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Ken Sublett
(Login Ken.Sublett)

A New Day David Young

September 4 2016, 12:13 PM 

Nothing has changed in about 30 years: David young has never been able to SPEAK THAT WHICH IS WRITTEN FOR OUR LEARNING. LOVE means that you have to have DIVERSITY and Call Jesus as Holy Spirit and Paul liars in Ephesians 4. The progressives insist that YOU have to abandon your faith and property in the interest of LOVING those who are antagonistic to the Church. Post Modernism means that you can pray for 40 days and your hidden agenda will be validated.

I tuned out this morning when he said: "It is not just TRUTH; it is truth AND love."

Paul warns that people lose the right to A holy spirit which allows you to PREACH the Word by READING the Word for comfort and doctrine. Any other pseudo-ministers are, like the Levite Pattern, called sorcerers and parasites.


means Truth AND Love makes one's focus on LOVE separate and CO-EQUAL with TRUTH.

Eph. 4:15 But speaking the TRUTH IN love,
.....may grow up into HIM in all things,
.....which is the HEAD, even Christ:

Jesus and His ministers SPEAK the truth which OURLAWS singing that which is NOT the truth.

[linked image]

Col. 1:18 And he is the head of the body, the church: who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead; that in all things he might have the preeminence.
Col. 2:19 And not holding the Head, from which all the body by joints and bands having nourishment ministered, and knit together, increaseth with the increase of God.

The WORD is the LOGOS which MARKS and excludes personal opinions, personal experiences, introductions to aid, rhetoric, singing, playing instruments or acting.

John 17:17 Sanctify them through THY TRUTH: thy WORD is truth.

Notice that the only sanctifying or education power is THY truth. Not even self-authoring songs or sermons have ANY power even if they are THEIR TRUTH.

FALSE: Truth AND Love.
Truth : Truth IN Love.

Speaking is a generic word: If one speaks TRUTH or WORD, Logos, Regulative Principle, these MODIFIERS excludes the pagan use of the TONGUE.

[linked image]

In love is a prepositional phrase: Speak is a generic word but religious speaking is neither truth or love.

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(Login Donnie.Cruz)

Re: Truth in love...

September 5 2016, 7:07 PM 

Posted by lettheearthbesilent, August 19 2016, 8:10 PM

Looks like a lot of talk about Antichrist. I was reading my Bible and saw this passage, Saint John said that as far back as his time the Antichrist was already in the world!! Some of the early church fathers also have noted that back during their time the heretics who began turning away from Orthodox Christianity to other "new age" type followings were (and are today) being deceived by demons. Here's the passage [from: 1 John 4:1-3 King James Version (KJV).]

We normally reserve "sticky" notes for general instructions for posting on this forum, so I would not elaborate on the topic of "antichrist" -- which is usually being referred to an end-times power in prophecy.

There is, however, some heavy-duty context in that paragraph that's worthy of our attention in the form of a discussion. The expression in that passage, as well as in others, strongly suggests that antichrist-ism is in our midst.

Would someone begin a new thread regarding this subject? Or continue an existing thread that discusses this issue?

My personal thanks to lettheearthbesilent for bringing this up.

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Ken Sublett
(Login Ken.Sublett)

Re: Truth in love...

September 12 2016, 1:42 PM 

Jesus said IF you love me you WILL keep my commandments. It is such a burden for the TEMPLE BUILDERS to let Jesus be the only Master Teacher and simply obey His commandments. He did NOT command what the Post-Bible and Post-Christian "foreordaineds".

An email discussion led to 2 Corinthians 3 where Paul shows that only by TURNING to Jesus as the only TEACHER at baptism, is it possible to READ or HEAR the Word of God. This is A holy spirit (ours) or A good conscience, consciousness or a CO-PERCEPTION of the Word. The Greek includes to be clandestinely informed. We have noted that

SPEAK that which is written for our learning (Romans 15 one of the never-musical passages)
Is SEEN literally as
SING that which WE have written to be performed and sold.

It does no good to tell people that they cannot read when they cannot read: strong delusions DEMANDS that you believe your own lies and be damned. The MARK for the rest of us is Lying Wonders:

-The-ama , Ion. theêma , atos, to, ( [theaomai] ) A. sight, spectacle, orchoit' eu, theam' ên Pl.Com.130 ; Opposite mathêma, Th.2.39; freq. of a sight which gives pleasure, theamata kai akroamata hêdista parecheis X.Smp.2.2 , cf. 7.5; orchêseis kai theamata the seven wonders of the world,

-Plato Laws 10.909 But as to all those who have become like ravening beasts, and who, besides holding that the gods are negligent [909b] or open to bribes, despise men,
charming the souls of many of the living,
and claiming that they charm the souls of the dead,
and promising to persuade the gods by bewitching them,
as it were, with sacrifices, prayers and incantations,
and who try thus to wreck utterly not only individuals, but whole families [Oikia and States for the sake of money,—if any of these men be pronounced guilty, the court shall order him to be imprisoned according to law in the mid-country jail,


Psukagogeo , (psukhagogos) lead departed souls to the nether world, esp. of Hermes [KAIROS] evoke or conjure up the dead by sacrifice; hence metaph., lead or attract the souls of the living, win over, persuade, allure, “dia tēs melōdias” D.S.4.4 “ek tēs mousikēs, in bad sense, lead away, inveigle, delude,
eukhais kai epōdais goēteuontes,

Mathema is the ONE-PIECE PATTERN. learning, knowledge

There is NO love possible when the church is a School of Christ and worship is Reading and Musing the Word (the Campbell's momentarily restored pattern.

[linked image]

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Ken Sublett
(Login Ken.Sublett)

DANGER! Hostile WAY they call SECTARIAN!

