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Quail Springs Church Adopts Instruments for Worship

February 4 2008 at 4:09 AM
Reviewed  (Login Donnie.Cruz)
from IP address

This news is sad and unfortunate, but not unexpected.

This thread is being presented here solely for the purpose of providing information so that another congregation may learn a valuable lesson from this congregation’s own experience, and thus avoid pitfalls of discord and the eventual exodus of a considerable number of its own members.

This thread is not intended to suggest or imply that the Madison congregation’s problems that resulted in similar ways were associated with instrumental music. However, it is significant to illustrate the point that whenever unnecessary and divisive changes are incorporated into the church’s set of beliefs and practices against the will of many of its members, discord among the brethren will be inevitable. This has been proven time and again.

Notice what a member of the Quail Springs church has written to us about the impending crisis (June, 2007):

    “Hello, my name is [______]. I am a member of Quail Springs Church of Christ in Oklahoma City. I have been reading through the extensive information provided on your website and find it very interesting. In particular, the changes that are occurring at our church in light of our minister and eldership announcing that we would be adding an instrumental worship service earlier this year. Since that time, we have significant discord in our church. Things that are happening here seem to mirror what happened at Richland Hills. I was wondering what the final result what at Richland Hills because, frankly, I am concerned about the future of our church. Thanks in advance – Member.”

Recently, brother John Waddey, editor of online Christianity: Then and Now, has delivered via “A Lesson to Fortify Your Faith” e-mail correspondence an article regarding the final decision made by that the congregation’s minister, with the elders’ approval. He warns:

    Dear Readers:

    Today's lesson is a called for action. I hope after reading this the redeemed of the Lord will say so (Ps. 107:2). Please pass this lesson on to every Christian of your acquaintance. Lift up continual prayers for the Lord's church.

    John Waddey

Here’s the message:



      The headline reads, "Quail Springs Church of Christ will add service with musical instruments." This congregation is located in Oklahoma City. In an interview with reporter, Carla Hinton (01/27/08), Quail Springs minister, Mark Henderson, answered questions and explained why he and his elders decided to introduce instrumental music into the worship for their congregation. The full article is posted at Reading the interview, several interesting facts emerge to help us understand why the preacher and elders of a Church of Christ would want to introduce instrumental music into their worship.

      I note that Bro. Henderson is the preaching minister of the congregation. It is reasonable to conclude that one reason for this major decision is the preaching and teaching he has done on the subject. That his elders went along with his desire to have instruments, reflects badly on them. They are supposed to be the older, wiser shepherds of the flock who hold to the faithful word which is according to the teaching and able to exhort in the sound doctrine (Tit. 1:9).

      Bro. Henderson's defense of their decision is pathetic for a man who has been preaching some 20 years. He explains that our brethren's reason for rejecting the use of instruments is because they are without divine authorization. He acknowledges that they are not found in the New Testament of Christ. He concedes that Churches of Christ have universally considered the use of man-made instruments of music in worship to be sinful and out of step with God and refused to fellowship those who use them.

      He tells us that he and his elders made the decision to use instruments after a lengthy period of discussion, prayer and study. One must wonder if they used the New Testament of Christ as a reference point in their studies? Did they weigh Christ's command that we "observe all things whatsoever he commanded" (Matt. 28:20)? I have observed in at least two other statements by preachers and elders announcing their embrace of instrumental music that they used these identical words. I wonder who recommended the terminology to them?

      We learn that this event is the result of a carefully executed incremental process. Note the progression:

      • "We, for a number of years, have treated this as a nonissue."
      • They first indicated to their members a year before that they were looking in that direction.
      • In the past they had on Saturday night an activity that they "called Worship we already had kind of a band."
      • "We've tended toward more contemporary Christian worship music."
      • From the church's website we can see that have been using a praise
        team in their worship.
      • "We were just developing what we have done before."
      • Their preacher prepared the members by his sermons beforehand.

      The preacher reveals their primary reasons for their change. "We wanted to keep more of our people that were leaving to go to instrumental churches." Rather than teach them God's will for our praise worship, the leaders sought to solve the problem by making theirs an instrumental church. There are many of these churches here in America. They are called Christian Churches. Their decision obviously had nothing to do with the practice being scriptural or unscriptural. It was purely a pragmatic decision. Let's do it to keep or gain members! Not a worthy motive for leaders of Christ's church.

      Bro. Henderson speaks much about their freedom to use instruments if they wish to do so. Historically, false prophets have often promised their deluded disciples freedom from the boundaries and restrictions of God's law. Peter depicts them as "uttering great swelling words of vanity...promising them liberty, while they themselves are bond-servants of corruption..." (II Pet. 2:19).

      The interview closed with these revealing words from Bro. Henderson, "We don't make any judgments about any other congregations about what they should or shouldn't do." This reveals the postmodern basis for their actions. This new secular philosophy refuses to pass judgment on the beliefs or practices of others. Of course, our Master taught us to judge righteous judgment" (John 7:24). I suspect by depicting the Quail Springs leaders as non-judgmental about others, they hope it will silence those who view their decision as a departure from God's truth and disloyalty to Christ.

