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Thank you for explaining your reasoning behind the places to go. Maybe if I explain how I do the grand tour it will help with your decision. I basically have two approaches. One is I am already going to an event such as moonshine. I plug in my route and then see how many of the Grand Tour places I can see on the way down and back. For me it is really fun to balance the amount of stops I can make and still get to my event.

The second approach is that I have an afternoon or couple of days so I plan a route to hit my tour locations in the time allowed.

I really don't want to go to every single town that I ride by. If we use my run to moonshine I am pretty sure every town of decent size has a legion and maybe a mural. Many of the bigger towns more than one. I don't have time to stop at all of them so more than likely I will not stop at any. For my afternoon or day rides I really like to travel a little. If we use the format you are suggesting my summer will be gone and I won't get more than a 60 mile radius from my house.

Some folks will probably be thrilled that they could score much better in the Grand Tour and not have to put on the big miles so this may be the tour they like.

Again I will participate in whatever is decided and I a appreciate all the GLMC does to put this on but I like the narrower focus.

Posted on Nov 6, 2011, 8:12 AM
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