May 24 2017, 1:23 PM 

Love is warning the ECUMENICAL that hatred of the WAY that is called a SECT or very narrow PATTERN, like unconverted Paul, think that they are doing a service to ROB TEMBLES and sow discord. Like Judas, they may never know that Psallo rooted in SOP has marked them forever:

Matt. 3:3 For this is he that was spoken of by the prophet Esaias, saying, The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye the WAY of the Lord, make his paths straight.
Matt. 7:13 Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat:
Matt. 7:14 Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the WAY, which leadeth unto life, and FEW there be that find it.
Mark 12:14 And when they were come, they say unto him, Master, we know that thou art true, and carest for no man: for thou regardest not the person of men, but teachest the WAY of God in truth: Is it lawful to give tribute to Caesar, or not?
Heb. 9:8 The Holy Ghost this signifying, that THE WAY into the holiest of all was not yet made manifest, while as the first tabernacle was yet standing:
Heb. 10:20 By a new and living WAY, which he hath consecrated for us, through the veil, that is to say, his flesh;

The ROAD or pattern is a SECT:
Acts 24:5 For we have found this man a pestilent fellow, and a mover of sedition among all the Jews throughout the world, and a ringleader of the SECT of the Nazarenes:

THOSE WHO HAVE A holy spirit and are permitted to READ the WORD or to HEAR it when it is PREACHED by being READ are COMMANDED to separate from those who loudly boasted of being the BROAD WAY

Acts 19:9 But when divers were hardened, and believed not,
.....but spake evil of THAT WAY before the multitude,
.....he departed from them,
.....and separated the disciples, [ mathētas]
.....disputing daily in the SCHOOL of one Tyrannus.

Contrary to the sermon notes, this was not a School led by Tyrannus. This was an open forum which the ruling Tyrant provided for free speech. The ekklesia as a PLACE was located on the PNX in Athens provided by the city quite removed from the Agora or Marketplace where Jesus consigned the MEN who had become BOYS or children piping hoping to get others to sing (lament songs) and dance the ouchy dance of being initiated into the always-gay priesthood.

Here is their warning sign to lovingly warn you with a dozen RACA words:

[linked image]

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Ken Sublett
(Login Ken.Sublett)

The Truth is The Logos: anything beyond that which is written is NOT love. Part A

May 24 2017, 3:26 PM 

In churches of Christ afflicted at the end of Hosea's 2 days and the end of the 6th day in Bible Prophecy, people have been called UNLOVING for staying awake at night when thieves break in. The Sectarian or Heresy RACA work is used in Romans 15 where Paul outlaws SELF PLEASURE (as prophesied in Isaiah 58) which includes any or all of what Jesus calls HYPOCRITES as speakers beyond the WORD, singers or instrument players. The "love" they want to imposed is recorded in all history as the mark or persona of those who STOP the School of the Word and steal your property to "make it into a theater for holy entertainment."

Paul SEPARATED his DISCIPLES from the regular "worship centers" and the COMMAND to become a very NARROW Sect or road or PATTERN. Paul's definition of the church as DISCIPLES or LEARNERS will by definition REMOVE any thing which is not devoted to LEARNING that which is written FOR our learning. This is never called a "worship center" because godly worship means to fall on your face in godly reverence and pagan worship is always marked by acts and persona of what Paul identified as the emasculated or dogs.

Here is part of what Paul marked as INCLUSIVE-EXCLUSIVE for the small group SECTED OUT of defacto pagan self-willed and self-worship.

Any thing or any person who DEDICATES themselves to ADORN or ENHANCE a temple or church is defined as ANATHEMA: they or it cannot be redeemed and must be burned. That is what God did three times with the last one up to a million unbelievers and their harps "cast alive into Hell just outside of Jerusalem." Jew are still looking for one of those tens of thousands of instruments as REQUIRED to rebuild the temple in a place God calls Sodom and still used as a "pattern."

[linked image]

Apollo or Apollon was the father of gender-variant worship and is identified by the PSALLO word. He is the "spirit" and leader of the Muses (locusts) in Revelation 18: they had a reputation as the "shepherdesses" and dirty adulteresses. John calls the SORCERERS who HAD deceived the whole world as the first Babylon Mother of Harlots and as ANATHEMA now used to "decorate" your "worship" as anti-Logos and marks those who will are are being CAST ALIVE INTO THE LAKE OF FIRE.

The king of Ur used by Isaiah and Ezekiel as a "lucifer" (Zoe, Eve) has been excavated along with his buried-alive harpists still holding their harps.

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Ken Sublett
(Login Ken.Sublett)

The ACappella Worship Leader

May 25 2017, 11:22 AM 

Sometimes most people are not interested in the "love" which is offered either by Musical Worship Leaders or their WANNABEs in congregational singing in once-Biblical churches thinking that PERFORMANCE is the measure of their "worship performance" to keep up with the pagans.

ACappella Worship Leader
"The papacy also continued the practice of creating castratos (a cappella worship Leaders who were boys castrated before puberty to keep their singing voices high-pitched) for their own entertainment, long after it had fallen in disfavor throughout Italy."

"Into this artificial world came the castrati, who had first gained a place in Italian churches for their 'angelic' voices.
.....Castratos are said to have been the world's first superstars,
.....because of the great sums paid to them for their singing
.....and scheduled engagements that took them to cities across Europe, please their enthusiastic followers.

"How can we hear their music today, since we have no more castratos to listen to? Well, during the current renaissance in Baroque music,
.....some castrato roles have been carefully recreated by counter-tenors
.....also known as male altos or sopranos.
.....Other musical parts are sung by women who use a natural alto or soprano range,
.....but adopt a style which attempts make the music sound appropriately 'masculine', at least for male roles.

There is much debate as to which is better--but keeping in mind the fact that
.....most early composers wrote 'trouser' roles for women to sing,
.....and that castratos frequently presented women's roles, especially in their youth, would seem that gender stretching is an original part of this music,
.....and perhaps one reason for its continuing dramatic impact."

Brothers, if I am still preaching circumcision, why am I still being persecuted? In that case the offense of the cross has been abolished. Galatians 5:11

As for those agitators, I wish they would go the whole way and emasculate themselves! Galatians 5:12
Chrysostom's Commentary on Galatians:
Galatians 5:1.-"With freedom did Christ set us free; stand fast therefore.115 ."
Ver. 12. "I would that they which unsettle you would even cut themselves off." And he says well "that unsettle you." "A man that is heretical after the first and second admonition refuse." (Tit. iii: 10) If they will, let them not only be circumcised, but mutilated. Where then are those who dare to mutilate themselves; seeing that they draw down the Apostolic curse, and accuse the workmanship of God, and take part with the Manichees?

Chrysostom understood that the pagans used vocal or instrumental noise to stir up or create anxiety so that they could steal your food money. Christ outlawed this in Isaiah 55. Christ outlawed BLASPHEMY in the modern context of saying that God commanded instrumental distractions when He DID NOT.

