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Kenneth Sublett
(Login Ken.Sublett)

The Apostolic Constitutions

July 24 2017, 10:53 AM 

The "messianic Jews" are still Jews but are center stage at LU and a few EX churches of Christ. They boast that God gave them the property of others when Scripture and everyone's understanding is that God's RIGHTEOUSNESS would have destroyed them all because they were Purpose Driven to violate God's Commands and Rose Up to challenge God with PLAY.

When they Rose Up against God and demanded a king like the nations (Gentiles) He gave them kings in His anger to carry out the captivity and death penalty. Most early writers understand that and left a record. Calling itself the Church of God or the Church of Christ defining canonc c 341. The "sabbath" was kept with the godly people limited to a very short walk so they COULD NOT attend the usual SATURN or SUN worship. Hislop says that Satan was STUR or 666.

After Constantine allowed the First Day as another REST day, Christians were instructed not to attend the usual SEVENTH DAY revels:

In the Apostolic Constitutions:
XXXIII. I Peter and Paul do make the following constitutions.
.....Let the SLAVES work five days;
.....but on the Sabbath-day and the Lord's day
.....let THEM have leisure to go to church
.....for instruction in piety.

We have said that the Sabbath on account of the creation,
.....and the Lord's day of the resurrection.

Chapter XXI.-Sabbaths Were Instituted on Account of the People's Sins, and Not for a Work of Righteousness.

"Moreover, that God enjoined you to keep the Sabbath,
.....and IMPOSE on you other precepts for a sign, as I have already said,
.....on account of your unrighteousness,
.....and that of your fathers,-as He declares that for the sake of the nations,
lest His name be profaned among them, therefore He permitted some of you to remain alive,-
.....these words of His can prove to you: they are narrated by Ezekiel thus:
`I am the Lord your God; walk in My statutes, and keep My judgments,
.....and take no part in the customs of Egypt; and hallow My Sabbaths;
.....and they shall be a sign between Me and you,
.....that ye may know that I am the Lord your God.

Notwithstanding ye rebelled against Me,
.....and your children walked not in My statutes,
.....neither kept My judgments to do them:
.....which if a man do, he shall live in them. But they polluted My Sabbaths.
And I said that I would pour out My fury upon them in the wilderness, to accomplish My anger upon them;
.....yet I did it not; that My name might not be altogether profaned in the sight of the heathen.

I led them out before their eyes, and I lifted up Mine hand unto them in the wilderness,
.....that I would scatter them among the heathen, and disperse them through the countries;
.....because they had not executed My judgments, but had despised My statutes, and polluted My Sabbaths,
.....and their eyes were after the devices of their fathers.

Wherefore I gave them also statutes which were not good, and judgments whereby they shall not live.
.....And I shall pollute them in their own gifts,
.....that I may destroy all that openeth the womb, when I pass through them.' (Ezek. xx. 19-26.)

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Ken Sublett
(Login Ken.Sublett)

Re: Which Day Is the 'Christian' Sabbath: Saturday or Sunday?

July 26 2017, 12:38 PM 

Remember: the idolatry at Mount Sinai was seen as God to be a prayer. Therefore, He turned them over to worship the starry host. Apollon is a key "god" and the SERVICE of the instrumental Levites uses a similar Hebrew Word.

Sabba^t-ismos , ho, A.a keeping of days of rest, Ep. Hebr.4.9, cf. Plu.2.166a (codd., baptismous Bentley).
Sabba^t-on , to, the Hebrew Sabbath, i.e. Rest (
A. dēloi de anapausin . . to onoma” J.AJ1.1.1), LXX Ex. 16.23, al., Ev.Marc.6.2,al.: freq. in pl. of the single day, PCair.Zen.762.6 (iii B.C.), LXX 4 Ki. 4.23; “opse sabbatōn” Ev.Matt.28.1; hē hēmera tōn s. LXX Nu.15.32, Ev.Luc.4.16, al. (but hē hēm. tou s. ib.13.14): heterocl. dat. pl. sabbasi(n) LXX 1 Ma.2.38, J.BJ1.7.3, al., Ev.Marc.2.23, al., freq. with v.l. sabbatois; but sabbasi is certain in AP5.159 (Mel.).
2 period of seven days, week, eis mian sabbatōn toward the first day of the week, Ev.Matt.28.1; “kata mian sabbatou” 1 Ep.Cor.16.2; “prōtē sabbatou” Ev.Marc.16.9; tē mia tōn s. ib.2, Ev.Jo.20.1; dis tou s. Ev.Luc.18.12.
3. Sabat , the 11th month of the Hebr. year, nearly = February, LXX 1 Ma.16.14.