      When the decision to add instruments to their worship was made, Henderson reveals that a full third of their congregation felt obliged to leave and worship elsewhere. So in their desire to be relevant and appealing to sinners, they drove away 350 of God's children. Such is the story in virtually every church where change agents have gained control and imposed their unscriptural agenda. The change agents' call for unity rings hollow when we see them sowing discord and causing division on every hand. We remind them that God hates him that soweth discord among brethren (Prov. 6:16-19).

      Bro. Henderson assured Ms. Hinton that his congregation has "received very little direct feedback" or mail from other congregations concerning their decision. Perhaps you would like to let them know how their decision affects you. The address is Quail Springs Church of Christ, 14401 N. May Ave. Oklahoma City, OK 73134. Email at

      Now that the preacher and elders have changed their worship, perhaps they should also change their name to Quail Springs Christian Church. They would surely be welcomed among those whose faith they share.

      Bro. Gary Bruce is the minister of worship at the Quail Springs church. He teaches music at Oklahoma Christian University.

      Truly, this is a time to mourn (Eccle. 3:4)

      John Waddey, Editor
      Christianity: Then and Now


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Ken Sublett
(no login)

Quail Springs: shooting the doves?

February 4 2008, 11:55 AM 

When the decision to add instruments to their worship was made, Henderson reveals that a full third of their congregation felt obliged to leave and worship elsewhere. So in their desire to be relevant and appealing to sinners, they drove away 350 of God's children. Such is the story in virtually every church where change agents have gained control and imposed their unscriptural agenda. The change agents' call for unity rings hollow when we see them sowing discord and causing division on every hand. We remind them that God hates him that soweth discord among brethren (Prov. 6:16-19).

The LOSS OF MEMBERS is often the reason giving form adding musical instruments (machines for doing hard work). However, it might be better to look to the leadership and the preacher especially if he is either terminally ignorant or terminally evil. Mark has been one of the "merry band of men" making unity under the oversight of the NACC people who have lied about every musical passage in the Bible and recorded history.

The fact is that the purpose driven cult MAKES ALLOWANCE for losing a large part of their congregation whiich they lust to replace with the singy-clappy gender confused breed.

Mark has simply repeated the SHEET handed to Max lucado, Rick Atchley, Terry Rush and others: I am quite certain that they have never read either the context or the story line.

While this is heavy RAW MEAT which implicates music as the MARK of a gender confused leadership at best and a Satanic fulfilment of Revelation 17 - 18 at its worst.

Quail Springs Church of Christ>

Mark Henderson, Quail Springs Church of Christ

Mark Henderson Instrumental Music in the New Testament

The remaining problem is that MOST of the non-instrumental preachers do not know or have much interest beyond "the law of singing" and the "gopher wood" patter (which is valid). They will spew you out if you try to explain that when Amos spoke of a man and his son going in to the same temple prostitute and using musical instruments was NOT just a "bad mental attitude." None of the once-Christian colleges are compent to teach the Bible. So blame the "conservatives" for leaving the congregation so naked that only 350 flee for their lives. In recorded history anyone who came into a community wanting to sing and play and be paid was in effect "tarred and feathered." Too bad there is no manliness left .

As noted, any church which has allowed the very effeminate notion of a "musical worship team" to lead you into the presence of God is subconsiously or UNconsioulsy "boiling the frog" and repeating what all pagan music meant: to lead you into a sexual like climax with the "gods." So says Carol Wimber of the Vineyard aka New Wineskins.

Is there NO honor or minimal common decency that men would set out intentiionally to "steal the church houses of widows?"

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Re: Quail Springs Church Adopts Instruments for Worship

February 4 2008, 12:04 PM 

Please change the first link to:

Quail Springs Church of Christ

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Ken Sublett
(no login)

Singers, musicians and audience are called hypocrites.

February 7 2008, 7:42 PM 

Jesus identified the Scribes and Pharisees as hypocrites by pointing to Isaiah and Ezekiel: Ezekiel identifies performance speakers, singers and instrument players. Those who attend to be entertained are also called hypocrites. A musical instrument is identified as NOTHING, just nothing at all: it showed that people had no intention of listening to God.

This message has been edited by Donnie.Cruz from IP address on Feb 21, 2008 4:35 AM

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Jimmy Wren
(no login)

Pray for removal of the leaders/preacher at Quail Springs

February 11 2008, 12:34 AM 

The following was written by some of the good, faithful brethren in oklahoma. I have copied and placed it here for all of the ConcernedMembers.

'Emotions ranging from tears of disappointment to cheers of applause broke out when the announcement was made from the pulpit that Quail Spring (QS) would add mechanical instruments of music into the 9:00 am instrumental service. As we (Brant & Rick) viewed the list of elders of the QS online we noticed that many of them are affiliated with or came out of the Christian Church, while Mark Henderson’s background is Baptist through and through. We urge you to go to their website at as well as the issue of the Daily Oklahoman for proof in black and white concerning this topic.

The elders of the QS assisted the entire congregation in committing spiritual suicide as these religious racketeers defiled the church of Christ by invading her with foreign innovations and unwarranted worship (Col. 3:17; 1 Pet. 4:11). These so called elders have led the sheep to poisonous waters and shall be responsible to God on the Day of Judgment for such destruction (Heb. 13:17; 2 Cor. 5:10; Jho. 12:48). Rather than, “stopping the mouths of those who subvert whole houses” (Tit. 1:11), they decided to feed the beast of false doctrine with selfishness, pride and politics!