But if you will not allow this, why do you not mutilate the tongue for blasphemy, the hands for rapine, the feet for their evil courses, in short, the whole body?

For the ear enchanted by the sound of a flute hath often enervated the soul;
and the perception of a sweet perfume by the nostrils hath bewitched the mind, and made it frantic for pleasure .

David's PRAISE word threatened the same sexual proof of superiority:
Ululo Ulŭlo I. Neutr., to howl, yell, shriek, utter a mournful cry. B.Transf., of places, to ring, resound, re-echo with howling: penitusque cavae plangoribus aedes Femineis ululant,Verg. A. 2, 488 : resonae ripae, Sil. 6, 285 : Dindyma sanguineis Gallis, Claud. Rapt. Pros. 2, 269 .--

The Goddess Cybele (The Sophia - Zoe Usurpation)

"Here, devote to me thy manhood and become one of my faithful dogs! (emasculated priests) I shall be quick, and the cut will be clean!!!" Catullus: "Oh, Great Goddess, Goddess Cybele, Goddess and Lady of Dindymus! May all your fury be far from my house! Incite others, go! DRIVE OTHER MEN MAD!!!"

[linked image]

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David Rhoads
(Login Ken.Sublett)

The old "LOVE" trap: Revealed and Fulfilled

May 26 2017, 9:00 PM 


It was my original goal to write an article with a list of the signs by which one could detect the secret workings within a church of the "Community Church Movement". Not long after I began my work, I realized that each of these signs needed more detail than could be afforded in a normal article. This project was beginning to look more like a book. As slow as I am, I realized we did not have time for me to finish a book.

This article will be broken up into different parts. Each part will describe a different recognizable sign so you can tell if your congregation has been infiltrated by the "Community Church Movement" We will begin with Part 1, which is the most important, and continue later with the other parts. Each part will appear here in the approximate order that they will appear in your church.

Lurking within today's church are those that profess to "Love Thy Neighbor More than Thyself". These people will stress love and all the key ingredients you would expect from a warm Christian; but, behind that facade is a cold and calculating wolf that only has the desire to steal the church building from the widows.

The Bible warns us about these people. They could have easily formed their own church, but they have chosen to take yours. They meet in secret among themselves. They read books and attend seminars that teach them how to practice their charade against their own members. Something evil is astir here.

These wolves have become so brazen that they have begun to run in packs for all to see. They are taking over the Christian schools, and churches. Those that dare to stand in their way will be ridiculed and belittled as troublemakers and accused of being sources of division within the church.

How can those that standup for truth be called dividers? Why is it that the "Change Agents" can't see the reflection of the dividers image in the mirror? Have they been deceived?

The church Elders will roll out a whole bevy of changes each with their own catch terms, or names and each almost identical to what's used by other "Change Agents" across the country. "Corporate Worship", "Unity In Diversity", "Shepherds", "Worship Leaders", "Covenants", "Small Groups", "Classes 101,102, 103", "Praise Teams".

When confronted or asked about the changes taking place in the church, The Elder's (Shepherd's) common response is first one of denial, then they will accuse YOU of division. Many will say; "If you don't like it, then leave"

If you haven't guessed yet, we are not talking about something Holy here. In my humble opinion, this process is straight from Hell. It's been planned for a long time. We are now living in an era that is seeing the result of the seeds sown thousands of years ago.

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Ken Sublett
(Login Ken.Sublett)

Re: The old "LOVE" trap: Revealed and Fulfilled

May 26 2017, 9:09 PM 

[linked image]

Phaedrus: The Wolf and the Lamb

BY thirst incited; to the brook
The Wolf and Lamb themselves betook.
The Wolf high up the current drank,
The Lamb far lower down the bank.

Then, bent his ravenous maw to cram,
The Wolf took umbrage at the Lamb.
"How dare you trouble all the flood,
And mingle my good drink with mud?"

"Sir," says the Lambkin, sore afraid,
"How should I act, as you upbraid?
The thing you mention cannot be,
The stream descends from you to me."

Abash'd by facts, says he, " I know
'Tis now exact six months ago
You strove my honest fame to blot"-
"Six months ago, sir, I was not."

"Then 'twas th' old ram thy sire," he cried,
And so he tore him, till he died.
To those this fable I address
Who are determined to oppress,

And trump up any false pretence,
But they will injure innocence.

"There were those saying that they could "not abide the election of a Republican President."
In which event they would destroy the Union.

"And then, you say, the great crime of having destroyed it will be upon us!
That is cool.

A highwayman holds a pistol to my ear, and mutters through his teeth,

"Stand and deliver, or I shall kill you,
and then you will be a murderer." Abraham Lincoln, Frost, Vol. 1, p. 274

In 1968 I had to lock our building while the guilty party was roaming around Seattle: They bombed the substation 2 blocks from my home and bombed part of UM.

Where did all the lovers go?
Into your pulpits and universities, you know.

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Ken Sublett
(Login Ken.Sublett)

Re: The old "LOVE" trap: Revealed and Fulfilled

May 27 2017, 3:42 PM 

1John 2:14 I have written unto you, fathers, because ye have known him that is from the beginning. [Not Genesis 1]
.....I have written unto you, young men, because ye are strong,
.....and the WORD of God abideth in you,
.....and ye have overcome the wicked one.

The WORD and nothing but the Word gives one power to overcome the WICKED ONE.

1John 2:15 Love not the world, neither the THINGS that are in the WORLD.
.....If any man love the WORLD,
.....the love of the Father is not in him.

The latest fad of those who repudiate the WORD or are not permitted to read it is to suggest that there is A CHRISTIAN WORLD VIEW. Such people do not love the Word, regulative principle which outlaws any human input such as rhetoric, singing, playing instruments, acting or building defacto Towers of Babylon to keep the serfs busy all week: this is how they repudiate God who gave mankind a Day of REST which is not a day of WORSHIP in the modern-Babylonish view of ACTS OF THE WORLD.

1John 2:16 For all that is in the world,
.....he lust of the flesh,
.....and the lust of the eyes,
.....and the pride of life, not of the Father,
.....but is OF the WORLD.

