N102 is the older version with the visor on the outside. N103 is the newer version with the visor on the inside.
I have had the N103 for 2 riding seasons now (31K)and have to say that I wouldn't buy it again. In my opionion it's too loud, but I know this is common for flip-type helmets. It's so loud that I often tell myself that I should also wear hearing protection.
I also really like the flip down sunvisor and ride with my shield up and the sunvisor down alot. Sometimes my sunvisor switch gets "jammed" and I can't get the sunvisor up or down, and have to open my face shield and force the sunvisor into the position I want. This is aggrevating.
I too tried the communication system, and would recommend having a professional install it for you...I worked on installing mine for 3 consecutive nights after work, and finally abandoned it. The instructions are total Sh*t, and I had my helmet completely tore apart 2-3 times. I thought that was a complete waste of money.
I've learned from others that they too have a problem keeping their helmet assembled. There is a hard plastic "stem" that the inside cheek padding snaps onto and that "stem" doesn't have enought "edge" on it, and the cheek padding part comes "unsnapped" on the left side almost everytime I take my helmet off. This "loose-ness" causes the styrofoam on the left side of my helmet to "rattle" if the wind is just right. This being said, I take my helmet off as little as possible during long days of riding, and must say that I do think it is an extremely comfortable helmet. I have worn my helmet for up to 14 hours straight without taking it off.

I would shop for something more quiet. I am saving my money for a Sheuberth. Scott got a new one this summer and he LOVES it. Quiet, lightweight, fab communication system, and reportably very safe.

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