The church of Christ, planned by the Father (Eph. 3:10), purchased by the Son (Acts 20:28), and pattern perfected by the Holy Spirit (Jho. 16:13; Acts 2:42) is described by deity as a monogamous marriage to Christ our Lord (Eph. 5:23-25). Thus spiritual whoredom, adultery and fornication are words often used to describe those who would depart God’s covenant for another (cf. Hos. 9:1; Jas. 4:4). My friend, when God calls you a whore, you a whore!

Mark Henderson, who has referred to himself as a pastor is the prime leader in this modern day “love affair” with instrumental music! One might ask, “When did all this begin? The exact date would be hard to pinpoint, but we know that QS’s spiritual fornication began with fireworks (An annual joint fellowship between QS and QS Baptist on the 4th of July). This frolicking fornicator went much further and eventually became engaged to the Baptist denomination when they (QS) went in halves on and purchased a graven image to signify their adultery to all of society. By this point a once secretive affair was in full bloom even to the point of “glorying” (1 Cor. 5:1-2) in this spiritual sickness.

Leaders from far and near warned these brethren repeatedly (Tit. 3:9-10; Col. 1:28; 2 Tim. 4:2), yet to no avail. At the same time, Mark Henderson, was asked by Oklahoma Christian University to speak on their Annual Lectureship. During this time, a group of faithful preachers spearheaded by Monte Ginnings, Dave Dugan, and Mike Bentley organized a meeting of preachers, elders and concerned members at the 8th and Lee church of Christ in Lawton, Oklahoma in 2003. This issue among others was confronted publicly. Lynn McMillon (head of the Bible Department at Oklahoma Christian and an elder at Memorial Road) was silent and his silence was as loud as Texas Thunder that day!

The heated passion between Mark Henderson and Baptist doctrine continued to ignite further apostasy with each passing day. These two adulterers found it hard to even be apart one single day. This ongoing whorish activity by Mark and his followers resulted in illegitimate children. These twin demons known as Bootlegger and Innovator caused so much havoc at QS that many of the brethren called for his firing. The power of politics and cowardly leaders tolerated Mark, his spiritual affair, and his twins, to reside all the while despite brethren in and out of the congregation calling for his termination. Embarrassment swept over the entire brotherhood that a congregation would allow a so-called minister to have a spiritual affair and give him a pay raise for doing so. The denomination now known as The Family of God at Quail Springs has joined with Mark in this affair.

How tragic it is that dirty rendezvous has ended in the death the Quail Springs Church of Christ. Some sought to use the electric paddles repeatedly in hopes of shocking the life back into this church. After several attempts many recognized that the QS had indeed flat lined and no life was left. After a long and intense disease, the attending physician officially pronounced the QS dead. Today, we wear black, as we sit and mourn the loss of an entire congregation to death by spiritual suicide. One unnamed spectator reported that as the body lay in the emergency room grasping for any hopes of life that it was Mark Henderson, known spiritual adulterer that was grinning ear to ear, as he gently pressed his foot on the oxygen supply cord until the very end.

Funeral services for the Quail Springs Church of Christ are pending with Reflections Funeral Homes of Oklahoma. Gospel preachers around Oklahoma are asked to wear a black band as they preach throughout February as a symbolic reminder of the loss. Requests have been made, that in lieu of flowers, memorial donations may be sent to Reflections, 1205 W. Cherokee, Lindsay, Ok 73052, in hopes of finding a cure for this vicious disease.

In a related story, Mark Henderson, has been charged by the Holy Spirit for bootlegging Baptist doctrine and sneaking it into the church of Christ without permission. Evidently Mark has now fired his famous lawyer and will be representing himself at the Judgment (cf. 1 Jho. 2:1-2). His former lawyer wrote, “Notwithstanding I have a few things against thee, [QS] because thou sufferest that [man, Henderson], which calleth [himself a pastor], to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication, and to eat things sacrificed unto idols. And I gave [him] space to repent of [his] fornication; and [he] repented not. Behold, I will cast [him] into a bed, and them that commit adultery with [him] into great tribulation, except they repent of their deeds. And I will kill [his] children with death; and all the churches shall know that I am he which searcheth the reins and hearts: and I will give unto every one of you according to your works” (Rev. 2:20-23).'

Brant & Rick

Posted by Jimmy Wren

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Jimmy Wren
(no login)

Many are speaking out as another church house is stolen

February 11 2008, 1:13 AM 

The following is copied from:
“Love the brotherhood,” 1Peter 2:17 (Formerly World Gospel News)

Glover Shipp Speaks Out on Quail Springs
(Editor’s note: The following was sent by Glover to The Oklahoman in response to the story on Quail Springs’s decision to use the instrument in their Sunday meetings.)

I have been in churches of Christ for all of my 80 years, and have served as a preacher, missionary, deacon and elder, presently as an elder of the Edmond, Okla., Church of Christ. I have taught world religions, the history of Christianity and our own history. I have studied at length the matter of instrumental music. I have visited instrumental churches. Here are my conclusions.

Mark Henderson is right in saying that the New Testament is silent on instruments in worship. The instruction on music in worship is found primarily in three passages:
•Ephesians 5:19, which says to speak to one another in psalms, hymns and spiritual songs; to sing and make music in your heart to the Lord.
•Colossians 3:16, which tells us to sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs with gratitude in our hearts to God.
•Hebrews 13:15, which says that we are to offer the fruit of our lips as a sacrifice of praise.

