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Sit on the Couch Like Ken

June 29 2016, 9:33 PM 

Instead of acting like a prude and going to a service NOT for edification (not worshiping but being there just to scrutinize is a SIN), why not stay at home like Ken? You only have yourself to criticize then and that would be good for everyone.

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Ken Sublett
(Login Ken.Sublett)

Re: Sit on the Couch Like Ken

June 29 2016, 9:52 PM 

Dave, every time someone quotes Scripture and other history you slip out or just pass through the wall.

I would think that a preacher who SPEAKS where the BIBLE SPEAKS would rejoice that people were staying awake long enough to take notes. Donnie probably reads the whole thought pattern HIDDEN by a sermon on ME and verse THREE-Z.

I never stayed at home: I just beam myself out: the internet has replaced the chariot and those who refuse to GO get hired as a LOCATED MISSIONARY.

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Donnie Cruz
(Login Donnie.Cruz)

Re: Sit on the Couch Like Ken

June 29 2016, 10:30 PM 


"Oh, I was made for this to know your tender kiss ... to know this love is mine ... you gave me everything. My feet were made to dance.... You give me more and more, for I was made for you.... You ran to welcome me, I felt your warm embrace.... I was made to love you Jesus. I was made for this." Oops! "Jesus" is mentioned.

I forgot to mention the title of that "praise music." It is: "I Was Made for This." Interesting title. It makes one curious: made for what?

What you said about "edification" confused me. Are you referring to that particular praise music as being "NOT for edification"? Or, are you saying that where I attend the "worship service" is "NOT for edification"?

Well, Dave, I was there first!!! Before the change agents intruded and caused division among the elders and the 3,000-member congregation! Also I have relatives and friends there.

Scrutinizing is a SIN? I doubt it.

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Ken Sublett
(Login Ken.Sublett)

Re: Sit on the Couch Like Ken

June 29 2016, 10:36 PM 

God forces them to CONFESS: "I was MADE for this." I have quoted Jude who references the instrumental-trinitarian-perverted idolatry at Mount Sinai. Jude warns us to hang on the the ONCE DELIVERED Scripture because anyone who diverts he marks as PREDESTINED or PREDEFINED maing 'I was made for this."

The CHAFF baptized with spirit (wind) and fire was made for this because it has no HEART or value.

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Ken Sublett
(Login Ken.Sublett)

Musid hurts: says much recorded history.

June 29 2016, 11:47 PM 

Edification means EDUCATION as a means of "house building". There is lots of testimony that music intends to HURT for an effect: that is why enchantment or sorcery is almost always implicated with names of instruments or musical use in religion for sale. The PATTERN often commaned is to stop the self-pleasure or laded burden "anxiety created by religious rituals" before it is possible to "use one mind and one mouth to speak that which is WRITTEN for our LEARNING

Aedificatio : “loquitur ad aedificationem,” Vulg. 1 Cor. 14, 3; 14, 26.—
(β). [select] With gen.: “ad aedificationem Ecclesiae,” Vulg. 1 Cor. 14, 12; ib. Eph. 4, 12.

"prophesying for edification" is teaching the Word by inspiration or reading so that you can say "thous saith the Lord."

[linked image]

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Ken Sublett
(Login Ken.Sublett)

Speaking of EDIFICATION as the One-Piece Pattern

June 30 2016, 12:08 AM 

[linked image]

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People Don't Like the Truth

June 30 2016, 12:47 AM 

It doesn't matter if you were there first or number 1 million to attend. When you go to a service and then come here only to tear it down because you don't like the praise team, the praise team songs, then YOU HAVE SINNED. You have not worshiped and cannot do so if you are only looking for what you can post negatively here.
Proof positive that you are sinning??? There are services for the contemporary and the traditional. You said you attend the traditional and do NOT need to attend the contemporary, ONLY, to tear it down here with your negative comments.
You know better. It is not a maybe. You are sinning.

Ken, that fine language about me passing through the wall is just you loving to hear yourself talk again. Hey, it is your site. Do what ya want to.

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Ken Subllett
(Login Ken.Sublett)

Re: People Don't Like the Truth

June 30 2016, 12:40 PM 

WORSHIP is one of those HARD WORK or LEGALISM terms since you believe that you can do things which you pretend causes God to give you another gold star on your card. Worship literally means to shut up and fall on your face like a frightened Dog. That would be a legal ACT of work like raising or clapping your hands: God is not worshipped with anything you do as the works of YOUR hands.

Sabbath contrary to the folly of Doctors of the Law never meant a DAY OF WORSHIP. Sabbath means REST where outlawed WORK prevents sending out ministers of a god.

