destruction, and famous men from their beds;
7. who heard rebuke at Sinai and judgments of vengeance at Horeb;
8. who anointed kings to inflict retribution and prophets to succeed you.

That is exactly what God warned through Samuel to give the elders a chance to repent: one of those curses was that the kings would collect the Tithe and give the people's property to his 'ministry team.' That curse included making the young boys run before the chariots and with musical instruments. Hosea Said of Israel but including Judah:

O Israel, thou hast destroyed thyself; but in me is thine help. Hosea 13:9
I will be thy king: where is any other that may save thee in all thy cities? and thy judges of whom thou saidst, Give me a king and princes? Hosea 13:10
I gave thee a king in mine anger, and took him away in my wrath.
Hosea 13:11

Stephen said that God gave David a Tabernacle
But SOLOMON built Him a house
But God does not live in houses built by human hands
Therefore, this has NOTHING to do with the spiritual worship in the synagogue or the spiritual worship in what Paul identified with a "synagogue" type word and it has nothing to do with anything but a Temple not needed by God but DEMANDED by a GOYIM or GENTILE nation to which God abandoned Israel conditionally at Mount Sinai and terminally when the elders demanded a "Dominant Preacher" as a king to rule over us.

For that they murdered Stephen Stephen when he DISCOUNTED the KINGDOM period just as did Paul when he leapfrogged the Law and landed on the Patriarchal system which was offered to Israel as The Book of the Covenant. They rejected it and got virtually abandoned with the Law to protect the weak agaisnt the future King, Kingdom and regular national system of animal sacrifices. Not in the VILEST pagan temple could singers and musicians enter into the CELLA or sacred precincts like the Holy Place.

There are two things going on at this contract which HEZEKIAH and not God suggested:

The temple was for a Civil-Military-priestly state and was NOT for public worship by the people whom God confined to the Qahal or synagogue or church in the wilderness where any loud noise including 'rejoicing before the Lord was excluded' because it was a SCHOOL OF THE PEOPLE who never, once, anytime, anyplace sang with instrumental accompaniment. The REST prevented them from going to the Temple. Temples were NEVER used for public worship: when people worshipped it is not the priests or musicians but official spectators fell on their face.

The Levitical Warrior Musicians were under the KING and COMMANDERS OF THE ARMY. Their Instruments OF DAVID were the Military component and the Priests blew the trumpets which were commanded by God. Why should anyone feel the need to APPEASE GOD'S WRATH after the CROSS?

Now it is in mine heart to make a covenant with the Lord God of Israel, that his fierce wrath may turn away from us. 2 Chronicles 29:10
My sons, be not now negligent: for the Lord hath chosen you to stand before him, to serve him, and that ye should minister unto him, and burn incense. 2 Chronicles 29:11
Then the Levites arose, Mahath the son of Amasai, and Joel the son of Azariah, of the sons of the Kohathites:and of the sons of Merari; Kish the son of Abdi, and Azariah the son of Jehalelel:and of the Gershonites; Joah the son of Zimmah, and Eden the son of Joah:2 Chronicles 29:12
And of the sons of Elizaphan; Shimri, and Jeiel:and of the sons of Asaph; Zechariah, and Mattaniah:2 Chronicles 29:13
And of the sons of Heman; Jehiel, and Shimei:and of the sons of Jeduthun; Shemaiah, and Uzziel. 2 Chronicles 29:14
And they gathered their brethren, and sanctified themselves, and came,
    according to the commandment of the king,
    by the words of the Lord, to cleanse the house of the Lord. 2 Chronicles 29:15
That has nothing to do with worship which can only take place in the mind or spirit.

Does anyone feel the need to CLEANSE the church of Christ, the body typified by the Holy Place? Not me. He lives in the spirits of baptized believers: anyone need CLEANSING? It is a fact that Apollo or Apollyon and his Muses (singers, musicians) were the WASHERS but John called them Sorcerers.

The Levites had no right to enter the place of worship even to clean out pagan garbage.

And the priests went into the inner part of the house of the Lord, to cleanse it, and brought out all the uncleanness that they found in the temple of the Lord into the court of the house of the Lord. And the Levites took it, to carry it out abroad into the brook Kidron. 2 Chronicles 29:16

I have been asked why didn't they purge out the musical instruments? Simply because the instruments were neverallowed in the holy place (typical of the church) or the most holy place (typical of heaven itself.) The Levites carry what the priests deliver to the "courts" which is symbolic of the world. I am quite certain that the worship of Assyrian idols would have left musical instruments and other things in the Holy Places. It was so vile that the priests had fled Jerusalem and set up altars outside the city which is called SODOM.