One argument Henderson did not mention is historical. Here is what the Catholic Encyclopedia says in this matter:
“The first Christians were of too spiritual a fibre to substitute lifeless instruments for or use them to accompany the human voice. Clement of Alexandria severely condemns the use of instruments even at Christian banquets . . .” (X, 651). “For almost a thousand years, Gregorian chant without any instrumental or harmonic addition, was the only music used in connection with the liturgy” (X, 657).

And yet another of many historical witnesses:
Voices and Instruments in Christian Worship, published by The Liturgical Press: “From the standpoint of ritual action, liturgical music can only be monodic and vocal. Throughout nearly ten centuries of its history, Christian worship was in principle, and nearly always in fact, celebrated una voce [”one voice”- unanimously] and a cappella [without instrumental accompaniment, lit. “as the chapel”]. . . . The abundance and clearness of the texts in which the Fathers of the Church have discussed the questions can leave us in no doubt about the content and firmness of their teaching: musical instruments are to be excluded from the worship of the New Alliance” (142, 150).

Because of this historical position, the Eastern Church continued without instruments, even after the split with the Roman Church. The result is that all of the Orthodox churches, to my knowledge, continue their tradition of a cappella music. This is a major segment of Christendom. Other churches, also, deny their use, so churches of Christ are not unique in their position.
It is my observation in visiting contemporary instrumental services is that they look and sound exactly like any rock band — loud and with a heavy percussion beat. Guitars predominate, but with other instruments also used. The instrumentalists generally are not singing. Among those attending, many are not singing at all, but just listening to the music up on the stage. Finally, most have lost all ability to sing parts or even a cappella. The words of the songs are projected, but not the music. If a visitor doesn’t know a song, he or she cannot enter into the singing.

Visit the Edmond Church of Christ and hear a cappella music generally at its best. The congregation of about 1,200 members sings very well without ever turning to instruments to aid it.

We are certainly not against instruments. I played a violin for many years. Others are professional-level musicians. We choose to sing unaccompanied because of New Testament teaching on the matter, the example of the early church and its subsequent history for its first millennium.

Dr. Glover Shipp

copied and pasted here by Jimmy Wren

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Jimmy Wren
(no login)

Quail Springs: Another 30 pieces of silver for Mark Henderson!

February 11 2008, 5:08 PM 

Rick reports that a few good things are happening in wake of the thief of the QS church house.

7 February 2008 at 10:05 pm

It has been really busy here. I have been on the phone constantly with members and denominationalists. We have set up five Bible studies and will probably get a sixth study out of the article.

For example, we had a Methodist call and state that “the article made me rethink instruments in worship.”

A Catholic will be worshipping with us in the next couple of weeks.

A Menenite called to praise us for having the courage to stand up for our belief.

Channel 4 (KFOR) news came out last night for an interview. It will be on the 10:00 PM News (THU) in Oklahoma City. I believe that you can watch it on the internet

Here is the real kicker, we have discussed this issue with hundreds of members of the church (members up to 30 years) who do not know anything about Bible authority and the principle of silence.

The Bethany Tribune called and wanted the ad because there was so much news being generated because of it.

The Talon, the official newspaper for Oklahoma Christian University also called for an interview for an article that will appear this Friday.

We are still receiving calls and email over this issue.

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Jimmy Wren
(no login)

Elders need to be named...

February 11 2008, 8:29 PM 

Thus far Mark Henderson has appropriately been marked as a false teacher. We should also mark and name the elders and their wives of this once fine and faithful congregation.

They are Michael and Deanna Roach, Mark and Pam Estep, Larry and Sandi Schwab, Tom and sue Gooch, Monte and Monema Stephens, John and Nancy McCurdy, R. V. And Sue Linn, Lee and Jean Mullican, Lynn and Iris Brooks, Ken and Myrna Johnson, and Dan and Mary Jo Archer.

It only took seven years of Mark's preaching to lead these folks astray!

Lynn Brooks made an announcement, for the elders, at the church that included these remarks, 'While we do not want to hurt or offend anyone, please realize that our ultimate accountability is to God. We call on each one of you to join us in this journey. We continue to welcome your letters, emails, visits, and so on. As we follow God’s lead and make changes, we hope you will be pleased to be a part of an exciting congregation bent on doing nothing but what will bring God’s pleasure.

There you have it folks! These elders have received a direct revelation from God. These elders claim to be following God and God is making the changes, God is leading! God has revealed to these elders that by adding IM to the worship He (God) will get pleasure!

It doesn't take much to see that not only is Mark Henderson a false teacher but these elders are out right liars!

I sincerely pity and pray for the members of this congregation. I pray that your elders and preacher may fall on hard times. I pray that their lives become so troubled they can find no rest. I pray that one day Quail Springs will cast out the evil leaders and once again the congregation can worship God as He would have them to.

In Christ,

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Jimmy Wren
(no login)

The Spirit Led fled Quail Springs!

February 12 2008, 8:04 PM 

Kenneth L. thomas writes:

It is difficult for me to see how this divisive decision which has forced 300 members to go elsewhere could have been “Spirit-led”. It seems more likely that those who left were “Spirit-led” in their desire to worship in a way which is characteristic of the church which the New Testament reveals.