The World is the ecumenical or kingdom of the Devil who controls all of the BODY worship. The KAIROS ministry is the Hermes or Mercury church of the world because the Devil knows that he has a short KAIROS or opportunity to attack. All of the "sounds" of worship are related to the god ALAZON who is in control of any sight or sound NOT devoted to following the pattern of PREACHING the Wordby READING the Word for doctrine and comfort.

alaz-oneia , false pretension, imposture, quackery A.false pretension, imposture, Pl.Grg.525a, D.22.47, etc., cf. Arist.EN1127a13, Thphr.Char.23; “hup' alazoneias” Ar.Ra. 919: in pl., Id.Eq.290,903, Isoc.12.20; boastfulness, Procop.Pers. 1.11 : metaph., a. khordōn their over-readiness to sound, opp. exarnēsis, [denial] Pl.R.531b.

khord-ē , II. that which is made from guts: 1. string of gut, “ta hupokhondria telamōsi kai khordais diasphiggei” Sor.2.29; in a loom, Arist.GA787b23: esp. string of a lyre or harp

The hypochondriac region made hard which is related to TORTURING THE STRINGS to make a sound: ALL musical terns or names of instruments are related to torture or with Apollon a sexual attack.

The World or KOSMOS is also tied up with the HARMONY of "tortured" strings and the harmony of the heavenly bodies. Hermes, Mercury or Kairos is the Greek story of Genun as the composite of Jubal, Jabal, Tuba-Cain and his sister, Naamah.

Hermeneutics honors HERMES and Theology speaks only of the learning of Apollo, Apollon or Abaddon.

Hermes: Born with the dawning, at mid-day he played on the lyre, and in the evening he stole the cattle of far-shooting Apollo on the fourth day of the month; for on that day queenly Maia bare him. When Zeus had an affair with Mnemosyne, he coupled with her for nine consecutive nights, which produced nine daughters, who became known as the Muses.

The musicians in Revelation 18 are the MUSES also identified by John as the LOCUSTS: they performed as SHEPHERDESSES and were known as filthy adulteressses. That is a word used of "corrupting the Word."

They entertained their father and the other gods as a celestial choir on Mount Olympus.
They became deities of intellectual pursuits. Also the three Charites or Graces were born from Zeus and Eurynome. From all his children Zeus gave man all he needed to live life in an ordered and moral way.

Hermes [KAIROS], the herald of the Olympian gods, is son of Zeus and the nymph Maia, daughter of Atlas and one of the Pleiades.

Hermes is also the god of shepherds, land travel, merchants, weights and measures, oratory, literature, athletics
.....and thieves,
.....and known for his cunning and shrewdness.
.....He was also a minor patron of poetry.
.....He was worshiped throughout Greece especially in Arcadia.
.....Festivals in honor of Hermes were called Hermoea.

Originally Hermes was a phallic god, being attached to fertility and good fortune, and also a patron of roads and boundaries. His name coming from herma, the plural being hermaiherm was a square or rectangular pillar in either stone or bronze, with the head of Hermes (usually with a beard), which adorned the top of the pillar, and male genitals near to the base of the pillar.

God did not command the king, kingdom, temple, animal slaughter or the Jacob-cursed and God-abandoned Levites as the PATTERN for Progressive PATTERNISTS. Jochin and Boaz were phallic poles or Hermae and the Jews worshipped fire and serpents.

The offspring of Hermes are believed to be Pan, Abderus and Hermaphroditus. Hermes as with the other gods had numerous affairs with goddesses, nymphs and mortals. In some legends even sheep and goats. Pan, the half man half goat [cappella], is believed to be the son of Hermes and Dryope,

And when the purpose of great Zeus was fixed in heaven, she was delivered and a notable thing was come to pass.

For then she bare a son, of many shifts, blandly cunning, a robber, a cattle driver, a bringer of dreams, a watcher by night, a thief at the gates, one who was soon to show forth wonderful deeds among the deathless gods.

Note that God often uses animals to define ungodly people into whom God does not breath spirit or the ability to understand any better than the Kind or Cows of Amos or elders turned WOLVES who love to eat lambs and especially love young boys.

Born with the dawning, at mid-day he played on the lyre, and in the evening he stole the cattle of far-shooting Apollo on the fourth day of the month; for on that day queenly Maia bare him.

If Moses, the Spirit OF Christ in Amos, Isaiah, Stephen in Acts 7 and many other places prove that God TURNED the Instrumental, trinitarian and perverted Jews over to worship the starry host, why would you not know of any mostly-apostate church which does not claim that God APPROVED of the worship to which He abandoned them without redeemption?

"professional musicians emerged in Israel about the time of David and Solomon. From then on, we have abundant historical evidence of the role which the professional musicians played in the organization of the temple ritual." (International Dictionary of the Bible, p. 461, Abingdon). "the testimonies of neighboring civilizations are of little value, as they concern chiefly the music of courts or temples, which in Sumer, Babylon, and Canaan was then in the hands of professional priests-musicians. We have only a few remarks of Herodotus about Egyptian practices, which were similar to those of ancient Hebrew popular singing. He refers to the 'lament for Linos, also to women's chants in procession of the cult of Osiris and the Diana of Bubastis. "In Phoenicia and Syria almost all popular music reflected the worship of Ishtar, the goddess of fertility.
Thus, popular song was usually a prelude to sexual orgies in honor of the goddess, led and organized by her thousands of hierodules." [worship leaders] (Interpreter's Dict of the Bible, Music, p. 461).

The religion of the Akkadians (Shamanism, from the Semitic Shamash = sun) was astronomical and phallic. They had their "Trinity" -- a celestial father and mother, and their off-spring, the sun-god ently found, and eventually becoming king of Babylon (about B.C. 3750); of a creation; a tree of life; and a deluge.
The name Adam is derived from the Assyrian Adami -- man. They also had their "holy water," "penitential psalms," table of "shew-bread," and "ark" containing the images of their gods.

We have noted that if you read carefully you will grasp that the DUST identifies Aborigines or people OF the Earth. Jesus said that He was not OF the World, those He was sent to rescue are not OF the World. God breathed into Adam and he became a literal soul. However, He was still OF FLESH whereas Jesus came as a Living Spirit.

