Fire breathing 6 legged dog?


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I first saw this symbol on one of my tractors, seemed a little odd, then when I got my Guzzi, there it was again!
Well they were both born in Italy..
Did a little research (thanks Google)

I mean really, it's cool and sinister, looks like a dog, but thats a lion's tail!

So I guess, I am not the only one wondering about this:From the net

===Another icon I remember from my trips up and down the Autostrada del Sole was the AGIP sign in garish red, yellow, and black that adorned the Italian petroleum companys myriad roadside filling stations. So enamored was I of the six-legged, fire-breathing dragon that was the company emblem and that looked, oddly, about as dangerous as a Labradorindeed, it was popularly known as il cane a sei zampe, or six-legged dogthat I wrote a letter full of juvenile pleas to AGIP HQ and some weeks later received in return a bulky envelope containing a letter in ludicrous operetta-English, three adhesive decals of the creature, and one stuffed version thereof suitable for being dangled from ones rear-view mirror. It dangled briefly in my mothers cars but never in mine, but it may well still exist, in a forgotten corner of a distant attic.By Roger Boylan===

Turns out there was a competition in the early 50's for a logo:

The Jury, formed to judge the entries, included VIPs from the world of art and culture: Mario Sironi (artist), Giņ Ponti (architect), Antonio Baldini (writer), Mino Maccari (writer and designer) and Silvio Negro (journalist). The journalist Dante Ferrari was the Secretary of the Jury.

It took 14 sittings of the jury to choose the winning drawing. The final sitting took place in Merano in September 1952 and the Six-legged Dog was chosen by unanimous vote.

The name of the author was surrounded in mystery because the name on the entry form, Giuseppe Guzzi, was not the person who invented the dog but only the person who completed the drawing. It was only many years later that the name of the inventor became known; the logo was designed by Luigi Broggini, an esteemed sculptor, designer and artist who was born in Varese in 1908 and who died in Milan in 1983. Broggini also loved graphic art and often took part in competitions like the one promoted by AGIP, but he always used a pseudonym or took part using his collaborators' names.

The various interpretations of the Six-legged Dog
The author's original meaning of the logo has never been known, because he never allowed an official interpretation to be given to the Six-legged Dog. Indeed it only came to light that Broggini was the author after his death in 1983, when his son confirmed this rumor in an interview with the journalist Dante Ferrari.

Read more here if you want

Turns out this is a fairly common sight in Italy

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I guess I will leave this sticker on my Guzzi,maybe it will keep the deer away!

Ok, I have had a fever for days, that is all, carry on, back to bed for me


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