The unique WORSHIP word is to give attendance to the READING of the WORD. That is what a DISCIPLE does and we don't send disciples of Astrophysics to the building to listen to the professor speak about himself and his experiences or opinions.

You supply the Works Projects Administration and Donnie can see whether he can LEARN something. Both male and female are silenced by Paul so that "all might be SAFE and come to a knowledge of THE TRUTH." Women claimed to speak FOR the gods and she is silenced because "there is only ONE GOD the Father and one mediator between Man and God, the MAN Jesus Christ." The synagogue intended that everyone read and rehearse a portion of Scripture and then they could go home and DISCUSS what they learned.

A Christian is a Disciple and a Disciple is a Student and the Teacher is Jesus Christ (if you have APT elders) and the Resource is what Jesus commanded as Prophecies made more certain. Elders as WOLVES are HOBBLED to teach that which has been taught and REFUTE those who do NOT teach that which has been taught. Now, Jesus and the First Ammendment lets Donnie do what Donnie wants to do while the STAFF is STIFFING the SUFFERING widows--eating up their homes (house and children) by making long prayers which the Greeks understood as HYMNS.

The Synagogue and Church were EDUCATIONAL ASSEMBLIES ONLY.

Hab. 2:12 Woe to him that buildeth a town with blood, and stablisheth a city by iniquity!
Hab. 2:13 Behold, is it not of the LORD of hosts that the people shall labour in the very fire, and the people shall weary themselves for very vanity?

laborabunt Ov. P. 2, 6, 22: “laborat carmen in fine, I.a tune, song; poem, verse; an oracular response, a prophecy; a form of incantation. a tune, song, air, lay, strain, note, sound, both vocal and instrumental . “carmine vocali clarus citharāque Philammon,” Ov. M. 11, 317; cf. “vocum,” id. ib. 12, 157: “per me (sc. Apollinem) concordant carmina nervis, 7. Moral sentences composed in verses: [Laded Burden] formula in religion or LAW, a form: “ 5. A magic formula, an incantation:

Vanity “nullus dies ab exercitationibus oratoriis “cetera, quae vacuas tenuissent carmine mentes Verg. G. 3.3 “nullus dies ab exercitationibus oratoriis, “theatrum,

Verg. G. 3.3 Thee too, great Pales, will I hymn, and thee,
Amphrysian shepherd, worthy to be sung,
You, woods and waves Lycaean. All themes beside,
Which else had charmed the vacant mind with song,
Are now waxed common.
Of harsh Eurystheus who
The story knows not, or that praiseless king
Busiris, and his altars? or by whom
Hath not the tale been told of Hylas young,
Latonian Delos and Hippodame,
And Pelops for his ivory shoulder famed,
Keen charioteer? Needs must a path be tried,
By which I too may lift me from the dust,
And float triumphant through the mouths of men.
Yea, I shall be the first, so life endure,
To lead the Muses with me, as I pass
To mine own country


Hab. 2:14 For [BECAUSE of the determining reason] the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.
Hab. 2:15 Woe unto him that giveth his neighbour drink, that puttest thy bottle to him, and makest him drunken also, that thou mayest look on their nakedness!
Hab. 2:16 Thou art filled with shame for glory: drink thou also, and let thy foreskin be uncovered: the cup of the LORD’S right hand shall be turned unto thee, and shameful spewing shall be on thy glory.
Hab. 2:17 For the violence of Lebanon shall cover thee, and the spoil of beasts, which made them afraid, because of men’s blood, and for the violence of the land, of the city, and of all that dwell therein.
Hab. 2:18 What profiteth the graven image that the maker thereof hath graven it; the molten image, and a teacher of lies, that the maker of his work trusteth therein, to make dumb idols?
Hab. 2:19 Woe unto him that saith to the wood, Awake [MEANING DAVID]; to the dumb stone, Arise, it shall teach! Behold, it is laid over with gold and silver, and there is no breath at all in the midst of it.

David wanted to AWAKEN his harp so that He could awaken the DAWN--mother of lucifer since God abandoned the Jews to worship the starry host.

Hab. 2:20 But the LORD is in his holy temple: let all the earth keep silence before him.

That's what Paul commanded BOTH men and women: the feminists say that Paul commanded female staff as BOTH but for readers Paul used the word NEITHER because we have the same Father or only Teacher.

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June 30 2016, 6:22 PM 

Ken said "The Synagogue and Church were EDUCATIONAL ASSEMBLIES ONLY."

