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by Drmrdr

I have to say I didn't see a acusation in the first post. Just someone compimenting a rider on being creative. I would be more concerned about the guy with the speedo unhooked. A person pushing his motorcycle isn't going to happen for a very lond distance.
I think everybody at the Harvest Rally knows who was pushing his motorcle because he made no secret about it. If GLMC officers were going to act on it that was the time to do so. I'm sure the people ckecking the riders in must have seen him push his bike in.
As far as mister aynounumus goes I see a lot of people make a post without signing in and then come back and correct it. Matter fact I just seen Sleddog do it. But I will bet that with all the name calling and heckeling they maybe to scared to come back and say who they are.
Reminds me of a young man from the Buffalo Run who was badgered and called names.
I agree everyone should sign there post.

If this is the best we have to talk about, bring it on. I don't know who aynounonmus is but you can treat me as anounomus and lets start the name calling and head bashing. Maybe this will pass the time untill you can find a better subject.

Posted on Nov 2, 2011, 8:26 PM
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