Then Hezekiah the king rose early, and gathered the rulers of the city, and went up to the house of the Lord. 2 Chronicles 29:20
And they brought seven bullocks, and seven rams, and seven lambs, and seven he goats, for a sin offering
    for the kingdom, and
    for the sanctuary, and
    for Judah.
And he commanded the priests the sons of Aaron to offer them on the altar of the Lord [NOT in the HOLY PLACE]. 2 Chronicles 29:21
So they killed the bullocks, and the priests received the blood, and sprinkled it on the altar: likewise, when they had killed the rams, they sprinkled the blood upon the altar: they killed also the lambs, and they sprinkled the blood upon the altar. 2 Chronicles 29:22

Now, read carefully or you will have ALL of the parallel passages being commanded by DAVID through the STARGAZER:

What: And he set (stationed) the Levites in the house [court] of the Lord with cymbals, with psalteries, and with harps,
    Authority:: according to the commandment of David, and of Gad the kings seer,
What: and Nathan the prophet:
    Authority: for so was the commandment of the Lord by his prophets. 2 Chronicles 29:25 (268 years ago for INSTRUMENTS, longer for TRUMPETS)
So the Levites stood ready with David's instruments,
    and the priests with the trumpets. 2 Chronicles 29:26
We know WHO commanded the Levitical Warrior Musicians and it was NOT GOD. If they were DAVID'S instruments then they were not GOD'S instruments because He had no need for them before He was FIRED by the elders (always the elders). We have the text to prove that God commanded the trumpets to send signals: but outlawed the instruments and loud rejoicing for the synagogue.

Now, here is the command to "set the Levites" in the service of the future Temple because of surplus Panic Noise makers after the wars were over and David had a Military Industrial complex on his hands.

David, together with the commanders of the army, set apart some of the sons of Asaph, Heman and Jeduthun for the ministry of prophesying, accompanied by harps, lyres and cymbals. Here is the list of the men who performed this service: 1 Chron 25:1NIV

Next, they were not assigned as "musical worship ministers" but their service was:

Abodah (h5656) ab-o-daw'; from 5647; work of any kind:- act, bondage, / bondservant, effect, labour, ministering (-try), office, service (-ile, -itude), tillage, use, work, * wrought

Abad (h5647) aw-bad'; a prim. root; to work (in any sense); by impl. to serve, till, (caus.) enslave, etc.:- * be, keep in bondage, be bondmen, bond-service, compel, do, dress, ear, execute, / husbandman, keep, labourng man, bring to pass, (cause to, make to) serve (-ing, self), (be, become) servant (-s), do (use) service, till (-er), transgress [from margin], (set a) work, be wrought, worshipper.

And why not? God sends parabolic messages through names: you do NOT want Asap to be your Musical Worship leader:

H622 ’âsaph aw-saf' A primitive root; to gather for any purpose; hence to receive, take away, that is, remove (destroy, leave behind, put up, restore, etc.): assemble, bring, consume, destroy, fetch, gather (in, together, up again), X generally, get (him), lose, put all together, receive, recover [another from leprosy], (be) rereward, X surely, take (away, into, up), X utterly, withdraw.

WHAT WAS THE ORIGINAL TEMPLE DEDICATION ANIMAL SACRIFICE?: Instruments are used with dedicatory or purging animal sacrifices for kings and buildings and grounds but never for the common people.

1. so the king and all the people [official people] dedicated the house of God. 2 Chronicles 7:5
    2. And the priests waited on their offices: (Religious)
1A. the Levites also with instruments of musick of the Lord, which David the king had made to praise the Lord, because his mercy endureth for ver,
    when David praised by their ministry; [David never led the praise service]
2A. and the priests sounded trumpets before them, and all Israel stood (king and officials). 2 Chronicles 7:6

Here is WHOM and FOR WHAT the "musical" instruments were instituted and then for a NATIONAL TEMPLE dedicated to Idolatry for most of its life:

And he appointed, according to the order of David his father,
the courses of the priests to their service,
and the Levites to their charges, to praise and minister before the priests,
as the duty of every day required: the porters also by their courses at every gate:
for so had David the man of God commanded. 2 Chronicles 8:14

Lipscomb notes that a COMMAND OF GOD is never said to be a COMMAND of a mortal.