So if Christ states that where two or more are gathered in my name that He will be with them, and Christ sings a hymn with them, and we know that hymn had to be about praising God, then that would make your assetion of an assembly ONLY being about education NULL and VOID because SCRIPTURE PROVES that this assembly that Christ held was ABOUT PRAISING GOD and NOT JUST EDUCATION.

Wanna try for 2 out of 3?

You think you know everything Ken, but Scriptures, not me (Speak that which is written) proves you wrong time and time again.

You can tell me that the hymn was a hallel or whatever BUT IT WAS STILL PRAISE to GOD.

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Donnie Cruz
(Login Donnie.Cruz)


July 1 2016, 1:49 AM 

Do liberal, progressive believers "praise God" mainly during "musical worship"? Have they stopped praising God in prayer and away from "musical worship"?

I agree with the point that disciples (learners) of Christ assemble to read, learn and study the Scripture. The church assembly is patterned after the synagogue assembly with the addition of the observance of the Lord's Supper -- simple!!! There was no "musical worship"; no silly praise songs; no erotic/love songs.

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Ken Sublett
(Login Ken.Sublett)

Re: Church Singing II

June 30 2016, 9:11 PM 

Dave sez: So if Christ states that where two or more are gathered in my name that He will be with them, and Christ sings a hymn with them, and we know that hymn had to be about praising God, then that would make your assetion of an assembly ONLY being about education NULL and VOID b ecause SCRIPTURE PROVES that this assembly that Christ held was ABOUT PRAISING GOD and NOT JUST EDUCATION.

The Synagogue of the JEWS assembled to see how they could kill Jesus THE last Passover.

Matt. 26:2 Ye know that after two days is the feast of the passover, and the Son of man is betrayed to be crucified.
Matt. 26:3 Then assembled together the chief priests, and the scribes, and the elders of the people, unto the palace of the high priest, who was called Caiaphas,
Matt. 26:4 And consulted that they might take Jesus by subtilty, and kill him.

g4863. sunago, soon-ag´-o; from 4862 and 71; to lead together, i.e. collect or convene; specially, to entertain (hospitably): — + accompany, assemble (selves, together), bestow, come together, gather (selves together, up, together), lead into, resort, take in.

The Passover and the Feast of Unleavened bread was a FAMILY affair in private homes: it was not the synagogue.

Matt. 26:17 Now the first day of the feast of unleavened bread
..... the disciples came to Jesus, saying unto him,
.....Where wilt thou that we prepare for thee to eat the passover?

So, you see this was not the SYNAGOGUE but a place to EAT THE PASSOVER. If we observed Passover it would be to imitate the killing of Jesus, eating His flesh and drinking His blood

Matt. 26:18 And he said, Go into the city to such a man, and say unto him,
.....The Master saith, My time is at hand;
.....I will keep the passover AT THY HOUSE with my disciples.
Matt. 26:19 And the disciples did as Jesus had appointed them; and they made ready the passover.
Matt. 26:20 Now when the even was come, he sat down with the twelve.

This was to HAND FEED Judas the SOP which has the same root meaning as PSALLO. When Jesus fed Judas the SOP the Devil came into Judas. He went out and hanged himself because Satan had no more use for him. He twisted in the wind until he rotted and his guts dropped out. Good PATTERN for those who have been handed the PSALLO coded word.

Matt. 26:21 And as they did eat, he said, Verily I say unto you, that one of you shall betray me.
Matt. 26:22 And they were exceeding sorrowful, and began every one of them to say unto him, Lord, is it I?
Matt. 26:23 And he answered and said, He that dippeth his hand with me in the dish, the same shall betray me.
Matt. 26:24 The Son of man goeth as it is written of him: but woe unto that man by whom the Son of man is betrayed! it had been good for that man if he had not been born.
Matt. 26:25 Then Judas, which betrayed him, answered and said, Master, is it I? He said unto him, Thou hast said.
Matt. 26:26 And as they were eating, Jesus took bread, and blessed it, and brake it, and gave it to the disciples, and said, Take, eat; this is my body.
Matt. 26:27 And he took the cup, and gave thanks, and gave it to them, saying, Drink ye all of it;
Matt. 26:28 For this is my blood of the new testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins.
Matt. 26:29 But I say unto you, I will not drink henceforth of this fruit of the vine, until that day when I drink it new with you in my Father’s kingdom.
Matt. 26:30 And when they had sung an hymn, they went out into the mount of Olives.

Singing if you wish always seems attached to betrayal:

Matt. 26:34 Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, That this night, before the cock crow, thou shalt deny me thrice.

