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by getnby

Just got my Brun's Clothing "Freeman" jacket in the mail today. I know there have been several reviews on these jackets posted here in the past, but, I'm gonna do another one. I ordered it late the night of the 20th and it was here in the mail today! Top quality product!! It aint often that I get excited over a garment, but this jacket is fantastic. The stitching is impeccable and the duck cloth is way better quality than the imported shit everyone else sells. It's very cool to be able to custom order exactly what features you want. I do not plan on this being a riding coat so I got the regular arm length, zipper and the Byron collar, insulation, and the concealed carry pocket (came with an additional free inside pocket on the right side...for extra mags or speed strips).

So far I have test fitted 3 full size semi autos and they all fit fine and my S&W .38 snubby still lays in there fine too. The way the coat fits and the position of the carry pocket, it does not sag even with a full size loaded .45. Looking in a mirror, I could not tell from looking that I was carrying whether zipped or unzipped.

Sizing is accurate and cut just large enough that you can wear a sweatshirt under it if desired. The quilted nylon lining makes on and off fast and easy. And, made right here in the U.S. If you are in need of a new jacket, I HIGHLY recommend these!! I hope Lee is able to expand his product line into other items as well because with this level of quality and service, I would be interested in whatever items his company may produce.


Posted on Oct 29, 2011, 9:16 PM
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