This is repeated after the Return by Nehemiah and the SEPARATION between the Civil-Military system which God permitted after telling them that the kings would enslave and destroy them.

So, there are other versions which DO NOT say that God commanded CYMBALS.

And even if you could prove it you would prove it for a PLAGUE STOPPING animal sacrifice for a TEMPLE into which God could not be worshipped.

And even then you could get the singers, musicians and BURDEN bearers no closer than the PARKING lot because none of them could enter into the Holy Place which typifies the Synagogue or Body of Christ: the table of communion, the seven SPIRITS OF GOD in learning and the INCENSE altar where we offer out OWN prayers.

That is the danger of the APPROVED PRACTICE preachers are taught to disobey the direct commands of God and Cut N paste from odd tidbits to IMPROVISE a new set of SCRIPTURE because they just don't have any inclination to obey the office given to the elders: "To teach that which had been taught." People did whatever they wished with THEIR stuff which they thought inspired BUT it was always unseemly to add to, subtract from or otherwise modify the MESSAGE which the BELIEVED came from a God. That is why there is a WOE and a POX on most religionism which is NOT the first century church and NOT the church the Restorers gave us for 'one shining moment.'

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Ken Sublett
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David Hearsey: Part Two.

January 10 2007, 5:54 PM 

    PreacherfliesDavid Hearsey: Moreover, if even singing was not authorized, then Jesus would not have participated in it Himself,

    Mark 14:24-26
    24 And he said unto them, This is my blood of the new testament, which is shed for many.
    25 Verily I say unto you, I will drink no more of the fruit of the vine, until that day that I drink it new in the kingdom of God.
    26 And when they had sung an hymn , they went out into the mount of Olives.
What it REALLY says is that they HYMNED A HYMN: they did not have three musical songs by Twila Paris and a dismissal prayer. So! be careful about the proofs or you are left with ONE HYMN which was sung only ONCE a year and no dismissal prayer. The hymns are known as the Hallel
    Encarta Online Hallel, in Jewish ritual, selection from the Psalms, chanted as part of the liturgy during certain festivals. The more frequently used selection includes Psalms 113-118 and is known as the Egyptian Hallel, presumably because Psalm 114 begins, "When Israel went out of Egypt " It is sung in synagogues on the first two days of Passover, on Shabuoth, on Sukkot, on each morning of the eight days of Hanukkah, and at the close of the Seder.
No one COMPOSED hymns so Fanny Crosby did not compose "that which is written" or "Scripture." Therefore, this proof text from Jesu actually repudates modern "sanging and clanging." The Bible is not metrical as to making singing possible, but with accent marks for emphasis. To sing the text you have to put it into meter that that means adding the "umms" and "uhhhs" which gets you burned.

The Hallel through the generations, on specific occasions: Pesachim 117a
Hallel requires a full stomach and a satisfied spirit: Taanis 25b-26a
The READING is beloved to the people, and so they LISTEN closely: Megillah 21b
The Hallel as an Institution of the Prophets, to use to PRAY for salvation from danger: Pesachim 117a
Which occurrences mandate singing praise to Gd: Megillah 14a
Reciting Hallel for a miracle which occurred outside of Israel: Megillah 14a
Saying the Hallel daily is blasphemous: Shabbos 118b

When the Greeks read something in the Greek language their speech patterns were called "singing." The normal inflection of the voice as was cantillation among the Hebrews meant that "singing" was "reading like a schoolboy reads the hallel." The word for SING as ODE further defines "psalmos" as in Hebrew cantillation. It SEEMS that when Paul commanded SPEAK he did not mean MAKE MUSIC.

"These musical fragments show that Greek music was predominantly vocal, although instrumental pieces were sometimes presented.
"The music was homophonic; i.e., it consisted of single melodic lines.
"Ancient Greek was a pitched language, so melody had to be an outgrowth of the natural inflections of the spoken language. [That was "speaking" one to another and in the synagogue and would be called cantillation or chanting: speaking in an elevated voice]
"In early Christian times the Gnostics used the Greek scale in their incantations, and Byzantium adopted the Greek modes.

We have proven that Jesus is our APPROVED EXAMPLE and PATTERNISM for hymning ONE hymn once during the year. Furthermore, the Jews would have noted you a heretic is you used that DEDICATED hymn to "musicate" which would be mockery. This proves that HYMNS are names for certain Biblical Psalms: you cannot write hymns any more than you can write a "formula" for baptism to make it more powerful:
    Preacherflies David Hearsey:Jesus is our perfect example. If He sang, we sing.