This was not a rooster which was not allowed in the area.

g5456. phone, fo-nay´; probably akin to 5316 through the idea of disclosure; a tone (articulate, bestial or artificial); by implication, an address (for any purpose), saying or language: — noise, sound, voice.

The cock or galli was the emasculated priest of the mother goddess: Paul hoped that they let their knives slip. These were the castrated boys who sang in the style of CAPPELLA or the Sistine Chapel who rooted out the less desirable falsetto singers for the Pope.

Judas is the one on the left: Judas was Judas the Sicarri or assassin: he is often pictured on Greek "clay vessels." The little box is always attached to the spotted flute case and it is defined as "for holding the mouthpieces of wind instruments." Psalm 41 speaks about this familiar friend.

g1101. glossokomon, gloce-sok´-om-on; from 1100 and the base of 2889; properly, a case (to keep mouthpieces of wind-instruments in) i.e. (by extension) a casket or (specially) purse: — bag.

g2889.Kosmos, kos´-mos; probably from the base of 2865; orderly arrangement, i.e. decoration; by implication, the world (in a wide or narrow sense, including its inhabitants, literally or figuratively (morally)): — adorning, world.

The Kosmos is the ecumenical or the kingdom of the Devil: that's why Judas carried the flute.

[linked image]

If you hold that assembly ONCE A YEAR and promise to sing ONE of the Hallels and then just GO OUT until NEXT YEAR I might join your church.

The Dicto or SPOKE A hymn and went out. They would not sing those hymns until next year at passover. That's Good because that would be idolatry says the Jews so Paul commanded that we SPEAK they hymns.

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Ken Sublett
(Login Ken.Sublett)

Religious Music Always Marks Sorcery or Witchcraft.

July 2 2016, 10:34 AM 

Paul insisted that worship be IN THE SPIRIT rather than worship IN THE FLESH: this would give no ROLE to the Dogs or Concision. In Galatians 5

Galatians 5:12 I would they were even cut off which trouble you.
Galatians 5:12NET I wish those agitators18 would go so far as to19 castrate themselves!20

A. Based on the words Paul uses pointed to the emasculated priests of the mother goddess, Paul intends to CUT OFF the musical performers in the same way the priests were made eunuchs:

First: Apo-koptō , a.ta gennētika, of eunuchs, Ph.1.89: abs., “apokekommenos” eunuch, LXXDe.23.1, cf.Luc.Eun.8:—Med., make oneself a eunuch, Ep.Gal.5.12, cf. Arr.Epict.2.20.19.

ACappella or the Goat Chapel Emasculated Praise team uses "Trouser Songs" written when the Catholics--recently--were forced to quit castrating boy singers.

The progressives who lament the DEMISE of the ANTI-INSTRUMENTAL Churches of Christ were the ones who began emptying the pews of severall generations of faithful memebers who bought the property they boast about infiltrating and diverting into a theater for holy entertainment. That defines the instrumental mocking prophesied of Messiah, fulfilled by Messiah and prophesied as the rise of the Babylon Mother of Harlots in the end time.

Proven the promised "strong delusions" they increase the terrorism to try to FILL the pews they emptied. No one expects a single false teacher or university to own up.

Cybele was the Mother Goddess (Isis) worshipped at Mount Sinai by the emasculated by various means. The Jacob-cursed and God-Abandoned Levites and all of the elements was FALSETTO. David took over the roles previously relegated to girls and bad men.

Scripture is always the ANTITHESIS of Pagan myths. The "progressing" of the progressives is BACK TO BABYLON OR SUMER where Moses begins his warning of the destruction of the "elohim" as a product of their religion which intended to enslave the people. The piping children who wanted Jesus to lament and dance needed to initiate Jesus in several ways. Plutarch claimed that Dionysus was the anticipated Messiah and no "priesthood" is complete without literal or spiritual emasculation.

Chambers Notes:

The planetary gods Nardouk (Jupiter), Adar (Saturn), Istar (Venus), Nergal (Mars), and Nebo (Mercury),* were all worshiped by the ancient Israelites. Istar was called "Queen of the Stars." Moloch, the rival of Jehovah, who shared for centuries the worship of the Hebrews, had his blazing star, the emblem of his implacable cruelty. The worship of Astarte, daughter of the moon, and "Queen of Heaven," whose emblem was a star, was introduced by Solomon himself (1 Kings xi, 5; 2 Kings xxiii, 13).


