Rally Cry

by Dreamrider

As I travel along I wonder what went wrong.
I planed my route, I rode a good ride.
I couldn't find the darn buffalo, darn that rally master.
Oh what is this? I didn't follow the directions.
I will blame the rally master any how, after all it can't be my fault.
OOOH No I used up all my miles, never had that happen before.
What trickery has that rally master done now?
Hi mister police officer I'm not speeding because I have lots of time.
Cut my route short, didn't want to go over my miles.
How could this be, number one was not me.

Figured out later, complete the route, take milage deduct, 8143 would be for me.
OH how stupid can I be.

I am impressed with the scores between expert and experienced. Could this be a result of milage cap and slower speeds?
I fore see a debate.
If this milage cap is the coming trend I will have to all my brain cells, this is bad. (lol)
I would vote for a few more miles next time and then the time after that a few more miles and so on.
I think Brion and Chad did a outstanding job, I know we all complained about the milage cap but in the spirit of the rally it was just another challange.

I know we all had a good laugh with Beth and her chalanges, but it takes a lot of balls to go through what she did and still find the fun in the rally. Keep it up rally rider. Look forward to competing with you at the Harvest Rally.

Had a good ride and enjoyed social time with all.
Thank you to all that made this happen.

Posted on Sep 6, 2011, 11:21 PM
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