Moses wrote his material as an INVERTED version of the religion written on clay tablets about BC 4000-3500 to give the Jews a FINAL WARNING of that to which they were now abandoned unless they repented. Moses proved that the Lord [YHWH] God {ELOHIM] did not create mankind to be used by priests of the Towers as priests, singers, instrument players, serfs forced to tithe and more, cooks, soothsayers (Miriam, Levites) and even prostitutes. Rather, God created mankind so that HE could serve and train them. His PATTERN was to REST on the Babylonish seventh day and did not hold a "worship service" to enslave the people. The instrumental-trinitarian-perverted "worship" on the REST day was beyond redemption because the people rejected God's grace who had just rescued them from identical Egyptian religionism.

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(no login)


June 17 2017, 3:47 AM 

Actually, there is a castrato that you can hear. Google Alessandro Moreschi and you will find a few recordings dating from the early 20th century. Your first response may be "that's creepy." You may also note a certain immaturity in his voice from the recording of Ave Maria.

I have not found any independent confirmation that any of those unfortunates were "worship leaders." Fact is, I have yet to quite figure out what the purpose of any choir really is. That is, other than your expression "holy entertainment."

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Ken Sublett
(Login Ken.Sublett)

Re: Castrati

June 17 2017, 10:27 AM

The Jews sang or chanted in Falsetto: the Pope's "team" and ACappella continues the pattern.

When the exiled Pope heard the Castrated opra singers he brought his own team to the Sistine "caper or cappella" because they turned the trick better. People actually passed out from the ECSTASY and now C. Leonard Allen says that God is ECSTATIC.

When the Catholics could no longer castrate young boy singers, composers began to write Trouser's Songs.

a cappella is in the PLACE of the castrated choir where no congregational singing was known until after the Reformation.

When the "praise songs" hit the church I hit the couch in the foyer and finally hist the road.

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David Rhoades
(Login Ken.Sublett)


June 10 2017, 10:42 AM 

One of my "investments with the Lord" following in the steps of Madison.

When ISIS cuts off heads they are on a mission to bring PEACE upon the World. If you won't convert they must kill you and then we will all be PEACEFUL. We have noted that the most hostil attack against God is promoting a WORLD VIEW but the Kosmos or Ecumenical is the "kingdom of the Devil." He says that He can give you everything if we can just have "unity." They lie about "unity in diversity" when Ephesians 4 teaches just the opposite. If WE (a favorite word) impose the religious practices OF THE WORLD we need your group and property. A common assault is that you must "get with the program or get out." Then WE can have peace. J.W.McGarvey was forbidden to speak against the organ (only we promise) because HE would be sowing Discord and disturbing the peace.

David Rhoades was pretty much a KJV-only perhaps because it was a product of the Textus Receptus and had been hammered on for centuries. Most of the great tribulation, however, is based on versions which are the product of modern theologians and preachers and are used specifically because they can be used or twisted to support the NEW visions of people who claimed to be guided by A Holy Spirit Person who has superseded the dispensations of the father god and the son god

The credo of those needing to CHANGE you from the historic views is to purpose drive you into Dissociative Disorder. They call it "upsetting your comfort zones." It is a mental process which produces a lack of connection in a person's thoughts, memories, feelings, actions, or sense of identity. The person literally dissociates himself from a situation or experience that's too violent, traumatic, or painful to assimilate with his conscious self.

Before Rubel Shelly's targets got home from church I posted "Today's Sermon Today." Over and over and over he pointed out the horrors produced by the traditional churches of Christ: this was Mind Control intended you to not DARE teach "traditional" doctrine or you will be Marked. David Rhoades posted some of the proponents including Hegel and Hitler.

David Young became an expert at "Vision Casting" using the same WICCA terms Lynn Anderson used in "Navigating the Winds of Change." The Elder's (David's) list dismissing all other congregations and promoting HIS by the following "droplets"


Legalistic 2 times
Just our Tradition or Traditional 20 Times.
Bad Stylesor Styles of WORSHIP 16 Times
Bad Method or Methods 9 Times
Bad Customs 2
Needd: A NEW Language 7 Times
Instruments Just our Heritage 2
Freedom 22 Times--is something WE give YOU.
Holding Just our Opinions 11 Times
They are Pharisee 2
WE promise Continuity with the Past 2
Bad Judgment 8
Not using INSTRUMENTS HINDERS the Work of God

David Rhoades: The First Thing The Change Agents Will Do Is Promote A New Bible

One of the main hinge pins in the success of the "Community Church Movement" was initiated 2000 years ago, and is bringing to bear it's full impact today. The "Community Church Movement" has had prepared for them a special Bible.

The question for all of us is not what the Bible says, but how and why... Why don't we at least entertain the possibility that the Bible simply reflects an ANCIENT TABOO or homophobic prejudice in a few people like Paul -- a taboo and prejudice we need to outgrow?

If I asked you if you believe the below Bible verse, how would you answer?

Psalm 12:6,7 "The words of the Lord are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times. Thou shalt keep them from this generation forever."

If your answer is that you believe that verse to be the word of God and therefore true, how do you square that with modern Bible versions like the NIV, NKVJ, And the NASB that don't agree with the original King James Authorized Version. Nor do the modern versions agree with each other.

Does that sound like "pure words", "purified seven times"?

You see, once you were convinced that the modern Bible versions offered you a better modern translation, then you were also convinced the Bible is fallible. And once you have fallen for this trick, given up your King James because it's too hard to read, then you are ready for trick number 2.

Once you are convinced the Bible is fallible and can be translated in a number of ways, then the door is open for the "Community Church Movement" to convince you that they interpret the Bible differently. I have heard them say it; "You interpret it your way, we will interpret it ours" I have also heard them claim that the Bible was written by uninspired men, and claim it has mistakes.

They will say, certainly if uninspired men can translate the Bible in different ways, we can now interpret it in different ways as well. Now they will show you why Baptism isn't necessary, why Praise teams and instruments are OK in Worship, why divorce and homosexuality is not as bad as you thought, and eventually why anything goes.

It's no wonder that one of the first things "Community Church Movement" planters try to do is plant a new Bible. They will do this by having the preacher use and recommend the modern Bible (Preferably the NIV). If that won't work initially then they will plant copies in the pews and use them in Sunday School classes where they can. It's really no wonder why the NIV is the official Bible for Willowcreek, Saddleback, and the entire "Community Church Movement"

Rubel Shelly rejects homosexuality based on NATURE and not the Bible.

The question for all of us is not what the Bible says, but how and why... Why don't we at least entertain the possibility that the Bible simply reflects an ANCIENT TABOO or homophobic prejudice in a few people like Paul -- a taboo and prejudice we need to outgrow?

