the 1200


had increased the output to 360 watts, still not huge by today's standards.

the 1100 had 300 watts. A lot of Goldwing owners ate all this output up with decorative lights, and overworked their charge system.

If the charge system is working good, you should insure it's life by soldering the wires coming out of the stator, these connections have probably been the death of most GL charge systems. The alternator has no brushes,or wear parts, it has permanent magnets spinning on a rotor,surrounded by the stator. The stator wires feed to the voltage regulator/rectifier. Those are the wires to solder, do away with the plastic connector.The wires are under the left sidecover. There has been some speculation that certain oil additives ate away at the coating on the windings. This could be true since the stator is bathed in oil, at least there is no attempt to shield it from the oil. Also the heat inside the engine along with the oil,could certainly be hard on the windings. I still think the slip connectors are the more likely culprit,if you lose connection on one phase, the other phases will be stressed, and heat up, heat is the enemy of all electronics!

Farmer if you are reading this, you should do the same to your 1100.

If you are looking for better light output, get a Silverstar bulb for the headlamp, puts out a very effective beam, of course compared to what you are seeing on your FJR it will be like candle light!

Sunday rides usually are best if they end by dusk! Your lady will appreciate beeing home in her favorite recliner by then! And you avoid the scourge of deer, and drunk people returning from the lakes, texting their way across some of the better parts of Minnesota!

Will be looking forward to a Sunday ride, I suppose you are taking your wife along for your Affair! My goodness the humanity!

Sun is shining we are heading to S Falls in a bit!

On another note, I have decided to sell my 900 Custom to good friend, I do hate to see it go, but I hate to see it sit too. The Guzzi, is going to get any ride time the 900 might have seen.

Happy Easter all!


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