Sa^bazios , ho, (Sabos) a Phrygian deity, whose mysteries resembled the teletai of Dionysus, Thphr.Char.27.8 (but Sabadion [acc.] ib.16.4, cf. Dessau Inscr.Lat.Sel.2189), Nymphis 11; hence afterwards taken as a name of Dionysus himself, Ar.V.9, Av.875, Lys.388;
A.“theō Sabaziō pagkoiranō” CIG3791 (Bithynia), cf. IG12(5).27 (Sicinus); “Di Sabaziō” BMus.Inscr.1100 (Italy, iii A.D.); Dii

Saouazou II. Adj. Sa^bazios, a, on, Bacchic, thusthla cj. in Opp.C.1.26; “ta Sabazia” Str.10.3.18.

Iamblichus wrote Of the Hebrew Kadeshim and the Eleusinian. Thus "Bacchus was directly called upon," he says. The Sabazian worship was Sabbatic; the names Evius, or Hevius, and Luaios are identical with Hivite and Levite. The French name Louis is the Hebrew Levi; Iacchus again is Iao or Jehovah; and Baal or Adon, like Bacchus, was a phallic god. "Who shall ascend into the hill (the high place) of the Lord?" asks the holy king David, "who shall stand in the place of his Kadushu [[Heb char]]"? (Psalms xxiv. 3). Kadesh may mean in one sense to devote, hallow, sanctify, and even to initiate or to set apart; but it also means the ministers of lascivious rites (the Venus-worship) and the true interpretation of the word Kadesh is bluntly rendered in Deuteronomy xxiii. 17; Hosea iv. 14; and Genesis xxxviii., from verses 15 to 22. The "holy" Kadeshuth of the Bible were identical as to the duties of their office with the Nautch-girls of the later Hindu pagodas.

Deut 23:17 There shall be no whore of the daughters of Israel, nor a sodomite of the sons of Israel.

Deut 23:18 Thou shalt not bring the hire of a whore, or the price of a dog, into the house of the Lord thy God for any vow: for even both these are abomination unto the Lord thy God.

Hos 4:14 I will not punish your daughters when they commit whoredom, nor your spouses when they commit adultery: for themselves are separated with whores, and they sacrifice with harlots: therefore the people that doth not understand shall fall.

The Hebrew Kadeshim or galli lived "by the house of the Lord, where the women wove hangings for the grove," or bust of Venus-Astarte, says verse the seventh in the twenty-third chapter of 2 Kings.

The dance performed by David round the ark was the "circle-dance" said to have been prescribed by the Amazons for the Mysteries. Such was the dance of the daughters of Shiloh (Judges xxi. 21, 23 et passim), and the leaping of the prophets of Baal (I Kings xviii. 26). It was simply a characteristic of the Sabean worship, for it denoted the motion of the planets round the sun.

That the dance was a Bacchic frenzy is apparent. Sistra were used on the occasion, and the taunt of Michael and the king's reply are very expressive. "The king of Israel uncovered himself before his maid-servants as one of the vain (or debauched) fellows shamelessly uncovereth himself." And he retorts: "I will play (act wantonly) before [[Heb char]], and I will be yet more vile than this, and I will be base in my own sight."

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(Login Donnie.Cruz)

Re: Which Day Is the 'Christian' Sabbath: Saturday or Sunday?

July 28 2017, 4:25 PM 

Is it then biblical truth that NEITHER Saturday NOR Sunday is "the Christian sabbath"? Because there is no such thing as "the Christian sabbath"?

Is it the consensus, though, that the sabbath was/is the seventh day permanently and that is not changing, i.e., within the context that the word "Christian" is not applicable or that the N.T. Christian is not involved?

While we've been discussing "worship" ([the discussion of] which is fine because "worship on Sunday" has been identified as being such in Christendom), let's not forget the original meaning of "sabbath," which is "complete rest."

And, yes, "rest" is promised as "... I will give you rest" [Matt. 11:28; etc.] to those that "labor and are heavy laden." Hebrews 3,4 also speaks of "enter[ing] into my rest." But certainly that "rest" does not identify which specific day is the sabbath day.

Is the law of sabbath (rest, not worship) observance still in effect in New Testament Christianity?

What about the law of commandments that Christ abolished (Ephesians 2; etc)? Wasn't/isn't keeping the sabbath day holy one of the Ten Commandments?

Let's discuss further.

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Ken Sublett
(Login Ken.Sublett)

Re: Which Day Is the 'Christian' Sabbath: Saturday or Sunday?

July 28 2017, 5:02 PM 

God didn't get tired and so REST in both Hebrew and Greek (Pauo) in connection with doing something FOR God means "Just Stop it." Pauo is often used in the Greek literature as Kata-Pauo and was applied to almost everything we do to make people tired in vain. That is violated in the extreme both on the first and seventh day.

Jesus made it easy to "pass judgment."
John 8:38 I SPEAK that which I have seen with my Father:
and ye DO? that which ye have seen with your father.

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(Login Donnie.Cruz)

Re: Which Day Is the 'Christian' Sabbath: Saturday or Sunday?

