Carl Stark


My first memory of him was: About 11 30 pm one night, (I was in bed.) I get a call, it was Carl. He told me he had drawn a spot in the upcoming IBR, and had never ridden a rally. He wanted to get into the Buffalo Run, which was coming up quickly. We had a quick conversation,I assured him we had room, and the he would learn lots.

During the conversation, I kept thinking of my Uncle Carl, who died in Sheridan,at the age of 31. This uncle was a guy who had promised to take me elk hunting in the mountains when I turned 16. I was 14 when he died.

After that bizarre conversation, and the Buffalo Run,the following IBR, I never heard much about Carl & Jonnie.

So it's really great to see Carl and Jonnie in the rally running business!

It's nice to know,he got his start at the Buffalo Run.

I have still not been elk hunting,but I think of Uncle Carl often.


Posted on Sep 25, 2011, 8:45 AM
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