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E-mail to the Moderator

October 10 2016 at 9:04 PM
Ken Sublett  (Login Ken.Sublett)
from IP address

The Sacred Prostitute 2

The Sacred Prostitues has landed according to Revelation 18 and it all popped out of Promise Keepers where the men gathered to apparently get neutered to be able to perform. The Nymphs and male counterparts in Revelation as Brides and Bridegrooms perform this hieros gamos everyting the men and women expose themselves especially "for sale". They are lumped in with the musicians and instrument players John Calls SORCERERS pointing to the original Babylon Mother of Harlots in Babylon and Jeruselem called Sodom.

Among the Greeks as Paul's not corrupting the word means "selling learning at retail" and also prostitution. Anyone performing some religious roles involving any body part or skill was called a prostitute which they called "holy whores." Madison took the mark when they diverted the property for "a theater for holy entertainment." The religiou involving "observations" to which the kingdom will not come are always bonded at the lips with sexual and homosexuality.

There is a lot of secular history showing how God defeats all of the Egyptian "gods" one by one. The message is that he will send a plague of false religions such as the Progressive Church of Christ.

HaShem is the Hebrew word which many pious Jews use instead of the yod-hey-vav-hey

The TEN plagues Moses defeated and defeated the TEN GODS of paganism (and more) was a Protypical Prophecy of what Jesus of Nazareth would fulfill and utterly defeat as OUR Passover: not the Passover of the Easter-Ishtar goddess.

Deut. 18:18 I will raise them up a Prophet from among their brethren, like unto thee,
and will put my WORDS in his mouth; and he shall speak unto them all that I shall command him.
Deut. 34:10 And there arose not a prophet since in Israel like unto Moses, whom the LORD knew face to face,
Acts 3:22 For Moses truly said unto the fathers, A prophet shall the Lord your God raise up unto you of your brethren, like unto me; him shall ye hear in all things whatsoever he shall say unto you.
Acts 7:37 This is that Moses, which said unto the children of Israel, A prophet shall the Lord your God raise up unto you of your brethren, like unto me; him shall ye hear.

Jesus is our Passover WHO shields (cover, veil, umbrellum) us from all of the PAGANISM of the gods of the WORLD VIEWS.

TEN things or "gods" which Jesus of Nazareth is claimed to have fulfilled:

Father, Spirit-Mother, Word Son, power, wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, redemption, Light

God redeemed the children of Israel from bondage in Egypt with an outstretched arm and with mighty wonders. These came in the form of plagues which He poured out upon the land of Egypt. God is merciful, but He is also HOLY. The plagues were more than just a demonstration of God's power, each one was a judgement upon the idolatrous worship of a pagan Egyptian deity.

1. The first plague was blood (dahm) - Exodus 7.14-24. This was an attack on Hapi, the father of the gods, who was “god” of the Nile, the one who brings water to all Egypt for life. He was responsible for watering the meadows and bringing the dew. But most importantly he brought fertile inundation, the rising of the Nile. As a fertility god, he is associated with Osiris.

The Nile was considered the link from this life to the next. The Nile was considered the blood of Osiris. The priests of Egypt held blood in abhorrence, yet they cruelly sported with blood of the captive Israelites whose children they caused to be cast into the Nile. The Egyptians worshipped the river, but when its waters turned to blood it must have excited their loathing and detestation, while the calamity would cover them with confusion and shame of their great god Hapi being defamed. Other deities connected with the Nile are Amon, and Khnum who was the guardian of the Nile.

2. The second plague was frogs (, tsef-ar-day´-ah; from 6852) - Exodus 8.1-15. This was an attack on Heka (Heqt) the toad goddess, wife of Knepfh (Khnum) who was “goddess” of the land. Also, Heka was the goddess of the resurrection and procreative power. Frogs were consecrated to the Osiris and were the symbol of inspiration. Frogs and toads were very sacred to the Egyptians. If someone killed a frog, even unintentionally, the person was punishable by death.

3. The third plague was gnats (kinnim) - Exodus 8.16-19. This was an attack on Geb, “the great cackler,” who was “god” of the earth or vegetation. He was the father of Osiris and husband of Nut.

4. The fourth plague was flies (arov) - Exodus 8.20-32. This was an attack on Khepfi, scarab, who was the “god” of insects. The plague of beetle, a scarab, was an emblem of Re (Ra), the sun god.

