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Lesson for the Day

February 16 2011, 1:06 PM 

Speaking of rest, William, it seems that the attacks and slander, from you, has trailed off a bit. Remember, treating people just decently doesn't show the traits of a Christian. It goes way beyond that. Stay around other Christians William. You need good Christian peer support to complete the change.
Have a good day William.

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The Mid-Week Wrap Up

February 16 2011, 1:16 PM 

William, at this time, I will put it into a declarative sentence, instead of an interrogative sentence. Why? The subject matter is no longer in question.

If the vulgar word that you spewed out isn't/wasn't vulgar then you wouldn't have used "$$" signs in place of the "ss" letters when you originally used the word. "Wise guy," and "know-it-all" are not just definitions of the vulgar word, but also, and more importantly, ALTERNATIVE or SYNONYMOUS NON-VULGAR words. You chose to use the vulgar slang word.

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Dr. Bill Crump
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Miss USA and Grammar

February 17 2011, 9:17 AM 

The reigning Miss USA recently appeared as a contestant on Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? and tackled a question about grammar. She was asked to name the part of speech for "twirled" in the following sentence: "Jill and Jane twirled their batons." Miss USA said that "twirled" was the subject. Of course, that was incorrect, and I immediately thought of Dave. Had he been on the show and answered incorrectly, Dave would have vehemently argued that "twirled" was whatever part of speech he chose, because grammar was based entirely on the writer's preference and not on organized rules. happy.gif

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Fred Whaley
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Re: Miss USA and Grammar

February 18 2011, 9:01 AM 

Folks...........................................................just when you begin to believe there is a little hope that Mr. Crump has moved on from slandering and insulting Dave, he proves that he has not budged from his usual ways and has not grown as a person and Christian man.

Fred was enjoying a basketball sporting event of a grandchild last weekend when he witnessed a school official and police officer addressing a person for making a scene and cursing at an official. The person did not want to accept the warning and reprimand and admit that they were wrong. This reminds me of Mr. Crump in his denial of using vulgar words in a message on this Christian site and his unwillingness to admit his choice of words was INTENTIONAL and INAPPROPRIATE. happy.gif

Fred Whaley

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Why? Why? Why?

February 18 2011, 8:48 AM 

Why.....William you carry on so with me? All of your negativity, slandering, and reviling seems to be predominantly aimed towards me. William, don't let me ruin your day, ok? Don't let any man ruin your day. As I said before, the only one that should control your attitude is you,certainly not me. This life is short and I shouldn't be the one who ruins your day. Yes, I have called you down time and time again, but you so well deserved it. If the truth hurts then let the truth help you change to be a good man. If your heart is receptive then the truth will and should change you.

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Dr. Bill Crump
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You're Not Smarter Than a 5th Grader

February 19 2011, 10:10 AM 

A contestant on Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? tackles a question about grammar. Given the following sentence, the man must fill in the blank with the correct response:

"Jane's ____________ essay won the contest."

A. well worded
B. well-worded
C. wellworded

The man reasons that "A" is correct, because neither hyphenated words nor two words crammed together could possibly be right. The man locks in "A." The host says, "If you had elected to copy Jane's answer, you would have been correct. Let's look at the board. Jane's answer is: B. well-worded. You just gave back some money." The lights turn red and the man's cash total falls to zero. The host further explains, "When adverbs not ending in -ly are used as compound words in front of a noun, hyphenate. When the combination of words is used after the noun, do not hyphenate. Here's another example: 'He got a much-needed haircut yesterday.'" The host then cites a reference: (rule 5).

The contestant is dumbfounded and will NOT accept such an outrageous explanation: "What kind of %$#*& show is this? Grammar has no rules, you bumbling blockheads! It's based on a person's preference, whatever sounds and looks right. This %@$# show is rigged...bwahahaha...some kinda quack doctor made up that $%#@ question...BWAHAHAHAHA...PREFERENCE...instrumental music...sing with hear me...BWAHAHAHA...the sky is green if I say it is...GWAMMAR...ELMER FUDD...PWEFWENCE...BWAHAHAHA...YAAAAHAHAHAHAHA...HAAH...HOT AIR...AND...HALITOSIS...HAAH...HAAH...I PWEFER...HAHA...HAHA...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

Security guards haul the kicking and screaming contestant from the studio. Later he is committed to the State Asylum for the Grammatically Insane.


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Re: You're Not Smarter Than a 5th Grader

February 19 2011, 12:30 PM 

Dr. Crump, it's never too late. Please check to see if this class is offered this year.


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