I have aux lights on the Mule, and a voltmeter. For 24 hour rallies it is nice to light up the ditches, where the forest rats spring from.

On mine I have a 55 watt wide pattern on the rh side, on the left a 100 watt long range driving light.

Both cannot be on at the same time or I can watch my voltage guage go down. I have a relay wired in so the left is on with high beam, and right is on with low beam. If I run ether one with my electric jacket,I will be in trouble. Even the horn gets a little weak when the 100 watt beam is on.

Power management is the key.

Sometimes you have to make the choice, warm (jacket) or safer (lights) can't have both for any length of time.

Decisions decisions. I used to use down as my insulation, along with thinsulate, but once you have had the ability to actually add heat to the equation,instead of just conserving your own, it's a different world. Last year I rode to Niobrara on 3-28 and returned home the next day, did not happen this year! Electrics make the difference.

From Arlene's Birthday

Unless riding on a rally this is not such a concern.

Sunday rides......this looks like the first day I could ride, instead in a car heading to S falls

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