The Barn Bike Enduro is a HOOT!
Drag any 20 year old or older motorcycle out of the shrubs, get it running and come on over. If you already own a 20 year old or older bike, that will do just fine, no need to purchase a bike just for this event. If you do not have a 20 year or older bike thats fine, you can compete against other riders who also have newer bikes. Riders on 20 year ols or older bikes compete for up to 50 Rider of the Year points as well as a crappy crophy. Riders on bikes newer than 20 years compete for up to 25 rider of the year points and a different set of crappy trophies. There is no claim, there is no spending limit, you get to keep your bike at the end of the event.
The event is simple. At 10AM the morning of August 20th you will need to be in my driveway.
You will be given a designated route and a speed. Each rider leaves at 1 minute increments. Your goal is to follow the directions to the letter and arrive at each checkpoint within your 1 minute window. For each minute you are early you are penalized 2 points. For each minute you are late you are penalized 1 point.
At each checkpoint there will be Special Challenges. They are a surprise and you will not know what they are till you get there. They may be on-road challenges, they may be off-road challenges. The challenges are scored as well as the timed road sections. At the end of the day the scores are tallied up and the winner is presented with a crappy trophy.
It is a GREAT way to spend a day. Plan on up to 150 miles of riding. Interested? Sign up today!
Need a bike? I usually know of some for sale. Any questions, email me at
Lee Bruns
GLMC Events Coordinator

Entry form will be posted soon. I just sent the info to Tom tonight. Entry fee is 15 dollars.


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