If this is Quail Spring’s “final answer”, I think they AND the Lord’s church would be better served by the removal of “Christ” from their signboard. It seems they have already removed Him from authority in that congregation.

Henderson is quoted as saying “I think just about any pastor will tell you that significant changes in a congregation is difficult.” I suppose he is referring to himself as the pastor. So what is the purpose of the elders?? Henderson’s description of the gradual changes that led to this culminating move seems so typical of the subversive nature of sin. Apostasy is more often gradual than sudden.*

In Christ,

*copied from>

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Jimmy Wren
(no login)

Strong desire to lead the brotherhood or a split.

February 12 2008, 11:08 PM 

There are several preachers among us who refer to themselves as 'THE' pastors. These brethren have created an 'office' not known to the Church of Christ. Oh I know that the term 'pastor' is another name for an 'elder' but these brethren have stolen the name 'pastor' from the elders and have made the office of an 'elder' subservant to that of 'THE' pastor.

Once 'THE' pastor has established his humble authority over the elders and has preached his heart out on subjects such as 'obey them that rule over you and 'we must all love one another even if if you don't agree, you must not challenge the motives of the elders and 'THE' pastor. Then changes begain to take place. The first change will alway be encouraging words from the pulpit to FELLOWSHIP WITH OTHER CHRISTIANS. Once fellowship with 'OTHER' Christians has been established and a few denominational preachers have filled your pulpit or class room, the stage is now sat to steal the church property and run off anyone who does not agree with 'THE' pastor and his 'puppet elders'.

One of the sure ways to recognize one of these 'THE' pastor is by the content of his preaching. Like Joel Olsteen, all of his sermons sound alike. 'THE' pastor does not deal with doctrine. Most all sermons can be summed up as 'do good and you will feel better.'

The congregation never hears a sermon on 'Bible authority.' All they learn about is 'THE' pastor's authority.

These preachers, who call themselves 'THE' pastors, have determined to 'lead the brotherhood' or steal the real estate and bank accounts.

Matt Clifton wrote it about 'THE' pastor, Mark Henderson, this way:

'What I would like to discuss is the boldness with which congregations like Richland Hills and Quail Springs are acting, alienating brethren. They are calling to mind the 1906 split with their actions, when faithful brethren were told “accept the instrument or leave.”

Henderson says that out of their approximately 900 member congregation, 300 walked out, many in tears, the day the instrumental service was announced. Henderson also says that the leadership’s position is that people are “free to worship with or without the instrument.” What it amounts to, then, is that Henderson and the eldership at Quail Springs are willing to watch 300 Christians walk out so they can have their instruments.

Why do they want the instrument? Henderson gives two reasons:

One is we want to keep more of our people that were leaving to go to instrumental churches. One of the ways I would describe it is the way we handled it doctrinally. We essentially said you are free to worship with instruments and you are free to worship without them. From just a doctrinal biblical standpoint, we, for a number of years, have treated this as a nonissue. And so to me it seems like we were giving our people freedom to leave. We were saying you’re free to worship with instruments — just not here. So one of things we’re trying to do is for those people who really connect more with instrumental music, even of our own people, we’re trying to give them a greater opportunity to stay and to worship and to serve and be a part of the church here.

In a desire to retain members who want to worship in a non-authorized manner, the congregation decided to add a worship service with a non-authorized practice! How’s that for shaping oneself after the world?

Henderson offered another reason:

The other thing we’re trying to do is to reach some people that we’ve been missing. We don’t do polls and surveys or exit interviews with people who are guests here, so all I can share is anecdotal evidence from some of our members. It’s interesting: One member will say, “I brought a guest, and they didn’t have any concerns about our worship style. They said the singing was beautiful, and they couldn’t believe how impressed they were with the a cappella worship.” And another member would say, “I brought a guest, and they really liked the church and everything, but they’re asking us what’s the deal with the musical instruments, and I really can’t get over this worship style.”

So once again, the reasoning is that Quail Springs can grow if they allow the instrument in! What they’ve done is trade 300 faithful brethren for a possibly larger group with itching ears.

What’s next for Quail Springs? Now that they have allowed an unauthorized practice into the worship in order to draw people in, what else will they add to draw the masses? Perhaps “lighten up” on the plan of salvation? Quarterly observance of the Lord’s supper? Where will it end?

With the slippery slope Quail Springs is on, it is clear where it will end: Quail Springs will be just another denomination, failing to adhere to the New Testament pattern. Let the elders and Henderson be accountable for what they have done.

And let all Christians be in prayer for these men that they may repent of this action.'

In Christ,


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QS Member
(no login)


February 15 2008, 4:34 PM 

Aside from the issue whether IM in worship is scriptural, you should know that 300 people did NOT walk out the day the plan was announced. 300 people EVENTUALLY left. They did not all go to acapella churches.

I realize this may not seem relevant to you, but it is relevant to us. It seems everyone wants to make the 300 into saints. That is not the case. Conversely, you do not know all the reasons the 600 remained. You guys are demonizing a lot of people here with false and/or incomplete information.

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Ken Sublett
(no login)

Yes, your troubler is our trouble:

February 15 2008, 10:15 PM 

This forum is because what happens to you IS relevant to many posters. We have watched your preachers obviously with the support of the elders and enabled by the "law of giving" spread its terror--in my case--from my old church in Seattle to the remote hills of Tennessee.