    Our praise to God through the fruit of our lips, which includes singing, is one of the spiritual sacrifices we offer to God in our worship.

    Heb 13:15-16
    15 By him therefore let us offer the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to his name.
    16 But to do good and to communicate forget not: for with such sacrifices God is well pleased.

Now, that would leave no time for a sermon! Nor sleep!

The word PRAISE does not mean singing, but TELLING A STORY: you cannot praise God by blabbering 'Praise God." You praise God by teling HIS story in HIS words. Otherwise, you are praising the song leader and almost surely praising the PERFECT HARMONY or "doing my part."

G133 ainesis ah'ee-nes-isFrom G134 ; a praising (the act), that is, (specifically) a thank (offering):--praise.
G136 ainos ah'ee-nos Apparently a primary word; properly a story, but used in the sense of G1868 ; praise (of God):--praise.

    Preacherflies David Hearsey: Blituri has contrived himself a doctrine without consideration of all of what scripture has to say on the subject. It is my hope that he will come to the knowledge of the truth on this matter.
Old Blituri learned how to read WHOLE thought patterns. In Hebrews, we have another approved example:

Saying, I will DECLARE thy name unto my brethren, in the midst of the church [ekklesia or synagogue] will I sing praise (hymn) unto thee. Heb 2:12

FIRST: DECLARE in Greek does not mean to IGNORE the good news by INTRUDING Twila Paris:
    Apagello (g518) ap-ang-el'-lo; from 575 and the base of 32; to announce: - bring word (again), declare, report, shew (again), tell.

    Aggelos (g32) ang'-el-os; from aggello, [prob. der. from 71; comp. 34] (to bring tidings); a messenger; esp. an "angel"; by impl. a pastor: - angel, messenger

    Liddell, Scott:
    Apang-ellô , fut. -angelô, Ion. 1. of a messenger, bring tidings, report, bring back tidings, report in answer, 2. of a speaker or writer, report, relate, 3. recite, declaim,

Because DECLARING is the work of the EKKLESIA you don't fall into girlish "sanging" in order to rub all of your pleasure centers. This does not mean to entertain but to do the work of an EVANGELIST: Speak means Preach to teach and admonish.
    Euaggelizo (g2097) yoo-ang-ghel-id'-zo; from 2095 and 32; to announce good news ("evangelize") espec. the gospel: - declare, bring (declare, show) glad (good) tidings, PREACH (the gospel).
SECOND: Jesus grieves out A hymn which we have shown were prayers and were spoken:
    Apalgeo (g524) ap-alg-eh'-o; from 575 and algeo (to SMART); to GRIEVE out, i.e. become APATHETIC: - be past feeling
That is why there is no redemption for those who hum, clapp or whistle during Lord's Supper. The HYMNS were the prayers of the Jews. Nothing in the BLUE book qualifies as "that which is written" or "scripture" and SING is not SPEAK and violates all definitions of Speak.

That is why I say that "non-instrumental" preachers MUST be in bed with the instrumentalists because they pretend that SPEAK (as in a Physics Class) really means MAKE MUSIC.

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Tom Brite
(no login)

Re: David Hearsey: The Old Plague Stopping Sacrifice.

January 10 2007, 8:13 PM 

Ken, you certainly have a gift for alienating those on both sides, and that is probably a good thing.

In reading that thread, I am struck by just how confused these men and women seemed to be. What is more striking is how quickly you were banned just for giving an unpopular opinion/teaching. Keep it up!

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Ken Sublett
(no login)

Astounding! Simply Awesome!

January 11 2007, 10:04 AM 

We have discussed the RIGHT as a WING of the same bird which has a LEFT wing: not as in Right meaning CORRECT.

I have often pointed out to young conservatives who find themselves locked in cult-speak and codefied speech patterns that there are a feww good CONSERVATIVES but conservative doesn't mean MEAN and dangerous.

Serving in all of the Laidity roles in the church I found out a long time ago that when preachers get the stamp on the forehand and a bundle of sermon outlines in their hand (the MARKS) they resent ANYONE saying anything which they cannot match up with their outlines. On the other hand, a disciple with A holy spirit wants to pick everyone's brain. Mature Christians don't pull that old "you can't play in our sandbox any more."

After all of those BIBLE QUOTES one of the APPROVED spokesmen [there's a song about him] for preacherflies DENIED that I used any BIBLE: he must have missed that GEN means GENESIS and that is in the OLDEN Bible not required reading for EITHER wing of the preachercraft.

