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Some post-op thoughts on Music Babble...

May 11 2011 at 11:40 AM
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George Starostin  (Login gstarst)
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...since the topic seems to be hot these days, and, well, it IS the 10th anniversary.

The trouble with MB, the way I see it based on random isolated visits, is that it has seriously veered off towards the "malodorous sector" of the Internet. Obviously, I do not mean that an Internet message board should be all forced smiles and exaggerated politeness and political correctness a-plenty, but the basic impression is that some people out there try to steer the ship straightforward into the opposite direction. There seems to be some sort of attitude that implies: being polite and friendly is not simply superfluous, it is flat out uncool and wrong. There is a pack mentality (that was much less pronounced in the early days, by the way - I remember people like Robert Grazer complaining about it all the time, it's a good thing he hasn't stayed on long enough to see what real pack mentality looks like) that urges one towards lame (mostly sexual) humor and wild, third-grader level "shock" statements. It can be exciting, of course, and for some, it may resemble some sort of initiation ceremony: "Are you man enough to stand Music Babble? Well then, get your ass over here and try this on for size!" Or: "All these other public forums are so boring, there's, like, two or three people out there and they're all chewing up the same boring topics! Come over here where it's really hot, have a taste of Music Babble when it sizzles!"

I had a certain penchant for these cheap thrills, too, but that was way back when the Internet was still a smaller place. Nowadays, when you can get all the cheap thrills you need just by clicking on a Youtube video with more than 20,000 views, I don't really see why any reasonably intelligent person should feel the need for a board like that. I honestly think that, although there are still about 10-12 excellent people posting on MB on a regular basis, MB completely flipped over to the Dark Side during my last year on it, and has been declining ever since. Not that the Dark Side does not have its own appeal (like, how many of us would want to be Luke Skywalker and how many would like to be Darth Vader?). But I went over to these "Chemtrails" people mentioned - and was pleasantly surprised to see how many veteran Babblers with great personalities were posting there (or, at least, had been posting until recently). Really really made me miss the old days when the D.ungeon M.onsters were not yet running the show, but were simply a part of it, and not a particularly annoying one, either.

I suppose the Dungeon Dice Monsters will want to feed upon this post, calling it "narcissistic" and "pompous" and "arrogant" and blah blah blah, but that's what they're there for anyway, you can't expect mosquitoes to switch to flower nectar for reproductive purposes. I am pretty sure they are not like that in real life - if they have dayjobs at all, they cannot possibly be like that - but I absolutely hate this idea of exploiting the Internet to express the shit side of yourself. It eats you up, on one hand, and it may be infectious and dangerous to those who are near, on the other. I'd rather be modestly boring, naively pompous, and politely narcissistic than a thrilling, exciting, over-the-top asshole with an exaggerated disrespect for anybody who does not want to conform to a set paradigm.

Well, that's my 10th anniversary thoughts in a nutshell, as it were. No more threads on Music Babble from me until the next jubilee.

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