Thus homosexuality is wrong not because it violates a command but because it violates the divine will as expressed in creation itself.

The question for all of us is not what the Bible says, but how and why. If what were our only concern, we could read it literally as God's rule book for human behavior apart from any and all cultural contexts.

Well, culture changes and that is why "bibles" change and men presume to pontificate rather than just READ THE WORD. The meaning of IS IS that the Christian System is a School of the Word and that never changes with culture. What Shelly etal are saying that culture trumps Scripture and then makes that his role to define culture and pay him, too.

Deut. 29:24 Even all nations shall say, Wherefore hath the LORD done thus unto this land? what meaneth the heat of this great anger?
Deut. 29:25 Then men shall say, Because they have forsaken the covenant of the LORD God of their fathers, which he made with them when he brought them forth out of the land of Egypt:

The Book of The Covenant of Grace was Abrahamic. Because they fell into idolatry God gave them THE BOOK OF THE LAW added because of transgression.

Deut. 29:26 For they went and served other gods, and worshipped them, gods whom they knew not, and whom he had not given unto them:
Deut. 29:27 And the anger of the LORD was kindled against this land, to bring upon it all the curses that are written in this book:
Deut. 29:28 And the LORD rooted them out of their land in anger, and in wrath, and in great indignation, and cast them into another land, as it is this day.
Deut. 29:29 The secret things belong unto the LORD our God: but those things which are revealed belong unto us and to our children for ever, that we may do all the words of this law.

If you SELL the Free Water of the Word then there is no role to be played other than teaching the LAW for the LAWLESS and the clear WORD as the only TEACHING resource for the School of Christ. If they are not revealed then they are not from God. The area of conforming to the laws of CULTURE is individual and tolerates no Lording.

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David Rhoades
(Login Ken.Sublett)

Taking Control of the Elders

June 11 2017, 6:53 PM 

If you read some of the stuff coming out of university professors who train MINISTERS there is an effort "to use professors as CHANNELERS to go out and control the CHANGE. They invented the change or Apostasy and then convince elders that they need a PHD.

Definition of channeler: a person who conveys thoughts or energy from a source believed to be outside the person's body or conscious mind; specifically : one who speaks for nonphysical beings or spirits

Lynn Anderson as one of the early Navigators of the Winds of Change uses terms and methods right out of commercial change agents which is identical to WICCA. The women had a huge input in hearing a spirit and reinterpreting dogma straight out of Baptist Theology.

One of my "investment's" preacher was close to the International Churches of Christ and he made everying sick talking about "my SHEPHERDS." Rubel Shelly promotedd the idea that elders were "leaders" but ministers were best equipt to lead by lead by their "Charisma and Training."

David Rhoades: PART 2

A takeover of the Eldership of the church is an important step in changing the church. This is generally accomplished by the "Community Church Movement" in one of two ways.

Many churches, and especially Churches of Christ, don't have Elder affirmation or elections. The traditional method at some churches is for the Elders to put names under consideration to be Elders, before the congregation. If any of the members have a problem with any of the nominees, then this gives that member or members a chance to confront the individual nominee directly and privately about their concerns. If the problem is not resolved between the two of them, then it would typically be expected that the nominee would withdraw his name from consideration or the problem would be taken up with the eldership. This has traditionally been close to the way Elders have been chosen.

The first things you will notice when infiltrated by "Change Agents" is that they have no scruples about not honoring God's doctrine, which is a scriptural process. (Acts 1,12:26) They are here to "change", and change is what you are going to get.

They will typically ignore any concerns about elder nominees brought up by concerned members; or they will change the process to one where the nominees are presented as already chosen new elders. At that point, they will say ?if any one has a problem with any of these let us know.? Well, it?s now a little too late. The process of removing a chosen Elder is nasty, compared with not choosing one to begin with. Now what they have done is locked the membership out of any decision process in choosing new Elders, which is unscriptural.

Acts 1:26 (KJV)
And they gave forth their lots; and the lot fell upon Matthias;
and he was numbered with the eleven apostles.

Some churches use an election or affirmation process, which is then reaffirmed ever so often. The "Change Agents" don't like this democratic and "unholy" process at all and will work to change it.

A quote from an email received at ConcernedMembers:

"I must admit that I have had a change of heart about the election of officers here. From his arrival, our former minister assailed this "democratic" method of selecting elders as unscriptural. For a while, he had me convinced. I, now, believe that there must be some kind of accountability on the part of our church leaders. Also, election is not unscriptural, as it was the method used to choose the replacement for Judas Iscariot in Acts chapter 1."

The "Change Agent" will try to get any affirmation process changed to a process where only the Elders appoint new Elders.

Neither of the above processes are fast enough for the typical "Change Agent." So, what they will try to do is increase the number of Elders by as much as 1/3. Let's say the church has 10 Elders. It's not unusual for the "Change Agent" to want to raise the number of Elders to 15.

The "Change Agent" will provide all the justification as to the necessity of this action. They will say, "The more Elders we have, the better we will be able to serve our members". "If we are to bring on new members, then we must have an adequate number of Elders".

To the average humble and Godly Shepherd, there seems to be no harm...


Scripture speaks of elders in the same sense as the Synagogue. The elders were APT because they were Bible Scholar having grown up in a ONCE-PIECE-PATTERN commanded in the wilderness: To let people REST, Read and Rehearse the Word.

Jesus said that doctors take away the key to knowledge. There is no DNA connection between an institution where elders are the BOARD OF DIRECTORS for the president and the School of the Word where the only "ruling" of elders as the only Pastor-Teachers (Eph 4) was to teach THE WORD. Preachers now speak of "the leadership" with the authority to spend ill-gotten gains on everything but the poor and widows.

In the Scripture and amplified by Lenski, Titus was to POINT OUT and command "men who were already laboring to the point of exhausting in preaching and teaching." He is made an elder by HIS spirit which is holy.

A tiny few will follow the Tithing thread and conclude that neither the Synagogue of the faithful or the Church of Christ has ANY source of revenue as a LAW.

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Ken Sublett
(Login Ken.Sublett)

This PLOY is sill being used AS WE WRITE: And most "conservatives" hide away.

June 19 2017, 2:57 PM 


David Rhoades

I owe an apology to everyone because I have written previously that my former church congregation was headed for a trip to Saddleback.