Close to ALL of the non-instrumentals THINK that God, in the words of Ricky A., COMMANDED INSTRUMENTAL PRAISE: that means that they missed GardenOfEden 101a, MountSinai 102, Abandonment to Gentile-like Monarchy 103, Prophetic Condemnation of ALL such Music 104 and Jesus Casting Out Musical Minstrels Like Dung 105.

That is why they will STING YOU READ BAD if you quote the Bible which they define as Blasphemy.

Too many of these guys take seminar in LAWYERING and when they are called upon to try a women for adultery, they wrap a chain around her, throw her in the lake: if she floats she was innocent, if she drowns she was guilty. When brought up on charges he pulled out his BLACKBEARD ON LAW.

Yes: I am an Equal Opportunity Offender. I don't INTEND to be nasty: Mom said she thought that it was congenital.

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(no login)

Re: Astounding! Simply Awesome!

January 14 2007, 11:56 AM 

Congratulations for getting kicked off the preachers files!! I commend you!!

Thise guys could figure you out! Hey, ive read your stuff for a long time and just have figured it out, sorta.
i'm sure the likes of D'angelo, Hersey, etc, could figure it out in a million years!

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Ken Sublett
(no login)


January 14 2007, 9:27 PM 

Well, bless their littlee hearts at least they don't slink away behind an Alias.
You noted the hatched job: this one wild west fella calls me a liar for quoting the Bible. Isn't that wunnerful!
I at least tried to respond to the shotgunblast of challenges just before they lifted my scalp.
At least I expected some minimal common decency in response.

On the other hand, that's a lie: I did not. Preachers almost UNIVERSALLY do not condescend of men of low estate.
I e-mailed a NE preacher who has some kind of bonding with one of the SEVEN HILLS down in Texas and asked
him it if made any difference that the hireling-preacherling lied about 100% of the music passages and historical
mentions? Apparently it DID NOT MATTER.

Huh! you quote one of the first and most famous dramatists defining the church IN YOUR HOME TOWN
and people are so STARVED for any word that they whine: "I can't unnerstan u." I always take that
as a pigtail pull of people who find being alive embarassing--especially if they picked up a
ckeck today for SPIRITUAL ABUSE of God's children feeding them on an outline-salad.

There will be no redemption for people who neither know anything about the CONTEXT as
long as the people will pay for minced meet.

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Brian Cade
(no login)

Re: The Preacher's Files.

February 13 2012, 1:35 AM 

No, you were banned from the Preacher Files because you disobeyed the moderator's instructions to provide BCV or documentation for, and clarification of, your wild assertions. For example, this post from Jan. 5, 2007:


Either give scripture to back up what you are saying or stop posting with your opinions...because if you are going to post something here, realize this, we WILL ask for proof and I don't mean proof from some notes that you don't want ot provide documatation for, but for SCRIPTUAL proof of what you say.

If you are not ready to provide such, then stop posting."

Or this one, from earlier the same day:

"Blituri wrote:
Just read the BLUE stuff.
Maybe I can put it to a tune.
I don't buy the can't understand when most of it is direct quotations.
You didn't have time to read it and LEARNING hurts. Give it a few moments to soak in.

Four people have told you that your writing is difficult and hard to follow, yet "you do not buy it", are we lying? Is it possible that your writing is difficult to understand? Have you heeded to the wishes of some of the members and attempt to write simpler? Organize your "facts" better, and actually give proof for them?"

Or perhaps this:

"Blituri I still cannot follow you, sorry. Your grammar is confusing, your word usage is strange, and you continual assertion of supposed facts add to the confusion. Please write so that the pigs can eat it, bring it low for the common people. Use words that fit the discussion, like biblical terminology. And please please discontinue assertions. If what you say is not common knowledge or has a verse behind it, then please do not even bring it up unless it can be verified. Thank you again"

The moderators asked you to make yourself clear and you blew them off. So don't try the pity ploy - you were banned for being rude and disobeying the mods.

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Ken Sublett
(Login Ken.Sublett)

Paul was hard to understand

February 13 2012, 6:26 PM 

Paul was hard to understood because as an educated man he most often points to something in the pagan world and then refutes. it If you do not try to understand what even simple people understood at the time then you have no hope of understanding; you don't have the vocabulary.

Most often I post VERSES in blue which you can read to make up for the lack in church yesterday.
If you want to go further you can read the word definitions AND usually lots of Greek or Latin texts to show how the word is used at that time.

