Newbies had a GREAT RIDE (pics included)


First of all; Bill, thanks for a great time. My wife and I had a blast for our first rally. The experience was a lot of fun and all the places you sent us were really cool even though the weather wasn't. I can't express enough how much fun we had. And with the "wood" we got, all the more interesting.

Being that this was our first rally every, of any kind, we thought, ah! this might be fun, spending a day on the bike looking for stuff. We headed down from the twin cities and stopped along the way for yes, some pie,

and a few scenic spots.

It was a nice ride even when it started pouring rain on us.

And we stopped at Baumgartners for some landjagers and beer after we checked into our hotel room.

5:30 a.m. is not my idea of a good time to get moving in the morning, but I actually got up, and I don't think my brain was actually functioning until, Oh noon. But man we got bit hard by the rally bug.... we took off and started colecting points all over the place.
The Tin man:

The And the wifile ball field/ bar:

Many historical signs to stop and take a pic.

Going for a few points in; um, can't rember what town, I passed this dang troll 3 times

Heading north and after my wife running into a few casinos, I am sure was a sight to see, we got to the winery at some point can't remeber right now if that was before or after. WOW it is all a blur:

Then to FRED Hi Fred sorry can't stay and chat have to run! found out we were only one of two riders to go up there. Here is Fred:

Then Downtown Hayward, we got all the points; Fred, gas, casino, norske nook (trifecta!), sport shop, the big fish, and the bakery.

Then beat feat back home. We were late by 2 minutes 2000K off our score. Oh well it was a blast!!!!!

Tally up our score and polorid pictures:

708 miles 13:02:00 time and a lot of memories.

So back to the Twin Cities MN we headed after some well deserved sleep. On the way back we had to stop at a few of those spots on the way home to check things out a little more. And got another 13 hours of touring riding in. And we too need a new rear tire.

The Ride is ON!

New Glarus Brew

Wolershiem Winery

Merimack Ferry

Devels lake

New Glarus Inn / resturant GOOD PIE!

Amish Country

Rolling Hills of Lacrosse

Great sunset; red sky at night sailor's delight!

Our Wood

Thanks again to all that helped and supported the ride.


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