Your preacher has been part of a small band of men picked out and mentored by the Unify Forums and agents from the NACC. All of those who have diverted their congregation to their own purposes set out with the goal to restructure ALL non-instrumental churches of Christ: if not to JOIN then to "shut your mouth" about instrumental music. The threats have been more than rhetorical when they will lie, cheat and steal the church houses of widows.

Whatever your problem I suggest that they stem from preaching which has no love for the Word so that people are naked about the MARK of music from the "singing and harp playing prostitute" in the garden of Eden and unstopped to the Mother of Harlots (Lucifer-Zoe) in Revelation using the "lusted after fruits" (parallel to Amos) as slick speakers, singers and instrument players. John and all of the Greek literature identifies them as sorcerers--intending to make you believe a certain way bypassing your rational or spiritual mind.

I am sure that the "residue" do not agree with the false elders and preacher and you do have recourse. Based on other "infiltrations and diversions" they probably have unlawfully changed the bylaws to permit instruments. These bylaws normally cannot be changed by a self-selected "board of directors." No preacher or elder has ANY authority other than to "teach that which has been taught" and "refute those who oppose it." They have broken the contract and you should not let wimpy burgers intimidate you.

Next, as with Rick Atchley who had a hidden agenda for 12 years, I am certain (because I read) that you have had your own "frog boiling" unethical "navigating the winds of change."

That means that someone is jail bait for fiduciary malfeasance and could be in trouble even before God gets hold of the whole "leadership."

I absolutely guarantee you that no one did any research but they read off the pages from men like David Faust and other agents of the NACC. With or without their awareness they have lied about every "instrument" passage in the Bible and church history. Whatever the "music" issue, lying is grouped with sorcery as a burnable offense and all known history points to musical performers as the sorcerers: Jesus called the Scribes and Phraisees Hypocrites by pointing to "slick speakers, singers and instrument players."

Because this writer is a full decade into health and "retirement" destruction, let me assure you that the Quail (someone laid a Cuckoo egg) with what appears to be help from the university and the Chronicle which seems to have been an organ for these people. I am certain from reading from the "scholars" at the Okey U that they do not have a clue about the musical fall from Grace at Mount Sinai.

Remember the MARK: they have lied about every "instrument" hint in the Bible and apparently no "scholar" at the university knows any difference. The preacher and "staff infection" are YOUR hireling, you pay him and you should fire him.

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Dr. Bill Crump
(no login)

Re: 300

February 16 2008, 3:23 PM 

It's not important WHEN the 300 left, but that they DID leave, because their good consciences told them to depart from a church that would dare to defy God by implementing in Christian worship that which God did not authorize. And if they left because QS had decided to ignore the New Testament and add instruments, then what sense would there be for some to flee to non-a cappella churches? They could conveniently stay on and have their lust for instrumental music satisfied right there at QS.

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Jimmy Wren
(no login)

To QS member

February 16 2008, 7:51 PM 

Welcome to the board, QS member. I appreciate you taking the time to respond to this thread.

I have heard that the 300 who left is now close to 400. Is that true?

In Christ,

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(Login Donnie.Cruz)

“Quail Springs Church of Christ will add service with musical instruments”

February 17 2008, 3:01 AM 

    Here’s the entire article that John Waddey referred to above.

        Source: official site of NEWS 9 and The Oklahoman

        Sat January 26, 2008

        Quail Springs Church of Christ will add service with musical instruments

        By Carla Hinton
        Religion Editor

        Mark Henderson, teaching and preaching minister at Quail Springs Church of Christ, recently shared information about the church's plans to add a worship service that will include musical instruments. The new service, which begins Sunday, is a break from Church of Christ tradition.

        Henderson said the decision came through lengthy prayer and study. Even so, about 300 people left the church, 14401 N May, in opposition of the change.

        Here Henderson tells why and how the decision to add the new worship service was made, along with the congregation's hopes for the future:

        Q:Please explain the position that Church of Christ congregations typically take regarding using instruments in worship services.

        A:Historically the position was — and there's different parts of it — but I think the primary piece of it was that there is no New Testament authority for using instruments in worship.

        You have a lot of Old Testament references to it, but when you look at references you might attribute to worship in the New Testament, you don't see them mentioned, and people interpreted that silence as intentional.Therefore, it was restrictive.

        So, the position was it's wrong to use instruments in worship because if you use them, you're basically adding to what the New Testament teaches — it's unauthorized.

        So the historic position has been there's no authority to use instruments in worship, therefore we don't do it, and those who use instruments are sinning and really out of step with God, and therefore we don't fellowship with them.

        Q:When did your church decide to begin offering this service?

        A:The decision was made here, I believe it was announced last March, March 2007. The elders said they had been through a period of discussion and prayer and study, and had come to the conclusion that we would add an instrumental service. For the last several months, we've been just talking through some different issues and working out some logistics, when would it happen, what would the schedule look like and things of that nature.

        Q:What kind of response have you received from, first your congregation, as far as offering this service, and then from the Church of Christ congregation at large?