How wrong I was! The destination is actually more sinister.

The change agents will promote the embracing of other doctrines. This starts out innocent enough. The praise team will visit a different denomination or will use this opportunity to practice their talents, which they haven't revealed to their congregation yet. The change agents will encourage visits to other Churches that are already advanced into the "Community Church Change." These little trips provide the encouragement for them to continue their efforts of bringing "praise teams" or instruments into their congregation. Maybe they will even invite a musical group from another denomination into their Church on a special occasion, which is intended to show their own congregation how "innocent" a little musical worship can be.

The preachers like my former preacher will hold meetings with other denominations about setting aside their differences in doctrinal issues. They will encourage members? trips to participate in groups like "Promise Keepers" or they will start their own "Jubilee". (The Pope had a Jubilee too, you know) There are ulterior motives here that won't be discussed with the Church members.

We Church members are a mixed lot. Most of us think we know what's going on in our own little way. Some of us are so kind and loving that we don't think another Christian would lie and deceive us. Then there are those like me that are so biblically ignorant that we wouldn't know a "Jubilee" from a "tent revival." There are those that knew what was going on, though. There always is. Looking back, you can see them leaving the Church early. I don't mean the big bunch that left when I did, but the trickling of many over several years. They knew! You really can't blame them.
They tried to warn us, but we were really a big dumb lot. We thought they were crazy, or maybe just a little too "radically religious".

Well, this is not another one of my tirades. I'm just trying to explain why you?re not going to believe this story either.

There is a bigger darker picture that's now being drawn. You see, I thought I knew the whole picture originally. I thought everything pointed to "Saddleback" and other similar "Change Agents" in the "Community Church Movement" What's really happening makes "Saddleback", "Willowcreek", and the "Zoe" bunch look like little minions.

Look at what I found on a web page the other day-- These are Catholics that are not happy with the changes taking place within the Catholic Church. Read this--It sounds like something you would read on the site.

Compare ...
Traditional Latin Mass

Atmosphere of Reverent Worship:
Peaceful, otherworldly atmosphere. Emphasis on individual "lifting his heart & mind to God." Members of congregation direct attention to God, not each other.

With ...
Modern Mass at your parish

Social, Classroom, Entertainment Atmosphere:
Constant standing, sitting, amplified noise; atmosphere like a public meeting. Emphasis on "instruction." Socializing in church before & after service, and handshaking during.

My purpose of showing you this is to call your attention to what's happening everywhere! This is not some fad. What's happening to Churches all over the world doesn't have such organized precision unless there are some BIG minions running this. Do the little minions really know whom they are working for? I doubt it.

Here is a word that I did not know the meaning of until just a few short months ago:

Ecumenism, Ecumenical - Remember these words. Unfortunately this won't be the last time you hear them.

It has happened or is happening in all of the congregations in my working history beginning 60 years ago and a bit later when the NACC was finally sectarianed out of the Disciple-Christian churches began a second attempted UNITY MEETINGS. Unity was based on the lie that Churches of Christ were ever "unioned" with the Disciples-Christians at any time in history.

Ecumenical or "unity" has always meant that treacherous preachers say that WE have to "offer worship experiences" to all they call "christians" or WE will call you SECTARIAN and dangerous enough that an instrumentalists boast "we need to take an AXE to the anti-instrumental sectarians."

Ecumenical, as we have noted but probably not noted, is a word which David Rhoades says was more evil than most people can grasp. God calls a Little Flock OUT of the ecumenical into the WAY that is called a SECT: so narrow that fools cannot even stumble into it. More Later

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Ken Sublett
(Login Ken.Sublett)

Re: Truth in love...David Rhoades Warning

June 20 2017, 1:09 AM 

Jay Guin guiding light.

David Rhoades: Here is what Webster?s says:

Pronunciation: "e-ky&-'me-ni-k&l
Function: adjective
Etymology: Late Latin oecumenicus, from Late Greek oikoumenikos, from Greek oikoumenE the inhabited world, from feminine of oikoumenos, present passive particle of oikein to inhabit, from oikos house -- more at VICINITY Date: circa 1587

1: worldwide or general in extent, influence, or application
2 a: of, relating to, or representing the whole of a body of churches b: promoting or tending toward worldwide Christian unity or cooperation - ec?u?men?i?cal?ly /-k(&-)lE/ adverb

The ecumenical efforts have been at work for a long time right under our noses. Did you smell it? I didn't. We should have because it's right straight from Hell. This is not just an effort to join all Christian Churches, but ALL Churches under one Church, The One World Church.

I used to think it would be impossible for us as Christians not to recognize the "AntiChrist," but, now, I see. There are those today that don't realize that their Church is being changed into the Church of the "Anti-Christ". I was one of these right up until a few short months ago.

Here is a quote from a recent article by the President of Voice of the Martyrs:

"Across America pastors and Christian leaders are allowing representatives of the Islamic faith to freely speak in their pulpits. This happened at Willow Creek Community Church, the largest church in America, where a Muslim man named Faisal Hammouda was allowed to share the pulpit. During the interview with Pastor Hybels, Hammouda claimed: "As a matter of fact, we, all of us...believe in Jesus. I believe in Jesus. I believe in Mohammed and all the prophets. So our mission here is to introduce people to God." He also stated, "We believe in Jesus more than you do, in fact."

It seems that this all started back years ago and Satan has been coaching his minions all the time. I'm only going to take you back to 1948. Your self-study would take you even further back than 1919 and Alice Bailey, Foundress of the Lucifer Trust. (11)

John Foster Dulles, the brother of the CIA director that Kennedy fired, (Alan Dulles) was instrumental in forming the UN after World War II.

He was also instrumental in forming the "World Council of Churches" about the same time.

"At present, there are two great bodies -- the World Council of Churches (W.C.C.) and the National Council of Churches (N.C.C.). The main aim of the Ecumenical Movement is to bring churches of all denominations and cults, and ultimately, all other religious organizations together as One Ecumenical Church or World Church. At the first Ecumenical Assembly held in Amsterdam in 1948, the motto 'ONE WORLD -- ONE CHURCH' was adopted. It is agreed that one of the major issues for the WCC to tackle is the relations between the churches and the organizations of all the other religions and ideologies. With regards to this issue, dialogues are being held among the different religions of the world. The Bible Prophecy of a Super Church is now being fulfilled." (9)

Coming forward into the later part of the 20th century we see a whole host of well known characters furthering ecumenism and pushing it toward it's goals for the year 2000. The Pope with the decrees of Vatican II in 1962 brought the Catholic Church on board the ecumenism movement. Billy Graham was one of the biggest pushers within the protestant Churches. Then you have numerous movements like "Promise Keepers" (14) and new ones forming faster than flies.