O'er high deep seas in speedy ship his voyage Atys sped
Until he trod the Phrygian grove with hurried eager tread
And as the gloomy tree-shorn stead, the she-god's home, he sought
There sorely stung with fiery ire and madman's vaguing thought,
Share he with sharpened flint the freight wherewith his form was fraught.
Then as the she-he sensed limbs were void of manly strain
And sighted freshly shed a-ground spot of ensanguined stain,
Snatched she the timbrel's legier load with hands as snowdrops white,
Thy timbrel, Mother Cybele, the firstings of thy rite,
And as her tender finger-tips on bull-back hollow rang
She rose a-grieving and her song to listening comrades sang.
"Up Gallae, hie together, haste for Cybele's deep grove,
Hie to the Dindymnean dame, ye flocks that love to rove;
The which affecting stranger steads as bound in exile's brunt
My sect pursuing led by me have nerved you to confront
The raging surge of salty sea and ocean's tyrant hand
As your hate of Venus' [Lucifer, Venus, Zoe and Eve by feminists> hest your manly forms unmann'd,
Gladden your souls, ye mistresses, with sense of error bann'd.
Drive from your spirits dull delay, together follow ye
To hold of Phrygian goddess, home of Phrygian Cybebe,
Where loud the cymbal's voice resounds with timbrel-echoes blending,
And where the Phrygian piper drones grave bass from reed a-bending,
Where toss their ivy-circled heads with might the Maenades
Where ply mid shrilly lullilooes the holiest mysteries,
Where to fly here and there be wont the she-god's vaguing train,
Thither behoves us lead the dance in quick-step hasty strain."
Soon as had Atys (bastard-she) this lay to comrades sung
The Chorus sudden lulliloos with quivering, quavering tongue,
Again the nimble timbrel groans, the scooped-out cymbals clash,
And up green Ida flits the Choir, with footsteps hurrying rash
Then Atys frantic, panting, raves, a-wandering, lost, insane,
And leads with timbrel hent and treads the shades where shadows rain,
Like heifer spurning load of yoke in yet unbroken pride;
And the swift Gallae follow fain their first and fleet-foot guide.
But when the home of Cybele they make with toil out-worn
O'er much, they lay them down to sleep and gifts of Ceres scorn;
Till heavy slumbers seal their eyelids langourous, drooping lowly,
And raving frenzy flies each brain departing softly, slowly.
But when Dan Sol with radiant eyes that fire his face of gold
Surveyed white aether and solid soil and waters uncontrol'd,
And chased with steeds sonorous-hooved the shades of lingering night,
Then sleep from waking Atys fled fleeting with sudden flight,
By Nymph Pasithae welcomed to palpitating breast.
Thus when his frenzy raging rash was soothed to gentlest rest,
Atys revolved deeds lately done, as thought from breast unfolding,
And what he'd lost and what he was with lucid sprite beholding,
To shallows led by surging soul again the way 'gan take.
There casting glance of weeping eyes where vasty billows brake,
Sad-voiced in pitifullest lay his native land bespake.
"Country of me, Creatress mine, born to thee and bred,
By hapless me abandoned as by thrall from lordling fled,
When me to Ida's groves and glades these vaguing footsteps bore
To tarry 'mid the snows and where lurk beasts in antres frore
And seek the deeply hidden lairs where furious ferals meet!
Where, Country! whither placed must I now hold thy site and seat?
Lief would these balls of eyes direct to thee their line of sight,
Which for a while, a little while, would free me from despite.
Must I for ever roam these groves from house and home afar?
Of country, parents, kith and kin (life's boon) myself debar?
Fly Forum, fly Palestra, fly the Stadium, the Gymnase?
Wretch, ah poor wretch, I'm doomed (my soul!) to mourn throughout my days,
For what of form or figure is, which I failed to enjoy?
I full-grown man, I blooming youth, I stripling, I a boy,
I of Gymnasium erst the bloom, I too of oil the pride:
Warm was my threshold, ever stood my gateways opening wide,
My house was ever garlanded and hung with flowery freight,
And couch to quit with rising sun, has ever been my fate:
Now must I Cybele's she-slave, priestess of gods, be hight?
I Maenad I, mere bit of self, I neutral barren wight?
I spend my life-tide couch't beneath high-towering Phrygian peaks?
I dwell on Ida's verdant slopes mottled with snowy streaks,
Where homes the forest-haunting doe, where roams the wildling boar?
Now, now I rue my deed foredone, now, now it irks me sore!"
Whenas from out those roseate lips these accents rapid flew,
Bore them to ears divine consigned a Nuncio true and new;
Then Cybele her lions twain disjoining from their yoke
The left-hand enemy of the herds a-goading thus bespoke:
"Up feral fell! up, hie with him, see rage his foot-steps urge,
See that his fury smite him till he seek the forest verge,
He who with over-freedom fain would fly mine empery.
Go, slash thy flank with lashing tail and sense the strokes of thee,
Make the whole mountain to thy roar sound and resound again,
And fiercely toss thy brawny neck that bears the tawny mane!"
So quoth an angered Cybele, and yoke with hand untied:
The feral rose in fiery wrath and self-inciting hied,
A-charging, roaring through the brake with breaking paws he tore.
But when he reached the humid sands where surges cream the shore,
Spying soft Atys lingering near the marbled pave of sea
He springs: the terror-madded wretch back to the wood doth flee,
Where for the remnant of her days a bondmaid's life led she.
Great Goddess, Goddess Cybele, Dindymus dame divine,
Far from my house and home thy wrath and wrack, dread mistress mine:
Goad others on with Fury's goad, others to Ire consign!
Catullus. Carmina. Sir Richard Francis Burton. trans. London.