5. The fifth plague was livestock (dever) - Exodus 9.1-7. This was an attack on Apis, who was the bull “god.” His counterpart was Hathor, the cow goddess. Their place of worship was at On (Heliopolis). The Egyptians held many beasts in idolatrous veneration. The lion, wolf, dog, cat, ape, and goat were very sacred to them; but especially the ox, heifer, and ram (Khnum). The soul of their god Osiris was believed to reside in the body of the bull, Apis. Mnevis, the bull god, was symbol of fertility.

Exekiel 30

6. The sixth plague was boils (sh’chir) - Exodus 9.8-12. This was an attack on Thoth (Imhotep), who the “god” of medicine and intelligence/wisdom. The Egyptians had several medical deities, to whom, on special occasions, they sacrificed humans. They were burnt alive on a high altar, and their ashes were cast into the air, that with every scattered ash a blessing might descend upon the people. Moses took ashes from the furnace and cast them into the air. The ashes were scattered by the wind descending upon all the priests, people, and beasts as boils, thus shaming the god Thoth.

7. The seventh plague was hail (barad) - Exodus 9.13-35. This was an attack on Nut, who was the sky “goddess,” for this was harvest time, the time of plenty. Like her husband Geb, HaShem attacked and destroyed the crops. She was the mother of Osiris. Also, this was an attack on Isis, goddess of life, and Seth, protector of crops.

8. The eighth plague was locust (arbeh) - Exodus 10.1-20. This was an attack on Anubis, who was the “god” of the fields, especially cemeteries. This plague finishes up the work that was done by the hail. They devoured every herb of the land and fruit of the trees. Also, this plague was an attack on Isis, protector of against locust, and Seth, protector of crops.

9. The ninth plague was darkness (choshekh) - Exodus 10.21-29. This was an attack on Ra or Amon-Re, the sun “god.” Darkness was considered a creation of Seth, evil principle destroyer of Osiris. It seemed Re (Ra), the sun god, was dead; and Seth had killed him. This plague was so terrible that it a darkness that could be felt! At the same time that the Egyptians had darkness, the Israelites had light. He is believed to be the physical father of all Pharaohs. Pharaoh was the king of all gods.

10. The tenth plague was death of the first-born (makkat b’khorot) - Exodus 11,12. This was an attack on Pharaoh, who was the “god-king.” Pharaoh was considered a god, and his first-born son, who would succeed him on the throne. In fact, first-born people and animals were often worshipped. Pharaoh was considered an incarnation of Ra, the sun god, and Osiris, the giver of life. Because Pharaoh’s son was consider a god, a god of Egypt actually died.

This plague HaShem used to humble Egypt for the cruel ways that they had treated His people. Egypt had enslaved Egypt and had murdered their male children, but HaShem, Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh, the One who has always existed, strikes back with an awful vengeance. His righteous anger was made known upon ever house that was not covered with the blood. When HaShem saw the blood, he passed over.

In each of these plagues, HaShem preserved His people. His scepter is both a staff of deliverance and a rod of correction. Only those who obeyed God by placing the blood upon the door were spared. Any Israelite who chose not to follow God's commands came under a curse of death, and any truly repentant Egyptian who would join themselves to the people of God would be spared.
Each one of us needs to pray to HaShem that He expose the false gods in our lives. We must repent and come to our loving Heavenly Father for mercy and forgiveness. We need to recognize the atonement He has graciously provided and apply the sacrificial blood of Messiah to the doorposts of our hearts.

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Ken Sublett
(Login Ken.Sublett)

Re: By Request: the Ten Plagues and the sacred prostitue

October 12 2016, 2:16 PM 

We have noted that Jude quotes from The Book of Enoch and whether inspired or not a disciple would see what The Book of Enoch had to say. Jude also referenced the Exodus events where the Israelites (no Jews yet) rose up against God and repeated their Egyptian Idolatry. Jude says of his time that they were FOREORDAINED to deceive the world once again. Frogs are important because of the FROG SPIRITS in Revelation and historic scholars even wrote plays about FROGS and the MUSES or Apollon's musical worship team. Aristophane is rather obscene speaking of the muses or musicians who were the LOCUSTS in the literature and dirty prostitutes: any thing you sell in the name of God.