It's not my job to scare you. I just have to warn you.

If you are still setting there in the pew...that's okay. I have done my job, now, I'm gone!

P.S. Do you really think you will recognize the Anti-Christwhen he arrives?

The Ecumenical as the kingdom of Satan says that EVERYONE will be saved that believes that everyone will be saved.
They are ANTI Christ who said only a tiny "mikros" number will be saved: they are now parked in a spiritual kingdom which does not come--whatever you pay--with observation meaning "religious observations" worshiping the works of their own hands.

In the gospel of John the Jews claimed that Jesus said that He was God: Jesus said that they BLASPHEMED because He always said that He was the SON of God.

In the epistle John said that ANTICHRIST denies the ONE GOD THE FATHER and ONE SON.

1Tim. 2:5 For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the MAN Christ Jesus;

ANTICHRISTS say that THE Holy Spirit is now our mediator-intercessor but John said that the promised Holy Spirit Comforter is named JESUS CHRIST THE RIGHTEOUS.

There is such a movement led by Gary Holloway, ex church of Christ under the Disciples of Christ.

Gary Holloway Ecumenical: "First, [ecumenical] is biblical. “Ecumenical” is from the Greek word oikoumena,"

Rubel Shelly and Mike Cope's JUBILEE was in response to the Pope's plan for Jubilee Y2K for all of the daughter churches to return to the fold. Ecumenical or the Kosmos is the kingdom of Satan. The WAY that is called a SECT is the Biblical Narrow Road or pattern and only a tiny FEW will ever find it.

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Ken Sublett
(Login Ken.Sublett)

Re: Truth in love...David Rhoades Warning

June 20 2017, 11:37 AM 

The model or pattern for the contemporary Community Church advancing beyond the historical Community Church is the Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, Illinois. The pastor, promoter, and prelate of this megachurch is Bill Hybels. It has been featured on the Public Broadcasting Station as the wave of the future in religion. Its methods are promoted in seminars which broadly are advertized across the nation. Prominent preachers in churches of Christ like Wayne Kilpatrick have visited Willow Creek Community Church and returned to sing its praises.(7) "Change agents" within the churches of Christ today publicly have stimulated interest in the Willow Creek model. (The term "change agents" aptly was coined by brother William Woodson in his book exposing their agenda titled Change Agents and Churches of Christ, A Study in Contemporary Problems with Change Agents Among Churches of Christ; Athens, Alabama: School of Bible Emphasis, 1994). How prominent are these "change agents?"

Dr. Gary Holloway is Director of Graduate Bible at David Lipscomb University, now Lipscomb University, Bible Department in Nashville, Tennessee. J.E. Choate, who has performed a valuable service in utilizing his vast historical knowledge of the restoration movement to provide both accuracy and truthfulness in articles which challenge the perilous putrefaction of the "change agents," wrote in the Yokefellow, September 16, 1996, about a paper Holloway read in May of 1995 before the Disciples of Christ Historical Society which later was published in Discipliana. He said,

Dr. Gary Holloway presented his proposals for this new denomination before an assembly of the radical Disciples of Christ whose pulpits are open to gays, liberals, etc. Does Holloway think to gain favor with DLU alumni and patrons when these facts become know [sic] to the rank and file of the churches of Christ?

The first option: The Willow Creek Community Church model based in the Chicago area is presented as the first of three options proposed to replace the apostolic pattern. This is the "razzle dazzle hoopla" type of high church entertainment with brass bands, special music, dramatic skits, etc.(8


It was begun by John Mark Hicks, professor of Christian doctrine at the Harding Graduate School of Religion, and Gary Ealy, member of the Highland Street Church of Christ in October of 1997 with its first worship for the public April 12, 1998, on what was billed as Easter Sunday following denominational doctrine. The new group meets in the facilities of Harding Academy, which is sponsored by churches of Christ throughout the Memphis area.

Hicks and Ealy authored "A Theological and Strategic Statement for a New Church Planting" for this Community Church which contains overall fourteen items of their unique creed. Like almost all creedal treatises written by men, theirs contains some elements of truth and many elements of error. Jesus Christ said, "But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men" (Matt. 15:9). Two excellent, scholarly articles recently have appeared in the Yokefellow published by the Memphis School of Preaching and written by Mike Hixson, preacher for the Macon Road Church of Christ in Memphis, which devastate the error advocated by Hicks and Ealy (Sept. 4, 1998; Oct. 21, 1998).

[linked image]

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Ken Sublett
(Login Ken.Sublett)

Those who God HATES

June 26 2017, 10:12 AM 

[linked image]
[linked image]

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Madison Church of Christ was a 60 year old church. At one time it was one of the largest churches in the US, and the largest Church of Christ.

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At sometime in the last 10 years there was a deliberate plan by a majority of the elders to take the Madison Church of Christ into a more worldly realm.

They used secrecy, covert planning, and outside sources to scheme and to change the format and direction of the Madison Church of Christ.

The Elders knew that the membership would never approve such a plan. Using the tools of the "Community Church Movement"(consultants, books, seminars, meetings,planters,seeders) they slowly started initiating change so it was never noticed by the members until it was too late.....

At the heart of the plan was the fact that old members were going to be driven off so new techniques could be used to go out and reach the unchurched through new "Contemporary Holy Entertainment" methods developed by the "Community Church Movement"

Old members had to be kept on board long enough to get their plans ready, or the funds would not be there to pay for the new building. So by the plans very nature, it had to be secret.

The church had no plan in effect to renew or approve elders. There was never any need. The elders had always been "as approved by God". 10 of the last 15 elders would begin to shed some doubt on that.

The Elders did not even need a majority at first, because some of the elders went along unwittingly.

This edition starts shortly after some of the members begin to smell something strange in January 2001. Later editions may go back and fill in some of the timeline.

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2,800 - 4,000 church "members"
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Unknown number of "sinners" (This is what the 10 elders call us.)
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