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July 2 2016, 9:48 PM 

Ken sezs that Dave sezs...

Dave sezs nothing.

I speak that which is written....don't ya know.

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Ken Sublett
(Login Ken.Sublett)

Re: Amen

July 2 2016, 10:14 PM 

BUT, you are not going to SING where the BIBLE SINGS. You can do this with one or two notes.

Eph. 5:13 But all things that are re-proved [rest]
.....are made man-i- fest by the light:
for what-so-ev-er doth make man-if-est light.

Eph. 5:14 Where-fore he sa-ith,
.....A-wake thou that sleep-est,
and a-rise from the dead,
.....and Christ shall give thee light.

Eph. 5:15 See then that ye walk cir-cum-spect-ly,
.....not as fools, but as wise,

Eph. 5:16 Re-deem-ing the time,
..... be-cause the days are e-vil.

Eph. 5:17 Where-fore be ye not un-wise,
.....but un-der-stand-ing what the will of the Lord is.

Eph. 5:18 And be not drunk with wine, where-in is excess;
.....but be filled with the Spirit;

Eph. 5:19 Speak-ing to your-selves psalms and hymns and spiri-tu-al songs,
sing-ing and mak-ing mel-o-dy your heart to the Lord;

Eph. 5:20 Giv-ing thanks al-ways
.....for all things un-to God and the Fath-er the name of our Lord Jes-us Christ;

Record it for us.

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(no login)

Re: Amen

July 2 2016, 11:33 PM 

You ain't like Swaggart and agin them minor chords, are you?

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Donnie Cruz
(Login Donnie.Cruz)

Re: Amen

July 2 2016, 11:48 PM 


You're no music-ignorant. You've got it mastered. I've noticed the hyphenated words -- the way music experts do it: man-i-fest ... what-so-ev-er ... sa-ith ... e-vil ... sing-ing ... mak-ing ... mel-o-dy ... [etc.).

If only God had any use for "mus-ic" in the assembly of saints!!! Do you think God simply forgot to mention "musical worship" in the Scripture?

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Dianna Howell
(Login dianna01)

Poor Atys

July 3 2016, 6:51 PM 

I can't help feeling a little sorry for Atys.

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Donnie Cruz
(Login Donnie.Cruz)

Re: Amen

July 3 2016, 8:12 PM 

Ken, you said: "Record it for us." And your reference was Ephesians 5:13-20. Nice try -- that won't happen. You're no money-making contemporary "Christian" music artists: Chris Tomlin, Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant, Steven Curtis Chapman, Twila Paris, Graham Kendrick, et al. These artists won't do it for you.

The "musical worship" in progressive, liberal, culture-driven "churches of Christ" [there are quite a few of them ... considering that there are thousands of faithful congregations out there] consists mainly of "praise songs" written by these Christian Rock artists with their instruments and bands.

By the way, I looked it up: it was Graham Kendrick who wrote "I Was Made for This." "Oh, I was made for this: to know your tender kiss, to know a love divine, to know this love is mine ... I was made to love you Jesus, I was made for this...."

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Ken Sublett
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Mother Goddesses (may be male) have ATTACKED

July 4 2016, 4:30 PM 

Wives now come along with University Presidents: she has almost supernatural power over everyone's career path. Things like Spiritual Formation or Ignatian Retreats and Meditations where Ignatius honors "Mary the Mother of God", lectio-Divina and a host of neo-paganism have violently and suddenly invaded religious institutions and the "clergy-hood." John defined this in detail in Revelation.