[linked image]

I have more noted about FROGS and the ODE which is opposite to LEXIS or any Logos-Speak Words. You never turn the words of God into a song says more decent society. Homer wrote many poems about the "gods" and the Lesbian Women were despised for singing and playing Homer's writings. This seemed to be the "mother" of turning prose into music among the Greeks.

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Ken Sublett
(Login Ken.Sublett)

Re: By Request: the Ten Plagues and the sacred prostitue

October 12 2016, 4:45 PM 

[linked image]

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Ken Sublett
(Login Ken.Sublett)

Re: By Request: the Ten Plagues and the sacred prostitue

October 12 2016, 8:50 PM 

The CREED or DOGMA is that every word in the Bible is inspired: that is why people can take a word or phrase out of context and say it is INSPIRED and we 'goona' do it even if half of the owners are gassed out of their property.

People DENY inspiration and PROVE that they are not Christians-disciples-students of the Word. No one could read Acts 7 and claim the right to RISE UP AND PLAY. No one can read Amos--even the head of a Bible department and says there was NOTHING WRONG with their worship: they just had a bad mental attitude.

It is INSPIRED that God abandoned the Jews to worship the starry host: the same gods they continued to worship in the wilderness and all of the sinners died in the wilderness and did not get to the promised land. The scholars do not care enough to know what happened at Mount Sinai and proceed to go beyond redemption and burning.

Here is a Prophet by the Spirit OF Christ and the Prophecy made more certain by Stephen in Acts.

[linked image]

It is a lie conceiving to deceive to say that God commanded king, kingdom, temple, priests, Levites, animal slaughter or the NOISE performing exorcism or sorcery. Then, they can leverage that into saying that their abandonmen is a PATTERN for the Church of Christ. One can never assume that they are just illiterate. It is more dangerous than the WORLD thinks but then Jesus doesn't pray for the WORLD or any of its VIEWS.

Paul in Romans 10 and 1 Corinthians use the PLAY as an EXAMPLE or pattern to be avoided. The record is inspired that people killed innocent animals collected as PARASITES and performed the HOLOCAUST on the animals and infants as the RATIONALE for the Levite's loud noise which was not music. The record is NOT inspired as a PATTERN for the progressives other than to prove that He has sentenced them to Babylon and Babylonianism performed at the Jerusalem Temple built like a ziggurat.

The FROG is a parable. Jesus HIDES the truth from the Jewish clergy and those OF the world in PARABLES. If the preacher skips over the Egyptian GODS then don't feed him the only thing due to a temple worker: a living or a daily dole of food WHEN on rare duty.

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Ken Sublett
(Login Ken.Sublett)

Re: By Request: the Ten Plagues and the sacred prostitue

October 13 2016, 8:42 PM 

Many of the "gods" originated in Egypt and spread back and forth. Note that Apollo or Apollon is one of the gods which the Israelites worshipped and God turned them over to worship the HOSTS of heaven and prevented them from worshiping the CREATOR of the Host. The Greek writers and geographers are a great resource.

So spoke the Muse. And now was heard the sound
of pennons in the air, and voices, too,
gave salutations from the lofty trees.

Minerva, thinking they were human tongues,
looked up in question whence the perfect words;
but on the boughs, nine ugly magpies perched,
those mockers of all sounds, which now complained
their hapless fate. And as she wondering stood,
Urania, goddess of the Muse, rejoined;—

“Look, those but lately worsted in dispute
augment the number of unnumbered birds.—
Pierus was their father, very rich
in lands of Pella; and their mother (called
Evippe of Paeonia) when she brought
them forth, nine times evoked, in labours nine,

Lucina's aid.—Unduly puffed with pride,
because it chanced their number equalled ours,
these stupid sisters, hither to engage
in wordy contest, fared through many towns;—
through all Haemonia and Achaia came
to us, and said;—

‘Oh, cease your empty songs,
attuned to dulcet numbers, that deceive
the vulgar, untaught throng. If aught is yours
of confidence, O Thespian Deities
contend with us: our number equals yours.
We will not be defeated by your arts;

nor shall your songs prevail.—Then, conquered, give
Hyantean Aganippe; yield to us
the Medusean Fount;—and should we fail,
we grant Emathia's plains, to where uprise
Paeonia's peaks of snow.—Let chosen Nymphs
award the prize—.’ 'Twas shameful to contend;

it seemed more shameful to submit. At once,
the chosen Nymphs swore justice by their streams,
and sat in judgment on their thrones of rock.

