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ACU Elaine Heath adds to existing Mystical way of Evangelism

July 8 2012 at 12:39 PM
Ken Sublett  (Login Ken.Sublett)
from IP address

In Romans 14 Paul clearly OUTLAWED exactly what ACU is attempting to impose:

The women in rulership roles at ACU and LU were trained by WIMBERISM and they had already moved the males aside: at LU you can get a degree in spiritual formation which is that feminist MYSTICAL EVANGELISM trumping the direct commands of God.

The self-pleasure in Romans 14 which is outlawed (Greek Areskos or Latin Placeo) clearly outlaws those hypocritic arts and crafts ALL devoted to the performing arts: slick speakeakers, singers, players, dancers, actors or prostitutes marked by the "don't get fluted down with wine."

not surprising if you understand that the Babylon Mother of Harlots

(Revelation 17) used "lusted after fruits" (the mark in Amos of God declaring "I will not pass by again" never ever.) In Revelation 18 the rhetoricians, singers, instrument players and "holy whores" performing the Hieros Gamos (Brides or Nymphs) or holy prostitution (the millstone made a piping sound and identified the location of the whores or concubines." This is THE meaning of the Adam and Eve fall.

Jesus called these mystics (Dionysus or Bacchus identified as the then-god of the Jews) hypocrites or rhetoricians, singers and instrument players.

The MARK of this parable Jesus will not reveal to those TRAINED for the profession of preaching as opposed to those who are called to be MINISTERS (servants, deacons) is that the WOMEN totally subdue the STRAIGHT male race. Anath worshipped among many Jews wore a aegis decorated with the penis' of subdued males.

That is why God gives us the right to hiss and mock.

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Ken Sublett
(Login Ken.Sublett)

Re: ACU Elaine Heath adds to existing Mystical way of Evangelism

July 8 2012, 1:44 PM 

Elaine Heath calling for Holy Fire fits perfectly with the people at ACU. They want to be baptized with FIRE.

Mal 4:1 FOR, behold, the day cometh,
.....that shall burn as an oven;
.....and all the proud, yea, and all that do wickedly,
.....shall be stubble: and the day that cometh shall burn them up,
.....saith the Lord of hosts, that it shall leave them neither root nor branch.

Maybe Jesus was just waiting for someone to call down holy fire for His Second Advent.

[linked image]

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At sometime in the last 10 years there was a deliberate plan by a majority of the elders to take the Madison Church of Christ into a more worldly realm.

They used secrecy, covert planning, and outside sources to scheme and to change the format and direction of the Madison Church of Christ.

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At the heart of the plan was the fact that old members were going to be driven off so new techniques could be used to go out and reach the unchurched through new "Contemporary Holy Entertainment" methods developed by the "Community Church Movement"

Old members had to be kept on board long enough to get their plans ready, or the funds would not be there to pay for the new building. So by the plans very nature, it had to be secret.

The church had no plan in effect to renew or approve elders. There was never any need. The elders had always been "as approved by God". 10 of the last 15 elders would begin to shed some doubt on that.

The Elders did not even need a majority at first, because some of the elders went along unwittingly.

This edition starts shortly after some of the members begin to smell something strange in January 2001. Later editions may go back and fill in some of the timeline.

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