This paper is quoted:

Of the INITIATION of Jesus and wrath or ORGIES warned by Paul to keep EVERYONE silent and sedentary, may early writers were too prudish to tell it like it is: that includes Bible Translators.

“Scholars at one time gave advice not to believe in slander of this sort, but we can hardly be sure. Parallels from initiations elsewhere are not difficult to find.”33 In other words, Burkhardt recognizes that there was something going on related to the cultic nature of the event, not simply a frenzied lack of control.34 Examples of “religious” androgyny can be found in various forms in Syria and Asia Minor in the third century BC,35 but its clearest and closest expression in that area comes from the Roman Empire at the beginning of the Christian era. It is well documented that the Great Mother under the names of Atargatis or Cybele had androgynous priests, called Galli, who castrated themselves as a permanent act of devotion to the goddess.36 A particular version of the goddess is worshipped under the name of Artemis

(Deut 23:2; cf. cf. Isa 56:3–5) the command against cross-dressing [equally a pagan cultic common place, as we noted above] (Deut 22:5). Since the context refers to pagan worship activities like child sacrifice to Moloch (18:21; 20:1–5) and the calling of ghosts and spirits (20:6, 27), “religious” homosexual androgyny may well be implied. Further proof is (a) the use of the term tôebâ, translated “abomination” or “detestable custom,” which evokes the notion of pure and impure worship; (b) the reference to both male and female “shrine” prostitution in Deut 23:18; (c) the mention of the “quarters of male shrine prostitutes in the temple of the Lord and where women did weaving for [the goddess] Asherah.” ... The Depersonalization of Astarte in the Old Testament,” in On Reading Prophetic Texts (Leiden: Brill, 1996) 115–133; Othmar Keel, Gods, Goddesses, and Images of God (Minneapolis: Fortress, 1997); Saul M. Olyan, Asherah and the Cult of Jahweh in Israel (SBLM 34; Atlanta: Scholars, 1988); Mark S. Smith, “God Male and Female in the Old Testament: Yahweh and His Asherah,” TS 48 (1987) 333–340


at Ephesus where Paul established a church (Acts 19).37 [Acts 19:37 For ye have brought hither these men, which are neither robbers of churches, nor yet blasphemers of your goddess. ] In Syria, Cybele is called Rhea [Eve among the feminist],38 whose feminized itinerant priests imitated the deeds of the mythological Attis 39 in trance-like ecstasies.40 The rites of initiation into the Cybele or Rhea cults included baptism in the blood of a slaughtered bull or ram. This took place in a pit or taurobolium. At the end of the ceremony sometimes certain “powers” of the sacrificial bull, no doubt the animals’s genitals, were offered to the Mother of the gods, again a powerful symbol of male emasculation before the female divinity.41 The obvious intentions and results of such cultic mythology and practice were the feminization and emasculation of men under the occultic power of the goddess.42 In other words, even in death the ideal male is emasculated, like the Galli in life. Though there is no evidence of a specifically emasculated Isaic priesthood, the yearly festival to Isis included men dressing in women’s clothing.43 In this period, another example can be found in the worshipers of Aphrodite in

Hippolytus on the Nasseni (serpent worship)
But if, he says, the mother of the gods emasculate Attis, [Or, "Apis." See Diodorus Siculus, iii. 58, 59. Pausanias, vii. 2O, writes the word Attes. See also Minucius Felix, Octav., cap. xxi.] and herself has this (person) as an object of affection, the blessed nature, he says, of the supernal and everlasting (beings) alone recalls the male power of the soul to itself.

For (the Naassene) says, there is the hermaphrodite man. According to this account of theirs, the intercourse of woman with man is demonstrated, in conformity with such teaching, to be an exceedingly wicked and filthy (practice). [forbidden]

For, says (the Naassene - Serpent worship), Attis has been emasculated, that is, he has passed over from the earthly parts of the nether world to the everlasting substance above, where, he says,there is neither female or male, [ Gal. iii. 28, and Clement's Epist. ad Rom., ii. 12.] but a new creature, [ 2 Cor. v. 17, Gal. vi 15.] a new man, which is hermaphrodite.