“At once, although the lot had not been cast,
the leading sister hastened to begin.—
She chanted of celestial wars; she gave
the Giants false renown; she gave the Gods
small credit for great deeds.—She droned out,

‘Forth,those deepest realms of earth, Typhoeus came,
and filled the Gods with fear. They turned their backs
in flight to Egypt; and the wearied rout,
where Great Nile spreads his seven-channeled mouth,
were there received.—Thither the earth-begot

Typhoeus hastened: but the Gods of Heaven
deceptive shapes assumed.—Lo, Jupiter,
(As Libyan Ammon's crooked horns attest)
was hidden in the leader of a flock;
Apollo in a crow; Bacchus in a goat; [Dionysus the new wineskins god]
Diana in a cat; Venus in a fish;
Saturnian Juno in a snow-white cow;
Cyllenian Hermes in an Ibis' wings.’—

Such stuff she droned out from her noisy mouth:
and then they summoned us; but, haply, time
permits thee not, nor leisure thee permits,
that thou shouldst hearken to our melodies.”
“Nay doubt it not,” quoth Pallas, “but relate
your melodies in order.” And she sat
beneath the pleasant shadows of the grove.
And thus again Urania; “On our side
we trusted all to one.” Which having said,
Calliope arose. Her glorious hair
was bound with ivy. She attuned the chords,
and chanted as she struck the sounding strings:—

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October 14 2016, 1:01 PM 


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Ken Sublett
(Login Ken.Sublett)

Music outside of the assembly

October 25 2016, 1:30 PM 

Is all music a form of idolatry?

Most music and musicians have the rare skill of attracting people, their attention (worship) and their money. However, the Bible and historic evidence points to religious musicians who were used to attract the "worshiprs" and pick their pockets of family food he was sent to get before he could get out of their grasp.

I think of music like pecan pie: enjoy it at home but not when Jesus promises to be with us as out Teacher.

If you serve pecan pie at church knowing that most people or overweight and lots are diabetic then you know that you are "doing more harm than good" in the words of Paul.

We hear about the popularity of music but do not hear that the masses of people would not pay for it or may be, in the words of Jesus, "burden laded by burden laders."

Based on Scripture and most recorded history, music contributes only to ENTERTAINMENT and has no value: that is why the Greeks called musicians who performed for food to escape productive work PARASITES. But, then, you have to include most entertainment including sports.

Then, Jesus came for a Little Flock which I believe with lots of evidence are Lost Spirits. Jesus said that He was not OF this World and any one who became His disciples were not OF this World. His church is a WAY which is called a SECT which means that it is a NARROW ROAD separated from those with a WORLD VIEW.

There is a time for eating pecan pie but not in church
There is a time for eating pecan pie but not for we diabetics except in nibbles.
The "progressives" boast about performing worship with SHOCK AND AWE and cannot be part of the Way, Road or narrow PATTERN for Disciples called OUT of the World.

The "progressives" boast in their ignorance that the youth listen to music 24/7 so if we are going to ATTRACT them we have to be LIKE THE WORLD. That is like saying that they are smoking weed all week so we have to add and ACT called SMOKING WEED.

Of course, they would say even if you quote Scripture, "That's just your opinion."
They are OF the World and Jesus doesn't pray for them and Jesus HIDES from them: them being self-authoring preachers (Scribes-Pharisees), singers or instrument players so don't expect that they will or can change.

Those intending to deceive by turning the School of Christ into "a theater for holy entertainment" will not give you the same liberty to leaving and stop feeding them. They will get very angry as witnessed by most of the ASSEMBLIES at once-Christian universities charging you with all of the RACA words if you stop buying their stuff. Jesus CAST OUT the musical ministrels using a word meaning "To eject more or less violently as one ejects dung." The Spirit of Christ warned about washing out all of the dung

Is. 4:4 When the Lord shall have washed away the filth of the daughters of Zion, and shall have purged the blood of Jerusalem from the midst thereof by the SPIRIT of judgment, and by the SPIRIT OF BURNING

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