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From: Bill
(Login Donnie.Cruz)

Re: Caging "The Trinity" Grammatically

May 27 2013, 4:18 PM 

Bill (no login)
Post: Re: Caging "The Trinity" Grammatically
Thread: Possessive Case: "HIS" Holy Spirit Is Not Another Divine Being
May 27 2013, 3:08 PM


No need for your harsh attitude. You're really beginning to sound like some fascistic, third-world dictator. Maybe that's why there are so few responders here.

Anyway, I have given you my answer, and that's the only answer you're going to get. Actually, I first gave it to you in the thread "The Spirit of Christ the Lord Is the Holy Spirit," but you rejected it there; either that or you just didn't understand it. I also expect you to reject it or not understand it here. Now since we don't agree 100% about the Holy Spirit, you may choose to cease further discussions with me if that will mollify you. Actually, I think I could have a more meaningful dialogue with receptive responders other than the moderators. Trouble is, there are hardly any other responders out there. Maybe Fish would like to chime in. happy.gif

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(no login)

Re: Caging "The Trinity" Grammatically

May 27 2013, 4:39 PM 

Since Donnie and I don't agree about the Holy Spirit, I guess this means he has decided to cut off any further discussion with me about that topic. Despite telling him what I believed, we just weren't getting anywhere. So be it.



Merely responding to a post is not the same as responding to a specific question in the post. You've done an excellent job with everything else but ____________.

When you are prepared to answer any specific question about what you "personally" believe (not what the religious world and others believe), let me know and the discussion with you will resume.

That means, Bill, you have NOT given any answer to my specific questions, including the last one; otherwise, this discussion with you would have already gone much further. You may think that you have answered, but convincing yourself that you have is your choice. You do not have to agree with me -- that is not a requirement. But simply answer the question. Say "yes" or "no" or "I don't know" or "maybe" or "I refuse to answer" or "here are the references to prove that what I believe is correct," etc.

This message has been edited by madisonchurchofchrist from IP address on May 27, 2013 8:59 PM

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Donnie Cruz
(Premier Login madisonchurchofchrist)

Re: A Special Thread Dedication -- Non-Doctrinal in Nature

May 27 2013, 8:09 PM 

Bill (no login)
Post: Re: Caging "The Trinity" Grammatically
Thread: Possessive Case: "HIS" Holy Spirit Is Not Another Divine Being
May 27 2013, 5:36 PM


Fish, as Donnie rightly notes, a dialogue dies when questions posed are not answered. Of course, a dialogue also dies when the person who posed the question cannot or will not accept the answer that is given him. The problem is further compounded when that person keeps asking the same question over and over as if such badgering will intimidate the one queried to provide a different answer that is more "acceptable"; in other words, to deliver the answer that person wants to hear.

What are your thoughts when such an impasse arises, Fish?

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(no login)

Re: A Special Thread Dedication -- Non-Doctrinal in Nature

May 28 2013, 12:34 AM 

Bill, gift cards are a great way to start over.


Donnie: (just a guess)


[linked image]

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(no login)

Re: A Special Thread Dedication -- Non-Doctrinal in Nature

May 28 2013, 12:32 PM 

That's an interesting suggestion, Fish, but I had the following in mind that might be more fitting for the "appetites" of Donnie and Ken:



You forgot your name. I appended it for you. Everyone has a gift card now:


This message has been edited by Donnie.Cruz from IP address on May 28, 2013 8:21 PM

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