Just shut the fuck up, you're an idiot


"Warning, reacts unpredictably when abused".
That phrase is posted in BIG letters in my garage.
Why is it you are so shocked when people don't just sit and take your crap?
I've met your kind a hundred times, poke poke poke, then act all shocked when you wake the bear. Take this tip with your for the rest of your miserable life. Don't mistake polite for weak. Don't start shit and there likely won't be any shit.
The GLMC was and has always been a very casual group. Events are simple . .is it an event that we as members would want to ride in? Well then lets put it on. If you want organized to the gnats ass, well, choose an organization that puts on ONE or TWO events per year rather than 7 to 10.
See the GLMC website? Its used as a canary in a coal mine. Its served up by the sys-admin of a local manufacturing facility. He doesn't want have to check on the company website 8 times a day SO, he uses out site. If our site goes down, people holler and we can let him know. If the GLMC site is down, so is theirs.
Cruisin does not have access to the site, he has to send the site updates to Tom, then Tom (when he can find time) updates the GLMC site. By letting them use our site as a canary, we get free web hosting and stuff. Its not a perfect system. But instead of asking about these things, or suggesting an alternative you chose to be a dick to one of our volunteers. THEN you get offended when we and he don't just sit there and take it. Go fuck yourself. Is that clear enough? I'll continue to defend our volunteers, the work they do, and the time they donate. Until you do ANYTHING for motorcycling other than bitch about those that are doing things, just shut the fuck up.
A lot of members see things they want done better, so they offer to help out. They don't just complain about the folks that are DOING things. They are DO-ERS. Not just bitchers.


Posted on Oct 7, 2011, 6:14 PM
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