July 30 2017, 1:37 PM 

That's a great point for "rest" to mean: "Just stop it ['doing something FOR God']." This suggests that the musical "Praise Team" doing performance-singing to/for the congregation is to rest ["just stop it"]. happy.gif

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Ken Sublett
(Login Ken.Sublett)

Re: Which Day Is the 'Christian' Sabbath: Saturday or Sunday?

July 30 2017, 1:56 PM 

Sabbath or Paul means to stop SOMETHING that hinders one's PERSONAL relationship with God which is not a Community or COMMUNE church where others do something for you and charge you for it.

By looking at how words are used in the Hebrew, Latin and Greek literature (not available tat Anti Christ University) we can know FROM WHAT the word was used. Every Christian or Disciple of Christ is already burdened and tired and deep into spiritual depression BEFORE hired hands upset out rest to speak their own words, sing or play instruments defined as the HYPOCRITE'S arts and crafts.

The Historic Churches I attended were Schools of the Word and even the preacher could rest if he just taught the sermons God has provided through Christ. Music means "to make the lambs dumb before the slaughter" so that they can lie to God and about God and force you to pay them for SETTING AMBUSH.

It stands to reason with religion being a large part of our GNP that out of the many or MOST only a tiny few are chosen, elected or added to Christ's body called OUT of the World, the Kosmos, the ecumenical or the kingdom of the Devil.

[linked image]

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Ken Sublett
(Login Ken.Sublett)

Re: Which Day Is the 'Christian' Sabbath: Saturday or Sunday?

July 30 2017, 2:11 PM 


God gave the People the 10 commandments and The Book of The Covenant based on grace and without a clergy.
The People refused to hear the Voice of God and demanded a human mediator but they pledged to keep it.
They immediately rose up in instrumental-trinitarian-perverted PLAY while God was giving Moses the text.
Before Moses could return Moses said:

Ex. 32:18 And he said, It is not the voice of them that shout for mastery, neither is it the voice of them that cry for being overcome: but the noise of them that SING do I hear.

It would have been acceptable to hear the sounds of those WINNING the war or lOOSING the war BUT Moses heard IDOLATRY.

SING in Latin:

Canto: to produce melodious sounds (by the voice or an instrument), to sound, sing, play, saltare et cantare, or singing and dancing Of the singing pronunciation of an orator, to declaim in a singing tone, to sing, of instruments, to sound, resound: Tibia, Of an actor, to represent a part, to act In the lang. of religion, as v. n. or a., to use enchantments, charms, incantations, to enchant, to charm, To call forth, produce by charms

God then slapped them with The Book of The Law which was not good but it legislated for the Lawless. The ten commandments are never seen in their GRACE form but to trap idolaters. Needs further research.

The ten commandments were like a preamble to the Law of Moses and the Prophets and others stated the principles in a positive, spiritual sense. They do not speak of the Sabbath as a day of Worship and the churches synagogued or come together, assemble or gathered always on the First Day. Paul invaded the synagogues on the Sabbath BECAUSE THAT IS WHERE THE LOST PEOPLE WOULD BE.

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Donnie Cruz
(Login Donnie.Cruz)

The Old Law Abolished vs. the New Law of Christ

July 30 2017, 3:29 PM 

N.T. Christians are no longer under the law of bondage (Gal. 2:4) but are under the new law of Christ. "Bear ye one another's burdens, and so fulfil the law of Christ" (Galatians 6:2). Heb. 10:9 clearly states: "Then said he, Lo, I come to do thy will, O God. He taketh away the first, that he may establish the second."

Ephesians 2 [15] Having abolished in his flesh the enmity, even the law of commandments contained in ordinances; for to make in himself of twain one new man, so making peace;

II Corinthians 3 [6] Who also hath made us able ministers of the new testament; not of the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life. [7] But if the ministration of death, written and engraven in stones, was glorious, so that the children of Israel could not stedfastly behold the face of Moses for the glory of his countenance; which glory was to be done away: [11] For if that which is done away was glorious, much more that which remaineth is glorious. [13] And not as Moses, which put a vail over his face, that the children of Israel could not stedfastly look to the

end of that which is abolished

In Hebrews 8, Christians are under a new and better covenant -- "... Not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day when I took them by the hand to lead them out of the land of Egypt...."

The law of TITHING [and there's a thread that discusses "tithing"] is part of the covenant overhaul or replacement or abolishment.

And so is "the sabbath day" [meaning "complete REST"] observance to "keep it holy" is part of the entire old covenant overhaul or replacement or abolishment.

Actually, the law of the Ten Commandments, referenced above as "written and engraven in stones" is that which was "DONE AWAY" ... and is part of the entire old covenant overhaul or replacement or abolishment.

And now those with the deepest concern: "What are we going to do without The Ten Commandments?"

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