I heard it squeaking


as I pulled into the city office to pay my camping fee.

Funny thing is: I pulled the trailer by hand about 100 feet to hook it behind the pickup,and it never made a peep, once I got the Wing on and went around the block,it started to really squeak and grumble.

I put a jack under it at the city office, and the rh wheel bearing was out.

So off ot Walmart in Lemars, picked up a boat trailer bearing set some grease, rags and a 3 piece set of chisels, since I already knew the inner race was going to be stubborn coming off.

After 2 hurs of pounding I finally was able to crack the inner race, and get it off. The chisels of course China's finest, well say no more.

Turns out the axle was not the standard 1 inch shaft, it was 1 1/16th, back to Lemars, O'Reilly's this time, got a couple of bearings, and a seal. Cleaned up the shaft as best I could, but the bearing new would not slide over the rough stuff, Put a Presidential fix on it,castle nut backwards, insert key, copious amounts of grease,no dust cover.

Left Merrill at 3 pm, stopped for eats, and got home at 8 ish.

Funny thing is, the bearing made it fine, but we used 1/2 the gas on the way home, compared to the way there,and we had a strong NW tailwind on the way there.

I will redo both sides now, and add a greasable cap, the factory was very skimpy on grease I see

Ah yes , but it was all worth it, great weekend, good to finally get our first camper trip in, the Loess hills make some fine riding!

Pics tomorrow!


Posted on Sep 5, 2011, 10:47 PM
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