        A: In the congregation it's been difficult. I think just about any pastor will tell you that significant change in a congregation is difficult. So we had some people who have been very enthusiastic about it and other people who have been very resistant to it. It's been a painful and difficult process. One good example of what we went through in 2007 was the day that one of the elders announced that they arrived at this conclusion, that we were going forward, that this would be a part of our future, a certain percentage of the congregation broke out in applause and a number of people got up and left in tears. And so it's been like that.

        As far as other congregations of Churches of Christ, we've received very little direct feedback from them. It's not a popular choice among them, but we're not having difficult conversations or getting mail from them.

        Q:What will happen Jan. 27? Do you have certain instruments that you will allow in the service?

        A:We had done an activity here in the past that we called Worship Night. It would usually happen on Saturday night when we did it, so we already had kind of a band. And we have a worship style here, even in our a cappella service, we've tended toward more contemporary Christian worship music. So in some ways we weren't really re-inventing the wheel; we were just further developing what we have done before. Our typical band is going to look like a drum set, a keyboard and usually two or three guitars. We have some other gifted musicians here that we will incorporate, depending on what kind of music we're doing.

        Q:How did you respond to those congregation members who were upset about this particular change?

        A:You just do the best you can. We, the other leaders and I, would meet with anybody who would meet with me. I had conversations with individuals that might last two hours-plus and really whatever it took to try get to a level of comfort and understanding, we would try to do. Sometimes you could, and sometimes you couldn't.

        Q:What do you hope to accomplish with this worship service?

        A:There are two things that we really hope will come from this. One is we want to keep more of our people that were leaving to go to instrumental churches. One of the ways I would describe it is the way we handled it doctrinally. We essentially said you are free to worship with instruments and you are free to worship without them. From just a doctrinal biblical standpoint, we, for a number of years, have treated this as a nonissue. And so to me it seems like we were giving our people freedom to leave. We were saying you're free to worship with instruments — just not here. So one of things we're trying to do is for those people who really connect more with instrumental music, even of our own people, we're trying to give them a greater opportunity to stay and to worship and to serve and be a part of the church here.

        The other thing we're trying to do is to reach some people that we've been missing. We don't do polls and surveys or exit interviews with people who are guests here, so all I can share is anecdotal evidence from some of our members. It's interesting: One member will say, “I brought a guest, and they didn't have any concerns about our worship style. They said the singing was beautiful, and they couldn't believe how impressed they were with the a cappella worship.” And another member would say, “I brought a guest, and they really liked the church and everything, but they're asking us what's the deal with the musical instruments, and I really can't get over this worship style.”

        My hope is that we're going to do both really well and that either group can come and say “I connect with that. This is a place where I can worship and serve.”

        Q:So to your congregation, this is about tradition and doing something different?

        A: This isn't unique to Churches of Christ, but it happens in our churches where your tradition bumps into what you believe about freedom in Christ. In a situation like this, for some time it's an area where we believed we had freedom, but we wouldn't practice that freedom primarily because of our tradition.Then you get to a point where you say we're missing some people we believe we could reach. We're raising generations that leave us because they just don't buy this anymore, so maybe we ought to practice the freedom we believe we have. That's really what it came down to for us.

        Q:Is there anything else you'd like to add?

        A:One thing I would say about this is it was really a personal decision, not just for me but for our congregation and our leadership. I think in Churches of Christ, every congregation is going to have to chart their own course on this. One of the good things we have in churches of Christ is congregational autonomy; we don't have a denominational headquarters. We don't have anyone to tell us what we can and can't do. Each congregation has to decide on their own. We went through a painful process to make this decision. You know when we started this process, our average attendance was in the 900-950 arrange and by the time we finished, we were in the 600-650 range. And those numbers represent people and friends and family members, so we don't take it lightly, and others shouldn't either.

        The other thing I would say is this is about us and what we believe, before God, is the best way for us to move into the future. We don't make any judgments about any other congregations about what they should or shouldn't do. Each one will have to chart that on their own as they're responsible for their decisions before God, as well.

        Carla Hinton: 475-3480,

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Ken Sublett
(no login)

Prophesiers were not writing PROPHETS under the Spirit OF Christ

February 17 2008, 1:53 PM 

Just reading the Text (whatever the culture) finds Israel falling into musical idolatry at Mount Sinai. God turned them over as a nation to "worship the starry hosts." (Acts 7 etal, etal). God ordained the Qahal, synagogue or church in the wilderness to INCLUDE res, reading and rehearsing the Word of God. That had not essentially changed when Jesus stood up to READ. When the elders fired God and demanded a national king God knew that they wanted to WORSHIP like the nations. He gave them kings in His anger and took them away in His anger. The conditional captivity and death sentence was carried out by kings.

At the same time, my thesis has been that the Spirit OF Christ spoke only through the prophets to define the spiritual worship of the "congregation" who could never come near the Holy things: neither could the singers and noise makers. All of the prophets prove that the INSTRUMENT is a mark of God pouring out His wrath on people.

Adrian has collected some of the examples but this was called PROPHESYING which was a form of madness induced most powerfully by musical instruments making mostly rhythm or the Voodoo beat and not true tunefulness. That is why historicans and musicologists are certain that modern "revivalist" churchy music is derived from Voodoo through Jazz and Rock and Roll.

