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Same Ole Same Ole....Just a Different Day

December 16 2010, 10:18 AM 

Donnie said..."Now, regarding your last question: "If you don't want a child to touch something on a coffee table...." You are essentially making a reference to "the law of silence" -- which sadly is frequently misapplied by proponents of the operation of mechanical music in the assembly.

Well, Dave, the premise of your argument is fallacious. David, king of Israel, a skilled musician, nudist and dancer CANNOT BE EQUATED TO a child. He was an adult."

Again, Donnie, the curses are on you for AGAIN....time after time....slandering the name of King David with your 'nudist and dancer' comment.

Oh, and the argument is not fallacious. It is valid for anyone of any age.
Didn't think you would go for the didn't surprise anyone Donnie.

It has nothing to do with your false premise of 'God didn't say not to.' You and William continue to want to use that against me. You cannot find, over the years, where I have ever used that false premise. You keep trying to stick that on me. Well keep on trying if you must. Say too, that I have inferred that. It would be a lie.

We know what is right and wrong because God clearly states it through His Word. You guys aren't happy with that though.
You want to ADD to God's Word by making instrumental music a sin through your man-made 'law of silence.'
Many men have tried before to do better than what God has given us, but they have all failed.
You will too.

Since you believe that you need a better example for your false 'law of silence' I will give you another one.
A worker is given a task to do at work, but not give any instruction on HOW to accomplish it other than just 'do it.' Another worker is given the same task without any instruction also.
The two get it accomplished, but the other worker states that the boss will not like it because you took more steps to get the job done. The boss likes both projects because they both did what he/she asked.
The boss also mentioned to the other worker that it had nothing to do with how many steps it took to get the job accomplished. He was just looking to see possibly if the job could be done by two different people with two different ideas and seeing if both the two workers could get along.

How about another one for you Donnie?
A worker is new to a job. The worker is told exactly what job is to be accomplished. The worker is also told what NOT to do in terms of expediency for the job and for the worker's overall general safety. The worker is also given freedom on what TOOLS he/she is needed to AID in getting the job long as it is done in a timely manner.

Donnie, I knew you wouldn't give me a straight answer.
The worker is told

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Dr. Bill Crump
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Re: Same Ole Same Ole....Just a Different Day

December 16 2010, 11:38 AM 

The premise that God allegedly permits instrumental music in Christian worship because He doesn't explicitly forbid it in the New Testament is the SAME premise as "God didn't say not to." How else can Dave and the other progressives allegedly "justify" IM in worship, unless they fall back on the now-obsolete (Col 2:14) rituals of the Old Testament and cite Psalm 150 and 2 Chron. 29? Perhaps some progressives actually believe that IM has divine blessing, because man sees it as a way to "accompany" and/or "enhance" the vocal music in Christian worship. Yet the New Testament mentions NOTHING about instrumental accompaniment or enhancement. No matter to the progressives, because if God doesn't forbid something, then it has divine blessing, and the progressives are going to implement it, come infernal regions or high water, right? In other words, "God didn't say not to."

Despite the fact that the New Testament explicitly tells us that we are to use vocal music to praise God, progressives will always circumvent the New Testament to suit their personal preferences and ADD more to God's command about vocal music than what He specifies. Progressives don't give a plugged nickel that the premise of "God didn't say not to" is NOT FOUND anywhere in the New Testament.

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Here We Go

December 16 2010, 4:45 PM 

And I quote William Crump......"Yet the New Testament mentions NOTHING about instrumental accompaniment or enhancement. No matter to the progressives, because if God doesn't forbid something, then it has divine blessing, and the progressives are going to implement it, come infernal regions or high water, right? In other words, "God didn't say not to."'

Yet, and ALSO, the NT mentions NOTHING about using the PA to accompany or enhance the voice....whether it is for just the song leader or several overhang microphones over the auditorium to give volume.
YES, Donnie, we know that the PA can't be played like a piano. Try as you may, you still can't get past your 'pick and choose' theology. The PA is used to accompany/enhance the voice.....just as a musical instrument does.
You guys can continue to blow smoke to keep your sacred traditions as law, but God clears the air with His Holy Word.
All you are doing is raining down contempt and judgment upon yourselves when you try to judge someone's intentions and motives from the heart.
Everything is very clear with God's Word.....we know what action is a sin or not. Galatians 5 and other Scriptures clearly point it out.
Instrumental music is not a sin, and try as hard as you may, will never be.
When you guys start spewing off at the mouth about 'well God didn't say not to use ketchup for the Lord's supper,' and 'God didn't say not to use cocaine' then it is clear and evident where your heart is.....and it is evident that it isn't in the right place. When you offer such rebuttal time and time rightly shows what you and this vexed site is all about.
William, you are right to be the proper English cop with your corrections.
Everything in it's proper place.

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Ken Sublett
(Login Ken.Sublett)

Psalm 23 outlaws music while feeding sheep

December 15 2010, 2:09 PM 

[linked image]
[linked image]

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