37According to Livy, Natural History 35:132, the Temple of Artemis at Ephesis was controlled by castrated male priests called Megabizes—... The Concept of Power in Ephesians in the Light of its Historical Setting (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1989) 20–27, shows some deep connections with Cybele and powerful personifications of the Magna Mater of magic. A different view of Artemis, based on epigraphical evidence, sees her as “Artemis the pure,” a virgin huntress, quite different from the Magna Mater, who spurned marriage and relations with men, and whose devotees maintained perfect chastity—see S. M. Baugh, “A Foreign World: Ephesus in the First Century,” in Women in the Church: A Fresh Analysis of 1 Timothy 2:9–15 (ed. Andreas J. Köstenberger, Thomas R. Schreiner, and H. Scott Baldwin; Grand Rapids: Baker, 1995) 29–30. However, the rejection of marriage and normal heterosexuality may not be as far removed from Cybele and the Galloi as first meets the eye, even if the epigraphical evidence does not go into much detail on this score.

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Ken Sublett
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Re: Mother Goddesses (may be male) have ATTACKED

July 4 2016, 7:37 PM 

As usual Paul writes the ANTITHESIS of the pagan religion in Ephesus.

At the head of her cult was a chief priest, originally a eunuch who bore the name and later the title Megabyzos. Under him were priests known as Essenes, appointed. perhaps from the city officials, for but a single year;

it was their duty to offer the sacrifices to the goddess in behalf of the city. Other subordinate classes of priests known as Kouretes, Krobatai and Hilroi performed duties which are now obscure. The priestesses were even more numerous, and, probably from their great numbers, they were called Melissai or bees; the Ephesian symbol therefore which appears commonly upon the coins struck in the city, is a bee. The Melissai, which in the early times were all virgins, were of three classes; it is no longer known just what the special duties of each class were. The ritual of the temple services consisted of sacrifices and of ceremonial prostitution, a practice which was common to many of the religions of the ancient Orient, and which still exists among some of the obscure tribes of Asia Minor.

Richard Burton:

The KABIRI were also the protectors of culture, such as dance and poetry, and theyafterwards worshipped in the mysteries of the Twin gay deities of CASTOR AND POLLUX, originating in ancient Sparta, where they were otherwise called the TYNDARIDAE, merged with a "society of men" to worship the Anatolian Great Goddess. At their center was found the mythological Twin DIOSCOURI, the sacred ones, corresponding again to great gods. Wearing the haloed star of the DIOSCOURI, the nomadic KABIRI smiths also furnish the key to the wanderings recounted in VIRGIL's Aeneas. Here we meet again another set of Twins, in the form of Romulus and Remus, and what have been called by yet other horrified researchers as their "deviant Etruscan traditions." DIOSCOURI, which comes from quori in Etruscan, is equal to kouri in Greek, or "youths" in English, and are thus the dios kouroi, or ecstatic "sons of God" or "sons of Zeus," as found elsewhere in ancient Crete. Gaiety gets around.

As old and powerful shamans, the KABIRI were later turned into legendary figures or gods, originally only two in number. The older of the KABIRI was identified with the Horned God, DIONYSOS, and the younger with the Horned God PAN's father, the Greek Trickster HERMES KAIROS. Their cult was early on merged with those of Demeter and Ceres resulting in two sets of THE MYSTERY RELIGIONS. The early Greek geographer, Strabo, identifies the KABIRI as the hierophant priests, often transvestites presiding over the mysteries as ministers of the goddess Hecate And as these "showers of sacred things" they were also the cross-dressing MEGABYZOS of the goddess Artemis at Ephesos, and, elsewhere, in service of the goddess Aphrodite/Astarte.

The CORYBANTES also hailed from Phrygia around the time the Great Mother Goddess and mother of the TITANS was called by her Asian name, Cybele. She was worshipped in their cult of ATTIS. CORYBANTES literally means "whirlers," from which the later ecstatic Whirling Dervish sect of Mohammedan priests evolved. Dwelling in ceremonial caves, these mystics began with chanting and prayers, escalating to a wild dance, an ecstatic frenzy of jubilation and song as they ushered in a spiritual rebirth. The CORYBANTES had healing powers, too - magical cures of mental disorders - and so they are yet another example of the original prehistoric miracle workers, only later thought of as gods. Indeed, they came to be conceived as immortal beings, "[presiding] over the universe, [directing] the sky and the world like a good pilot steering the perfectly prepared ship in which nothing is missing." 17

Whatever they were called and wherever they were found, The Children of Gaiety all shared the same attributes - a connection with the feminine power, the mother of the gods; a working of the magical arts and warding off of harm, all dancing down the forces of nature in the midst of a great din. In fact, the ancient writers often used their names as a synonym for the "magician."

According to Herodotus, they surfaced some 2,000 years after that as an effeminate priesthood in what is now southern Russia and present-day Ukraine. They were called the ENAREE, "endowed by the goddess Venus with the gift of prophecy.

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