This review is in images but I will shortly post it on the internet so you can click the links. This is a quick review from Bible 101aa if the preachers quit sermonizing and you cast out the musicians who SHUT DOWN the rational or spiritual mind:

Whatever you can collect you must understand that saying that "God commanded instrumental praise" and then "we should not be disobedient" is falling so far into lying to God and about God as you can fall. If you want to drive the enemy into panic then just blow shofars, twang on harps or play the drums and bagpipes and see them TURN COWARD and run. I would think this is a MARK of Satanic Worship Service making war upon God Himself.

I will post this at:>

This message has been edited by Donnie.Cruz from IP address on Feb 21, 2008 4:30 AM

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Ken Sublett
(no login)

PSALLO is a dirty word

March 27 2008, 1:09 PM 

Mark Henderson, Rick Atchley, Max Lucado etal:

1. The “Psallo”/Law of Exclusion argument This is a very complicated argument that I address in some detail in the paper, but even there, I only scratch the surface. A lot of trees have died to advance this argument over the years, but here is the gist of it. A form of the Greek verb psallo is used in Ephesians 5:19 where the NIV translates it “make music”, and the argument is that, in the New Testament era, the word literally meant “to sing without instruments.” It just means “sing;” it doesn’t mean “sing and play.”

It doesn't even take a small limb to quote the Bible and all known evidence.

The problem is that the evidence doesn’t support the idea that word ever meant to “sing without instruments.” In fact, the same word is used in the Septuagint, the first Christians’ Bible, to refer to the playing of stringed instruments, so it’s hard to imagine that the Holy Spirit would take a word from their Scriptures that means to play an instrument and use that same word to let them know not to play instruments

The fact is PSALLO simply means to tourch or smite and like the words in english says nothing about playing in instrument. In english if you say "smit the strings of the harp" you still say absolutely nothing about making music. If you say "smite the strings and make melody" you still have only a "series of single tones" and that does not make music. Because "melody" as tunefullness belongs to the 19th century and harmony always meant UNISON and came to mean NON-unison after the year 1200 there is nothing 'musical' in the entire Bible or early church history: God called it noise and literature calls it sorcery (Rev 18) or perversion.

The deeper you get the worse it smells: can you think of any reason why we and many other churches would see al massive outbreak of "lying wonders"?

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Jimmy Wren
(no login)

More Confusion - Church to Monastery

December 29 2008, 10:44 PM 

It comes as no surprise that once IM was added that other confusions would follow.

This church holds 2 Sunday morning services, one assemble at 9 am - the other at 11:15 am, yet some members opt out of these two Sunday morning assemblies in favor of attending a local Monastery.

One such announcement reads: 'Sunday morning, Oct. 19th a small group of us will depart from the church building at 9 a.m. for the Red Plains Monastery in Piedmont and return to the building by 12:30 p.m.'

The Monastery offers solace, counsel and spiritual direction to groups such as the Quail Springs members and other individuals. The following statement was taken from an article at:

'The doors of Red Plains Monastery will remain open. All current ministries will continue for individuals and groups seeking solace, counsel and spiritual direction.'

In Christ,

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(no login)

Re: More Confusion - Church to Monastery

March 2 2011, 12:13 PM 

I will apologize in advance for the toes that I may be about to step on. I am sooo BLESSED that I go to a non dinominational church where we are free to worship not just with our voices but with insruments and our hands. I personaly like to lift my hands and close my eyes and just focus on Jesus while I sing to him. You may not agree with me and that's ok. But one thing I notice here is the religion you all are so close to ... rather than the God that you are so close to. I'm not saying that you are not close to God by no means. But I am saying that this entire page is devoted to your "religion" and that seems to be your main focus here. For me worship is not about a religion .. it is about a relationship with the God of the Universe. it never ceases to amaze me that we are able to lift our hands and sing and worship him. The fact that he wants that from us sets me on fire! It makes me want to bang a drum or strum a giutar .. but since I can't do any of those things in rythym .. I just open my mouth and lift my hands. If that isn't the way that you feel lead to worship that's fine by me, but don't pull your bible out and try to use it to back up why YOUR way of woshiping our God is the only way. This God that we serve is HUGE .. HUGER than HUGE. If you don't think so just go google pictures from hubble telescope to get a better picture of how big our God is and then just imagine that he's even 10,000,000,000,000 times bigger than that. And if we are worshiping a God as big as our God, don't you think that He is big enough to allow ALL kinds of worship? weather your singing, playing an instrument, dancing, loud, or quiet ... I don't think he's worried about HOW we worship him but just that we do worship him, and not because we have to but because we WANT to .. because God is the God of the Universe .. The I AM in all of our lives - we are nothing more than a spec of dust in the palm of his hand and He loves us, and He knows us by name, he knows every little thing about us, he's even numbered the hair on our head! That's enough right there to send me running around this room! SO I guess all I'm trying to say here is worship the way you want to but PLEASE don't open up your bible and point out scripture to try and prove that the way you worship is the only way to worship The GREAT I AM.

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David Gustafson
(Login DavidGustafson)

Do open up your Bible

March 2 2011, 2:45 PM 

Quote from above post.
PLEASE don't open up your bible and point out scripture to try and prove that the way you worship is the only way to worship The GREAT I AM.

I say, Do open up your Bible and show where God said to do the "five acts of worship" on Sundays.

"Notice: This is a moderated forum. Your post will not show up until a moderator approves the message."

Why the notice? Are you afraid? If you have the truth, then you should not be afraid.

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