If you cannot find ANY religious musical performance which does not point to the men at that time who sang and played at the same time: "They were drunk, perverted or just having fun." If I spend decades plowing through the ancient texts from clay tablets onward a gracious person would take that as a favor which they can accept or reject: they cannot do either until they have chased out the words, definitions and how they are used.

The Word PLAY in the Old and New Testament OUTLAWS musical performers especially with instruments: If you cannot grasp that from reading Peter that is ok: you should just not sell your body as the master teacher usurping the role of the elders and DISCIPLES. If you think that Disciples of Christ go to perform and admire musical performance you simply CANNOT be a Disciple and you SHOULD not sell your body to keep from getting a real job.

Both Jew and Gentile were "wise unto salvation" because they attended synagogue or Church of Christ in the Wilderness"

Acts 15:21 For Moses of old time
......hath in every city
......them that preach him,
......being read in the synagogues every sabbath day.

Paul commanded Timothy how to hold Ekklesia or Synagogue on the first day (REST never meant worship)

1Timothy 4:13 Till I come, give attendance to (public) reading, to exhortation, to doctrine.

Read for COMFORT (that which is written in Romans 15)
Comfort through Scripture (Romans 15.
Doctrine: "teach them to OBSERVE what I have commanded to be taught." Jesus.

A person who is at the BASE level of being a learner could NOT even hallucinate the authority to ADD something to deliberately sow discord.

2Corinthians 3:11 For if that which is done away was glorious, much more that which remaineth is glorious.
2Corinthians 3:12 Seeing then that we have such hope, we use great plainness of speech:
2Corinthians 3:13 And not as Moses, which put a vail over his face, that the children of Israel could not stedfastly look to the end of that which is abolished:
......for until this day remaineth the same vail untaken away the reading of the old testament; which vail is done away in Christ.
2Corinthians 3:15 But even unto this day, when Moses is read ,
......the vail is upon their heart.
2Corinthians 3:16 Nevertheless when it shall turn to the Lord, [converted, baptized]
......the vail shall be taken away.
2Corinthians 3:17 Now the Lord is that Spirit:
......and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.
2Corinthians 3:18 But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord,
......are changed into the same image from glory to glory,
......even as by the Spirit of the Lord. [The Lord's Words]

Nope: Preacher's Filles understood PERFECTLY what I was saying: it just didn't fit with any of the "preachers files" from "preacher's school."

NO ONE is capable of being a Scribe or Pharisee and WRITING their own "Word of Christ." Knowing that Christ came and died to PROVE that no human clergy was capable of building an INSTITUTION areound the Free Water of The World," Chrisit commanded form the Wilderness onward that we are to REST, Read and rehearse the Word."

Rest on the evil Seventh day was to PREVENT people from attending the SUN worship always on the SEVENTH day. Christ outlawed "Vocal and instrumental rejoicing." That's why there was NO "praise service in synagogues until 1815 when a German Rabbi needed to CHRISTIANIZE to survive.

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Brian Cade
(no login)

Re: Paul was hard to understand

February 14 2012, 2:09 AM 

They were asking for clarification of your views and you refused to do it (in the most spiteful manner possible, I might add), whereas a genuine scholar would have attempted to honor their request. Your defense is invalid.

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(no login)

Re: Paul was hard to understand

February 26 2012, 8:09 PM 

You are not Paul of Tarsus.

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(no login)

You Got What You Asked For....

February 14 2012, 9:55 AM 

Ken what do you expect? Our purpose in life, as Christians, is to teach the Gospel to the sinful world. Men with fertile hearts can understand the Word, and understand men who preach the Word in simple form.

You DO NOT do this! Once in a while you try to be human, such as this quote
"I believe that the problem is that most do not comprehend the meaning of worship. In a litteral sense we would fall on our face if we comprehend that God is God and we are not. As you noted since we do not worship in the flesh, we bow to Christ when we look at His Words as something to be read and understood. A lot of people are misled and "few are chosen"but I doubt that people have understood anything about the nature of God when they think that they can enhance his word."

Then Ken, you prove yourself to arrogant and condescending by this hateful diatribe.

"The UNFRUITFUL works of SKIA is repeating any thing in the Law of the Monarchy as a "patternism" for what they call "worship services."
or this...
Jesus has repudiated the Jewish system where all of the performing arts were at the CORNER STONE or the secret place where only on-duty sons of Aaron were permitted to attend or "perform.

You get such a terrible reputation because you deserve it. You want got it.

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